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 PWP 9: Cloud Nine - PWP Heavyweight Championship: Blake Jones vs. Adam Stryker vs. Sister Liliana (c)

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Josh C. Duncan
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PostSubject: PWP 9: Cloud Nine - PWP Heavyweight Championship: Blake Jones vs. Adam Stryker vs. Sister Liliana (c)   Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:56 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is June 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

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Sister Liliana

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 9: Cloud Nine - PWP Heavyweight Championship: Blake Jones vs. Adam Stryker vs. Sister Liliana (c)   Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:56 am

::The scene opens up with the new PWP World Champion Sister Liliana standing in the dark with her mentor Father Jones. She has her PWP World Title around her waist while Father Jones is holding onto her Inferno Tag Team Title. She is wearing an all black dress with a veil that covers her mask, while Father Jones, as always, is decked out in a black leather jacket and black pants with his hair tied up and a pair of oversized bug eyed glasses covering most of his small face.::

Sister Liliana: I am assuming that people are waiting for me to complain about this situation.

::Father Jones starts talking, saying as much with his expressive hands and facial expressions than he does with his mouth.::

Father Jones: You have to question the decision to take a champion like this and put her against three other opponents. One, a man who has never competed here before. Two others, who are coming off losses as a tag team with no wins between them here. I’m not sure exactly what then qualifies them for a PWP World Title shot, but that’s not for me to question. That’s for your champion… your visionary… your leader… Sister Liliana… to address.

::He puts both arms out in her direction, as if offering her up proudly.::

Sister Liliana: As always, Father Jones brings up coherent and logical lines of thought. But he knows just as well as I do, that I don’t care about what people think should happen and I don’t care who I get to beat. I did my job. I beat James Shark like I said I would. I stepped up and immediately asked for a rematch because I loved the concept of breaking poor Shark’s heart a second time. And I said that if Shark didn’t want to do it, there were several other people I would gladly have faced and beaten. This is, after all, the place I came to looking for the simple enjoyment of hurting others. But for whatever reasons, those matches I asked for didn’t come through. Maybe I’m supposed to say that those people are afraid of me. Maybe I could talk about how they are all just hiding from me knowing that I would gladly hang another loss on them. But who really cares? Screw James Shark. Screw all of the other people that have a claim to a shot at this title but don’t have the balls to step up. They can have their excuses. They can come to their own conclusions about why this place isn’t important to them. In the end, this isn’t about them, though. This is about what I want. And what I want continues to be the same. I want to defend my title, and I want to break some people.

So I can support this match. Look at it. Three names that I get to defeat and embarrass. Three more people that can take their loss to me and spread my name as the biggest threat of them all to the rest of the wrestling world. Three sets of legs to potentially snap. This is everything I could ask for. I know that all of these guys have some histories in their own places of business. At some point in time they did something to create enough of a name for themselves that the people in charge thought they could add a little something to this match. Unfortunately for those three, they don’t realize at this point they were just put here to continually show how great I am and what type of champion I’m going to really be. I’m going to win this match. And I’m going to continue to call out anyone that I deem fit to call out. I’m going to continue to take every opportunity that I have to make my name heard and to have my vision followed. These three fools have mistakenly stumbled their way into my story. And that’s a dangerous thing. There are a lot of people in Inferno Wrestling that have learned that the hard way. Blake Jones, Adam Stryker, and Spencer Vain are simply bodies to me. Bodies to beat. Bodies to break. Bodies to make examples of.

And what’s Rule Number One?

::He gladly leans in to reply with a smile across his face.::

Father Jones: What Sister Liliana wants, Sister Liliana gets.

Sister Liliana: I wanted to beat James Shark. I wanted this title. I wanted this spot.

Father Jones: And look at what I see.

::Sister Liliana takes the PWP World Title off from around her waist and holds it up proudly. He stands back and claps for her until she puts the title back over her shoulder.::

Father Jones: Mr. Vain. Mr. Stryker. Mr. Jones. The three of you gentlemen need to take a moment out to look at what stands in front of you and pay homage to the type of skill… beauty… and greatness that now stands before you. I ask the three of you… and the three of you alone… to bow your heads with me and take a moment of silence to reflect on the light of PWP… Sister Liliana.

::He bows his head and puts his hands together in front of him for a few moments before looking up with a big grin on his face.::

Father Jones: Thank you.

::He tilts his head to the side for a moment and then looks over to her for a moment again before looking back at the camera.::

Father Jones: You listen to this woman and you hear the growth. You hear what a champion sounds like. Someone unafraid to fight. Willing to take on all challengers. Staying true to herself. No excuses. No need for them. This is why I admire her so greatly. Since we started together all of those months ago we have built towards something. We have grown. We have become something special. This… is a true honor… for me to be here with her. Not because of this company. But because of the woman who now stands at the top of it. She is the shining star of this company. She is the light that we should all follow. I challenge these gentlemen to sit back and really understand exactly what is in front of them. They are headed for a fight. A fight that they didn’t ask for but a fight they’re going to get nonetheless. So they can choose to grow from it as Liliana clearly has, or they can fall to it, like so many others before them. I’ll gladly offer my services to any of you if you’d be willing to humble yourselves to the understanding that you have room to grow and something more inside of you. Liliana Estrella was strong enough to understand that. Sweet Potato took advantage of her chances. And Sister Liliana became who she is through all of that. One step to the next… to the final and most important place a person can find themselves. Transcendence.

::He nods his head back and forth and backs away for a moment as Sister Liliana steps back into the center position to speak again.::

Sister Liliana: I enjoyed the little romance between Spencer Vain and Adam Stryker. It’s cute for the two of you to stand there and put history behind you to think that you could do something together. But then you show up to the last show here and instead of beating those little video game rejects you come up short and have nothing to show for it. You know, I’ve had my fair share of dealing with fake little jokes. And I know how annoying it can be to be put up against frauds and shams on our business. We created Any Given Fryday and the concept of Sweet Potato and The Spud all that time back to expose people like Any Given Sundae and like that Super Mario wannabe team you faced off with. This isn’t a place where humor is needed. It’s a place where warriors come and beat the hell out of each other. It’s where serious people take care of serious business. And it’s a world in which people like me come out on top over people that don’t have the mental stamina to be seen as legitimate and true. I know that you two see yourselves as ‘Monsters’ supposedly. And I know that you probably think you belong with me as people that are the killers of that kind of stupidity.

But then I look at the results of your work compared to mine. I see Sweet treat hobbling around and trying to give his partner pep talks because that’s the only thing he can do now that I broke him. I see the titles that once were around the waist of Any Given Sundae now sitting over the shoulder of my mentor and the other one on the mantle of my new husband, Thomas Pain. So where are your FGA Tag Team Titles? Because that was what you two were going after, correct? Father Jones, you’re a man of truth and knowledge. Please help me. Where can I find those titles? Around the waists of The Man Made Monsters?

::Father Jones hangs his head low and shakes it from side to side.::

Father Jones: I’m afraid not. I believe those belts reside with The Super Mario Wrestling Brothers still.

Sister Liliana: Aahhh. See, that’s a shame. Because in reality, you two probably should be champions. And those idiots should be begging for jobs and praying to the heavens that they weren’t broken in two like their ice cream compatriot. But that’s the difference between us all. I get the job done. You two clearly don’t. So any ideas that either of you have in coming here and beating me? Figure out the first step of getting past the joke pieces of shit first and then we can talk. I suspect that both of you are going to continue to try and talk each other up and make yourselves sound important because of whatever little history you have between each other. It’s going to be this big story of how hard you’ve gone at each other before and how hard you’re going to continue to do that once you face off again. And I’m sure you’ll probably try to be dismissive of me and my accomplishments, because you’re combined too ignorant to know any better and too scared to say anything different. But the fact remains. You’re not here because you’re a threat to me. You’re here because someone thinks you’re big enough of a name for me to take down and dispose of.

So that’s exactly what has to be done. I’ll listen to your drivel, I’ll be there in a month to take care of what needs to be taken care of, and I’ll move on. And hopefully the next time I’ll get to fight someone that I want to fight instead of a handful of mindless rejects fighting to be monsters and failing miserably. The more I think about your failure up against my success at PWP 8 makes me angry. It devalues what I am going to do at number 9. It takes away from the legitimacy I’m trying to bring to this title. Because you call yourself something your not. You pretend, just like the idiots in masks that hide from truth. I don’t wear a mask to hide. I wear a mask because you can’t understand the truth that rages through my body. So I’ll let out a little of that anger… just enough… to take care of both of you. Styker and Vain… the little tag team that couldn’t. I deserve better. So I’ll take care of the both of you and I will get myself a better quality of opponent. You two aren’t what I wanted. But now, I’ll get my victory over you both. That’s worth wanting.

Father Jones: Like she said, Rule Number One.

::He puts one finger in the air and laughs.::

Sister Liliana: And Blake Jones, I don’t know that you’re any better. I can see the excitement that you must have given that you’ve never competed here but someone believes in you enough to put you in this position. I’m sure, on the surface, that must feel like a real accomplishment. Hopefully now, you’ve come to a different conclusion. That you understand the challenge that you’ve now walked into. I could get invested in all of your history and the comical attempts that you’ve made to be relevant in other places, but that’s just not something I’m really interested in. You’re just not worth that to me. I will put my time and energy into the people that are worth putting their time into. I will focus on the people I want to focus on. Not just the random, bottom of the barrel scum that have unluckily found themselves on my path. That’s not me underestimating you. That’s not me taking you lightly. That’s just a simple truth that you haven’t done anything here or in my universe that matters to me enough to care or treat you like someone that deserves it. You are an obstacle. A name. A momentary challenge in a much larger grand scheme. So I treat you as such. I will be there for the main event, I will gladly back up everything that I have said, and I will move on without much need to ever say your name again.

So that pressure is on you, Jones, to do something that makes me think otherwise. It’s on you to make yourself more than just another guy lined up for the kill. I dare you to show me exactly what it is that makes you more than just another guy in this business trying to et by on good looks and working hard and supposedly caring a lot. It’s got to be about more than just wanting all of your life to be a wrestler and having an athletic pedigree. It’s got to be something special. Like me. Like someone who decided that they could better themselves. Someone that could be unafraid to walk into the fire knowing they would walk out much better. Someone that took a huge risk and didn’t care what the detractors said. Someone that laid out bold challenges and backed things up. Someone that made decisions that were ridiculed and questioned. Someone that sees the reality of her situation and that those decisions were right, even though the majority still can’t see the truth. I have become something because I am more than the rest. I am not average. I am not cookie cutter. I am not willing to just be.

I’m a warrior. I’m a leader. I’m a mother fucking killer when I need to be. I went from being an afterthought to one of the most controversial people in this business in an instant just by changing my name. I found a new voice and kept fighting even after people tried to take away my future from me. I didn’t stop. I didn’t back down. I kept fighting and I kept finding ways to become the type of champion I was always meant to be.

But I don’t know that I see that you in, Jones. I just don’t. And when I think about the rare chances I’ll have to defend this title and the types of things I want to accomplish in my career it makes me a little bit sad and a little frustrated that I’m stuck fighting a guy that just doesn’t bring the same type of punch to the fight that I’m looking for. For all his faults in the world, and he has many, at least I know that James Shark was someone that could rival me in intensity and the ability to actually make a statement. I don’t know that you can bring that same element of actual interest to this match. You’re just here. And I need more than that. PWP needs more than that. And I’ll do whatever I have to do to get out of this match what I want and need despite whatever you say and do to bring this thing down. As brutal and as harsh as I am… I am the best thing to happen to PWP because I have a purpose and an agenda and a desire to make something happen. Everyone else that desires to step up and take this off of me or anyone that even wants to show up needs to realize that they need to come with the same fire and intensity that I have or don’t even bother.

::She readjusts the PWP Title on her shoulder as Father Jones lays her Inferno Tag Team Title over he other shoulder.:::

Sister Liliana: The three of you…

::She takes in a deep breath.::

Sister Liliana: The three of you are already distant memories of a successful title defense.

::She holds up both of her titles while Father Jones begins to clap and laugh as the scene fades to black.::
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PostSubject: Father's Day   Mon Jun 16, 2014 5:48 am

July 15th, approximately noon
Stryker’s house, Los Angeles

“Happy father’s day, big man!”

Adam turned his attention from the World Cup game between Honduras and France. Maria Dainelli, his soon to be wife, was approaching him. Adam smiled wide, watching the love of his life walk slowly towards him, watching her blonde hair wave in a gentle breeze coming through the open window, seeing the smile that made him fall in love with her the first second he met her. She was carrying a black jersey.

“Oh, you got a gift for me? Come on, you didn’t have to,” he said, getting up from the couch and giving his fianceé a big hug. As he kissed her on the cheek, Maria passed him the jersey.

“Damn right, boy! It’s a Kings one!” he shouted in happiness, which caused Maria to chuckle.

“Check the back of it,” she said. Adam turned the jersey around to see a big number twelve and a nameplate reading “DADDY”. The smile that appeared on Adam’s face was one Maria has probably never seen. Not that he was just happy. He was touched.

“I–I can’t say how much I– you know…”
“Hush, you silly,”
she told him, amused by the fact that her big fighting fianceé was suddenly so touched. “You deserve it, Adam.”

Stryker sat on the couch with Maria and grabbed her hand, just as he turned off the TV. He put the Jersey on the table in front of him.

“Listen, Mari,” he said, looking her right in the eyes, “I was thinking a lot about the thing we talked about few weeks ago. About becoming… you know. Full time parent.”
“And? What did you find out?”
he said and sighed, “I know I’m still just 28, but… by the end of the year, my boots may be hanging from a nail.”
was all Maria was able to say, shocked by the statement of her soon to be husband, a man who loves professional wrestling like very few others.

“I mean,” he began to explain, letting go of her hand and standing up in front of her, “I’ve waited for far too long to meet the woman of my life and start a family with her. Now I’ve got it, I’ve got it all… and it’s all I ever needed. Our kids will be born in December… and I don’t want to miss them being born because of a midcard match 500 miles away from you. I don’t want to miss their first words, because I will be Powerbombing a guy onto a ladder in the moment they’ll say it. I don’t want you to tell them daddy is bleeding buckets somewhere in Frontier Fieldhouse when they ask you why daddy isn’t at their first soccer game.”

Maria looked her fianceé straight in the eyes. She saw how sure he was about his words, but she knew him, she knew how hot-headed he can be and how he changes his decisions hundred times before he makes the final one. That’s why she rather asked him.

“Are you really, really, one hundred percent sure about this?”
“Well, I–”

Suddenly, David Cobb-Stryker, the eight year old adopted son of the couple, rushed into the room. Adam saw that little Davey was holding a DVD from Adam’s huge collection, namely FRONTLINE Opening Navigation – Conclusion, the Japanese event where Stryker and Jason Richards became the first ever GFC Tag Team Champions.

“Hey there, champ! Gonna watch some kick-ass wrestling?” he asked David.
“Yeah! I wanna watch you and uncle JR win those belts again, daddy!”

It caught Adam off guard when the kid he took under his wing called him daddy. Especially when the kid loved the fact his dad is a wrestler. It flicked the switch in Stryker’s head and Adam once again wasn’t sure about his decision.

“I… I’ll think about it,” he said as he kissed his fianceé and sat next to her.

“Alright Davey… hit the Play button. Let’s watch daddy kick some,” Maria said. The young family was ready to enjoy their afternoon


July 15th, approximately 6 PM
Stryker’s office in Stryke Dojo, Los Angeles

“So… come June 28th… it really is on again, as the official theme song suggests.”

We open inside the Stryke Dojo, where we see Adam Stryker sitting behind the table in his office. He is wearing his new “LEGOlize Deathmatches” t-shirt which he created for the purposes of his deathmatch tournament. The SPITFIRE Pro Championship is on the table right i front of him. Adam looks very focused.

“In this stage of my career, after I’ve basically done it all, I’m in that time when wrestling has finally become something more than a day’s work to me. There were times when I got to the ring just because I had to get some dollars to live another day. It was repetitive, boring, annoying… but luckily, I moved through that stage and now I love every moment between the ropes. Because I can finally have fun and fulfill my dreams. For example, I always wanted to train youngsters for wrestling career. And now, I have the Stryke Dojo. I’ve always wanted to organise a deathmatch tournament, just for the ultraviolence fans to have fun. And now I have Gods of Violence. And I’ve always wanted to be the free roaming, independent star that travels from company to company and gives the fans the best matches they could have ever dreamed of.

That’s why I came to Pro Wrestling Project.

It has that feel. The one I love, when you are under no pressure, you don’t have to bust your rear end for the sake of their bank account day in, day out… you just go out there once in a while and have a blast. I debuted there a month ago, when PWP headed to Las Vegas, and it was in a bigger way than I have expected, as me and Spencer got a chance to fight for the FGA World Tag Team Championship. I really wanted those belts, I was dead set on winning them… but when I dove in a second too late to save Spencer from being pinned, it all fell to pieces. For like half an hour, I sat backstage in the locker room and kept thinking about the match. And that was where it hit me. I’ve had thousands of matches, I will have thousands more… and I can’t just worry about one contest. If I got the applause of the fans by the end of the night, I did my job well. Which I apparently did, because Josh Duncan called me few days after and told me there’s a Heavyweight title four-way and there’s a spot for me.”

Adam smiles and nods.

“See, I’ve won four heavyweight titles in the eight years of my career. Two in the late great LAWA, one in 220 and of course, the one that’s here with me, the SPITFIRE Championship. And every time I entered a title match or a title defense, I thought of nothing but winning the match and ripping the opponent apart. This time, it will be different. I have no hatred channelled against any of my opponents, in fact, I have respect for all three of them. I know the main event of Cloud Nine is going to be one of the best matches of the year… and if I win the PWP Heavyweight Championship by the end of it, it will be a great cherry on top of it.

You know, I’ve always had that mindset of a champion. Every time I held a championship, I treated it like more than just a belt, I treated it like the most precious thing in the world. I have always scouted my opponents, studied them for hours and hours and tried to make the best out of every title match. And to make the Cloud Nine main event the best possible… I will do nothing different.”

Stryker scratches his chin, thinking about all three of his opponents.

“I don’t actually need to do much scouting about Spencer Vain. Say what you want about him, he’s my friend, he’s like my brother. When he was in the jail, not one of his former co-workers from PWX ever visited him. Bar me. Because I have always seen that fire in him, that special something that has always separated him from the crowd. When Spencer came out of jail, it was me who was waiting for him and who got him the 2CW contract and all those things. Of course, Spencer was grateful, but… well, let’s say the time behind bars changed him. Back in PWX last year, he was a typical egotistical young gun, a guy that only cared about his success. The jailtime turned him into a monster… and that’s no understatement. When I tagged with him the first time… it caught me off guard. He looked like he’s dead set on murdering someone in the ring. I can appreciate the fact that he has become more stiff and hard hitting than ever before… but I can see inside his head, I can read it from the way he moves, the way he acts… he’s not ready for his big breakout. Not yet. Because there’s one thing that comes with the deadliness, and that is anger… and when you can’t control the anger, it’s gonna cost you, and it’s gonna cost you a lot. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.”

There’s a worried look in Stryker’s face for a second, as he recalls the beginning of his career when he had the problems with anger management.

“If facing Spencer wasn’t hard by itself, there is a huge X-factor in that match, and his name is Blake Jones. Blake is still very young, and very, very underestimated, but I’ve always believed in him. I first met him when him and my student Sylar Drake became friends after Sylar’s EXODUS debut and they came to train here, to my Dojo. To that very day, I thought Sylar himself is the best young highflyer in the game, but watching Blake proved me wrong. The guy is great on the mat, great when he takes it to the air, he can hit hard… he just has one little problem that, I believe, is holding him back. He’s the ultimate good guy. He has those unwritten laws inside of him that hold him back from winning the big one. Blake, buddy, let me give you a little advice. Take a look at me. Take a look at your EXODUS mentor Jon Collins. And learn from us. Every successful wrestler, hell, every successful man, no matter how successful he was, has always entered the grey zone, the space between good and evil. It’s only about your own will and power if you’ll keep on walking in the grey zone or fall to the black one like Sylar did. Until you’re a clean cut goody-two-shoes, there can’t be any World Championship sitting around your waist. Because the saying that good guys always finish last has proven to be right so many times.

The person I really look forward to facing, however, is not my brother in arms Spencer or my friend and partially protege Blake. No, it’s Sister Liliana, the Heavyweight Champion herself.”

Adam smirks and takes a sip or two from a cup of water that is in front of him.

“I must say… I am kinda impressed by her. From what I’ve heard and seen at the first few PWP shows, James Shark was damn near undethronable as the Heavyweight Champion. Dominant, to say the least. And then this woman came in and did the unthinkable. But that’s where my positive opinions about her end. Let’s just say that Sister Liliana’s ways is THE reason why I care about getting the belt away from her grasps, and in ideal world, around my waist. Let me take you back a little, back to the times of LAWA, when there was a guy called “The Cult” Garth Lannister. Yes, even some time before there were Lannister on Game of Thrones… Garth has become the only Grand Slam Champion in the company’s history, as he had a historic Global Championship reign and then two short lived reings with the World Heavyweight and World Tag Team titles respectively. And then… he faced his downfall. You know why? From the same reason you, Liliana, and your Father Jones, will end up face down in a dirt when I’m finished with you. Garth was the shit for a while, no bones about that, but his larger than life attitude and cult following ultimately cost him. Even in this backstabbing business, you need friends to have your back when you’re in trouble. When you act like you are more than God himself just because you have a championship belt on your shoulder, you’re eventually gonna get in trouble and you’re gonna burn. Come June 28th, I volunteer to spark the fire that will burn you… and take what’s precious to you, the Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight Championship, in the meantime.”

Looking at Stryker’s face, we see that fire in Adam’s eyes as he gets up from his chair, smirking.

“Guys… I don’t usually make promises. But this time I will. I promise you that if you’ll come to Atlanta, Georgia on June 28th, you will get a main event worth ten times the money you’ll pay when you’ll watch the reigning PWP Heavyweight Champion, the most brutal blood-thirsty monster in pro-wrestling, one of the best young high-flyers of the decade and an eight year veteran considered to be one of the top technical wrestlers in the world go to war. I can’t promise you I will bring the title home… but I can promise you that when the fans will chant “Stryke Them Down”, someone is indeed gonna get struck down…

Get real…”

He gets a little closer to the camera, performing his typical cut-throat taunt.

“…or die hard!”

The scene fades to black.
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PostSubject: Blake RP   Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:37 pm

[ON CAMERA- “The Intro”]

“Let me tell you a little story.

There once was this kid for Pennsylvania who really wanted to be a soccer player. The heavy soccer influences in his life sort of made the decision for him, but he had a say in what he wanted. So, this kid trained and trained and trained until he got real good at playing the sport. In his high school years, the kid played for the varsity team and eventually managed to catch the attention of multiple colleges before getting recruited to Penn State University.

At Penn State, the kid started for the soccer team in his freshman year and by the end of the season, it looked like that not only would he be a force to be reckoned with, but he could easily go to the MLS draft and get taken pretty early as well. But instead, the kid did something that completely threw everyone off. That basically shocked every single fan of his because, well, they just could not understand why he had done so.

They couldn’t understand why Blake Jones quit soccer so that he could wrestle instead. They couldn’t understand what drew me to wrestling after spending so much time on the soccer field, training my ass off. They just couldn’t understand why I would give up a solid future in soccer for a unforeseeable future in wrestling.

But, I understood and that’s all that mattered to me. I’ve never told anyone why I did it and I don’t know if I really want to do it now, but I feel like it might help those watching why this upcoming match is gonna mean so much to me. It might just let those people see what the people in the past couldn’t see when I switched sports. When I shook up my future.

When I was about 18 years old, I had already played about at least three fourths of the season for the Penn State soccer team and was looking forward to us getting even more games in before we could make the tournament and try and become the NCAA champions. But then, a couple of days before our...I don’t exactly remember the number, but it doesn’t really matter. A couple of days before a game against Michigan, I was in my dorm room and my phone rang...and after seeing that it was my mother’s number, I picked it up and answered.

And of course, it was my mom on the other line, but instead of hearing her calm and relaxing tone of voice, it was something different. It was a tone I had never heard from her before in my life. It was as if something had happened that had completely changed her. Little did I know, that something indeed happen, though it took a couple of minutes to calm her down over the phone before she could get out a few words to me that told me everything I needed to know.

‘Blake, your grandpa George, he’s in the hospital. He suffered a heart attack.’

Man, when I heard that, I dropped everything, got in my old and shitty car, and hauled ass all the way back to Philadelphia. I hauled ass to that hospital. I hauled ass to the floor they had my grandfather at. And I hauled ass to that room. And I sat there, next to that hospital, hoping and praying and begging that he would at least wake up one more time and let me at least say goodbye to him in person. Lucky for me, my prayers were answered and he opened up those eyes one more time.

So, I sat there, and watched him open up his eyes as I tried to keep mine from closing shut from sleep and he asked me to move in closer before telling me these few words that play through my mind all the time now. These words that appear in my dreams. These words that I would be willing to get framed and hang them up on a wall in the gym my brother and I co-own, just so that I could look at them and remind myself as to why I do this..

‘Life is too short to not do what you love. Don’t do what they want you to do. Do what you want to do.’

Those were the last words he spoke to me because once those eyes closed shut again, they stayed shut...and he had died. He died telling me the thing that I needed to know the most. He died giving me great knowledge.

And then, after getting the few days to get rid of all my sadness from my grandfather’s death, I sat down and thought about his words. I thought long and hard about them. I spent days thinking about them to the point that I missed about two games from the soccer season. And after I was done thinking about it, I realized the thing that I needed to realize.

I wasn’t in love with playing soccer. It wasn’t my passion. It was just something I did because I was good at it and nothing more. So, in a surprise move, I stepped back and walked away from soccer after ending the season, surprising the hell out of everyone. But then, I went on my search for my actual passion, only to find out it was basically staring at me in the face almost my entire life.


You see, my other grandfather, Paul “Pain” Jones was this solid heavyweight in the tri-state independent scene. He could never become anything bigger than that or find himself in a bigger company, so he decided to open up his own wrestling school, where he ended up training my brother at. He was the main influence of wrestling in my life, but when I ended that soccer season, I decided to give collegiate wrestling a try at Penn State.

And god dammit, it worked. It worked so well that once the wrestling season was over, I hung up my amateur wrestling tights, grabbed a pair of pro wrestling tights, and walked through the doors of the gym my grandfather owned. From the moment I walked into that gym, I knew this was it from me. I felt the passion I was lacking with soccer. I felt like this was the career that I belonged to. And when I stepped through those ropes into that ring, after getting my ass beat a couple of times, I was able to find that passion and use it to eventually graduate from the wrestling school and officially become a pro wrestler when I inked my first contract.

I did what my grandfather asked of me and I found my passion. But, there was another promise I made to myself after my trainer, my other grandfather, Paul, died.

His death seemed like yet another blow that I wasn’t ready for, but after suffering through one death in the family, I put on a more brave face and made myself a promise. I made myself a promise that means more to me than most of you would think.

Win a top title, World or Heavyweight.

My grandfather was a great wrestler, but the one thing he couldn’t do was win a top title. The man had to be almost 37 years old before he got his FIRST EVER top title shot. So, my promise was to do the one thing he couldn’t do because guess what? That man deserved a top title and if he couldn’t do it, then his grandson winning one would be the next best thing. And that’s why I wanna win the Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight championship.

Sure, it would pad up my career even more so than it is already, but the top title is more of a personal thing rather than a career thing. It is something that has been on my checklist ever since that man’s heart stopped beating and he was pronounced.

Now, I’ve gotten my chances at a top title and I have failed. I took Magnus Gunner to the limit for the EXODUS Pro World championship and couldn’t defeat. But this time? There can be no failure. There can be no losing. There can be no ‘close enough.’

I want this win.

I NEED this win.

And when that bell rings, I’ll fight Adam Stryker and Sister Liliana with my all. And I will walk out the PWP Heavyweight champion.”


June 11th, 2014
Paul “Pain” Jones Gym
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Blake Jones: Damn, man. I’m nervous as hell right now.

The one thing that really stood out about the Paul “Pain” Jones Gym, a gym filled with three wrestling rings and multiple exercise machines, was the trophy case filled with multiple championship and trophies. More specifically, championships and trophies won by my grandfather, my fraternal twin brother, and myself. The trophy case was originally built for all of my grandfather’s and his trainees’ achievements. Unfortunately, most the trainees who trained here haven’t come back and haven’t been back to Philadelphia in awhile, or have yet to manage to do anything in the wrestling business.

And here I am, standing in front of it, wiping the sweat off of my forehead with a towel after finishing running on the treadmill for the past couple of minutes. One of the non-wrestling trainers, Brad, makes his way over to me.

Brad: What do you mean?

Blake Jones: I mean that I’m nervous as hell. So many big matches coming up for me. Got the Dynamic Duos finals in White Plains in a few days and now I’ve got this Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight championship match too.

Brad shrugs his shoulders.

Brad: I don’t see how you could be nervous about that. You should be excited.

Blake Jones: You’re kidding, right?

I turn to him, take my attention away from the trophy case.

Blake Jones: Tell me you were just trying to be funny right there and don’t really mean what you just said.

He shrugs his shoulders yet again.

Brad: Listen, Blake. You’re real fucking talented. Your grandfather never told you this shit, but he believe that you and your brother would be greater than him when the time came for you guys.

Blake Jones: For us guys to do what, exactly?

Brad: Break through the glass ceiling.

I rub my chin as I think about those last five words Brad has just told me. Slowly, I turn back to the trophy case, staring at all of the championships and trophies inside the big case. I take a step forward, getting close to a few inches between myself and the trophy case. Reaching my left hand up, I press it up against the trophy case. That’ll probably leave a handprint there; one that the person who cleans this case certainly will not appreciate. Oh, wait. That’s me.

Blake Jones: Have you ever looked inside of this trophy case, Brad? I mean, have you ever looked at all of the titles or trophies my brother, myself, and my grandfather managed to get in our careers?

Brad: Of course I have. My favorite belt is the XWA TV title replica you’ve got.

Yeah, except for the fact that I have two replicas of the thing, having won the title twice. Once against Mark Storey after getting screwed in the scramble match with him and once against Ace Andrews after he screwed me out of the title in a singles match by using the distraction from his manager to his advantage. Both reigns weren’t even close to impressive and that’s a title that I don’t take too much pride in holding twice.

Blake Jones: But, do you see the one type of title that is missing?

Brad: Um, a hardcore one?

I chuckle before pointing to the PWE Hardcore title my brother held and then pointing over to the office, where the actual XWA Hardcore title was being kept. I hadn’t been booked in an XWA card for over a month and soon enough, I would be going to their headquarters and handing in that title so that it could be rightfully vacated, and asking for a release from my XWA contract.

Blake Jones: Nope. Both Zack and I have held hardcore straps. Guess again.

Brad: Well, I know both y’all got tag team titles, so it ain’t that either. I don’t know. What is it?

Slowly, I pull my hand off of the trophy case glass. Yup, hand print.

Blake Jones: The one title no Jones from this family that wrestles has ever held is...a top title.

I turn to Brad, who looks confused as hell, before pointing behind me to the trophy case.

Blake Jones: In this trophy case, you won’t find any World or Heavyweight title. You won’t find a title that at one point was the top title of a federation in here. Not the EXODUS Pro World championship. Not the PWE Heavyweight championship. Not even the XWA World championship, though I was promised a shot by the top champion. You won’t find any sort of top title here.

Sighing, I turn back to the to the trophy case.

Blake Jones: And that is exactly why this PWP Heavyweight championship match has me scared as hell. Has me shaking like an addict without their vice.

Brad: Bro, you know you’ve got this match in the bag?

Once again, I begin chuckling as I keep my eyes locked on the trophy case and the multiple titles that never seemed to escape my grasp.

Blake Jones: That’s funny. I’ve been thinking I’ve got things in the bag, especially some of these matches, but guess what keeps happening every single time I find myself fighting for a top title? I lose.

It has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fighting for the TCW Heavyweight championship while Liam was out and managed to get a shot against Phantom, only to get dropped on my ass and almost have my arm burned off. PWE was more about the ownership trying to get rid of my brother, so I never got my chance at that title. XWA has kept me away from the title and once I was able to get close enough, I was screwed in a number one contender’s match. And in EXODUS Pro, the only time I was in a World title match, I gave it my all...only to fall short.

Falling short has pretty much been a very solid theme in my career.

Blake Jones: If I can’t win this PWP Heavyweight championship, I’m gonna...I don’t know what I’m going to actually do, really. I just know that this is an all or nothing kind of match. And if I were gambling in, let’s just say...

I stare at the small empty space I have made for a future top title.

Blake Jones: I’d go all in.


[ON CAMERA- “The Veteran”]

”You know, lasting in this business for more than a handful of years is an extremely tough task. Continuing to be good throughout the entire time you are in the business is even more impressive. A goal of mine is to have a long lasting career to the point where I can walk away in my 30s, knowing I was good for the better part of my career. What I'm saying is, I kinda wanna be like Adam Stryker in a way. And I find it ironic that one of the men who I hope to somewhat be like when I get up there in my years in this business will be one of the two people standing across the ring from me, ready to take my head off. I also find it funny that I actually kinda like the guy, while others despise him.

The fact of the matter is, Adam Stryker is one damn good wrestler.

I could run down his resume, but that stuff itself would take too long for me to do. All I can tell you is that if you ever want to see someone actually bust their ass in this business, Adam Stryker is one of those men. The man has held multiple titles, holds many accomplishments, and even runs his own wrestling school, which is very successful. In fact, how many wrestlers that you see throughout the independent scene came from the Stryke Dojo? There's my former tag team partner in Sylar Drake. That kid ended up becoming one of the first ever EXODUS Pro San Diego Bay champions, something I'm sure would have never happened had he not trained with Adam Stryker himself. Some other names have come out of that place that escape me at the moment, but I guarantee you that they won't when all of them show the true potential they have that was exerted out of them by Mr. Stryker.

I have nothing but respect for Adam Stryker, even if it might seem like an unpopular opinion. I know that he is a god damn hard worker in this business and while he may not be the kindest person or even the most humble, he is at least someone who is willing to give their opponent not only a great fight, but respect to go along with that as well. And I know that, as his opponent, he would be willing to give me that fight and that respect, especially with what's on the line in our match that doesn't belong to either one of us.

The Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight championship. The top, and really only, title of Pro Wrestling Project that is now in the hands of the second ever champion, SIster Liliana. But, I'll get to her later. This little bit here is about Adam Stryker.

To say that Adam is walking into this match as a dark horse to win this thing is an understatement. I think Adam Stryker is the favorite to win this match, because, who else has the championship pedigree that he has? I certainly don't and the only thing I know that Sister Liliana has won besides the PWP Heavyweight championship is a tag title in Inferno Wrestling that she holds with some guy that seems to piss people off on the regular. Stryker probably has more titles in his possession than I have fingers on one hand, to be honest with you, guys.

I've done my research on Stryker and know that he has the experience edge in this one. I think he probably has been in the wrestling business longer than Sister L and myself have been COMBINED. And that's no knock on his age. I know that wrestlers do one of two things when they get older. They either are too injured to go on and retire before permanent damage can be done, or they're like Adam Stryker, and just age well like a great wine. Adam Stryker is getting to the point where he'll be like that 30 something bottle of wine that goes for millions because not only is the guy experienced as hell, but he is also very talented, making him even that much more of a threat.

While doing my small research on Adam, I was able to find out that he currently holds the Spitfire Pro championship, which most don't even know what Spitfire Pro is. But, I know what it is. And I know that the guy has busted his ass to hold that title, like he has held multiple other titles. Adam is currently at the top of one company and with a PWP Heavyweight title win, he could very well be at the top of two companies.

So, I guess it's my job to make sure that that does not happen.

Listen, Adam. I know we've met before. Hell, I even trained with you back when I was teaming with Sylar as part of the Young Guns and you probably know me more than I would prefer for you to know me. You probably know my strengths as you saw them firsthand and you probably know my weaknesses. Of course, this was months ago, so who knows what has happened since with me, huh? But, you see, here's the real problem, Adam.

Like I said before, I need this win. I don't hold any Heavyweight titles right now and haven't in the past. I have never been the top champion that you are and have been before. I'm not the man, like you, Stryker. Which makes me that much more of a tougher opponent. This could very well be my last opportunity at a Heavyweight championship for awhile. Maybe until I'm at least 25 years old. I don't get the same opportunities as you, Adam, and I probably won't until I can capture that first top title. And the PWP Heavyweight championship is going to be that first.

On the plus side, I don't even have as strong of a schedule as you, Adam. I mean, your name is such a big deal that you are practically booked on a card at least once a week, if not an even shorter amount of time. You've appeared on many cards in many different companies. You got the Spitfire Pro championship, you'll be looking to appear in that one new company and give them a bit of credibility by going after their top title as well, and you'll probably keep making that name for yourself even stronger by training all these other kids. Which leaves me wondering how prepared you are going to actually be for this match. Saying you are prepared and actually being prepared are two totally different things and I'm worried that when the time comes for our matchup, you won't be at one hundred percent due to that hectic work schedule of yours. I want to know if you will be coming in full focused on the match and not some other title that you plan on chasing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I respect you, Adam Stryker. But while you're working for many companies, I'm sitting here with only one full time contract in Frontier Grappling Arts and just this match that's coming up against you and Sister L. While you have many heavyweight titles you are trying to rack up, I'm sitting here preparing myself for the only heavyweight title match in my sights for the foreseeable future.  While you are probably looking at your schedule, wondering how the hell you are going to be able to wrestle so many matches in one week, I'm sitting here just preparing myself for some big matches that are coming up.

This is no disrespect getting thrown your way, Adam. While I may not have the experience edge or even the championship pedigree, I've got a few things over you that I know will propel me over you in this title match. I've got more heart than you and if training with me doesn't make you believe that, wrestling me in this match will show you that when it comes to digging down deep and pulling out that extra oomph that heart gives, I've got it and I will be able to use it. I am also faster than you and I plan on using all of that to my advantage. And finally, I just want this title more than you do. I want this title because to me, it won't mean another championship for my trophy case. This title will solidify my five year career and tell me all I need to know.

That I deserve to be in this business.

On June 28th, we're going to war, Adam. And I plan on walking out with the victory, the title, and a smile on my face."


June 14th, 2014
White Plains, New York

Only a couple more minutes now and Riley and I are going to step through those ropes and fight in the finals of the FGA Dynamic Duos tournament tonight. The Sparklebuddies are sure gonna give us hell, but I've got to focus and make sure that Riley and I win this tournament, because winning this thing means I can finally achieve one of the few things that has escaped me in my career. Win a major tournament. And that can be done tonight when the Young Guns step out to that ring and take it to the team of Laurel Anne Hardy and Annie Zellor.

Using the white tape in my left hand, I pull apart a large strip, keeping it connected to the roll, before placing the beginning in the middle of the back of my hand. Quickly, I begin wrapping my right hand with the white tape, which matches the color of the white wrestling boots I'm wearing tonight. Once the hand is done and all wrapped up, I move down to the wrist and begin wrapping that as fast as I possibly can, knowing that the time to go out there and wrestle could be any second now.

Unknown Voice: You're really going to have to slow down if you wanna tape your hands and wrists up correctly.

Stopping the wrapping of the white tape on my wrist, I turn my head to the right to see who just blurted out those words to me. Standing there, dressed in a pair of white shorts and the new dark blue Philly Young Gun tee, is none other than a smiling Sean Sands. The former FGA Heavyweight champion, arms crossed, slowly makes his way over to me. I get up off of the black steel chair I was sitting on and pull the tape off before dropping it on the chair.

Blake Jones: Well, look who decided to show his Ohioan ass around here.

I extend out my left hand to my friend and he uncrosses his arms before extending out his left to meet with mine and form a handshake. He continues smiling as he notices the worried look on my face.

Sean Sands: Nervous, are we?

Blake Jones: Man, shut up. You know you were probably puking your guts out before you won the Frontier Lion's Cup at Above & Beyond II.

He shakes his head and lets out a laugh.

Sean Sands: Actually, I didn't do any of that. Was I nervous? You bet your ass I was. After every round I managed to survive through, I just felt my heart beating faster and faster until the match time came.

Blake Jones: And once you walked through those ropes, you were all smiles. I remember that because I was right there, in the front row with my girlfriend at the time and my brother. You seemed like nothing could bring you down. You seemed so god damn confident. What is your trick, man?

Sean cracks his neck before leaning and whispering in my ear...

Sean Sands: I was confident.

He then pulls away and I look at him, flabbergasted.

Sean Sands isn't a man who really exudes that much confidence. And yet, he had no trouble feeling himself and getting that tournament victory win and that heavyweight title shot. Me, on the other hand? I have no problem being a confident motherfucker and I'm sweating like crazy, ready to piss myself because I'm THAT scared.

Blake Jones: How were you able to do such a thing, man?

The former FGA Heavyweight champion shrugs his shoulders.

Sean Sands: I didn't really try and over-think it like you. Just went out there and won.

Blake Jones: So, if I shut off my mind right now, I'll be able to win Dynamic Duos with Riley?

Sean Sands: I don't know. Worth a try, right?

I give Sean a nod, agreeing with him.

Blake Jones: It definitely is. And if it doesn't work, I can just blame you for this loss and kick your ass later. If it does, then I guess I can use it for later this month.

Sean Sands: Ah, for the tag titles against SMWB?

Oh, right. We get a shot at the Super Mario Wrestling Bros if we win this tournament. Almost forget what the prize at the end is when the tournament is so competitive like this one.

Blake Jones: No. Well, yeah. If it works for this, I'll sure as hell use it for All Star Showdown 3, but I was talking more about PWP,

He raises an eyebrow quizzically.

Sean Sands: PWP?

I nod, confirming for him that he got the name right.

Blake Jones: Yeah. Pro Wrestling Project. They, uh, they gave me a shot at their Heavyweight championship, I just gotta defeat a few others to get it.

Sean Sands: And I'm sure you'll be able to get that into your trophy case.

Blake Jones: Yeah, you know, if I can get this monkey off my back first, then maybe I'll move on to the second one. The bigger one.

I see Riley turning the corner, getting ready for our match. He sees me and motions for me to hurry up because we're up next. I nod and he walks away, leaving me and Sean to continue our conversation.

Blake Jones: I just need these two wins, man. I need them real bad.

Sean Sands: Just try your hardest, Blake. No one will fault you for losing to some really good opponents who brought it to that ring.

Blake Jones: Man, you don't understand. But, honestly? Thanks for the talk. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a tag team match to win.

Sean Sands: Good luck.

With that, I grab the white tape off of the chair and walk past Sean towards the entranceway as I begin taping up my other hand and wrist.

Just try to think about nothing. If this works, I could be looking at everything bad happening turning around...quick. I could be looking at a Dynamic Duos victory. I could be looking at a PWP Heavyweight championship. I could be looking at so much pressure just getting taken off my back.

And that just sounds awesome to me.


[ON CAMERA- “The Champion”]

"I have seen many upsets in my life. I've seen a lowly African country like Ghana, who no one took seriously, defeat the United States in the World Cup and even almost, ALMOST make it to the semifinals with powerhouses like Germany and Spain and the Netherlands. I've watched teams like the Baltimore Ravens make it all the way through the playoffs and even win the Super Bowl, defeating powerhouse teams such as the Patriots and 49ers. Yes, I have seen many upsets in my life. One of the top ones though?

Sister Liliana defeating James Shark for the Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight championship.

For those of you who don't know, one of the best wrestlers of this generation is James Shark. Go ahead and google the guy. Look at his Wiki page if you have to. Shark has beaten the best of them and has done so almost decisively and while doing that, he's held so many titles, especially top ones. Go look at his career record, It's absolutely nasty how great that record is. The guy has done it all and I honestly thought that when he was paired up against Sister Liliana, she would fall just like the likes of Brett Sands, Zack Lifer, and Flex Johnson did. But, I was wrong. James Shark didn't conquer Sister Liliana like a lot of people thought he would.

Instead, Sister Liliana did something only a couple of people have been able to do in the world. She defeated James Shark. Hell, she not only defeated James Shark, but she also won the PWP Heavyweight championship off of him. So, I got no problem applauding her huge victory. Sure, she and that Father Jones guy don't see it as an upset because they probably have their heads stuck up their own asses, where everything is sunshine and rainbows, and where SIster Liliana is the best thing in the world ever, but here in the real world, Sister Liliana got herself an upset victory against a superior athlete. So now we get to see if she can go two for two.

No, that's not a knock on your talent, Sister Liliana. I know you're talented. If you weren't, you wouldn't have defeated James Shark and you would not be holding that title over your shoulder. But, when we match you up to someone like Adam Stryker, you go from a favorite to retain, to the dark horse of the match. The way I see this match is we got the veteran in Adam Stryker, we got the champion in you, Sister Liliana. And then we got the wildcard in me. Though we have to subtract a monster from our equation thanks to Spencer Vain stepping out, but still, combining all of this together makes for one absolutely fantastic match.

Now, you said that you didn't know me, which has me scratching my head a bit.

First off, you could have easily done what I did when I heard that you beat James Shark and Google searched you. You know, you find some interesting stuff when you decide to at least not be some lazy idiot and actually do your research on an opponent. Secondly, you could have remembered me from the one time I showed up at your main place of business, Inferno Wrestling. You probably don't remember, cause you were probably dropped on your ass when you went under the Sweet Potato gimmick or whatever the hell you were going under, but I actually wrestled in the main event against then Inferno champion, Josh Anderson. Funny how it took me just accepting a challenge to get to the main event of a company you worked for. Shit, you probably hadn't wrestled the main event at that point, huh? Or lastly, you could have just asked someone who Blake Jones was. I'm sure someone would have loved to have told you all about me. But, since you didn't do any of that, I'm going to to do you a favor and introduce myself to you.

Hello, my name is Blake Heath Jones. I was born on February 22nd, 1990 and I was the first of two fraternal twins. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now, my career highlights include, a couple of tag team title reigns, two TV title reigns, two hardcore title reigns, and some other title reigns. Of course, there is one reign that's missing that I've mentioned multiple times now. A heavyweight title reign. This I'm hoping- no, PLANNING on fixing soon enough.

But, I'm not going to take anything away from you. You've done good for yourself. You've managed to rack up some victories in this company and even got yourself a tag team title reign over in Inferno with Thomas Pain. But, there's going to be a problem with all of your success lately. That problem is named Blake Jones.

I get it. You feel as if you are the shit and all of that because you managed to win what is probably your first ever heavyweight championship. But, I'm here to tell you that you can be beaten, and I plan on doing it when we face off with Adam Stryker in a triple threat match for that title you currently hold in your hands. I'm not egotistical. I'm not out of my mind. I'm not shooting for the stars. Well, technically I am. But you should learn that you can be beaten. Many have done it before and you can add me to the list of someone you couldn't beat.

Sister Liliana, you don't know me and I barely cared enough to know you. But when you sat there and told me that you didn't care, that I was gonna become one of your next victims? That lit a fire under my ass that hasn't been lit in quite awhile. You have managed to piss off Blake Jones and if you had actually bothered to learn about me even a little bit, than you would know that a pissed off Blake Jones is the worst Blake Jones to be looking at from across the ring. So, go ahead and continue to not know anything about me. Continue to sit there, with Father Jones by your side, and stare at that title for as long as you want. When I drive my boot down your throat and shatter so many teeth that you'll have to go to the orthodontist to get them shits fixed, know that it's all your fault. When I take your title and become a heavyweight champion for the first time ever in my career, you will only be able to blame yourself.

You sit there and try and think you're better than me and I find it cute, because I know that you aren't. I've wrestled people that you would never find yourself in the ring with because you wouldn't dare risk it. I've defeated people that would make your Father Jones shake in his boots and shake that cheap ass perm right off of his head. I've done things that you would have really loved to learn about. And I've countlessly defied the odds over and over and over again. You think I don't got a chance of taking your title off of you, Sister L? I think that those who know me would beg to differ. I think that those who know me would tell you that you're going to have your plate full with me and Stryker. I they'd tell you to look me up, because Blake Jones isn't a name you want to overlook. Multiple people before you have made that mistake and have paid for it dearly.

At the next PWP card, you're going to fall in the same category as those people.

And when I'm done in the ring with Adam Stryker and ESPECIALLY you, you won't like the end result. Because Blake Jones, your supposed next victim?

He's going to become your PWP Heavyweight champion. Bet on that."
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PWP 9: Cloud Nine - PWP Heavyweight Championship: Blake Jones vs. Adam Stryker vs. Sister Liliana (c)
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