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 PWP 8: Mayhem

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PostSubject: PWP 8: Mayhem   Sun Jun 01, 2014 4:07 am

(The feed opens with “House Of The Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch playing in the background, as the camera shows all the fans in attendance.)

Roy Hardy: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! And thank you for tuning in to PWP 8: Mayhem! I’m Roy Hardy and as always, I’m joined by Jesse Watson! And Jesse… What a night we have.

Jesse Watson: Two titles matches, several debuts and a big announcement… What more do we need?!

Roy Hardy: Speaking of that big announcement, we’re going to send it to Roxie McCright who is with the owner of the PWP, Josh Duncan, in just a moment!

Knoxville Wrestling Institute -

Virtual Wrestling -

(We cut to a shot of Josh Duncan standing by with backstage coorispondant Roxie McCright.)

Roxie McCright: Okay Mr. Duncan… Everyone’s been wondering… What’s the big announcement?

Josh Duncan: Well Roxie, as a lot of people may or may not know, July was when I officially opened up shop for the PWP. So I want to do something special, on the 1 anniversary of doing so. That’s why at PWP 10, in July, every match that will be on the card… Will be first time ever! Matches that people have never seen anywhere else.. They will see right here on that night. And just let me tell you now… I’ve been in touch with some people… I’m not going to give anything away but I’ve got some pretty big names and matches lined up. So just make sure to keep an eye out.

Roxie McCright: That is some major news! I know I speak for many when I say I can’t wait for more updates. Back to you guys at ringside!

World Xtreme Wrestling -

FGA Tag Team Championship
Man Made Machines vs. The Super Mario Wrestling Brothers

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the FGA Tag Team Champion! Introducing first, the challengers…

("A New Beginning" by Devil You Know starts to play, bringing out Spencer Vain and Adam Stryker.)

Randall Jobbs: Weighing in at a combined weight of 488 pounds… Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker.. The Man Made Machines!

(The head right to the ring, no messing around and all business. Once they get there, they take their corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponents…

("Rockit" begins to play over the speakers as the SMWB step through the curtain to cheers from the crowd.)

Randall Jobbs: At a combined weight of 373 pounds… Representing the FGA… They are the FGA Tag Team Champions…. Landon Knight & Max Powers.. The Super Mario Wrestling Brothers!

(After looking around at the crowd and nodding their heads in approval, the SMWB jump up and races down the aisle. After sliding underneath the bottom rope and into the ring, they push themselves up and head into opposite corners. After climbing up onto the second rope and trowing their index finger in the air, they climb to the top turnbuckle and backflip off, landing safely on their feet in the ring to cheers.)

Roy Hardy: This is going to be great… The first time a title from another company has been defended here in the PWP! Making some history to kick things off tonight!

(The bell rings and the match starts off with Spencer Vain and Landon Knight in the ring. They lock up and Spencer quickly uses his strength advantage over Landon, backing him up into the corner where Adam Stryker is. Spencer hit’s a hard chop to the chest before tagging Stryker in.)

Roy Hardy: I think we’re going to see a lot of tags in this match. We have two of the most talented teams in all of professional wrestling right here.

Jesse Watson: If you like tag team wrestling, you’re in the right place tonight.

(Stryker gets in and pulls Landon out of the corner, taking him to the center of the ring and putting him in a hammerlock. Knight spins out of it, grabbing Stryker’s arm and putting him in a wrist lock. Landon pulls Stryker over to his corner and tags in Max Powers. Max comes in, grabs Stryker in a side headlock and pulls him to the center of the ring. Stryker fights out of it, landing a knee strike to the midsection. Stryker then hits him with a hard elbow shot, knocking him backwards. Stryker grabs Max and tags in Spencer.)

Roy Hardy: Both teams starting off a bit slow here, trying to get a good feel for one another.

Jesse Watson: Well, I mean, the FGA Tag Team titles are on the line here. There’s a lot to gain and a lot to lose, depending on what side of this match you’re on.

(Spencer climbs up to the second rope, as Adam Stryker holds Max there. Vain leaps off, landing a hard elbow to the crown of Max’s head. Spencer then grabs him and brings him to the mat with a side headlock takedown. He holds him there for several seconds before Max is able to fight back to his feet. Max shoots Spencer off into the ropes but as Vain comes off of the ropes, he hit’s a shoulder block on Max that takes him down.)

Roy Hardy: Simply not going to be able to match power with Spencer Vain. Very strong individual.

Jesse Watson: He’s definitely an impressive athlete. I’ve seen some of his stuff… Man he’s good.

Roy Hardy: Absolutely. All four of these men are top notch competitors.

(Vain hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, Max leaps up, catches him with an arm drag and holds him on the ground with an armbar.)

Roy Hardy: Great show of speed by Max to catch Spencer Vain with that arm drag.

(Vain is able to fight back to his feet though but Max keeps the arm twisted as he does, putting pressure on that shoulder. Spencer uses his size though, backing Max up to his corner and tagging Stryker in. Vain holds him there, as Styker gets in and lands a hard kick to the ribs of Max. Stryker then lands a knee to the midsection and then follows it up with a hard chop to the chest. Stryker tags Vain back in.)

Jesse Watson: Great strategy here by Vain and Stryker.

Roy Hardy: I agree. They are staying fresh and making quick tags.

(Spencer comes in and lands a hard kick to the chest of Max. Spencer then lands a few hard chops of his own before backing up to the center of the ring. He charges in and Max gets out of the way, causing Spencer to the the turnbuckles chest first. Stryker tags himself in and as he gets into the ring, Max charges at him but Adam catches him with a hard forearm to the mouth. Stryker then lifts him up and drives him into the mat with a body slam. He tries to follow that up with an elbow drop but Max rolls out of the way.)

Roy Hardy: Good job by Max to avoid the elbow.

(As Stryker is trying to get up, Max delivers a low dropkick to the side of Adam’s head. He gets him up and tags Landon into the match. Landon climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, connecting with a missile dropkick. Landon goes for a pin attempt.)


Roy Hardy: Nice attempt but only a 2 count for Landon.

Jesse Watson: I think, if SMWB wants to retain their titles, they need to quicken the pace and play to their strength. If they try to out-muscle and out-wrestle Adam Stryker and Spencer Vain, they’re going to struggle.

Roy Hardy: At the same time, they can’t take things too fast. That’s how mistakes happen.

(Landon gets Stryker up and puts him in the corner, before landing several shoulder blows to the midsection and then tagging Max back in. Max gets into the ring and they send Stryker off into the ropes. As he comes off of them, they land a double standing dropkick. Max goes for a pin…)


Roy Hardy: Some great double team offense there by The SMWB.

Jesse Watson: I’m sure that’s not the last of the double team offense that we’ll see by either team.

(Max starts to get Stryker up but Stryker comes back with a hard elbow blow to the midsection. Spencer puts his foot on the top rope and Stryker sends Max flying face first into Vain’s boot. He then tags Spencer into the match. He sends Max off into the opposite corner and as he bounces out, Spencer connects with a spine buster. Spencer goes for a pin.)


(Spencer gets up and argues with the ref momentarily. He begins to get Max up but Max grabs him and connects with a jaw breaker.)

Roy Hardy: That little bit of time that Spencer wasted, came back to bite him in the rear end.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, can’t do that, no matter who are. Never give your opponent any amount of time to recover.

(Max then delivers and enziguiri that sends Spencer staggering backwards into the corner. Max tags Landon into the match. Landon rushes over and brings Vain out of the corner with a monkey flip. Landon gets onto the top rope and as Spencer gets up, he turns around and Landon leaps off but Spencer catches him. He then drives him into the mat with a fall away slam. Spencer tags Stryker into the match.)

Roy Hardy: What a hell of a back and forth match we’ve seen so far.

Jesse Watson: We sure have. Not that it’s surprised me.

(Spencer gets down on one knee, as Stryker gets Landon to his feet. He then lands a vertical suplex, driving Landon’s back over the knee of Spencer Vain. Stryker goes for the pin..)


(Stryker gets Landon up and sends him into the ropes. As he comes off of them, he hits him with a high knee strike to the mouth. He then lands a kick knee drop to the temple. He quickly goes for another pin…)


Roy Hardy: Stryker is really trying to get the win here, going for those quick pin attempts.

Jesse Watson: Every pin attempt counts. The title is on the line. All it takes is one attempt to win the match.

(Stryker gets Landon up to his feet, grabbing him in a front face lock and hitting him with some knee strikes to the face. He drags him over to the corner and tags Spencer in. Spencer and Adam send Landon off into the ropes and as he comes off of them, the drill him with a double clothesline. Spencer then sits him up and grabs him in a chin lock.)

Roy Hardy: They are looking to really wear down Landon Knight here.

Jesse Watson: And they’re doing a good job of it too.

(Landon fights back to his feet, landing several elbow shots to the midsection. He hit’s the ropes but as he comes off of them, Spencer catches him with a spinning heal kick. He goes for the pin.)

Kickout at 2 ½!

Jesse Watson: Nice spinning heal kick from Vain, out of nowhere!

Roy Hardy: He has such good athleticism for a guy of his size. People tend to overlook that.

(Spencer gets Landon up goes and tags Stryker back into the match. Stryker takes Landon and plants him into the mat with a butterfly suplex. He goes hooks the leg for a pin attempt.)


(Stryker starts to get Landon up but Landon pushes him away and out of nowhere, connects with a pele kick. He then dives and tags Max into the match.)

Roy Hardy: The fresh man is finally in!

(Stryker is on his hands and knees and Max charges, leaps onto his back and jumps off, hitting a dropkick on Spencer that sends him flying off of the ring apron. He turns around and as Stryker is up to his feet, Max runs and hits him with spinning heal kick. Max makes the pin.)


(Broken up by Spencer Vain who gets back in just in time.)

Roy Hardy: Spencer Vain may have just saved their chance at winning those titles there.

Jesse Watson: It’s true. Max caught him hard in the mouth with that kick.

(Spencer lands several hard stomps, keeping Max down for long enough to let Spencer get out of the ring and Stryker to tag him in. Once Spencer gets back in, he starts to get Max up and Max shoves him off into the ropes. As he comes off of them, Max leaps up and catches him with a hurricanrana. Max then tags Landon into the match. Stryker starts to come in but Max goes over and lands a super kick that sends Stryker tumbling back through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Landon then sets it in motion and he and Max connect with “S.S.M.” Landon makes the pin.)


Randall Jobbs: Winners of this match via pinfall, at the 18:53 mark of the match and STILL FGA Tag Team Champions… The Super Mario Wrestling Brothers!

Roy Hardy: Just as expected, this was a great tag team contest!

Jesse Watson: I’m very happy that we were able to host such a spectacular match.

Roy Hardy: As am I. It’s the first time that another company’s title was defended here in the PWP and I’d like to think it was a memorable one.

Jesse Watson: I’d say so. All four men made huge impressions here. The crowd was on the edge of their seat the entire match.

Roy Hardy: Great win for Landon and Max, great attempt by Stryker and Vain!

Insurgency Wrestling Federation -

innovative independent Wrestling -

Deonte Bryant vs. Frankie Emerson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(The Crowd gave a mixed reaction as "The City" Kicked in over the In House system. The camera slowly pans over to the entrance ramp. Members of Money Mafia walked out onto the ramp. They all part making a walk way in between them. Deonte Bryant slowly makes his way out from behind the Curtain, The Young Money Mafia member looks around at the crowd, with a little smirk on his face.)

Randall Jobbs: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 180 pounds… Deonte Bryant!

(Deonte slowly begins to make his way down the ramp, followed by Money Mafia Trainers, As he gets to the bottom of the ramp he leaps onto the apron. He looks around at the fans before flipping over the top rope.)

Randal Jobs: And his opponent. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 221 pounds, Frankie "The Face" Emerson!

(What a Man by Salt N Peppa plays and Frankie Emerson makes his way towards the ring,high fiving anyone stupid enough to have their hand near their hand near the barricade. He looks up at Deonte in the ring, before apprehensively sliding in, trying to act like a big deal.)

Roy Hardy: This should be a very interesting match. Two very, very different styles.

Jesse Watson: You've got that right. But as different as they are, they're also very similar. Both men looking to make a name for themselves here in PWP, both men very cocky and arrogant, and both men have been trained by 'sharks'.

Roy Hardy: I was with you til that ending.

(The bell rings, and Deonte immediately goes to the center of the ring. Frankie stays back, surveying his opponent, trying to figure out what to do first. Frankie takes a deep breath and gets a dose of courage, stomping to the middle of the ring yelling "YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU! I'M FRANKIE EMERSON! I HAVE ONE OF THE BEST RECORDS IN PWP! I'M THE BIGGEST FREE AGENT IN THE INDY SCENE TODAY!? AND WHO ARE YOU? A NOBODY! A NOTHING! A LOSE--" before he can finish his statement, Deonte uses his patented quick hands and clocks Frankie with a straight jab to the face! Frankie's head shoots up as if he just got shot in the chest, and he stumbles back through the second and top rope, onto the apron and to the mat bellow. He twitches before laying motionless on the mat.)

Jesse Watson: WHAT A CHEAP SHOT! Is this what we're going to have to look forward to all match?

Roy Hardy: That'll show Frankie to run his mouth; probably won't teach him but it'll stop him for the time being.


(Frankie doesn't move, and Deonte rolls out of the ring breaking the count, looking at Frankie inquisitively.)

Roy Hardy: I think Frankie's knocked out cold! Deonte caught him right in the jaw!


(Deonte makes his way over to Frankie, looking at fans asking "Is this guy for real?".)


(Deonte gets to Frankie's lifeless body yelling "You're the big deal huh? You're nothing but a punk.)


(Deonte looks at the fans and shrugs yelling "Lets put this bitch to bed! He's done!" The fans cheer as Deonte reaches down and pulls Frankie's lifeless body to his feet.)

Roy Hardy: A knock out shot by Deonte! Frankie will be tasting that fist for a while!

Jesse Watson: That closed fist! That closed, illegal fist!


(However Frankie snaps out of his possum state and hits a thumb to the eye of Deonte! Deonte stumbles back holding his face, and Frankie looks at the ref, then back to Deonte. Frankie grabs Deonte and pushes him over the barricade! Emerson rolls into the ring quickly.)

Roy Hardy: No no no watch the count! Not like this...


Ding ding ding.

Randal Jobs: Winner of this match as a result of count out at the 2:43 mark of the match... Frankie "The Face" Emerson!

Roy Hardy: You have got to be kidding me! That coward! That damn coward!

Jesse Watson: HAHAHA Not so funny when the guy you don't like cheats back is it?

Roy Hardy: Deonte didn't cheat! He got screwed-


(Frankie jumps to his feet holding his stomach as if he had just run a marathon and fought the most brutal match in history. He yells "I DID IT! THANK YOU THANK YOU I DID IT!" before looking out of the ring, seeing Deonte has gotten to his feet staring a whole into Frankie. Frankie's eyes widen as Deonte jumps the barricade and slides into the ring, charging Frankie. However Frankie rolls out of the ring and sprints up the ramp. Deonte kicks the ropes in frustration.)

Roy Hardy: It's a damn shame. A damn shame a guy like Frankie Emerson is walking out with a victory tonight.

Jesse Watson: .......... FRANKIE WINS!

Roy Hardy: Shut up.

Triple Threat Match
Aiden Gage vs. Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for once fall! Introducing first…

“Sticks and Stones” starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunter out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up screaming INCOMING!!!!!!

Randall Jobbs: From Coleraine, Northern Ireland…weighing in at 175 pounds…Jordan Caliban!

He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with the girl playing with his hair on the apron.

Randall Jobbs: And the second competitor…hailing from Oakland, California…weighing in at 180 pounds… Aiden Gage!

The lights go out in the arena as "Been To Hell" by Hollywood Undead starts playing over the speakers. Aiden makes his way to the ring, looking around at the surroundings, showing no emotion, on his way there. He slides into the ring and then crawls over to the nearest corner and sits there and waits for his opponents.

Randall Jobbs: And the last competitor…hailing from Seattle, Washington…weighing in at 165 pounds… Savannah!

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses plays, as Savannah emerges from behind the curtain. She high fives some fans on her way to the ring, before getting in.

The ref calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Caliban starts the match off by shoving Savannah out of the way; he then turns to try and attack Gage. Caliban attempts to throw a punch, but it gets blocked by Gage, who fires back with a stiff elbow strike. Gage staggers over to the ropes.

Savannah composes herself and gets up off the mat; she charges at the unsuspecting Caliban, and knocks him out of the ring with a clothesline.

Roy Hardy: Savannah gets a bit of payback with that clothesline.

Jesse Watson: She was looking to take Caliban’s head off.

Savannah and Gage come to the center of the ring. The two lock up. After jockeying for position Gage finally takes control and drops Savannah to the mat with a head-lock takedown. Savannah calmly lifts her legs up and reverses with a head-scissors. Gage grabs a hold of her legs and then rolls onto his stomach; he slams her knees into the mat and breaks free of her grasp.

Both wrestlers roll away.

Roy Hardy: Both wrestlers are showing a bit of their technical sides.

Jesse Watson: Indeed. But, this is a three-way match; I’ve got a feeling things are about to break down very soon.

Gage gets to his feet first; he spots Savannah still on her knees, holding onto the ropes. He hits the ropes; but he didn’t see Caliban waiting for him on the outside. Caliban catches Gage by the foot; he drops him to the mat and pulls him to the outside. Caliban begins to get control; he takes ahold of Gage and slams his face into the ring apron. Gage clutches his head and staggers away. Caliban pursues him; he grabs Gage by the back of the neck and drives him into the ring post.

Gage hits the floor as Caliban rolls back into the ring. Once he enters the ring, Caliban begins to taunt the crowd.

Roy Hardy: I’m not sure this is a smart move on Caliban’s part.

Jesse Watson: Considering who he is in the ring with—it’s a very BAD move.

While Caliban was playing with the crowd, he hadn’t noticed that Savannah had made it to her feet. Caliban turns round and gets caught with a straight right jab; he falls to the mat. Savannah hooks the leg and goes for the cover:



Caliban kickouts. Savannah picks herself up and also brings Caliban to his feet. She blasts him knee-lift before driving him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Before Caliban can recover, Savannah puts on a cross-armbreaker.

Roy Hardy: Caliban in deep trouble right now!

Jesse Watson: Ocean floor deep!

On the outside, Gage makes it to his feet and sees the trouble Caliban is in. Gage rolls in and runs at Savannah; Gage jumps up and drops a leg over Savannah’s chest, breaking up the submission. Gage picks up Savannah and give her a stiff kick to the stomach before whipping her into the corner.
Gage points in her direct and darts towards the corner; blasts her with a corner dropkick. Savannah doesn’t fall, but she wobbles out to the center of the ring. Gage gets up and runs towards the ropes. He leaps, lands on the middle rope, and soars through the air with a moonsault press.  Gage goes for the pin:




Savannah is able to shift her weight and get a shoulder up of the mat.
Gage gets off the mat but, is turned around by Caliban. Caliban attempts a roundhouse, but Gage ducks it. Gage grabs him, and drops him with a Tiger suplex. Caliban quickly gets to his feet, but he is shook up. Gage gets up and hits the ropes; he rebounds and blasts Caliban with a spear.

Roy Hardy: Gage broke him in half there!

Gage goes for the pin:



The pin gets broken up by Savannah. Savannah goes after Gage; she rocks his bell with a couple of forearm shots. Gage takes the shots; he then responds with a basement dropkick; Savannah drops down to a knee.  

Before Gage can recover, he eats a superkick from Caliban; Gage gets knocked into the ropes. Caliban runs towards Gage; Gage lifts him up and sends him soaring over the rope. By the skin of his teeth, Caliban lands of the ring apron; he raises up and connects with a rope-assisted enziguri to the back of Gage’s head.

Jesse Watson: This has been a great, physical match thus far.

Gage hits the mat, and Gage rolls him out onto the apron. He picks Gage up, spins around, and grabs him by the head. Caliban runs and plants his foot one the ring post; he flips and hits a sliced-bread on the ring apron. Gage connects hard with the apron and falls to the outside.

Roy Hardy: Oh Geez!

Jesse Watson: Someone check on Gage!

Caliban gets back to feet. He looks sizes Savannah up and springboards up. Caliban soars through the air with a cross-body. However, Savannah saw the move coming. In Caliban is in the air, Savannah turns and blasts him with a spinning-backfist to the face.

Savannah drags Caliban a  little bit closer to the corner; she then hops on the second rope. Caliban slowly gets to his feet; Savannah soars and blasts him with a spear. She hooks the leg and goes for the pin:




Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 9:17 minute mark of the match, Savannah!

Roy Hardy: Huge win by Savannah here tonight!

Jesse Watson: She just beat two very talented guys. I’ll hand it to her, I’m impressed.

Roy Hardy: As am I. Savannah has shown great determination in her matches here in the PWP. And it really paid off tonight with a huge win.

Frontier Grappling Arts -

PWP Heavyweight Championship
Sister Liliana vs. James Shark

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… And is for the PWP Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first…

(Just then, the two of them burst through the curtain, brawling with each other.)

Roy Hardy: Good lord they didn’t even make it out to the ring!

Jesse Watson: Is this a no holds bared match?!

Roy Hardy: It most definitely is not! They might finish each other before making it to the ring!

(They fight down the entrance ramp, down to the side of the ring. Shark goes to slam Liliana’s face into the steps but she blocks it with her foot and slams face into it instead. She then reels back and slaps him in the face, staggering Shark backwards. Liliana goes over and starts climbing on top of the guard rail. While she’s trying to gain her balance, Shark runs, jumps on the ring steps and leaps off, connecting with a diving clothesline that sends both of them over into the crowd.)

Roy Hardy: Good God almighty did you see that!!

Jesse Watson: He’s going to kill them both!

Roy Hardy: And this match hasn’t even officially started yet!

(They both lay there until Shark gets to his feet and also gets Liliana to her feet as well. He takes her and tosses her back over the guard rail. Shark rolls her into the ring, and gets back in as well and the ref rings the bell.)

Roy Hardy: And we’re finally, officially under way!

(Shark gets her up and goes for a vertical suplex but she slides out of his grip, going over the top rope and landing on the ring apron. Shark turns around and she gives him a hard forearm shot to the mouth, staggering him backwards. He turns around again and Liliana leaps up to the top rope, springboards off of it and catches Shark with a hurricanrana.)

Jesse Watson: What a move by Liliana! That was fantastic!

Roy Hardy: No denying that. Liliana showing why she is a tremendous athlete.

(Shark rolls out of the ring, looking to catch his breath, while Liliana lays in the ring for a few seconds, gaining her bearings as well. Liliana sees Shark getting back to his feet, outside the ring, and she gets up. She runs into the ropes and then leaps through the 2nd rope, hitting Shark with a suicide dive.)

Roy Hardy: Good lord the action is fast paced tonight!

Jesse Watson: Liliana is looking great tonight!

Roy Hardy: She wants that title.

(Both lay outside the ring for several moments before Liliana gets to her feet. Shark begins crawling towards the ring and using the apron to get himself up. Liliana charges and lands a stiff kick to the side of Shark’s head. Liliana rolls Shark into the ring and slides in behind him. As Shark is getting to his knees, Liliana charges in and lands a shinning wizard. Liliana rolls him over and hooks the leg for a pin..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: No! It’s not over!

Jesse Watson: James Shark isn’t going down unless he has absolutely nothing left. And the way Sister Liliana is going tonight, I think it’s safe to say the same for her as well.

(Liliana gets up and lands a couple of stomps to the back of Shark’s head. She then gets him up and hits him with a few forearm shots, backing him up into the corner. She then grabs him and sends him across the ring into the opposite corner. Shark hits chest-first, and he bounces out and falls to the mat.)

Roy Hardy: Boy, Liliana sure has the momentum right now.

Jesse Watson: I’m honestly quite surprised how this match has gone so far. She’s really taken the wind out of Shark’s sails here.

(Liliana jumps up to the 2nd rope in the corner. She then leaps off, landing a knee drop into the chest of Shark. As she starts to get him up, Shark shoves her off and when she comes back at him, he lands a kick to the stomach. Shark takes a few steps back and charges, going for a clothesline but Trisha ducks it. She spins Shark around and nails a slap to the face. Liliana then follows it up with a side kick to the gut, sending Shark slouching against the ropes.)

Roy Hardy: Shark was trying to get back into this thing but Liliana takes control back.

(Liliana brings Shark out of the ropes and shoves him over into the nearest corner. She then mounts up the ropes and begins to hit him with some right hands …)


(Shark reaches up, grabbing her legs and walks out of the corner, with her on his shoulders. He then plants her into the mat with a big sit out power bomb. He keeps her in position for a pin …)


Roy Hardy: Just barely kicked out! I thought Shark had it there!

Jesse Watson: It was close. This is Shark’s opening that he needed, I think.

(Liliana crawls over to the ropes, using them to help her get to her feet. Shark hit’s the opposite ropes and as he gets to her, she side steps him, lifts him up and then brings him down, throat-first, across the top rope.)

Jesse Watson: Great counter by Sister Liliana! That looks like a move right out of Shark’s own playbook.

Roy Hardy: It was definitely effective. No doubting that.

(Shark falls down to his hands and knees, gasping for air. Liliana hit’s the rope and does a low drop kick to the side of Shark’s head. Shark rolls out of the ring, falling to the floor and holding onto the side of his head. Liliana stands in the ring and taunts for a few seconds.)

Roy Hardy: This is a mistake on Liliana’s part. I don’t care how much you’re in control of the match, you need to stay on Shark.

Jesse Watson: Yeah that is a HUGE lapse in judgment. You NEED to stay on James Shark.

(As Shark is getting to his feet, Liliana steps through the ropes and onto the ring apron. She leaps off but Shark catches her in a hugging position. He then flips her over his head, with a backdrop onto the hard entrance ramp.)

Roy Hardy: Good God almighty, did HEAR how hard she hit!?

Jesse Watson: That was not a good landing for her at all.

(Shark grabs her and gets her to her feet. He brings her closer to the ring and delivers a scoop slam onto the hard floor. Shark climbs up onto the ring apron and then jumps off, landing a big leg drop across the throat of Liliana. Shark holds his tailbone, in pain, as he gets back to his feet. He gets Liliana up and rolls her back into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron and climbs up to the top rope. Liliana gets up and lunges at the ropes, falling into them and causing Shark to lose his footing and crotch himself on the top rope.

Jesse Watson: That’s one way to cut the move off.

Roy Hardy: It’s certainly going to take the wind out of Shark’s sail, for sure.

Jesse Watson: Not to mention, out of other things.

Roy Hardy: Nice…

(Liliana then mounts up to the 2nd rope, hitting Shark with a few forearm shots. She then hooks his arm over her and looks to go for a superplex from the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well …

(Liliana goes for it but Shark blocks it, keeping his feet hooked under the rope. He then hits Liliana with a punch to the ribs, trying to fight back. He hits her with a few more the midsection.)

Jesse Watson: It looks like Shark is fighting back!

Roy Hardy: Which makes this an even more dangerous position for both of them.

(Liliana then rakes him in the eyes with her nails. She goes for the superplex again but Shark blocks it once again. He nails her in the stomach with a punch and then delivers a head that knocks her off of the ropes. She staggers backwards and turns around to start coming back at Shark but he leaps off the top rope and goes for the “Swag Out” but Sister Liliana catches him with a boot to the stomach and quickly rolls him up into a small package pin.)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 17:03 mark, and NEW PWP Heavyweight Champion… Sister Liliana!!!

Roy Hardy: Wow!! We have a new champion!!!!

Jesse Watson: I don’t believe it!! Sister Liliana has picked up the victory, given James Shark his first loss here in the PWP and won the PWP Heavyweight Title! This is unbelievable!

Roy Hardy: This was a hell of a physical contest through the whole thing… Just… wow!!!

Jesse Watson: I thought Shark was going to connect on that “Swag Out” but somehow, Liliana was able to avoid it!

Roy Hardy: I don’t think I will ever agree with his opinions or antics but I can’t disagree with the fact that Shark has done nothing but be an amazing competitor since coming to the PWP. But tonight, Sister Liliana showed why she is also a force to be reckoned with. What an amazing victory!

Jesse Watson: She’s had some really good wins here in the PWP. And now this is the biggest of them all.

Roy Hardy: Folks that’s all we have time for tonight. Make sure you tune in next month because it is going to be a special one. For Jesse Watson, I’m Roy Hardy… Thank you for tuning in and goodnight!

(The feed ends with a shot of Sister Liliana celebrating with the PWP Heavyweight Championship.)
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PWP 8: Mayhem
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