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 PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Zack Jones vs. Blake Jones (c)

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Zack Jones vs. Blake Jones (c)   Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:37 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is July 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

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Zack Jones

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PostSubject: Zack RP   Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:54 pm

Zack's Blog
Entry #6 (The Jones Bros Collide)

"When you have a brother or a sister, you tend to get into a competition with them during your younger years. Whether it was in something physical, like a sport, or in something mental, like grades in school, if you had a sibling, you had a rivalry with them. And I had many rivalries with my brother and my opponent on this PWP show, Blake Jones.

Blake and I are fraternal twins (for those who don't really know of us) and I think we've been competing against one another for as long as I can remember. We played little league soccer against one another and we both got chosen to different teams and we played positions where we had to face off against one another when our teams had one another on the schedule. He was this speedy attacking midfielder and I guarded the goal as the goalkeeper, though I was considered too short for that position sometimes (thanks to my jumping skills though, I was able to block everything that was shot at me). And when we faced off in soccer, oh, it got ugly as hell.

I remember when we faced off the first of three times in the second ever season we played soccer (we were both about eight years old), he had managed to slip by all of the defenders around the last minute of the game, setting up a face off between me and him that you would definitely see in some sort of sports movie. He slowly made his way into the box and began playing around with the ball a little bit, trying to make me lose focus on it and make it easier for him to score on me. Once he stopped, he quickly drilled the ball and sent it flying towards the net. There was no way it was going to go out or even hit the post, so I had a chance to block it...but I ended up guessing wrong as to where he was going to shoot it and he easily scored. The game ended with Blake's team winning, 2-1.

That night, I didn't look at that game as a team loss. I didn't blame my defenders for not being able to keep my brother down and away from having an open shot. I just blamed myself because I was the last line of defense. I truly believed that I was the only one who could actually stop him from being able to score and untie the game. So on that night, I knew I had to make myself a promise. And that promise involved Blake.

'Never let Blake best you at anything again.'

It was a simple promise but one that I didn't expect to still be keeping (because I was looking towards playing baseball instead) long after that soccer season was over. But I did plan on keeping that promise when the next two games came our way. In game two of three, we won 2-1. Blake had left the game due to problems he was having with his knee, so he and I never really got the chance to face off one on one like we did in the first game. Instead, I just had to block whatever his teammates could shoot at me to try and faze me and I did a fine job of doing that as we walked away with the victory. But then the third game came and that one truly tested the promise to myself.

The third game was not even a game that was scheduled for the regular season. It was actually a playoff game and the winning team would end up going to the finals for the championship (and the winning team would end up winning these small trophies that most people now would scoff at, but goddammit, I wanted one of those trophies). So, the whistle blew and for the 60 minutes we played, which at eight years old felt like 90 minutes, neither team could really make any great shot on offense and both myself and Blake's team goalie barely broke a sweat for those 60 minutes. After a quick water break and a spiel from the coaches, both teams made it back on that field and began the next 30 minutes of extra time.

Around the 27th minute, Blake began testing my promise again as he began kicking the ball between defenders' legs and breezing past them, obviously being much faster than all of them and we found ourselves in a slight deja vu situation. We locked eyes as he entered the box, but that stare-down was quickly broken as he began looking at the goal, trying to pick his perfect spot. Unfortunately for him...I guessed correctly when he shot it and managed to knock the ball away, keeping him from breaking this tie and forcing the game to go to penalties.

I was feeling tired when we took another break (this one was for ten minutes), but when I stepped forward to try and take the penalty, I was confident that I could take my team to the playoffs. The first four shots for both teams had been fine for both myself and the other goalie. He had blocked the first two, but let the other two in, while I was able to do the same exact thing. Then our best player stepped up, our star attacker stepped up, and took his shot, only for it to go sailing over the crossbar and out, leaving the pressure all on my own shoulders as I had to step up and take on their best player....Blake Jones.

This was my opportunity to keep the game going and never let Blake outdo me ever again. Could never beat me again. So, he stepped up to the ball as I stepped in front of goal and took a deep breath. Taking some steps back so he could have a running start before he kicked, Blake and I locked eyes once more before he charged forward and shot the ball. Now, can you guess what happened?

I jumped for the ball...and guessed the correct direction...and just barely got my fingertips on it...before it hit off the post and out, saving my team. I had done it. I had saved the game and my team went on to win after a wide shot by one of their players cost them. Blake wasn't able to best me that day and he and I were then even. Hell, we're still even because ever since then, we haven't had to face off in anything, whether it was any team sport or whether it was wrestling.

Which makes this match that much more to me. Ever since that game, Blake and I have found ourselves on equal footing and this match between myself and my fraternal twin is going to be the tiebreaker. Because, for the first time ever, Blake and Zack Jones will not be teaming, but facing off one another inside of a wrestling ring. And not only that, but he and I will fight for the highest championship he has ever held, a championship that I'll be looking to win in my debut, the PWP Heavyweight championship. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this match is going to be a two out of three falls match. Damn, this match just has so many layers wrapped around it that it is going to be absolutely awesome to wrestle in, especially since this will be our tie breaker.

Don't get me wrong though. I love my brother. Just because I wanna beat him in this does not mean I want to take his greatest accomplishment to date away. While I would love to be the champion, my brother holds that title and I know the victory will be bittersweet. But I also know that the victory is going to be a hard fought because knocking my brother out and keeping him down for just one count is one thing, but doing it twice? That's going to have to be a first, but I look forward to being that first.

Also, don't mistake my confidence that I'm going to win this match as me being a cocky asshole who believes that his own brother won't be able to get a single move of offense in on him. I know Blake's a fighter. He's been a fighter his entire career and sometimes it has worked and sometimes it hasn't. But the times his resiliency has worked have been some of the greatest times of his career. Besides the gold that currently resides around his waist, my brother has won tag titles with multiple people, one reign with me included, he has won the FGA Dynamic Duos tournament, and he has even won titles that men who are built like he and I may never even get a chance to compete for, such as the XWA Hardcore championship. My brother is a fighter and has earned every single accolade that has or had his name on it.

My brother is also the good one of the two of us, I'm willing to admit it. He always excels at whatever he puts his mind to, unlike me. He excelled at soccer for quite a bit and doesn't play it anymore because he excited to excel at something else. Wrestling. He's been the guy who has excelled at everything while I couldn't get myself a football scholarship after high school season was over and couldn't even make it in the big leagues of wrestling until a year and a half ago when I was given a chance by Platinum Dynasty Wrestling (R.I.P.). If we're going to look at our careers, Blake spent less time training and has spent more time being in a bigger and brighter spotlight than me. Blake's just had the better career.

And that's what really drives me.

You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard people tell me that I am nowhere near Blake's level. Before I could head into my first PDW match, people told me I wouldn't survive in PDW like Blake survived in XWA. Before my entrance theme could hit and I could wrestle the opener for the Reckless Endangerment, I was told that no matter what I did in my career, Blake would be better. And that right there drove me even more to be just as good as Blake, if not better. So, that's why I took this match.

I took this match because I know it's the only way to stop hearing about how Blake's career. It's the only way I can show everyone that Blake isn't better than me, but that I'm better. Think of this as a sibling rivalry if you want, I just want to prove that when the chips are down, I'm just as good, if not better, than Blake inside of that ring. And I think part of him knows that's the reason I took this match. I think part of him knows that because he has felt that before as well when he used to team with guys who tended to be looked at as the better half and I know that that used to drive him crazy. And he now knows that I feel the same way whenever he and I are mentioned.

So, no. This match isn't just about bragging rights between two brothers or me and him looking to settle the score from some stupid little league soccer game bullshit. This is me getting ready to prove to people that I am not the weaker Jones brother but that I am just as good as the current Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight champion. Hell, this is me trying to prove that the accolades between us aren't what you should judge us on, but the skill in that ring, the heart inside our bodies, the will that we will both fight with is what should be judged.

I am Zack Jones. I am a former PDW wrestler who held the Cyber title, the Tag Team championships, and the Next Big Thing championship. I am a current IWF wrestler and most importantly, I'm the guy that's going to go to war with his brother and pin him twice to become the PWP Heavyweight champion and to finally...FINALLY shed the role of being considered the weaker Jones brother.

Blake's a great talent...but I'm out to prove that I'm better. Two out of three falls going my way would prove that to me.

Let's go to war, brother."
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PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Zack Jones vs. Blake Jones (c)
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