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 PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus   Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:15 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is August 17th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus    Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:13 am

The scene opens in a dark alley where a shadow can be seen standing there as he looks off into the darkness without saying a thing.

There is a scuffle heard a few feet away as the three men are shown jumping a small man when the man from the dark alley walks up behind the three men and throw them off of the man and then he helps up the little man before he walks away back to his spot in the dark alley.

The three thugs follow the man back to his spot in the dark alley.

The man looks at the three thugs coming at him but he just stands there as he looks through each man.

The first man takes a swing at the man and gets chokeslam through a crate.

The second man stands in front of the man and then begins to take something out of his pocket but before the second man can get whatever is in his pocket out, he is knocked down with a superkick.

The third man being the smartest of the bunch decides to run away instead of fighting the man in the alley but the man runs at the third thug and hits the Brogue Kick knocking him out as well.

The man by now is no longer in the dark alley as the moonlight now shines down on the man as he turns around revealing himself to be none other than Mark Greenberg a.k.a. Angellus.

Angellus makes sure that the three men who tried to attack that little man and then tried to attack him gets what’s right for them as such by subduing them until the police arrives to arrest them.

Angellus: Don’t think that just because I did this for that little man does it make me a good guy because I’m just a guy who likes to bully people who deserved to be bullied not someone like that little man who being beaten down by three men.

I take my fight one on one not three on one or something that makes it an unfair fight for my opponent.

Angellus returns to the dark alley as he picks up his gym bag and then jumps into his black Ford F-150 nearby the dark alley.

Angellus throws his gym bag into the bed of his truck before jumping inside and heading to the arena called the Corbett Sports Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Angellus pulls into his spot and then grabs his gear from the back of the truck and heads into the arena.

Angellus: Tonight I’m involved in a fatal four way elimination match involving myself, Andrew Ryder, LaMarcus Brown and Dean Vandall.  

This is the first show for this new company called The Professional Wrestling Project and I've got to say that our match is the “main event” of the evening.

I've only wrestled Andrew Ryder before in other companies but never have I faced either LaMarcus Brown or Dean Vandall.

Angellus walks through the arena looking for his locker room.

He spots his locker room and upon entry inside the room, he finds it wrecked and all the stuff in there damaged but instead of blowing a gasket or a fuse he just picks up everything and fixes back up his locker room in prestigious shape.

Angellus: Andrew Ryder, you’re a legend in this business as you have wrestled for many of the top companies and you are a former world champion in just about every promotion that you have wrestled for.

You seem to be a man who relies on his family for strength but your family isn't going to stop me from eliminating you in the fatal four elimination match tonight here in Greensboro, North Carolina for the first show of PWP.

Angellus turns on the television and then looks at it as it runs down the card for the first ever show here on Professional Wrestling Project.

Angellus: Then we got LaMarcus Brown, This is the guy who still has the rapping gimmick and goes out of his way to spit rhymes and make fun of his opponents as he makes his way down to the ring but hasn't he heard that 2005 called and they want back their gimmick because there is no rapping gimmicks anymore because it just doesn't work in today’s market so I don’t see him lasting that long with this gimmick due to the lackluster raps that he can spit against his opponents on a regular basis.

Angellus turns off the television and then begins getting ready for his match by changing into his wrestling gear.

He sits down on the bench in front of his lockers as he then gets up and grabs the wrestling tape from one of the lockers and begins taping his wrists.

He does it first in black tape and then again over with white tape.

Angellus: Last but not least is Dean Vandall; This guy seems to be the one that never had enough love from his parents since they left him in Mexico City so then he had several issues such as trust but now he’s his own man but that’s the only good thing about his story because he has little to no wrestling experience in that ring and tonight he’s going in there with two veterans in myself and Andrew Ryder and then some experienced wrestler in LaMarcus Brown.

I hope he has really trained and got everything under his belt otherwise he’s going to lose everything that he worked so hard to get.

Angellus exits his locker room and heads for the ring as Slow Catacombs by Finger Eleven & Dale Oliver plays over the arena.

Angellus walks down the entrance ramp and then jumps onto the ring apron causing the top rope pyro to explode as he then climbs over the top rope and raises his arms in the ring and then drops them causing the pyro to shoot out of the turnbuckles again as Angellus waits for his opponents in the middle of the ring.

The show takes a commercial break.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus   Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:43 pm

*** The scene opens with a shot of a large brick wall with graffiti painted across it that reads "The Truth Is Back". We pan back a little bit to see the former PWSR Tag Team Champions LaMarcus "The Truth" Brown standing leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face. ***

LaMarcus Brown: Ya know, I'm not one for cliche's but it's damn good to be back. I've sat out on the sideline perusing my rap career for the past year or so. Now don't get me wrong, I love it, but part of me will always be in this ring. When I heard about a federation with no obligations, no contract, no expectations, I knew I was in. I've been itching to get back into the ring for a while now, and I for one am ready to trade the microphone for some wrist tape and a pair of boots. Now it's been a while, and I may be a little rusty, but I'm excited to get back into the ring, and I'm pretty amped to check out my opponents. Angellus I'm no stranger to, Andrew Ryder and I have battled up and down the country and beyond, but I've never gotten to see Dean Vandal. Angellus is a big intimidating dude, Andrew Ryder is a big dude, and Dean isn't anything to scoff at. Fact is on paper this should be one of the more interesting contests. But Angellus decided to open his mouth, so lets allow the flow-phenom take the mic and retort, shall we?

*** Brown smirks and hits 'play' on a boombox positioned just out of scene. A rap beat begins to play and LaMarcus nods his head, getting into it. ***

LaMarcus Brown:
Uh. So lets get it started, yeah let me get this goin',  
sit down on your ass because LaMarcus Brown be flowin'
It's been a while yeah, but I'm back ready to fight.
Don't expect the best to rust, cuz fightin' for me's like riddin' a bike.
Naw I don't forget, naw I ain't lost a step,
I'm comin' back for gold, what the fuck did ya'll expect?

Let me start with Andy, cuz we've been down this road before.
I ain't takin' no prisoners, so bitch you best be warned.
We both come from the same place, we rep' the PWSR.
But that's where similarities end, cuz my talent's superior by far.
And we haven't heard you speak, but that may just be a plus.
Cuz listening to you is about as boring as having a convo with a bus.
Yes you're a good athlete, one of the better in the bizz.
But you're matched up against a beast, the very best there is.

Dean Vandal I can't say too much, cuz you are the unknown.
But I know you've seen what I can do, so your ass it best be goin'.
I'm the ruler of the rap game, and a bring that crown into the ring.
I don't give a shit if you're new to this, 100% you better bring.
Cuz The Truth's been known to end career's, naw I ain't good for your health.
So take your own advice and run and hide, bitch saviorself.

And lastly we have Angellus, a walking punchline.
You have no business naming names, especially not mine.
First off you're dissin' my raps, but you best get with it.
Cuz is the psychotic man hiding behind a mask really questioning MY gimmick?
You have no place talk, and we know you can't back it up.
You can talk a good game, but we know you're just a mega bitch.
Go ahead and run your mouth, when your wins stop being in the negitives.

*** Brown reaches over and shuts off the radio with a smirk. ***

LaMarcus Brown: The point is this my friends. I've been out of the ring for a long while. But the game hasn't changed. "The Truth" hurts, and he's damn sure coming to the PWP to bring some pain and make some change. I'll see you all at Lets Get It Started.

*** He smirks again as the scene fades to black. ***

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus   

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PWP 1: Lets Get It Started! - 4 Way Elimination Match - Ryder vs. Brown vs. Vandall vs. Angellus
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