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 PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres   Mon May 05, 2014 11:38 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is May 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres   Sun May 11, 2014 1:28 pm

OOC: Good luck!
"The Real Monsters"
Man Made Monsters vs. Super Mario Wrestling Bros. (c)

“I’ve been waiting for this for more than a whole fucking year.”

The scene opens simply in front of a white wall where Adam Stryker is standing. He’s wearing jeans and his trademark “Free Bearhugs” t-shirt, plus the SPITFIRE Championship sling over his shoulder. He’s chewing bubble gum, maybe to replace his bad habit of smoking cigarettes somehow.

“And sorry, I’m not talking about my debut for Pro Wrestling Project, eventhough that’s a pretty decent thing to do too. No, I’m talking about Spencer Vain. Eversince Spencer and the long forgotten Victor Jace lost the PWX World Tag Team Titles to me and Christian Rhodes, both myself and Spencer had the urge to put our hands on one another. And few weeks ago when Spencer finally got out of the prison, it happened, we had the chance… and we shook hands. That’s a swerve in the story, right? Well, it has a logical explanation. No matter how much we tried to murder one another in the ring, we’ve always had that respect for each other, because Adam Stryker has always known Spencer Vain is one tough hard hitting talented son of a bitch and Spencer Vain has always known Adam Stryker is a legit legend of this fucking business that can be a World Champion from the get go in any company imaginable. Now, some time ago I got the call from Josh Duncan and he told me ‘Adam, I’m having Super Mario Wrestling Bros. over for the FGA Tag Title defense and I’m looking for challengers. Got anything in mind?’ And that’s when I approached Spencer.

See, I could have called Pariah to give Knock Out Kings a title shot, I could have called any of my Scars stablemates… but I told Spencer I want him to tag with me. You know why?”

Adam taps on his forehead, wearing a cocky smirk on his face.

“Because in eight years in this business, I grew a brain like no other wrestler. Even after all the bumps and hits to the head, I still have that thing I call Mindset of a champion. I didn’t call Pariah, Ajax, JR or Brock because I knew they are too nice and they would just wanna have fun in the ring and have a good match for the people of Las Vegas. That’s not what I wanna do. I want the belt I nearly got last year when my good friend Mike Tomkins and I reached the semis of the first DDT3 which crowned the inaugural champions. And to fulfill that wish, I can’t tag with a nice guy, I have to bring a fucking monster with me. So, here comes Spencer Vain.

You know how I see him? Spencer is like a gun dog, you know? A hound. But not just a hound, he’s one of the best, once he gets the chance to jump at his prey, he bites like no one else, he crushes the meat between his teeth and gives the poor animal no chance to fight back. The thing is that this hound didn’t have a real chance of tasting meat in a year. A whole year. You can picture how psycho is a hound like that gonna get when the hunter lets him off his leash after such a long time. He’s gonna jump the first possible prey he’ll see and he’s gonna tear it apart. You know what’s the funniest part? This hound gets loose on May 31st in Orleans Arena.”

Stryker laughs, satisfied at the choice of his tag team partner. He spits out the bubble gum and folds arms across the chest.

“When we’ll step in the Pro Wrestling Project ring for the first time, the team standing in the opposite corner is going to be Super Mario Wrestling Bros. A team of two youngsters who had their breakout at the beginning of 2014. And the fans love them. Not only because they beat that hated team of The Murder for the straps… mostly because of the fact that Landon Knight and Max Powers are much like the usual pro-wrestling fans. They usually work at retail or at the comic book store and they spend night and day discussing Walking Dead, reading the new Deadpool and playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or whatever is cool to play on that PlayStation thing these days. Guys, I know that feeling, I used to be like that too. Yeah, back in the development teritorry of LAWA, when I was known as “The Impact” Adam Douglas, I was all about comics books and games and all that shit. But then, when I stopped dragging that into my professional life, a miracle happened. You know what that miracle was?”

The facial expression of Adam turns from a wide smile to a serious face all of a sudden.

“People actually started taking me seriously! Because I learned an important lesson that I, alongside Spencer, intend to teach you two. Pro-wrestling is not all about fun and games and flips and flops, no no no, it’s an ugly, backstabbing sport and the thing that matters the most is which of the motherfuckers pitched against each other hits the hardest. Eversince I learned that, I haven’t been drowning in endless issues of comic books, I have been drowning in pussy. I haven’t been taking my anger to shitty forums for 13 year olds, I have been taking the anger out in the ring. I haven’t been boasting about how many Nazis I shot in the head last night when playing Medal of Honor, I have been bragging about how many sons of bitches I’ve knocked out cold in real life and how many titles I’ve taken from them. And let me tell you, guys… life like that is so much better, soooo much sweeter.

But it’s not only your nerdy side, guys, I could have overlooked that if I wanted. The thing that bugs me the most is that you guys have no respect. I watch FGA quite regularly, I must confess I’m a fan of the company, so I get to see your matches and promos pretty often. And I hate to see how you disrespect the foundations of the company. I mean, the way you talk shit about The Murder? Okay, they do stuff quite the opposite way than the one you like, but they built the fucking place from the ground up! Drake and Pooler built the tag team division you’re pissing on now and Harter is hands down the top guy in FGA. They ended careers of my dear friends,yeah, but I have that respect for them that they deserve. And you guys, on the other hand? You got lucky against them once and you think it gives you all the right to think that you’re the best team in the world. Let me get one thing perfectly straight with you two pre-teens. You won’t get lucky against The Man Made Monsters. I mean, there’s an 80:1 chance Belarus will win the hockey World Championship this year, there’s a 150:1 chance Derrick Rose won’t get injured throughout a whole season, there’s a 1 750 000:1 chance of winning a lottery after buying a ticket and JUST THEN… just then there’s your chance of walking out of Orleans Arena, Las Vegas still the Frontier Grappling Arts Tag Team Champions of the World. Pure and simply, that shit ain’t happening as long as Spencer Vain and Adam Stryker have anything to say or do about that.”

Stryker adjusts the SPITFIRE Championship on his shoulder and then finishes the promo.

“Come May 31st, Frontier Grappling Arts gets a taste of top wrestling class when The Man Made Monsters beat the Super Mario Wrestling Bros and take the Tag Team Championship of the World. And maybe when Landon Knight and Max Powers will wake up on June 1st and pop the pills so their poor little heads would stop hurting so much, maybe they’ll finally realise that pro-wrestling is not for nerdy kids, but for real men, and most of all for real monsters. Monsters like me and Vain.

Get real…”

Stryker’s thumb slides across his throat in the typical cut-throat taunt.

“…or die hard.”

The scene fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres   Mon May 19, 2014 4:16 pm

May 18, 2014

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Landon and I came into FGA with a lot of expectations. A part of me would like to think we met those expectations. Especially when the FGA Office decided to give me a singles match on one of their supershows. It was the first ever Above & Beyond event. It was FGA's first time in Philly. It was headlined by Blaine Harrison defending the then FGA Heavyweight Championship against Chandler Scott. And I was given the honor of having a match on that card. It was against none other than AJ Fairchild.

There was a time when AJ wasn't a punchline. There was a time when AJ was good enough to be a top tier champion. But even before then, there was a time when Fairchild was an up and coming wrestler with all the upside in the world. At the time, Mickey O'Reilly and Sean Fallon were running roughshod throughout FGA. Micky had shown up at the end of January; Sean, sometime in February or March. Maybe April. Besides Fallon losing a match to O'Reilly in June, the two of them spent months undefeated in FGA. What did AJ do? He beat both of them convincingly in his first two matches.

Not bad for a newcomer.

I can remember how people were feeling going into that event. I was by no means the favorite. I was just "the comedy act". I wasn't supposed to be taken seriously. Who was I to be in the ring with AJ, the supposed "Next Big Thing"? Who was I to think that I had a shot at beating him? I thought that I was Max Powers and I had just as good of a shot as anyone else at beating him.

And that's exactly what I did in the center of that ring.

I think back to that night and I can see the parallels to this upcoming match for the Professional Wrestling Project. Adam Stryker and his rigged odds seem to think that the Super Mario Wrestling Bros have no shot at retaining the titles. Stryker and Spencer Vain think that we have no business being in the ring with them. We're nothing but a bunch of nerds, remember?

Well for someone that allegedly grew a brain, he's damn sure not using it. Especially when he praises The Murder of all people. If a group of guys nearly crippled and ended the career of one of my close friends, the last thing I'd do is tip my cap to them. Wow, some friend you must be.

I can understand these women on Twitter getting mesmerized by their bad boy act. I can even understand some fans being drawn to their rebel ways. But Stryker, a guy who has seen it all and done it all, should see right through them.

Apparently he's as blind as a bat.

The Murder represented everything that's wrong with professional wrestling. They were no different than any of the other dime-a-dozen groups that wanted to "tear down (insert company name here) and rebuild it in their image". Thankfully because of US, they no longer have a stranglehold on these belts. Because of US, only one of those three jerks remain. For now, at least. June 28 can't come soon enough. Let go, Dan...

There's been nothing "lucky" about anything that the SMWB have accomplished. You can cover your eyes and shield yourself to the facts. You can plug your ears and scream as loud as you want like a child. Go ahead, continue to deny the truth for just a little while longer. On May 31st, the truth is going to punch you and Spencer right in the face. These two "nerds" are going to walk into the Orleans Arena as the FGA World Tag Team Champions and they're going to walk out the same way they came in.

Same Day

Landon: Nerds? That's what Spencer called us? Nerds? Okay. We'll see about that.

(The camera fades in to see Landon Knight visibly upset with the Man Made Machine's dismissal of the team. He shakes his head. Landon can't seem to comprehend how the two of them could write off the SMWB so easily. But this is really business as usual for them. A team comes in, sees the SMWB name, looks over the SMWB moveset and immediately assumes that they're nothing but a joke. Little do they know that the joke's on them.)

Max: The Red 'n' Green Machine makes it's way to Las Vegas on Saturday, May thirty first. This will actually be our first time in Vegas. Since it's our first time there, it would be so easy to get consumed by the bright lights. It would be so easy to get caught up in the hotels, the casinos and the performances. It would be so easy to become mesmerized with all the women. But the SMWB won't succumb to any of those traps. We're not going to be rolling up and down the strip. We won't be taking part in the nightlife. Instead, we'll be defending these guys right here (Max slaps the center plate of his championship belt as Landon adjusts his belt across his shoulder) the FGA World Tag Team Titles, at PWP 8! And our opponents are none other than Adam Stryker and Spencer Vain. Now Spence, we don't know you from a hole in the ground. We really don't even have any issue with you...

Landon: ... except for the fact that you think you're walking out of Sin City as one half of the FGA World Tag Team Champions.

(Landon mouths "you're not".)

Max: Other than that small tidbit, we've got nothing against you. But just because we have nothing against you doesn't mean that we're not going to run through you.

Landon: We can and we will.

Max: You see Spence, you are a victim of circumstance. We wouldn't even be targeting you if you weren't associated with your tag team partner. We wouldn't even be on our radar had Stryker not dragged you into this. So because of that, you're going to go down with him at PWP 8. As far as you go, Spence, this isn't anything personal...

Landon: ... but the same can't be said for you, Stryker. Max and I, we're not the cocky type. We're not the kind of guys that will rub our success in other people's faces. We're not the type of guys to taunt people with promises of a title shot unless they do things our way. We're not the type of guys to tell people that they're undeserving.

Max: ... not that we're speaking of anyone in particular...

(Man begins to look around the room as Landon shakes his head.)

Landon: No, never. But we're not those type of guys. I'd like to think that me and Max here are pretty chillaxed 90% of the time. But you, Stryker, do not deserve this title shot. I don't care how many companies you've been in or how long you've been doing this. You don't deserve it and there's nothing that you can say to convince us otherwise.

We're not the type of guys to hold onto these belts and run away. We're not the type of guys to hold these titles hostage. We're fighting champions. But we want contenders that have actually earned themselves a championship match. That's all...

Max: It's a reasonable request.

Landon: We want contenders that have proven themselves to be worthy opponents. Sex Sells or the Sparklebuddies? Young Guns or Chaz and Hadley? Whichever one of those four teams advances and ultimately wins the Dynamic Duos Tournament, they will have earned that shot. They will have earned our respect by beating three teams from all over the world.

If you wanted a shot so bad, Stryker, all you had to do was throw your hat into the ring. All you had to do was call up any of your friends, or even Spence himself, and enter yourself into the tournament. It wasn't like the sign ups happened overnight. You had plenty of time. But what did you do? What did you do, Stryker? You did nothing! Instead, you laid in wait. You watched on as eight teams did everything in their power to try and advance through this tournament. While our eyes were glued to the screen, jotting down notes and trying to prepare ourselves for any of these eight teams... here you come with this blind side. Out of nowhere, here comes Adam Stryker with a World Tag Team Championship match. What a bunch of baloney!

Max: How is this fair? This is almost as bad as Joshua Black weaseling his way into that title match with Chaz Holiday. Not only that, but this isn't fair to the remaining members in DDT3. Heck, it isn't even fair to the four teams that were already eliminated. These men and women are out there putting their bodies through all types of punishment for just a shot at these belts... then here comes Stryker, the snake in the grass that he is, slithering his way into a match.

So how did you do it, Stryker? What Voodoo Magic did you conjure up on the FGA and PWP officials? Or maybe it was money? How much did you offer them? What backroom politics have you played to get yourself into this position? You know what? On second thought, I don't even want to know! It just may make me angrier than I already am. You want these titles so bad? You want this shot so much? Well you've got it! But you should have been more careful of what you wished for, Stryker. Now? There is no turning back. When you and your buddy get beat by two "nerds", you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Landon: These two call themselves Man Made Monsters, Max.

Max: Is that right?

Landon: Yeah, they call themselves monsters. Well that's right up our alley. Me and Max here know about fighting all types of creatures. Let's see here, we've gone up against giant turtles.

Max: Check.

Landon: We've gone up against giant white squids.

Max: Check.

Landon: We've gone up against flying turtles.

Max: Right.

Landon: We've gone up against hammer throwing turtles.

Max: Oh, I remember them. Pains in the butt, that's what they were.

Landon: We've even gone up against turtles that hide in clouds and throw spiny eggs down at you..

Max: True story.

Landon: See, we don't care if you're a Man Made Monster or one of those clay ones that Rita had Finster put in the Monstermatic. We're not afraid of the dark. We're not afraid of what goes bump in the night. We're not afraid of what's hiding in the closet or under the bed. And we're definitely not afraid of some damn monsters! Especially you, two!

Max: Stryker, you could have gone about this the right way. You could have done things the honorable way. You could have earned your shot like the Sparklebuddies, the Young Guns, Sex Sells, Chaz and Hadley are trying to. But you did things the wrong way. You snuck in the back door to get your shot. But that's par for the course for you, isn't it?

Landon: Explain.

Max: It should come as no surprise that you're doing this, really. Think about it, Landon. We see new companies pop up all the time, right?

Landon: Right.

Max: Seven times out of ten, who is one of the first people to sign up? Adam Stryker or one of his flunkies. You've never wanted to do things the right way. You've never wanted to face the toughest competition head on and earn your title shot. That's why you try and sink your teeth into these new companies. That's why you try and swoop in and claim those titles before any real competition can even show up. And if it's not you doing it, then it's your flunkies. And they learned these bad traits from who? You.

Landon: Now that I think about it, you're absolutely right. Let's take a look at some of his prized students and trainers. Jason Richards. The last time we saw him in FGA, he turned his back on the fans and was drinking the Kool Aid of The Church of Beyond, a group that wanted to burn FGA to the ground. What about Alistair Mangold? He bullied poor Nate Adams for weeks on end. He then broke the poor guy in half. Then he tried to the same to Jaxie Wyatt. Don't even get me started on DC Wiland. It seems like everyone that has trained under Stryker is nothing but a scumbag, just like him. At this point, I wouldn't even be shocked if we learned that Dom Harter spent some time learning from him, too.

Max: This is supposed to be the veteran. This is the guy that's teaching the youngsters how to conduct themselves in this business. Stryker, you're a well-traveled veteran. You've got your fair share of gold. You probably have more in-ring experience than Landon and I combined. But with all that experience, you still try and take the easy way out. You didn't want to put in the hard work to get to the top of the tag division like we did. You didn't want to enter Dynamic Duos again and put in the hard work that Laurel's doing right now. You say you're hungry? You say you guys are ready to eat? Well I hope your eyes aren't bigger than your stomachs because we're serving up headstomps and uppercuts all night long! You aren't just going to sneak in and steal these Tag Team Titles. You're not going to disrespect us like that! You're not going to disrespect the teams in the Dynamic Duos like that! More importantly, you're not going to disrespect these titles like that!

We never snuck through the backdoor. We never weaseled our way into anything. There was no easy route for us. We swam through the filth to get these titles! We climbed that steep FGA mountain to get these titles! We defeated the almighty Murder to win these belts. For over a year, they had this entire organization trembling at the very mention of their name. But we didn't back down! They jumped us just like they've done to countless others. But we didn't stay down! We got right back up and got right in their faces! We didn't let them intimidate us. We intimidated them! We intimidated them to the point that Malcolm and Bob won't even dare to try and reclaim these belts!

The lesson that we taught them? It's the same lesson that will be taught to you. Ironic, isn't it? A man that's spent so many years in this profession will be on the receiving end of a lesson. But it's true, you really can teach an old dog new tricks. Stryker? Spence? It's real simple. You can overlook us all you want. At the end of the day, it will be the SMWB that's looking down at you.

Step Your Game Up
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Spencer Vain

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres   Mon May 19, 2014 9:43 pm

April 14th, 2014 Beaumont, Texas

The scene opens inside the United States Federal Prison in Beaumont, TX, more importantly the visitor’s area. An armed guard stands by the door as Adam Stryker, dressed in jeans and a black So-Cal Switchblade t-shirt, steps into the room and the guard runs a metal detector wand over the multi-time champion. The guard nods his head and points Adam towards a chair where he goes and takes a seat in front of a glass partition. Stryker watches through the glass as another guard leads an orange jumpsuit clad Spencer Vain into the room before removing his handcuffs and motioning for him to sit. Vain takes a seat and picks up the receiver of the phone while the guard turns and walks away, mumbling.

Guard: Ya got 10 minutes…

Stryker picks up the phone on his side.

Stryker: Hey bro, good to see you.

Vain: Shit man, it’s good to see anyone at this point; they’ve had me in Ad-Seg for the last 12 days. Only time I’ve seen another person period is through a small slit in the door big enough for them to slide me through a tray of warm shit they try to pass off as food twice a day.

Stryker: What the hell did you do to get put in solitary?

Vain kind of smirks as he looks at his old rival who’s become his only friend over the last year through the glass partition.

Vain: Well they don’t like it when you call it solitary or the hole or anything like that, they prefer Administrative Segregation.

Stryker: Whatever, you didn’t answer my question.

Vain: Man it’s a long ass story, we only got 10 minutes.

Stryker shakes his head.

Stryker: You’re not getting out of it that easy, summarize the story, you got a shit eating grin so I know it has to be a good one.

Vain: Fine, I paid this dude with a homemade tattoo gun a Snickers bar to tattoo a dick on his cellmates forehead.

Stryker instantly cracks up laughing.

Stryker: What!? Why?

Vain: Cause it’s fucking funny, ain’t a lot of entertainment around here. Ya know what’s really funny? The Snickers belonged to the guy who got the dick tattoo, I stole it from him.

Stryker: You’re an asshole, man. That is funny as hell though. You should seriously be careful, you get out in two weeks, you don’t want to get in trouble and get your time extended.

Vain: Oh trust me I know, I’m countin’ down the days. I ain’t gonna fuck up bad enough to have to stay in here a day longer than I have too. So did you put a word in for me in Chicago?

Stryker gives an assuring nod.

Stryker: Sure did, JPO remembered your work from PWX and is ready to sign you the day you’re released.

Vain: Fuck yeah! Thanks man, I’m ready to tear some shit up. I’ve put on a good 25 pounds of solid muscle in here.

Stryker: I can tell, you look like a monster.

Vain: Yeah, a man made monster.

Stryker: That’s got a nice ring to it; I’ll have to remember that. So is 2CW the only place you’re looking at working when you get out? I got all kinds of connections.

Vain: Shit man, I’ll take anything I can get. I wanna keep my nose clean, wrestle as often as I can get bookings and really make a name for myself. I thought my career was over when I got locked up but you’ve really been a great friend and gave me some hope.

A sly grin forms on Adam’s face.

Styker: You sound like a bitch…

Spencer gets and angry look on his face but before he can speak Styker cuts him off.

Stryker: Calm down, I’m just kidding man. I knew the potential you had when we faced each other and could tell you had a bright future. Getting locked up was just a bump in the road, and it might have been the best thing that could have happened because it gave you a reality check and now you’re gonna focus on your career.

Vain: Damn straight I am.

Suddenly the guard walks back into the picture.

Guard: Time to go Vain, you can kiss your boyfriend through the glass if you want…

Vain: Fuck you.

Stryker: You better go.

Vain: Yeah I know. Thanks for coming by and I’ll give you a call when I get out on the 28th.

Stryker: Alright dude, try to stay out of trouble and I’ll talk to you in a few weeks.

Vain and Stryker both stand up and the guard cuffs Vain’s hands behind his back to lead him back to his cell as Stryker walks away and the scene fades.  

May 17th, 2014 Bridgeview, Illinois

Adam Stryker and Spencer Vain, fresh off his destruction of Christian Rhodes at 2CW 3: Pariah vs. Caliban, walk through the parking lot of Toyota Park both dressed in jeans and brand spanking new Man Made Monsters t-shirts. Stryker approaches his rental car and walks around to the driver’s side and opens the door.  

Stryker: You sure you don’t wanna come to the after party? Lots of beer and hot chicks.

Vain: I’m good man, I damn near drank a 5th of Fireball last night and I’ve gotten so much pussy since they let me out I’ll pass on some south Chicago hoes. Besides, I should probably say a little something about our match for PWP, it’s getting close.

Stryker: Yeah you better, I want those belts.

Vain: Me too, I’ll give ya call tomorrow.

Stryker: Alright man, later.

Stryker gets in the car and burns rubber out the parking lot as Spencer walks over to a brick wall and leans back against it. The camera zooms on him and he remains silent for a few moments before looking up.

Vain: Do you know how good it felt to be back in the ring again tonight? I’ve been locked up with murderers, rapists, and child molesters for the last year, as bad I wanted to take out my aggression on them I knew all that’d do is keep me in there longer. Now I can beat people up, legally, and get paid for it. Truth is I’d do it for free but the cash sure helps. Tonight was just a warm up though, the big opportunity, the chance to claim some gold for myself and my buddy Adam comes on May 31st at PWP 8.

Spencer shakes his head almost in disbelief of what he’s about to say.

Vain: Against The Super Mario Wrestling Brothers. That’s gotta be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. How the fuck do you clowns expect ANYONE to take you serious calling yourselves that? Sure you got talent or you wouldn’t be walking around with those straps for the time being, but if you want your opponents to not have the same reaction I did find a new name. It’s a stupid fucking gimmick and sure you may have some success but when your careers are over all you’ll be is another comedy team that everyone will forget even existed.

Vain pushes off the wall and begins pacing in front of it.

Vain: Then again who am I to give anyone advice right? You guys don’t know anything about me.  I’m just a 24 year old kid with less than a dozen professional matches under my belt, hell I may as well be considered a rookie since I went to jail two months into my first year in the business. I don’t know shit about how wrestling works do I?

He stops and shakes his head.

Vain: Hell yes I do, I grew up sleeping in the back of tour busses, air planes, and on the floor of locker rooms all over the world while my Dad, the infamous “Big Nasty” Johnny Vain, was becoming a legend in the business. That is until I was about 14 and started showing interest in actually following in his footsteps. That’s when he sent me to live with my grandparents cause he didn’t want me following down the same path of being a drunken womanizer like he was, lot of fucking good that did cause booze and broads have been my biggest vice since I got my first taste of the sweet brown nectar called whiskey and the first sniff of a freshly shaven pussy.

Spencer laughs as he once again leans back against the wall and crosses his arms over his chest.

Vain: See boys, Landon and Max right? Stryker could have went out and picked anyone to team with like he said, but what he did was he went out and got himself a ringer. I’m the unknown, I’m the X Factor in this little equation. You could have Googled til your nerdy little fingers fell off and you probably wouldn’t have found shit about me expect that I was a former PWX World Tag Team Champion. Something else the almighty Google machine would have told you is that I won those belts with a guy I didn’t even get along with in MY FIRST MATCH EVER! Me and Adam? We get along, we’re friends, and we’ll work together to bring an end to your FGA Tag Team Title reign in devastating fashion like only a couple of Man Made Monsters can. Yeah, that’s MONSTERS not Machine’s you dingleberries.

Vain sighs, almost as if he’s irritated.

Vain: I heard what the two of you had to say, and unlike my partner I’m not up to date on all the happenings over in FGA, if you missed it I been away for a while. All I heard was you guys ramble on and on and name drop a bunch of people and things that happened in the past that don’t have a fucking thing to do with what’s going on right here, right now. What’s going on right now is that while you two say you’re not scared you really really should be because I’m not nearly as nice as Adam is, I’ve never once in my life cared about honor or respect. I want to get to the top the quickest way possible, hurting as many people as I can along the way, and remaining there till I’m remembered as the beast that sat atop the pro wrestling world for years. You’ll just be remembered as those video game guys.

The intensity in his voice grows as he steps closer to the camera.

Vain: To hell with earning a shot, you claim Adam didn’t earn it well I damn sure didn’t and I could care less about earning it but you can bet your ass I’m gonna take it. I don’t care about disrespecting all the other people in some stupid tournament, if I didn’t disrespect them this way I’m sure I’d find some other way to do it. You guys are full of excuses. You spent all this time talking about all the guys that should be getting this shot instead of the Man Made Monsters but they’re not and we are. Your lives are a giant fantasy but we are a cold cruel dose of reality and that reality is that at PWP 8 we are taking your belts and no amount of crying, whining, or excuses is going to change that.

A sinister smile crosses Spencer’s face.

Vain: You’re walking into the Orleans Arena as the FGA World Tag Team Champions but you won’t be walking out the same way. In fact you won’t be walking out at all, you’ll be carted out on a stretcher without your belts because they’ll be in the hands of the Man Made Monsters for as long as we feel like holding on to them. That boys, is GAME FUCKING OVER!

Spencer walks out of the scene and it fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres   

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PWP 8: Mayhem - Spencer Vain & Adam Stryker vs. Super Mario Wrestling Brotheres
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