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 Blake Jones

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Name: Blake Jones

Height: 5'10

Weight: 188 pounds

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alignment: Face

Pic Base: Briley Pierce

Entrance Theme: "Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight

Entrance Description:

Quote :
"Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight blares throughout the arena and through the curtains steps out Blake Jones, a smile on his face. He is wearing his regular wrestling trunks and a black jacket as he stands atop the ramp, pointing at a few fans who are hoisting up signs in support of the superstar out of Philly before making his way down the ramp.


Blake slaps hands with the fans on the first row before jumping on the ring apron. With one jump, he gets over the top rope and lands safely on his feet before making a move towards a nearby corner and climbing to the middle turnbuckle. Jones looks out at the audience and shoots at fans of his, winking as he does so. Blake removes his jacket and tosses it to a nearby ring crew member before backflipping off of the corner and landing right on his feet. Blake yells out "Tonight is the night" before heading off to the corner and awaiting for the bell to ring.

Gimmick Description: Basically has the attitude of Spider-Man where he is willing to crack jokes, but gets serious when things get real serious.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: N/A

Common Moves:
01.Missile Dropkick
02.Jumping DDT
05.Sleeper Hold
06.Jones Combo (3 chops followed by three kicks to the chest of cornered opponent)
08.Shining Wizard
09.Jones, Jones, and Away (Suicide Dive)
10.Diving Crossbody
12.Fame Asser

Signature Move(s):
1. ECHO-16 (Arm trap inverted three quarter facelock)
2. Moonsault
3. Running Single Leg Dropkick (Sick kick)
4. Spinning Heel Kick
5. Lionsault

Finishing Move(s):
1. Equalizer (Shooting Star Press)
2. Jones Equation (Springboard double knee facebreaker)

Bio/Brief History:

Accomplishments (Optional):
-1x EWF Hardcore Champion
-3x TCW Tag Team Champion (w/Liam Johnson [2], w/Blaine Evans [1])
-1x PWE Tag Team Champion (w/Zack Jones)
-Only LP International Champion
-2x XWA TV Champion
-1x EXODUS Pro San Diego Bay Champion
-1x XWA Hardcore Champion (current)
-2 XWA Awards (Most Improved [2013] & Face of the Year [2014])
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Blake Jones
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