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 PWP 8: Mayhem - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Sister Liliana vs. James Shark (c)

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 8: Mayhem - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Sister Liliana vs. James Shark (c)   Mon May 05, 2014 11:39 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is May 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Sister Liliana

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Sister Liliana vs. James Shark (c)   Mon May 19, 2014 12:56 am

::The scene opens with the newly married Sister Liliana holding the Inferno Tag Team Title of her new husband Thomas Pain over her shoulder. Standing beside her is her mentor, Father Jones. Liliana wears a black dress with a black veil covering her mask. Father Jones wears a similar colored ensemble, with a black leather jacket over a grey shit and a black bandana with his hair pulled back, plus a pair of oversized sunglasses that cover a large portion of his face. Sister Liliana stands still as Father Jones does a slow lap around her. At some points he faces her and at others he turns and looks into the camera before finally stopping at her side and taking the lead to speak first.::

Father Jones: Mr. Shark, we will let you have the privilege of being the first to offer your congratulations for the recent nuptials of Sister Liliana and her tag team partner Thomas Pain. As negative as you choose to be, ever the optimist, I will give you that honor.

::Sister Liliana slowly holds up the Tag Team Title given to her in place of a wedding ring.::

Father Jones: You’re welcome.

::He makes a clicking noise with his mouth as he shoots a finger gun in the direction of the camera with a smirk on his face.::

Father Jones: Sister Liliana has made her decision that she would rather focus on the business of this upcoming match for PWP in lieu of some unnecessary honeymoon. She’s not interested in running around and wasting time on the beach or any other silly little type of vacation that you’re supposed to take after getting married. Instead, she chose to stay here. She wanted this moment to talk to you, James. That’s the gift she wanted, and it’s my job to make sure that this woman gets everything she wants. She wanted to find the right partner. We moved on from The Spud and we found Thomas Pain. She wanted to be a champion. We became the Inferno Tag Team Champions. She wanted to eliminate Any Given Sundae. We took out Sweet Treat. And most recently, she wanted to shut up Jordan Caliban here in PWP and she got that as well. Sister Liliana gets what she wants. She creates the story. She does what other people are unwilling and unable to do. Now, she wants you, James. This isn’t about your silly, little title. She realized after that sham of a tournament all those months ago that she wanted more than just that. What Sister Liliana continues to want from PWP is simple. She wants the chance to beat people. She wants to inflict punishment. She wants people to know that she is the special one. Beating you executes that mission. What Sister Liliana wants, Sister Liliana gets.

::Father Jones puts his arms out towards Sister Liliana and takes a few steps back. She slowly lifts the veil off of her head and reveals her all black mask.::

Sister Liliana: You know what’s funny? I didn’t want this match to begin with. I asked for Darren Maddox. What I truly wanted for this show was revenge from our previous encounter to open up the World Title Tournament. It’s one of the only times in recent memory where I didn’t get what I want, and that’s only because it wasn’t in my control. Maddox didn’t want to fight. There’s not much I can do about that… this time. Now, Shark, you’re a little too predictable for your own good. I can hear it now.

“You didn’t get the match you wanted just like you’re not going to beat me like you want to.”

“There’s a reason you wanted to fight a loser like Maddox and not me.”

“You don’t deserve to fight me.”

That’s all you have. You think you’re going to hurt my feelings? You think it will bother me when you mock me for how I dress? Or for my former persona as Sweet Potato? Or Father Jones and the way he chooses to present himself? Or my new husband, Thomas Pain? You really think any of that will affect me? Maybe you’ll crack a few jokes about how I wear a mask. Like no one has done that before. You want to be no better than scum like Angelica Layne and try to call me ugly? Go or it. You want to be as cool as Any Given Sundae and take shots about my time in Any Given Fryday? Awesome, be as original and ‘funny’ as those two idiots. I don’t think you bring anything to the table that I haven’t heard before and I don’t think that there’s anything you can say about me that’s going to penetrate the armor I have. Say what you want about the family I’ve created. Talk all of the shit that you can about my past. Because you can’t hurt me. You’re not that good. No one is. I found myself as Sister Liliana because I realized, with the help of my mentor here, that I was strong enough to stand up to people like you. I realized that I have the power to do whatever I want. I realized that people like you are worthless to me. I realized that I should always take control of a situation and never let someone tell me what to do. I tell you what to do. I make you play your cards the way I want. And I think right now all you have is some pathetic vision of who I am as a joke that you’re going to walk over.

Oh, how quickly you’ll see what a mistake that is.

::Father Jones steps back closer to Liliana and puts an arm over her shoulder as he beams with pleasure and begins to speak again, looking directly at her as he talks for the next few moments.::

Father Jones: Can you see it? Can you hear it? I can almost taste it given how close I am. This woman is ready. She’s ready for you, Mr. Shark. She’s ready for that title. She’s ready to take you down from that little pedestal you’ve created for yourself. She’s ready to take over PWP. This is a special woman. If anyone deserves to be the champion of this place, she is the one that has stepped up and asked for control. She is the one that the company realizes is next in line.

::Father Jones continues to keep his arm over her shoulder and he continues to stare at her as she begins to talk again.::

Sister Liliana: Face it. There are people like me who take a situation by the throat and there are people like Shark that let others control their destiny. And you can’t just excuse this, Shark, as being willing to fight anyone. It’s not as simple as just saying that you don’t care. I care. That’s why I call people out. That’s why I make things happen. We don’t sit back and let others tell us where to go. We tell people to come to us. I don’t waste my time responding to people. I get the first word and set the tone. I’m in this title match because of my vision. You just sit there and talk you’re crap and let others make decisions for you. But now, you’ve got me. I talked about that recently in Inferno Wrestling. I talked about how some people make this mistake of getting involved in my story, and they pay for it. Guys like Sweet Treat and Jacob Daniels and recently Jack Keith of The Rebels. But then, sometimes, fate takes over. That’s why Justin Harmony had to get his ankle broken. And now, that’s why you lose your title and your PWP win streak. Fate.

I am Repercussion, Shark. And your repercussion comes because you sit back and let people like me take control. You’re supposed to be a champion. A leader. And as much as you’d like to brag that no one wants to fight you, it’s more of a tale that no one cares to fight you. That’s a problem. That’s a problem I will take care of. That’s my job. I take people and I break them for their mistakes. I have been chosen to serve repercussion to people like you for the choices, or in this case, lack thereof that you make. So blame Darren Maddox. His good decision, for the moment, to hide from me, has put me in this place where I know take from you. You don’t get the choice to hide from me. Because you didn’t give yourself the power to begin with. I will always take control of who I fight. I will always push to get what I want. I will always make things happen. Trust me, I’ll fight Darren Maddox. That’s going to happen, whether he likes it or not. And I’ll fight anyone else I want when the time is right. Eventually, I would have gotten to you. I would have put myself in position for this title. I stand by the fact that I don’t need the title or to be champion here. This is just a place for me to let out a little anger. This is a place for me to feed. But you’re my target now, Shark. My hunger leads me to you and my responsibility says that I have to take that title from you.

::Father Jones steps away from Liliana and points to the camera as he begins to speak again.::

Father Jones: Mr. Shark, we understand that you’re so called ‘bullet proof vest’ is just your shield for your own ignorance. We look forward to watching you dance your dance as you unsuccessfully try to hurt our feelings and show how tough you are. Let’s just take it as a given that neither side here is going to be very adept at hurting the feelings of the other. We’re not going to get rattled by your meaningless words. We’re not going to be hurt by your little barbs. We’re not going to get sucked into your emotional ploys. We’re not going to get riled up by your attempts to create controversy. But you will play our game. Everyone plays Sister Liliana’s game. She wants to sit back and laugh as you throw your insults about like they mean anything. She will gladly watch and wait as you pathetically puff your chest out and talk about this being your company and your show. She will feel bad for you in moments, as you play pretend and think that you’re really as cared about or influential as you’d like to seem.

Look at it all. Sister Liliana and our new collective family our at the best place we could be. We have it all. We’ve come through on the promises and threats that we’ve made. We shocked people with the major play of opening the recent Unleashed with a wedding no one saw coming. We have dominated the Inferno Wrestling tag team scene. And we continue to make major plays as we call people out and prove our points. Sister Liliana is a leader. She makes things happen. And now, as fate has allowed, she now gets the added bonus of ending your winning streak and taking your title. We have put ourselves in positions of power and we have molded ourselves the perfect situation to stand above the rest. Your upcoming loss will be no different than the rest. You will talk your game of trying to make yourself sound important and you will try and put someone as strong and foundational as Sister Liliana in a place she doesn’t belong. But you’re not that good. No one is that good. You can’t take away this success from her. You can’t have what she wants. You can’t be the type of warrior and visionary that Sister Liliana. I dare you to try. We dare you, matter of fact. But as hard as you try, and as much as you pound your chest, and for all of the words in the world you will try to use against her, you can’t so anything to stop what is coming. Sister Liliana will beat you Mr. Shark. This is her title. Her match. Her story. Her victory. Her…


::He puts his arms out to his sides and takes a bow before clasping his hands together in front of his face and going back to watching her speak again.::

Sister Liliana: You know the biggest irony of this whole thing? I’m the one that wears the mask, but it’s James Shark that hides behind one. If he thinks he’s going to intimidate me or scare me or hurt me he has another thing coming. No matter what he says, I know he realizes this is more than he bargained for. He’ll never tell you that. But I will. Shark is falling. I will be his Repercussion. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that but me.

::Sister Liliana puts her veil back on over her mask and turns around to walk off as Father Jones stands there and slowly claps for her as the scene fades away.::
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Sister Liliana vs. James Shark (c)   Mon May 19, 2014 4:49 am

I honestly have nothing left to prove.

Flip the pages back a few years ago and you saw people wanting to test me, calling me out left and right, telling me that I won’t succeed, that I’m nothing but a cocky fuck that needs to shut the hell up… and now take a look at the position I’m in now.

Really nobody calling me out, nobody doubting me,  nothing but a bunch of wrestlers praising me and giving me respects, riding my dick, kissing my ass, laying down and taking a picture with the ground I walked on.
I really do… have nothing left to prove. I was never supposed to make it this far, never even supposed to get famous. Retiring after winning my first title, the IWF Full Throttle Championship would’ve made me happy but now if I retire tomorrow, I go down as if not one of the best ever, but really, the greatest to ever do it.

A lot of people come up to me and ask me…
“Well then why are you still here?”

It ain’t the money, it ain’t the fans, what It really is, is my legacy.

All I can really do is continue to rack up these victories and keep adding pages to my already legendary legacy.

But when I look at this match with Sister Lilana… I’m not even counting it towards my legacy. This match is a fucking joke and everybody’s laughing at her because they know she just got fed to the Shark. She’s got no chance in winning but you know what? This is her moment, this is her time, her opportunity.

She wants to count towards my legacy? Well the only way she gets put on my legacy is if she beats me because when I beat her she’s just going to be one of the many people who stepped in the ring with me that night that just didn’t deserve to be there….



For a second there, I thought that noise was a part of my dream, however what followed up with that noise was the bright beams of light from the sun. That’s when I knew that the blinds had been opened and my sleep had been interrupted.

I groaned out loud and turned over to my side, away from the window, closing my eyes tightly and trying my best to return to my sleep. It probably would’ve worked had the woman I spent the whole night hooking up with wasn’t going out of her way to make sure I woke up…..


Ignoring her, I took the pillow that my head rested on and folded It up against my ears, treating them as headphones to block out the sound but to my surprise, the pillow quickly got pulled right out from underneath me as Brooklyn snatched it away from my grasps, hitting me with it.

BROOKLYN: “You really think you’re going to shut me up with my OWN pillow? Nigga what you think this is??”

SHARK: “Brooklyn…. Shutup”


Another pillow shot, this time twice as hard than the first one.

SHARK: “Brooklyn…. I swear to God… I-“


And again, this time she hit me twice with the damn pillow. Of course they didn’t hurt but the more times she hit me with that pillow the more my chances of sleep were turning into impossible.

SHARK: “What the hell? Stop. Don’t make me get off this bed…”

BROOKLYN: “Um… that’s the point, duh! It’s time to get up”

I opened my eyes and looked right at the alarm clock that sat in front of me on the night table. It read 7:06AM. Why was she so determined to get me up so early? This was my day off from training, I didn’t need to get up at this time.

SHARK: “Jesus christ yo… 7 in the damn morning, the hell’s the matter witchu? That ain’t time to wake up… that’s actually time for you to go downstairs and make me some breakfast and let me sleep”

BROOKLYN: “I’m waking you up so you can make me some breakfast… YAY”

Quickly turning over to my other side to face Brooklyn, I forgot that the blinds were wide open and I was met with the brightness of the sun again, I shielded my eyes for a second as I tried to get a look at Brooklyn. Finally adjusting myself to the light, I could see her. She stood before me fully clothed, dressed up as if she was about to go somewhere at this god forsaken hour.

SHARK: “Make you breakfast? This is your place… I’m the freakin guest yo, what kind of a host are you?”

BROOKLYN: “The best host, now seriously, get up. If you’re not going to make me some breakfast then at least go”

SHARK: “….go where?”

BROOKLYN: “Home, where else?”

I blinked at her a few times, trying to study her face. She was dead ass serious, I pulled myself up to a sitting position on the bed as I began to eye her down. I felt disrespected right now. As we stared at each other, she bent over and reached for my clothes that were scattered all over the floor then tossed them right at me.

BROOKLYN: “Chop chop, let’s go, I don’t have all day.”

SHARK: “What the fuck? If you joking, now would be a good time to say it.”

BROOKLYN: “I told you last night that I had stuff to do in the morning. I have some meetings that I have to get to, one after the other and I’m already late for the first one.”

SHARK: “You ain’t told me shit about that, blow them off. Today’s my day off I was trying to spend it with you.”

BROOKLYN: “Well you can’t because today isn’t my day off, I’m busy”

SHARK: “So what? That’s it? You made me fly all the way down here for… for.. cuz you were fucking horny is all? What the hell yo?”

Brooklyn rolled her eyes at me and just stood there for a moment, as if not knowing what else to say. I couldn’t believe the way she was acting right now.

BROOKLYN: “You know it isn’t like that, don’t be such a baby. I wanted to see you and we spent some time together last night but now it’s time for me to work.”

SHARK: “All we did last night was fuck”

BROOKLYN: “And you’re complaining?”

SHARK: “Whatever B, you obviously don’t see the picture, it’s cool. Go ahead and get to your whack ass meetings cause they so important right?”

I rolled out of her bed and began to put my clothes back on, mumbling things out under my breath as I got myself dressed.

BROOKLYN: “I don’t see the picture because you’re painting yourself a different picture and yes they are important, I got to put food on the twin’s tables.”

SHARK: “And I can’t?”

BROOKLYN: “Ugh. I didn’t say that. Look, not everything is about you James. You take everything so personal.”

SHARK: “Yo… it IS personal. You can’t be playing with people’s feelings like that man. You called me and said the twins missed me, that you missed me, I come here, no twins, just you, we fuck, then next day? GET OUT JAMES, WE’RE NOT CHILLING, NO, YOU DUMBASS, IT WAS JUST A ONE NIGHT STAND, JEESH.”

BROOKLYN: “Oh shut up, it was nothing like that. Boy… if you think it was just sex then...”

SHARK: “Like I said, don’t be playin with people’s feelings, that shit’s evil”

Brooklyn turned her head away from me and began to laugh a little bit.

SHARK: “Oh so now it’s funny?”

BROOKLYN: “I mean yea… playing with people’s feelings… so kinda like how you played with mine when you just went ahead and dated that other bitch?”

Now she shot me a cold stare, what she just said caught me completely off guard and now for some reason it felt hard to look her right in the eyes.

SHARK: “Don’t. Don’t be going there, changing the topic and a-

BROOKLYN: “Who’s changing the topic? We’re talking about playing with people’s feelings right?”

SHARK: “We talked about this, we were broken up, you-

BROOKLYN: “That’s the problem. To you we were broken up, to me, we weren’t. I always just looked at it as us just being complicated, stubborn even.”

I took a deep sigh as I looked away from her to find my shoes. I spotted them by the bathroom door, I walked over to them and put them on as she watched me.

SHARK: “I ain’t going to talk about this with you, it’s been discussed a number a times… you know how I felt about you back then, you know how I feel about you right now. I don’t even know what you feel about me right now.”

BROOKLYN: “You do, stop it. Maybe I can get to my meetings and if you want, you can stay here. I’ll just call a babysitter because I don’t have time to deal with another baby, that’s why the twins are with Sharon.”

SHARK: “So I’m actin like a baby now right?”

BROOKLYN: “As usual”

SHARK: “Yeah okay, I ain’t your fuckin booty call yo. Now what? I just hop back on my jet, fly all the way back to New York huh?”

BROOKLYN: “It wasn’t
JUST sex, you know that, but hey if you want to continue to cry and play victim go ahead, it’s your favorite game.”

SHARK: “Nah I gotchu all figured out yo, I learned a lot from my nigga Blues Clues and Scooby Doo. I see what happened here. Your vibrator wasn’t working, no batteries or something? Maybe you lost it, couldn’t find it. You didn’t want to hump your pillows or use your fingers. So you desperately went around your house looking for something, anything, to satisfy you. Opened the fridge, looked for a banana to suck on, looked for a… what’s that green fruit called? The long one?”

BROOKLYN: “I’m not answering your nonsense”

SHARK: “Fine, whatever, point being you wanted to stick that in your pussy but couldn’t find any fruits. So as you ran outta options you quickly grabbed yo phone, and WALA! Good thing your phone was charged cause all you had to do was call me, problem solved. You fucking used me yo, you used my dick. My dick gave you something to suck on when times were roughed, my dick gave you two beautiful twins, what does my dick get in return? USED. You took advantage of my dick, you-

BROOKLYN: “Oh my god, shutup, are you your dicks lawyer or something?”

SHARK: “Apologize to the both of us”

BROOKLYN: “No, Are you done?”

We stared at each other for a few moments before I shook my head at her, showing her how disappointed I was at her, I then turned my back towards her and walked out of her room, not saying another word. I walked down the flight of steps until I made my way over to the front door, I could hear Brooklyn rushing down the stairs to catch up to me but at this point I was done waiting.

For a while now I had been waiting, waiting for something I thought would eventually happen soon. For months now we’ve been considered friends. I thought we both wanted to be more than that but I was obviously seeing something that only I wanted to see.

Friends with benefits is all it was and right now I just felt like a damn fool.

I shut the door behind me and walked out into the cold morning air, making my way over to my rental car I heard Brooklyn come out to the front porch, she called out for me but I didn’t stop nor did I turn around.
Why should I? To hear more of her lies? She was just trying to be nice so she was telling me what I wanted to hear.

“It’s not just sex Shark” “You know how I feel about you”

But yet she’s so quick to kick me out of her home after a night of fucking. I knew what she was doing because what she just did was something I had done to so many other women. She just played the player.

As I started my engine I could see her walking towards me from my rear view mirror, she looked like she really wanted to tell me something but it really didn’t matter now, after all, she was late for her meetings right?

Her meetings that seemed so much more important.

I rolled down the window and put my hand out, giving her the peace sign as I just drove off onto the empty street.

Once again, it seemed like I had the worst luck.

I had my match with Sister Liliana coming up and it just seemed like whenever it was almost fight time I was always dealing with something on my plate, outside interference that would do anything in its power to keep me distracted from the task at hand.

I grew accustomed to stuff like this by now, this time though? It was a bit different.

What happened just now was all kinds of fucked up. There were a lot of strong feelings I had for Brooklyn and for her to just pull that shit was a real mind-fucking.

I just didn’t know where we were at, all I knew was where I wanted us to be and it was frustrating not being able to read her, I was usually good at that but these past few weeks, she’s made it tough. Giving me nothing but mixed emotions and confusion.

And what happened tonight was just the worst. I really did feel used.

Maybe I could just drive back to the gym and hit some bags, go for a run, spar an opponent, do some things that would get my mind off this and get my focus on my match but It was hard to keep focus when it came to Brooklyn. That’s why right before the breakup when we were going through some problems I managed to find myself on a three match losing streak.

Brooklyn, for a long time now had been considered my “everything”, my whole world. I could get in shape, get prepared, have my opponent figured inside and out… but once I got into that ring, if my mind wasn’t there, then the match was my opponent’s for the taking.

I shouldn’t have lost to a faggot ass rockstar like Griffin Hawkins, I shouldn’t have lost that IWF Battle Royal and I shouldn’t have let Blyss and Nathan get the best of us in that tag match, but I did. I allowed all four of those peeps to walk away with the victory because I allowed the problems I was having with Brooklyn to affect me in that ring.

No way in hell I was going to let it affect me against Sister Liliana. No way in fucking hell. Distracted by Brooklyn or not, I couldn't let Sister Liliana walk in and take everything I had worked so hard for.

I was out here in PWP to make history. I couldn't allow her to make her own history by becoming the one to defeat James Shark, take his title, shut him up and end his winning streak.

I just couldn't.

Potato loving bitch will have to kill me in that ring to beat me.


Ay yall, check it.

Mother Jones can tongue my butthole and Sister Liliana can tickle her face with my pubes yo. I don’t give a fuck about them or what they have to say.

I literally just fast forwarded the hell out of their promo only to hear Sister spew off some bullshit like
“blah blah blah, I wear a mask but Shark hides behind one” Nigga what? I hide behind a mask? What fucking mask? I’m the realest nigga in the sport. The only thing I hide behind is my championship belt, try to take it off me, try to snatch it and replace my name on there with yours. Try your fucking hardest and fail, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

You know… I was going to come on here, on camera, and talk about this match, really build it up, hype it up, talk up Sister Liliana and make her out to be a really big threat to me but I just got called fake. When you say somebody hides behind a mask, you calling them out on some fake shit. I ain’t fake, and I’ll prove it right now.

This match is a fucking
JOKE and Sister Liliana is the ass of it.

Everybody knows this is mine for the taking, an easy ass match for the heck of it. Hell, even her fucking cheerleader Father Jones has his Money On Sharky on the down low.

It’s just… everybody know how this shit goes..

When I’m on camera I’m throwing stones at my opponent’s glass house, when I’m in the ring I’m throwing fists at my opponent’s glass jaw.
Like check this shit out…

I cracked a joke on Twitter, told Josh Duncan that I’d be facing him at PWP9 because of him booking me against a cunt that dresses up as a damn French Fry. You know what he told me? That motherfucker told me…and I quote…
“I don’t think anyone would want to see that” followed by the “el oh el”.

Laugh out loud will you Joshua? Why? Because what you said was funny or what? I hope you laughed out fucking loud cause it was a joke because what the hell were you thinking when you booked THIS match!?

You contradicting yourself homie.

Where’s the superfights? Who the fuck wants to see me take on Sister? Have you seen anybody talking about this match? Have you seen anybody making noise about it? Getting excited over it?

Nah. Not me.

And you know… I’m probably going to get in hot water over this shit man, but I really don’t care. I’m not going to be fake like Sister plays me out to be, I’m going to be on some real shit. If Joshua don’t like it, if the PWP don’t like it, then they can really suck on my toes.

I speak on some real nigga shit and I’m being one hundred and ten percent honest with all yall when I say this bitch ain’t on my fucking level. She lost to Darren Maddox and then
RIGHT BEFORE her win over Jordan Caliband, she was already doubting herself.

“Oh maybe I’ll just leave PWP, I got off to a bad start here, I was supposed to win the championship, I should be champion, but I lost and then I didn’t sign up for the next card, and now I’m facing Caliband”

Go fuck yourself hoe. Cry some more after I whoop your ass. You got one win and one loss, both of them over my leftovers. I whooped Maddox’s ass twice, you couldn’t even do it once. You barely escaped Caliband, and I blew him out the water… twice.

You think JDunc done did you a favor by making you next in line but all he really did was fuck you over big time. You call yourself sweet potato but after I squash you in that ring you might as well call yo self ‘mash potato’ cause that’s exactly how things are going to play out for you.

I mean… It’s just…. It’s hard to get motivated for this match yo and once again, if I get in hot water for saying it how it is, sue me, fire me, strip me of my title. I don’t care. My name James motherfucking Shark and I can say and do… whatever the fuck I please.

I’m not going to lie to yall folks. If you don’t got the money, don’t buy this shit. Stream it online, I support that piracy bullshit.

How am I going to go from Brett Sands to Zack Lifer…to Sister Liliana? A fucking chick that dresses up as a damn potato with her whole gimmick ripping off Any Given Sundae? The group that dresses up as freaking ice cream cones?

I’m facing a rip off and with her being a chick, I just might rip her damn top off and titty fuck her in the middle of that ring just so I can enjoy myself. Lord knows I won’t find any enjoyment by just going out there and wrestling. Bitch is so god damn boring even whooping her ass might put me to sleep.

Yall just very well might see a double knockout here.

Like seriously, this is ridiculous bruh. The hell am I downgrading for? You motherfuckers disrespected me.

If you don’t got anybody big time to book me against, how about this? Don’t book me at all. Oh wait, that would equal up to major problems wouldn’t it? I said it in my last promo and I’ll say it again. James Shark Is PWP.

But you know what? Sister can get her own letters after the show. While James Shark will
REMAIN PWP and REMAIN CHAMPION, Sister Lilliana will be KTFO.

Period. Point. Muddafukkin Blank.

Just another day on the job.


Believe me… I didn’t want to do this… it was just something that NEEDED to happen.

“I can’t wait to play on that big bed of yours you’ve been telling me sooo much about!!”

The blonde woman wrapped her hands around my stomach from behind me as I laughed along with her, unlocking the door to my big boy mansion. This blonde chick was a bad bitch and even though I had told her she’d be getting a tour of my house including the bedroom… we both knew that we’d just skip right to the bedroom and have our way with each other up there.

This was something that needed to go down because as much as I loved Brooklyn Marie Carter… I couldn’t wait around forever and right now it just seemed like she didn’t think a relationship with me was the right thing to do.

As the woman ran her hands down my waist I pushed the door open, but just as that happened an envelope fell right into my hands. Whoever left it for me must’ve slid it on top of the door. It was too dark to really read the text on the envelope so I just shoved it into my pocket.

“Come on… what are you waiting forrrrrrr!???”

The blondie pushed me further into my own mansion as she shut the door behind us, feeling me up and pressed me up against the wall.

SHARK: “Damn… you really want it huh?”

“Craving… IT..”

I chuckled and playfully picked her up as she kicked her heels off. She smiled at me as I carried her up the stairs. Looking into her eyes I saw no connection… but this is how things should be. She knew I had no real feelings for her and she didn’t have any for me. We both knew that this was only going to be a one night thing and we were okay with that.

The other night, Brooklyn treated me like nothing more than an easy fuck and that was messed up.

Finally making our way to the bedroom, she gazed around the room In awe and disbelief, but before she could admire it some more I threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. We were about to lock lips but before we could she put her finger on my mouth and shook her head No.

“Hold on, let me strip down for you like we talked about!”

She quickly slid out from underneath me and ran over to the center of the room as I sat up on the bed and watched her. I removed my pants before she could strip down and something caught my attention… the envelope that had fallen onto my hands earlier was sticking out of my pants pocket. Now that the lights were on I could see it… or at least see the part that was sticking out….there was a kiss design on it, one of those generic red lipstick kiss mark designs.

“Hello!? You’re not looking??”

SHARK: “yea… yea I am just hold up…”

“No, you’re not!”

SHARK: “I said hold up…”

I pulled the full envelope out of my pocket only to find red writing beside the lipstick image that read “To Baby Daddy”. Upon putting my finger over the lipstick image I found out that it wasn’t an image at all, it was real lipstick, a real kiss.

SHARK: “….Brooklyn..”


SHARK: “No… Nothin”

“Well I’m taking my clothes off, look”

But my eyes were glued to this envelope. My grip became tight as I held the envelope in my hands. I didn’t even rip it open or tear it apart like I usually did with all my envelopes, this time I took my time out to open it carefully, opening it as I found a folded up piece of lined paper inside. It was a letter…

Dear Peanut,

I feel awkward writing you this letter because I feel like the history we have, I should be able to tell you face-to-face, but that same feeling I got when I met you, I have again. I feel the butterflies in my stomach all over again, and it’s so strange to me. First off I want to apologize for my part played in that whole big fight we had a couple months back, I knew you weren’t the only to blame and I should have been women enough to stand up and acknowledge my wrong doing in that matter but I was so angry, and I let the rage I had built up inside control how I felt and my actions. I wanted to write this letter because I knew once you took the time out to read it, it would give you time to think and maybe figure out how you’re going to handle the situation. The bottom line is I miss you and I miss what we had, these last couple of weeks and the time we have spent has made me realize that the foolishness that went on before shouldn’t stop us from doing what we planned on doing. I want life with you; I want you back home peanut and as crazy as that sounds, I honestly mean it. I know you’re probably like “WHAT THE FUCK” or “WHAT CHANGED MY MIND” but the truth is, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. During our time apart, I really had an opportunity to really think and my life just wouldn’t be the same without you in it. We both made mistakes but we both see how STRONG our LOVE is for each other and spending more and more time apart will only drive us both crazy. The twins miss you, I miss you and I just want you back home. I’ve always stayed true to you even when we were apart; sure I went on a few dates but nothing physical ever happened because it wasn’t what I wanted. The only thing I can hope for is that you still feel the same about me, I hope at the end of the day I’m always your number one girl and I hope that we can work this thing out.

Really take the time out and think James, because I know how you can be, sometimes you do make quick decisions without thinking them thoroughly and I just want you to be 100% ready and 100% sure that I’m still that girl you want.

I love you forever,
B. Marie Carter <3

I gently refolded the letter and placed in back into the envelope. Taking a second or two to process everything I had just read. This didn’t even feel real, it all seemed too good to be true. Brooklyn loved me. She wanted to be with me….how did I not see that? How could I think up something so different? Over what? One night where I was mistaken?

She really, really cared for me and what was I doing? Where was I? In my bed room in front of… oh god…

As I looked up at the blonde chick I could see that she was fully naked. Here I was. In my bedroom in front of a big booty, big tittied blonde hoe. And where was Brooklyn? With my baby boys, probably holding them in her arms as she thought about me, thought about the letter I wrote, wondering If I had seen it yet, expecting me to come see her or call her, give her an answer….

“You missed out on me stripping… but like… I can totally put my clothes back on and do it again if you want hehe”

SHARK: “Nah… just… just put yo clothes back on and keep them on.”

“Wait what?”

SHARK: “Put yo clothes back on, I’m callin yo ass a cab, you goin home”
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PWP 8: Mayhem - PWP Heavyweight Championship - Sister Liliana vs. James Shark (c)
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