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 PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson   Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:19 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is August 17th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Flex Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson   Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:44 am

One Match, One Fight

Scene One
I entered the wrestling business when I was 35 years old; boy, that feels like so long ago. I’m 42 years old now. It’s kind of weird—most wrestlers begin to die down around 40 years old; here I am 42, and sometimes it feels like I’m just hitting my stride.

Do you know what drives me?

When I was younger, I thought wrestling was about glory, honor and titles. At least, that’s what’s portrayed on TV, and in the magazines. Hell, that’s kind of what is taught in wrestling school as well.  You are told that the best person, or people, in the company hold the titles.
Therefore, most people strive to obtain gold; they will do almost anything for that $300 belt.

I used to be like that at one time too.

That was my mind set maybe six years ago. UECW was a good place; that’s where I really got my start. But, the place had a lot of flaws. UECW placed more emphasis on the belts, more than anything else. It didn’t matter if you were pumping out the best promos every night. It didn’t matter that you were having the best matches every night.

If you didn’t have a belt, you were shit!

During my first run in UECW I held the No Limits title, the U.S. title, and the tag titles. But, looking back now, those titles didn’t really mean too much. They were accomplishments, don’t get me wrong. But let’s be honest, I young, I was fresh, and I was green. Sure I was putting on decent matches, but I was nowhere near great.

After I left UECW, my views on wrestling started to change. By that time, I wasn’t some green rookie any longer. It was at that point that I realized—wrestling isn’t just about winning and losing; it isn’t just about who has won the most titles.

The best wrestler is just that—the best wrestler!

The best wrestlers in the world are the ones who have been able to perfect their craft over time. So, from that day worth, I set my goals on something higher than cheap pieces of leather and gold. I set my sights on becoming the best in the world!

That was about five years ago. I’d like to say I’ve done pretty well. I killed over in UECW, at least until the company closed. I became the top guy over in XDF; and not that titles matter, but I became their first world champion. Then I went over to PWSi. I was one of the guys that helped build that company from the ground up. Afterwards, I went back to UECW and killed it again.

Now I’m in Insurgency, doing what I do best—kicking ass.

But I guess that begs the question—what am I doing here in Pro Wrestling Project?

Like I said before, I want to be the best.

But, the word “best” is tricky. You see, you can be the best guy or gal in your individual fed. You can be the top dog in a yard full of pops; you can be a big fish in a small pound. Or, you could branch out, wrestle in different federations, wrestle in different companies. You could become a big fish in a big pound.

Some people are perfectly content with be the star talent in some no named indy fed…

…But not me!

Many people are calling what I’ve done in the past three months the “Summer of Flex.” Within the span of a few weeks, I have won the Insurgency High Impact title twice, had one of the company’s most brutal hardcore matches, and have beat the biggest and best in the company.

Outside my fed, I’ve had matches in Rhine Valley Wresting and Bad Ass Champion Wrestling. I few weeks ago I went to Inferno Wrestling Federation and knocked off one of their champions. I a month I’ve got two matches lined up with Code Red Wrestling; and in November there’s the King of the Cage tournament.

I don’t want to be known as the guy who only thrived in UECW and IWF.
In these past seven years I’ve worked my ass off. I’ve struggled and I’ve scrapped to get to where I am. I’ve come so far!

I’ve accomplished a lot of things in this business. I’ve had some of the best matches known to man. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world, learning the styles of Japan, Europe, and Mexico. I’ve done almost everything imaginable; I’ve had a great career.

And yet—I still feel like I have something to prove.

I still feel like still feel like I could be better!

That’s why I am here in IWF. I’m here to take on the best of the best from each and every fed!

Fans, you are in for a treat.

Scene Two
Flex walked into his kitchen carrying a huge load of groceries. He sat them on the table as quickly as possible.

“Hmm, I wonder where Mya is,” said Flex to himself.

Mya was Flex fiancée. The two met about three years ago. Flex’s brother, Koji, was a fashion designer at the time. Mya worked with a PR firm, and Koji’s company employed the firm. Koji thought the two would be a perfect match.

He was right.

Flex took out two bottles of strawberry soda; those were for him. He opened the fridge and placed them on the bottom shelf. Flex went back to the table and pulled out two bottles of wine; those were for Mya. He placed one bottle in the fridge, and placed the other on the cabinet.
Back in the day, Flex had been known to take a drink or two. He stopped drinking two to three years ago, after the incident involving his brother.

Flex placed three bags of salad into the fridge.

A few seconds later, Flex heard small footsteps. He looked over at the door and saw Toby enter the kitchen. Toby was Flex’s Yorkie; he and Mya decided to buy him three months ago. He found Toby at an abused-dog shelter.

Flex reached down and starched Toby behind the ear.

“Hey boy,” said Flex. “How you feeling?”

“Woof,” Toby barked in response. He wagged his tail a bit.

“You hungry?”


“Ok, let me put the rest of this stuff away, then I’ll get you some food.”

Toby walked over to the doorway and took a seat. Flex took all his groceries out of the plastic bags. There was a lot of stuff: Rice cakes, baked chips, bread, fresh Tuna, fresh Salmon, cereal, milk, a few energy drinks, various pastas and sauces.

Flex cleaned off the table and put everything into its respective spot. He then picked up Toby.

“Let’s get your bowls.”

Toby liked to eat in the living room, you know, in front of the TV like a real man. So, Flex always kept his bowls and such in there.
Flex sat Toby down the couch. He grabbed the remote off the coffee table and flipped the TV on. He scrolled through the channels for a bit, until he ran across Frazier. He placed the remote back on the table, grabbed Toby’s bowls, and went back to the kitchen.

As Flex was filling up the water-bowl, he heard the front door turning. The front door opened open and he heard the “click-click” of a woman’s heals. The woman went to the living room and dropped off her bag. “Hey Toby,” Flex heard her say. The woman then made her way to the kitchen.

“Hey Flex,” said Mya as she walked by. She went into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. She then went over to Flex and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks for doing the shopping for me.”

“No problem baby. How was work?”

“It was good. It was a light day, just did some paperwork.”

“Nice,” said Flex. “Hey, can you hold this real quick.” Flex handed Mya the water-bowl. He then filled up the food bowl.

“How was your MMA training today?”

“It was good. I’m really learning a lot. Hopefully, all the training will begin to make a difference for me in the wrestling ring.”

About a month ago Flex began taking integrated MMA courses at R1 Facilities in L.A. Flex had always been pretty proficient on the ground; but, in his quest to improve, he decided to give it a try so that he could have an advantage in the ring.

“That’s great,” said Mya. She took a swig of water. “Oh, so I found out that I have to head over to Japan next week. We just signed a contract with this car company, so they want us to go over there, meet the CEOs, and hold a press conference.”

“Aww,” said Flex in an exaggerated voice. “That means you’re going to miss my Pro Wrestling Project match!”

Mya punched Flex lightly on the arm.

“Stop it! You know I’d be there if I could.”

“Yeah,” said Flex with a laugh.“I know baby; I’m just messing.”

Mya took another sip of Water.

“Flex, have I told you how proud I am of you?”

“No,” said Flex with a laugh. “What are you proud of?”

“Well, there are a lot of things.

“Koji passed away around this same time two years ago. I know how much your brother meant to you; how much he still means to you. If it wasn’t for him, you and I would have never met.

“I remember how much it tore you up back then, when you found out the news. But, it seems like you have healed and recovered.

“Also, I’m proud of you, for what you have done the past few months. I know you got off to a rocky start in IWF. I know you wanted to pack it in and quit. And, even though you didn’t tell me, I know took it very personally. I know you thought you had failed.

“But you didn’t fail.

“You had a specific goal in mind. You went out and you accomplished that goal. Not only that, you went above and beyond.”

“Hmm,” said Flex. “I did do that didn’t I?”

The two laughed.

“I’m serious though Flex—not only are you the best wrestler, but you are also the best fiancée too.”

“I could say the exact same thing about you,” said Flex. “Minus the wrestling of course.”

The two laughed.

“We better get this stuff to Toby before he blows up.”

“You’re right,” said Flex.

Mya and Flex carried the bowls to the living room. Flex sat the bowls near the wall. Toby hopped off the couch and walked over to the food.
Flex took a seat on the couch. Mya took off her shoes and placed them near the doorway before she sat on the couch herself. Mya looked over and saw what was on TV.

“Frasier again?”

“What’s wrong with Frasier?” asked Flex with a laugh.

“For a big, strong wrestler, you have strange viewing habits” said Mya teasingly.

“Well, I used to love Frasier when I was younger you know. So, everyone once in a while, I like to give it a watch. Studying wrestling is fun—but you can’t do it 24/7. Sometimes you just need a break.”

“No need to get all emotional,” said Mya.
“Geez, you are such a girl,” she said jokingly.

Flex laughed and kissed Mya on the cheek. Flex scratched his chin.

“You’re always so witty.”

“Ha, I know.”

“Can I ask you something?”said Flex.
“I don’ think I’ve ever asked this before.”

“Sure babe, what is it?”

“Have you ever thought about being a wrestler?”

Mya’s eyes got big.

“Me? A wrestler!?”

“Yeah,” said Flex. “Why not?”

“Babe, I’m not athletic. I don’t think I’d be a good wrestler. Heck, I wasn’t even good in soccer.”

Flex laughed.

“But, I could train you. I mean I trained Manabu—and he’s a two time world champion.”

“Yes,” said Mya. “But Manabu is also a third-generation wrestler as well. He was born to be a star.
Mya sighed. “I was born to sit in the stands.”

Flex leaned over and kissed Mya on the forehead.

“But, you are a great talker. I’ve heard you at those press conferences.” Flex laughed. “Maybe you could come out as my manager.”

Mya burst out laughing.

“Maybe one day.”

“Ha, you could come one time with me in Pro Wrestling Project. The atmosphere there is a lot more fun; it will be less stressful than IWF.”

“Hmm,” said Mya. “I’ll consider it.”

“Ha, I’ll hold you to it.”

Scene Three
You know, the last few months have really been incredible. Years ago, I f you would have told me that I would still be headlining events at the age of 42, I would have called you a liar.  Back in the day, once you hit about 37, it was time for to take your ass somewhere and sit down.

But it’s a different day. Now, it’s not uncommon for a guy to wrestle until he is 50 or 55.

But, I digress.

Here I am at 42 having one of the best stints of my career. This summer, I’ve won Insurgency’s High Impact title twice. Not only that, but I’ve had the opportunity to take my talents do a bunch of other feds. I said all that to say this: this summer I’ve branched out.

I’ve always took pride in my work, in my skills. Many people say that I’m one of the best in this business; and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I agreed with them. But then, I walk into certain segments, certain circles in the business and people still ask “who is Flex Johnson?”

Well, its questions and statements like that—those comments are the reason why I’m in Pro Wrestling Project!

The term “legend” gets thrown out a lot in this business. Hell, if you are employed for more than four years, most companies will call you a “legend.” But me—no, I’m a TRUE legend. I’ve won 11 championships, not that championships really mean anything. I’ve been inducting into two Hall of Fames.

I’ve accomplished so much in this business.
But there’s a lot more for me to do!

Laura Phoenix…

I could sit here and say I know all about you. I could sit here and try to list all your accomplishments; I could try to ramble off all of your accolades…

…But I’d be lying if I said I really knew who you were.

The only thing that I really know is that you made a name for yourself in PWSmarks and PWSWF. But, I do give you props; I was in PWSmarks; I was in PWSR just like you. PWSR had a lot of wrestlers run through there, and from what I was told, you excelled there. If you rose to the top there, then that means you must be pretty decent.

In fact, I guess I could say about most of the people on the PWP roster right? PWP is an up-start promotion, but it has prided itself in bring in the best talent in the world.

Laura, you and I have a great opportunity ma’am. You see, this is PWP’s biggest show; no show is greater than the first one. The first show can make or break a promotion; the first card sets the tone for the company. And, it just so happen that Mr. Duncan has placed you and I in the main event.

Smart man…

I may not know much about you, but Laura, if you are paired with me, then Mr. Duncan must have known that a technical master piece would ensue.

Laura, like I said before, I’m not familiar with your backstory. And, to be honest, you probably don’t know shit about me either. So let me tell you something about me.

You’ve heard of the expression “Started from the Bottom, Now we here?”

Yeah—that describes me.

I grew up poor. When I was super young, my family was so impoverished that we had to live in Spanish Harlem; we couldn’t afford to stay in the heart of the city. As I got older, we moved into the city; but, life didn’t get much better. We always had to scrap and scrape to survive.

One Sunday I walked into the living room and saw my dad sitting there; it was rare that he had a day off, even on the weekend. I strolled in the living room; pops was watching something I had never seen before.

He was watching wrestling.

I was hooked instantly—that day a dream was born.

But, to other people, it didn’t matter whether I had a dream or not. To them, I was still a broke, Black male in Harlem. Half of the people I talked to told me college was my only way out of the hood; the rest told me I’d probably be dead by the age of 25.

I went to college—I put my dream on hold.

I got a Bachelor’s degree; but, I still wasn’t satisfied. I got a Master’s degree; but, I still knew I had something greater to accomplish.

No one believed in my dream, no one except for my mom. My very own father told that I was foolish; he told me to find another dream.

But I defied him—I defied everyone.

I became a wrestler.

But, I didn’t just “become a wrester;” I became so much more. I became an 11-time champion, I became a two-time Hall of Famer; I built up companies, donated to charities. I’ve all over the world!

Laura, I’ve done it all!

But, just like with college—I’m still not satisfied!

That’s my motivation for wrestling this late in life; I’m not happy with what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud. But I feel, I KNOW that I could do so much more in this business. That’s why I joined IWF, that’s why I’ve been touring around different federations this summer; and that’s why I’m here in PWP now.

I want to be the best wrestler Laura…

…I NEED to be the best wrestler!

As I look back, back on my dream, I think that’s all I ever wanted. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but I never dreamed about winning titles. I never dreamed that I’d be a role model; I never dreamed I’d uplift an entire city.

I just wanted to wrestle.

And, let’s be honest; no one becomes a wrestler to be “average.” No one just wants to just step into the ring, simply to be there.
And if you step in the wrestling ring, you SHOULD want to be the best!

I don’t know about know about you Laura, but I’m excited for this match. This isn’t IWF, I’m not under a fine microscope.

This is PWP!

Sure, it’s another opportunity for me to have great matches. But, I look at it as a chance to try some new shit. It’s a chance to reach new people.

Most importantly, it’s a chance to have fun!

I don’t have to worry about loud press conferences, with reporters asking stupid questions. If I don’t feel like wearing a suit, I don’t have to.

In PWP, all I HAVE to do is wrestle.

Who could ask for a better position?

Laura, I could go on and on. But, what’s the point ya know? Right now, all we are doing is talking. Talking is all well and good; it helps put asses in seats.  

But, you and I both know it’s all about the wrestling. That what really makes a company; that’s what really makes fans come out to shows. Times have changed; people don’t give a shit about loud colors and flashy gimmicks.

No-that’s not what they care about.

Nowadays, the fans want to see two tough competitors go out and put on a show.

That why you and I are in the Main Event ma’am.

…So, let’s put on a show shall we?

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Laura Phoenix

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson   Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:58 am

Proving grounds
And it’s just not proving how good you really are to yourself. This is a whole new chance.

I have to step out of that comfort zone of PWS and what a better way to do it?

Wait til they get a load of me.

(Scene fades in, as we sit inside a hotel and we hear a small voice over a speaker.)

Voice: I do miss you mom, but I’m doing ok really.

(We see Laura Phoenix sitting in front of her computer and she smiles softly.)

Laura Phoenix: Well that’s good. I just hate spending time away from you before Nick and I get married and then I’m away from you for a whole week. So, what did you and David do today?

(The other side of the conversation is her 10 year old daughter, Elizabeth, who is currently in New York with her adopted dad, David.’s a long story but David is the only father Elizabeth has only ever known so he has remained in her life.)

Elizabeth: Took me shopping for some new clothes and I got a new Barbie. I saw your new action figure too! So he got it for me. Got Nick’s too.

Laura Phoenix: That’s great! Something new to add to your massive collection.

Elizabeth: Yeah, plus we went to dad’s new office. It’s got an awesome view.

(Ah, yeah...about that. David went back to work for Laura’s this...this is a touchy subject here.)

Laura Phoenix: Oh...uhhh did you meet anyone?

Elizabeth: His secretary and grandpa’s secretary.

Laura Phoenix: Grandpa wasn’t in the office?

Elizabeth: Apparently he was in meetings all day so we never saw him. I was kind of hoping...

Laura Phoenix: You’ll meet him soon enough.

Elizabeth: So where’s Nick? He usually tries to video bomb us by now.

Laura Phoenix: He’s here...his nose deep into another episode of How I Met Your Mother. I figured I’d get the call out of the way before we went for another workout....provided he hasn’t cemented himself to the couch.

Male voice: I HEARD THAT!!!!

(Just then we see Nick Madison, Laura’s fiance and Elizabeth’s soon to be step-father appear from behind Laura.)

Nick Madison: Do not believe a word your mother says. I can stop watching any time I want.

Elizabeth: Says the same person that went through an entire season of Doctor Who in a day.

Laura Phoenix: She has a point you know.

Nick Madison: no....I SAT through the entire 5th season of GILMORE GIRLS with you too almost going into a sugar coma! So let’s not even try that...

Elizabeth: Oh Nick...

Nick Madison: Oh Bella...

(They both stick their tongues out at each other.)

Laura Phoenix: Ok, so now that I’ve managed to get him off the couch I will talk to you tomorrow ok?

Nick Madison: HEY!

(Elizabeth giggles as they say their goodbyes with promises of tomorrow. Something more than what her and her daughter use to have.)

Laura Phoenix: I hate being away from her.

Nick Madison: Just for a few more days babe. I know it is hard considering you were reunited after so long.

Laura Phoenix: She’s having fun with David....though I’m not too comfortable about her being so close to my dad.

Nick Madison: Let him try to keep you two apart warning to him will come true.

(Laura sighs heavily as she shuts her laptop and Nick helps her out of the chair.)

Nick Madison: Ok I know that...come on, workout time.

Laura Phoenix: You know Bella really does adore you.

Nick Madison: Yes and I love her...not as much as I love you.

Laura Phoenix: I love you too...ok so...gym?

Nick Madison: Gym...or more...

Laura Phoenix: You say more How I Met Your Mother and you will sleep on that couch tonight.

Nick Madison: D’OH How well she knows me.

(We fade back in as we see Laura now sitting on a stool in the middle of an empty locker room. She sits, gear on, makeup done, hair up...ready...for whatever may come.)

Laura Phoenix: Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laura O’Neil, BUT everyone calls me Laura Phoenix. I pretty much entered professional wrestling what feels like forever ago. Since then I have always faced men. Now it’s not because of anything weird like I’m over 6-feet tall. But the simple fact that I am pretty damn good at what I do. I have been a multiple time World Champion, tag champion with some other titles mixed in between, I am a future hall of famer and I love this business perhaps more than anyone.

(She smiles genuinely, shrugging to no one in particular.)

Laura Phoenix: Now, while my tale isn’t as sad as Flex’s and I have to give him props from coming from basically nothing to being something, mine is one that while it seemed like I was born with that silver spoon, things weren’t exactly that easy. I am from Manhattan. I came from a good amount of money, however it’s my parents money. Not mine. I have a 10 year old daughter that I had when I was 17 years old and she was taken from me, and I was told she had died. Now I know that may seem a little soap opera-ish, my hand to God it is the truth. My dad thought it would be better for me and for her that she wasn’t around and he gave her to a wonderful man and his wife and until just recently I assumed she was gone. But now, through a miracle we have found each other again. But between all that in the last 10 years I managed to find my escape from my father and his tierney. My father had my entire life mapped out before I was 15 years old. I had ZERO say in any of it and needless to say after what happened I wasn’t having it. I found professional wrestling and against his wishes I left that life of maids and cooks...and I made it on my own.

(She laughs a bit as swhe runs her hand through her ponytail.)

Laura Phoenix: Not bad for one woman who had nothing but the clothes she could pack in a bag when she left but I took my determination to live the life I wanted and I put it all into my career. That’s right, this is my life. Wrestling is what I do and I am damn good at it. It molded me into the best person I could imagine, introduced me to some of the best people in the world, provided me with enough money to live comfortably by my own means and still give my time to the fans and to charities around the world. It also introduced me to the love of my life and very soon him and I are going to be married. I travel around the world with him and my daughter and life honestly can’t get better than it already is. That was until Max Sheppard called me with an opportunity of a lifetime.

(Here she begins to stand and starts to walk out of the locker room and down the empty halls.)

Laura Phoenix: Now here I am, off to face Flex Johnson in the main event of the very first show of the Professional Wrestling Project and I am amazed as to how much I am honestly looking forward to this. You see for the last 6 months I have been facing masked demons and false prophets. I was the final reigning PWS World Champion before PWSR and PWSi combined. I busted my ass for all this time and now here I am in a new proving ground. Not for titles, but for bragging rights. Flex, allow me to explain something to you, I strive to be the best. There isn’t a person in PWS that while they may not like me too terribly much, they respect what I do. And from what I heard you have about the same thing going for you. So I know that when I step out through that curtain, make my way down to the ring and stand across facing you, I won’t be facing someone that is ego driven. We strive for greatness but its a matter of who wants it more. So...with that being said...let me put this about as bluntly as it goes.

(She reaches the curtain to the gorilla position and enters before stopping and turning around as the camera closes in, her green eyes blazing and her face very serious.)

Laura Phoenix: As long as there is still air in my lungs, as long as there is still a pulse long as I still have life, I will always push myself to be that much better. There is a reason why I don’t face women, it’s because they can’t handle what I bring to that ring. I will always strive to be that damn good and I hope you feel the exact same way because when I stand across that ring tonight, you are going to have the hardest fought match of your entire career. You are going to wake up the next day, as sore as you ever been in your LIFE and remember exactly what happened to you the night before. Because when it all comes down to it...that ring, this life, our world...I live breathe, eat and dream it. And...

(She motions towards the camera and opens the curtain, stepping out onto the stage, stretching her arms out wide and smirking.)

Laura Phoenix: You have never quite met ANYONE like me...until now.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson   

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PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - Laura Phoenix vs. Flex Johnson
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