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 PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox   Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:12 am

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is September 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: If you post as individuals, you are only allowed 1 RP each. If you post together as a team, you are still only allowed 1 RP.
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Ashton Styles

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PostSubject: Ashton/Darren vs Laura/Michael(Ashton's Rp)   Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:39 pm

Scene#1:Losing To A Arch Rival

The first scene's is at the last PWP show where the returning Ashton Styles just lost once again to her lady arch rival,Lycra. She was seen walking backstage in a angry mood, She walked inside of her locker room and said to herself.

Ashton Styles:That bitch did it again! She beat me once again.I need to show her that I'm the bad ass bitch and beat her at her own game.

She left her locker room and had her bags by her side. She walked on out of the arena and head back home.

Scene#2:Waking Up To A New Day

The very next day, she was seen waking up in her house ready for a new day. She decided to log on to PWP's website to see that the next ppv was a tag team venture but she was not to know who was her tag team partner was until they revealed the new match card. She signed up for the event hoping that she can get a win around the fed. She asked the GM to let her know when she's due to find out who was her mystery tag team partner was. She logged off and decided to get something to eat.

Scene#3:Finding Out Who's Teaming Up With Her At The PPV

After she left the GM the message that she'll show up at the ppv, she found out who she was teaming up with. She's in a mixed tag team match with a guy named Darrenn Maddox. They're due to go up against Laura Phoneix and Michael O'Neill aka The O'Neill Family. She heard so much about Laura but not about Michael. She decided to head on over to the ppv. She packed her bags and decided to go to the arena to see what was going on.She left her house and headed on straight to the arena where she was due to team up with Darren.

Scene#4:Ready To Wrestle Alongside With Darren.

The night has fully arrived! She was seen walking on inside of the arena ready to team up with Darrren. She heard her theme song, Im'Mortal by Skinny Puppy started to blast over the PA system. She decided to head on out to the ring. Suddenly the fans look up to the top of the ramp to see the blonde bombshell known as Ashton Styles standing on top of the ramp with a devilish but beautiful smile on her face. She walks past the fans even flip them off with her hands. She gets inside of the ring & does a arm extention & look beautiful at doing that. Finally, she talks trash about what she's going to be doing to her challenger into the nearby microphone.She get s a microphone to say.

Ashton Styles:How dare you idiotic parasties ever boo me! I know why? It's because I'm way more beautiful that you all here. I'm here to team up with a guy who's just like me. That guy's Darren Maddox. He's like a pitbull that won't stop until he gets what he wants. I like that in a tag team partner. Together, we'll going to dominate over Laura and Michael. We're going to break down the O'Neill Family until they're begging for us to stop hurting them.Laura likes to think that she's the queen bee around here. I plan on showing her that I'm ready to dominate all over her ass in this ring. I know that Darren is very capable of kicking Michael all over the ring like a football.Together, me and Darren will be the winners and Laura and Michael will be vrying the blues. Ta! Ta!

She evily smiled into the camera that was near her and slammed down the microphone.The show went to a commercial break.
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Darren Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:55 am

Blame My Father For The Way I Am
Summer 2007

It was a Friday evening and my mother and father and I were sitting at the kitchen table having dinner. One would think that a scene like this would be a peaceful and happy atmosphere. A family sitting down to dinner discussing the problems of the day. Well… not my family. There was no peace. There was no happiness. Our little household had a lot of problems and no one was doing anything about them.

My father sat at the end of the table with me sitting on one side, my mother sitting across from me. It was going alright for the first five minutes into dinner. It didn’t take long for that to change.

My Mother:  “How is the roast beef Darren? Is it tender enough? I cooked it the way you like it.”

Darren Maddox:  “It’s fine mom.”

My mother always attempted to make me happy. She was a very good woman but a very weak minded woman. She didn’t know how to defend herself, so she was that much more easy to control. My father took full advantage of that. As for me, it saddened and hurt me to see my mother have no backbone to stand up for herself. I loved my mother deeply.

My father looked over at me.

My Father:  “After dinner, you and I are gonna take a trip to the beer store. I’m all out for tonight.”

I didn’t look back at him. I could feel the anger slowly swelling inside me.

Darren Maddox:  “I can’t. I have plans.”

My Father:  “You have plans on a Friday night? Since when? You’re twenty-one years old and you don’t even have a girlfriend, so what plans could you possibly have?”

Darren Maddox:  “There’s a reason why I don’t have a girlfriend. You know the reason.”

My Father:  “Yeah… You almost hit your last girlfriend because of that temper of yours, so now you don’t want another one.”

I inherited my terrible temper from my father. Genetics were a bitch sometimes.

Darren Maddox:  “My plans tonight are with friends.”

My Father:  “You ain’t got no friends.”

Darren Maddox:  “Yes… I do. They just don’t come here because they’re afraid of what they’ll do to you.”

I had buddies who felt the same way I did about my old man. I wanted to kill him. They knew about the beatings he gave to my mom, so they thought it best to stay away because they knew that they would do him in if they came near. Dean Andry was my best pal. He would be the first to help me get rid of the ‘problem’ in our house if it meant that my mother could live in peace again.

My Father:  “Afraid of what they would do to me? They can’t do fuck all to me.”

He was starting to sound threatening and that started to make my mother nervous and afraid. I could see it on her face from across the table.

My Mother:  “Please don’t start arguing. I just want the three of us to be a family and to love each other.”

Love. My father knew nothing about love. That part of him died a year ago when he started drinking. He quickly looked over at her with an angry face.

My Father:  “Don’t tell me to stop! Was I speaking to you??”

My Mother:  “Please don’t get upset with me. Please don’t—“

My Father:  “Shut your mouth!!”

Her body suddenly jumped in fear. Her voice sounded so fragile against his voice of strong command. It was time to stop this from escalating as it always did. There would be no beating for my mother tonight. I was going to see to that. I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I looked up at my mother and I spoke in a serious but gentle tone.

Darren Maddox:  “Mom… leave the house.”

Mom just stared at me with a scared look. I was looking back at her.

Darren Maddox:  “Leave now and go take a walk for a while. Get some fresh air. Everything is gonna be fine mom. I promise.”

My Mother:  “But… what about dinner?”

Darren Maddox:  “It’ll be here when you get back. You can heat it up. Go get some air for a bit.”

I spoke calmly for her sake, however, I had things to say to my old man and I wasn’t going to put it off any longer. It couldn’t be put off any longer, otherwise the next beating my mother took, she might not be so lucky to survive. She hesitantly got up from the table and came over and put her hand on my shoulder and looked down at me.

My Mother:  “Don’t hurt him… Please…”

She left the house and my father was staring right at me. I was looking down at the table. We both knew that we were about to have it out. It was building up and building up. No more. It was time. He got up from his chair and took a step until he was next to me with a bit of space between us. He was looking down at me. He spoke firmly.

My Father:  “Stand up boy...”

I remained sitting at the dinner table with my head downward as I tried to restrain myself from beating the shit out of him. I had the strength to do so since I was already working out and in training to become a wrestler. He was not a big man, about average size.

My Father:  “I said stand up and face me boy...”

I got up from the table and stood in front of him and looked him in the eyes, both arms at my sides.

Darren Maddox:  “My mother works real hard to try to make you happy, and in return… you beat her. You abuse her.”

My Father:  “This is my house boy. Remember who you’re talkin’ to.”

Darren Maddox:  “Yes. I may live in your house. But I can take a stand over what goes on in it. My mother is hurting inside because of your actions against her. I am not going to let you hurt her anymore.”

My Father:  “So what… you’re a tough guy now? You’re a REAL man now?”

Darren Maddox:  “Yes. I’ve grown up to be a real man… with no help from you.”

He remained standing there but kept silent.

Darren Maddox:  “I’m taking mom and we’re getting out of this house. Permanently.”

My Father:  “You ain’t takin’ her anywhere.”

Darren Maddox:  “What’s the matter old man? Pissed off that I’m taking your punching bag away from you?”

My Father:  “You watch your fuckin’ mouth boy!”

In an instant, I quickly grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and forced him against the dining room wall and held him there. I looked into his eyes with intense anger.

Darren Maddox:  “You have had months to change your ways. To check yourself into rehab like she asked you to do. But you won’t go. You would rather get drunk and punch her in the face when there’s no one else around to fight you. Well I’m done standing by and watching it happen just for the sake of her begging me to not do anything to you. There was a time when she loved you more than anything and that includes me. She loved you more than she loved her own son. But now… that’s changed… because just yesterday, she finally confided in me about what she’s really feeling about all of this, and you know what old man? She’s tired of the beatings. She’s tired of the cuts and bruises. She doesn’t feel healthy anymore and now she wants a way out. She is not strong enough to leave on her own. She has no backbone. So… I am going to help her and we are getting out of here… and we are never coming back.”

The son of a bitch started to grin at me.

My Father:  “…She’ll be back.”

I kept a firm hold on him as I continued to look him in the eyes.

Darren Maddox:  “No… she won’t. And neither will I. You have lost EVERYTHING to the bottle. You have nothing left.”

I let go of him and took a few steps away from him, then I slowly started walking towards the stairs that led up to my room. Even then, he wasn’t done yet. He looked at me still angry.

My Father:  “…You hate me.”

I stopped when I got to the third step of the staircase and turned to look back at him.

Darren Maddox:  “No… I’m just making sure that you never lay a fucking hand on my mother ever again.”

I proceeded upstairs to my room to begin packing my things. The next day, I did what I said I was going to do. I got mom out of that house and got us into a nice two bedroom apartment. Nothing fancy, but at least it had one thing that we hadn’t known for the past year…


*     *     *     *     *

My Name Is Darren Maddox... Get Used To It

I was in my hotel room laying down on the bed with my eyes closed. WXW had a tough travelling schedule and I was hoping to finally get some rest. Suddenly my cellphone went off, so I reached over and picked it up from the night table. It was the Co-CEO of WXW, Cassandra Caldwell.

Darren Maddox:  “Yeah?”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Hi Darren. You sound groggy. You alright?”

Darren Maddox:  “Since when do you care how I am? Why are you calling me? What have Dean and I done this time to piss you off?”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “You both haven’t done anything. I’m calling to tell you that the Professional Wrestling Project has your tag team match booked and ready to go! You’re facing The O’Neil Family.”

Darren Maddox:  “I’m facing who?”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “The O’Neil Family. Laura Phoenix and her brother Michael O’Neil. Wake up and pay attention Darren!!”

Darren Maddox:  “OW!! Don’t yell in my ear! I’m awake! Just STOP THE YELLING!”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “I’m sorry. I’m just so excited about this tournament! I just know that you’re gonna do World Xtreme Wrestling proud! It’s set for September 28 in Chicago.”

Chicago. My hometown. I let out a weary sigh as I rubbed my eyes.

Darren Maddox:  “Alright, alright. I’ll let Dean know and we’ll start preparing for it.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Well wait a minute… Dean has nothing to do with this. He’s not your partner.”

Darren Maddox:  “What do you mean he’s not my partner? Of course he is.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “He turned down PWP, therefore he can’t compete in it. They have another partner for you.”

Darren Maddox:  “What the fuck are you talking about?? If you want me to do our company proud, then Dean has to be my partner in this.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Well I’m sorry, but he can’t. So… you’re partner is Ashton Styles.”

I went silent for a moment as I wondered if I had just heard her correctly. My eyebrows turned in.

Darren Maddox:  “Ashton? That’s a woman’s name.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Right. She’s a woman.”

I immediately started to chuckle a bit. No fucking way.

Darren Maddox:  “Sorry sweetheart, but I don’t team with women.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Well on THIS night, you do! You and her are gonna do great! All you have to do is meet with her and learn each other styles, no pun intended of course, then you’ll both be a well oiled machine that’s ready to go!”

Darren Maddox:  “Caldwell, I’m not liking the sound of this. This is ridiculous. I’ve never even heard of this chick.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Darren Maddox, you give her a chance and don’t you dare be mean to her!! She’s already looking forward to teaming up with you, so you can show her the same respect!! Have I made myself clear Darren?”

I kept silent for a moment. I didn’t want a woman for my tag team partner. I worked best with Dean.

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Darren? Have you fallen asleep? I said have I made myself clear to you??”

I took a deep breath in my frustration.

Darren Maddox:  “…Yes. As clear as it’s gonna get. But I’m not happy with this. I’ll tell ya that right now.”

Cassandra Caldwell:  “Just suck it up and deal with it Darren. It’s one night only. You’ll survive it tough guy!”

She hung up the call and I hung up on my end. I put the cellphone back down on the night table.

Darren Maddox:  “Teaming with a woman in a match against a woman and her brother.”

I just shook my head at the mere thought of it and I headed into the washroom to get changed.

An hour later…

After my conversation with Cassandra, I decided to hang out in my locker room at the arena for a bit. When I got there, I went inside and locked the door. I didn’t want anyone harassing me anymore today. I picked up the latest issue of WXW Magazine from the table and flipped through the pages. I stood there reading the article about me, Leanna, and Dean.

Darren Maddox:  “These people just never stop. They wanna know everything about us. Well my past is MY past. No one needs to know about it. No wonder they can’t keep this magazine on the shelves for long. Everyone just has to find out about me. Well they’ll get NOTHING from me. They can all just leave me the fuck alone!”

I closed the book and put it back down on the table. I took my black jacket off and I threw it onto the chair and I collapsed lazily onto the sofa. I picked up my little sponge stress ball that had ended up on the floor earlier and I started to toss it into the air above me repeatedly and I catched it each time it came back down. I was laying pretty much on my back as I started to vent to myself.

Darren Maddox:  “I should never have signed up with this Pro Wrestling Project thing. And who the hell are The O’Neil Family?? Sounds like something right out of The Brady Bunch. It’s bad enough that I have to team up with a woman. But she’s not the only woman in this. Laura Phoenix. Never even heard of her. Bottom line, she’s a woman and I don’t do matches with women. Sorry but I just DON’T. But of course Caldwell has me backed into a corner, so I have no choice but to show up for this. Well that’s just swell! All I have to do is turn this bad situation into a good one in MY favor and then let the violence and chaos begin!”

I continued to toss the stress ball into the air over and over.

Darren Maddox:  “I don’t want you for my tag team partner Ashton Styles… BUT… since we’re stuck in this thing together, you have nothing to worry about. I will carry the load for our team. I’ve seen the footage of you in the ring and I see that you’re not among the strongest of female wrestlers in this business. But that’s alright because I’ve got it all under control. Most of the time, it takes a man to get things done and in this match, it sure as hell won’t be this Michael O’Neil guy who gets the job done. It will be ME. I would bet my bottom dollar that I’m MORE MAN than this guy will ever be in his lifetime. I don’t give a shit what his wrestling credentials are, if he even has any. Credentials mean NOTHING because they are just a map of your past achievements that no longer mean anything. Fuck the past. All that matters is today and surviving through it so that you can live to see tomorrow.”

I threw the ball across the room and it bounced all over the place and then rolled along the floor away from me. I got up from the sofa and I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and I took a few drinks from it. I sat down at the table and opened my laptop. I looked up information on Laura Phoenix and her beloved brother Michael O’Neil and I started to read it.

Darren Maddox:  “Laura Phoenix. Not the prettiest looking woman out there, that’s for sure. I feel bad for the guy she’s with. Actually no… I don’t… because it’s his own stupidity that he chose to marry THAT.”

I proceeded to read further through the wrestling site.

Darren Maddox:  “Says here that she’s a tough wrestler. Ya haven’t met ME yet sweetheart. I’m the toughest.”

I started to read up on Michael O’Neil. I wasn’t impressed.

Darren Maddox:  “Doesn’t look like he’s all there. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending how you look at it. But it won’t matter. I’m the true definition of crazy. What are you a true definition of Michael? The GEEK Squad? I have the feeling that you think a lot of your family. Well your “brotherly love” isn’t gonna help your sister or yourself in this one buddy. Try to pin me all you want. Not gonna happen pal.”  

I finished reading about the O’Neil Family, then I closed my laptop.

Darren Maddox:  “That was some BORING SHIT.”

I stood up from the table and I looked over at the framed photo of my mother that I always kept with me. It helped to keep her picture near me when I was off travelling from place to place. I walked over to the end of the table and stared at my mother’s photo. I spoke in a softer tone since no one was around to hear it. I never showed my soft side to anyone. That was just the way it had to be. When you showed your soft side to someone, they would only hurt you in return. So… I had to be strong. Always.

Darren Maddox:  “Are you proud of your son? Are you proud of what I’m doing with my life? Wrestling in matches with women. Like this isn’t a complete fucking downer. One night only though. Thank Christ for that. But… at least it’s better than all of those parole meetings, right? No more parole meetings for me. Can’t get into trouble with the law anymore because I know how it upsets you. But… that guy in the bar deserved it mom. He deserved everything I did to him. He talked bad about you and I just couldn’t have that. Couldn’t let him walk out of there without making him pay for what he said about you. I know I hurt him badly and I ruined his health forever. But… I can’t take back what I did and I wouldn’t want to. Not ever.”

I picked up the photo of my mother and continued to stare at it.

Darren Maddox:  “I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch lately. I know I need to start calling you more. You won’t be around forever. But as long as you stay away from my old man… then you’ll be just fine.”

And then I said the words that I still could not say to her face.

Darren Maddox:  “…I love you mom.”

I continued to admire my mother’s photo without the least bit of a smile on my face as the camera faded out.

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Laura Phoenix

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox   Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:01 am

(Scene fades in as we see Laura Phoenix unpacking boxes inside a large apartment. From off camera we hear the sound of an elevator and laughter from a girl.)

Elizabeth: UNCLE MIKE! Stop making me laugh or I’m going to drop this!

(We hear the door open we see Laura’s daughter Elizabeth and behind her Laura’s older brother Michael O’Neil right behind her, both carrying boxes and laughing up a storm.)

Michael O'Neil: Hey, I got you to laugh though. Makes this moving thing a lot easier you have to admit.

Elizabeth: Yeah yeah...I can’t believe you are moving into mom’s apartment.

Michael O'Neil: Well I needed a place to live and your mom and you are moving into that big house with Nick now that they are married...which I still can’t believe I’m saying that. My sister married.

Laura Phoenix: Yeah well I’m still kinda getting use to it myself.

Michael O'Neil: But it’s sure better than paying through the nose constantly staying at a hotel. Thank you by the way lil sis.

(Michael puts the box down and kisses his sister on the cheek.)

Elizabeth: Where is this box going Uncle Mike?

Michael O'Neil: Front bedroom sweetie. That’s where I’m sleeping at.

Laura Phoenix: Michael...I told you to go ahead and take that master’s not like we’ll be using it.

Michael O'Neil: Well I figure I’ll keep it open just in case...and besides I’m putting a big TV in there for video gaming...

(Michael smirks as Laura just laughs.)

Laura Phoenix: Goody...I’ll never get Nick out of here now.

Nick Madison: Get me outta here for what?

(Nick Madison enters in pulling a dolly behind him.)

Michael O'Neil: Was telling her my plans for the master bedroom.

Nick Madison: Oh yeah...still doesn’t beat what we did in there though...

Michael O'Neil: OH YEAH that’s exactly the picture I need for my den. THANKS!

Nick Madison: Anytime man, me over here will ya.

(The two walk over and start unloading the dolly.)

Laura Phoenix: How much shit do you have?

Michael O'Neil: This is the last of it. Hey, you sure you still want to tag up with me at Pro Wrestling Project’s show?

Laura Phoenix: Absolutely! When do I get the chance to team up with my big brother! I didn’t see you for more than a day or 2 for almost 10 years and now you are back and you a wrestling. How awesome is that for me?

Michael O'Neil: But you are a multiple time World Champ...the reigning PWSi International Champion, I just started in these upper leagues...

Laura Phoenix: Michael...

Michael O'Neil: I’m just sayin...I don’t wanna drag you down.

Laura Phoenix: You will not drag me down. Your matches have been amazing in PWSi and honestly you think way too less of yourself. No more trying to talk me out of this, it’s happening.

Nick Madison: Best not argue with her dude...

Michael O'Neil: I just don’t understand why she didn’t team up with you. You would have been the better choice.

Nick Madison: Because I told her that I rather she team with you and give you guys the opportunity to really get in some family time. I’m good man. You two will kick all kinds of ass I can see it now.

Laura Phoenix: I know we will. Fastest rising star of PWSi teaming up with his little sister who is the PWSi International Champion...we can’t go wrong.

Michael O'Neil: Well I can see how that can work out for you.

Laura Phoenix: You are such a JERK! Fine...I’ll stay home you can go up against Ashton and Darren by yourself and see how much you really wanted to tag with me.

Michael O'Neil: I’m only kidding Laura...and besides...after seeing some of what our first opponents had to offer I am REALLY looking forward to’ll be fun.

Laura Phoenix: Yes it will those boxes...I wanna go home sometime this week.

Michael & Nick: Yes ma’am...

[i]Ok guys, Laura and Michael here....I know this is weird but here it is...a quick note...we both talked about how we wanted to say something to our opponents and here it is. First things first...Ashton, don’t sell us short are in for a very long night and as for Darren who looks to be your quiet partner he better hope for his safety he doesn’t either.

Either way we’re looking forward to showing how the brother/sister tandem works, it’s something new for us but blood is thicker than water. I hope PWP is ready for this...cause we don’t even know what we are capable of.

See you funny people in the funny pages[i]

The O’Neil Family

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox   

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PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - The O'Neil Family vs. Ashton Styles & Darren Maddox
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