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 PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Lycra vs. Ashton Styles

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Lycra vs. Ashton Styles   Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:16 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is August 17th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Lycra vs. Ashton Styles   Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:39 am

Ashton Styles… How Many Times Do I Have To Kick Your Ass Before You Give Up?

I was standing in the shower in my hotel room letting the lukewarm water rain down over my face. It felt so refreshing as if it was washing away all of the sad thoughts from my mind.

Things are going to get better. They will. Just give it time and they will.

A few minutes later, I turned off the water and got out of the shower. After I was all dried off and had slipped into some cozy light grey lounge pants and a white tank top, I picked up the phone and ordered some food for room service to bring up to me. I hadn’t ate dinner yet and I wasn’t going to bed on an empty stomach. I tried that a couple of times before and each time my body gave me shit for it. I had to be good to my body because so far, it was being good to me. I could still kick ass in the ring and it wasn’t just my will and determination I had to thank for that. It was my body I had to thank for allowing me to do so.

After I ate my roast beef dinner, I got onto the bed and sat up against the three pillows that cushioned my back and I pulled out my small photo album from my travel bag that was laying on the floor right beside me. I set it on my lap and I started to look through it. There were many photos of the people that I loved. People who meant everything to me. I came to some beautiful photos of my daughter Jetta and I smiled at the sight of them.

“I love you so much Jetta.”

I saw a lot of myself slowly surfacing in her. She had my confidence. My resilience. My strength. My blood. She was her own woman now and I was damn proud of her for making her OWN MARK in the wrestling industry.

“You will carry on my legacy after I am gone.”

It was her destiny.

When I was done looking through the album, I slipped it back into the travel bag and I picked up the remote control from my night table and I turned on the television. On the screen was the hotel’s selection of in-house movies. There was also a small section for sports fans, so I thought I would check that out. To my surprise, one of tonight’s viewing options was called “PWS Classic Matches” and it covered PWSR, PWSX, and PWSI. I decided to go with that one and I looked at the list of matches to choose from…

“Cameron Michaels vs. Sledge… Naaa, I’ll pass on that one. Chaz Holiday vs. Drake DeMarco, Three Tier Steel Cage Match… I really don’t wanna see Chaz get brutalized within an inch of his life again, thank you very much! Drake DeMarco vs. Akuma for the United Title – Blood Wars… Yeah, I am NOT reliving that horrible night EVER AGAIN. Lycra vs. Ashton Styles…


I quickly selected my match against that bitch Ashton Styles.

“Fuck, I wish I had popcorn for this!”

The match got underway and of course back then, I usually always let my opponents get the upper hand at the start just to make them think that I was off my A game on that given night, only to move in for the kill later on. I watched the television screen as Ashton was kicking away at my back and getting me into a firm headlock.

“That’s right Ashton. You think you’ve got me right now, don’t ya! Think again bitch! I’m about to turn the tables on ya!”

Sure enough, I gave her a sharp elbow, then delivered a Russian legsweep.

“Damn, I love doin’ those things! And to think that now you’re back for more?? Joining the PWP which just happens to be the same company that I’m doing special matches for now and then just so that Josh C. Duncan can make money off of my name! You sure didn’t come here so that he can make money off of YOUR name Styles. I’m shocked he even let you sign a PWP contract to begin with. What’s this? Wrestling company number 2768?? I see your list of employers is very lengthy. What’s the matter Ashton? No company will keep you on their roster for longer than a week? Or does it have more to do with your LACK OF LOYALTY?”

I started to chuckle a bit as I continued to look at the screen and watched myself applying a shit ton of pressure to Ashton’s leg with the leg lock I had on her.

“I hope you realized before you agreed to fight me that I’m not the same woman I was when you knew me. If you thought I was bad in the ring back then, I’ve only grown better and wiser and I’m gonna wrestle circles around you just like I did before. You have no idea what my life is like right now, but the main thing I need to do to keep myself grounded and to keep my soul cleansed is to not keep my feelings and frustration inside of me. If you’re planning to make this match some kind of attempt to gain back the self proclaimed fame that you never did have to begin with, then be my guest. But you’re not making some half-assed comeback at my expense.”

The match continued on the screen and I kept watching right until the bitter end. I smiled a little before turning off the television and tossing the remote beside me on the bed. I took a deep breath as I thought about my match coming up against Ashton. A part of me wanted to do this… but another part of me didn’t want to rekindle old rivalries.

“No obligation. No commitment. I just go in there, kick her ass, get the win and walk out. I’ll never have to deal with her again after this. I’ve got much more important things to fix in my life right now. Styles has always wanted my success and she’s always hated me for it. I do not hate anyone… but that doesn’t mean I have to like everyone either.”

I got up from the bed and I walked over to the mirror that was hanging right above the dresser. I just stood there looking into my own eyes. That was something I could not do three months ago. But… I am better now… and I’m ready to accept this challenge head on.

“You want a blast from the past Ashton? Alright… You are going to get one. Because when you fuck with a legend…


I remained in front of the mirror, standing with my usual pride and confidence as the camera faded out.
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PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Lycra vs. Ashton Styles
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