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 PWP 8: Mayhem - Deonte Bryant vs. Frankie Emerson

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 8: Mayhem - Deonte Bryant vs. Frankie Emerson   Mon May 05, 2014 11:38 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is May 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Deonte Bryant

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 8: Mayhem - Deonte Bryant vs. Frankie Emerson   Mon May 19, 2014 3:50 pm

Monday MAY 19TH 2014

I gripped my hands firmly around the microphone.

ESPN had invited me to do a little interview spot with them and I agreed. I was never one to agree to do interviews, if

anything I was always forced into them by the trainers and managers at the gym and training center Confidence Gym.

However this interview spot would be a bit different than the rest of the interviews I was brought out to do. I had something

to address this time; I had something to tell the world, to show the world.

Hey Deonte man, whenever you’re ready.

For a moment I was confused, but when I looked around me I could see that everyone was already one step ahead of me. The

interviewers by my side were already waiting for me. I was so caught up on what I wanted to say and what I couldn’t leave out

in this interview that I was about to do, that I completely did not notice that the interviewers ESPN had booked to interview

me were already here.

I looked back up at the ESPN Staff member and nodded my head slowly.

I’m ready.

He smiled and nodded his head back at me and went off the set. The camera man got ready and began to handle the camera and

place it in the right spot. The men and women behind him got in place, and the interviewers by my side took a sip from their

fancy water bottles.

The camera man stuck out his hand from the side of the camera, all five of his fingers sticking out, from five fingers it

went to four, and from four it went to three. It didn’t take me a while to realize that he was doing a countdown.

The moment he put his hands back to his sides was the moment the little green light on the camera turned red. I knew we were


As angry as I was, as disappointed as I was, right now we were live, so I had to show everyone that confidence they knew me

for. I showed off my sparkling whites and flashed the camera a smile. The two men sat up straight and introduced themselves,

the first man to do it was the man on my left.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Michael Davenport and I’m alongside Jacob Ramos and together we’ll be interviewing none other

than the new rising star in the sport of Professional Wrestling, the self-proclaimed Next To The Throne, and Pro Wrestling’s

newest Bad Boy, Deonte Bryant.

Before Jacob, the other interviewer could speak, and before Michael could say anything else, I quickly put my finger up,

causing Michael and Jacob to realize I wanted to say something. I turned over to face Michael and gave him a weird look on my


Michael couldn’t help but smile, I was looking at him as if he had just said the stupidest thing ever, and in my mind, he

introduced me the wrong way.

Although I told myself before arriving that I wouldn’t let anything get under my skin, I really couldn’t help but get


Haha what, did I say something wrong?

I turned over to Jacob and looked at him, he shrugged, he was just as confused as Michael was, I then turned back over to


Bruh… That is the worst Introduction ever… your mom while she was sucking ma dick while she was interviewing me, she would

still gave out a better introduction then you..

Jacob Ramos the interviewer that was to my right burst out laughing, Michael however, didn’t find it too funny.

Classic Deonte Bryant is fucking classic!

They had told me earlier to try to avoid swearing, so I was surprised to hear Jacob say the “f” word. It made me wonder, so I

looked over at the off set, I could see they had a few smirks on their faces, I then noticed that the light on the camera was

green. The camera man had gotten us off the air, and now it was the producer who walked onto the set.

Deonte man… we talked about this, we don’t want you to say these types of things.

Jacob was still laughing, but Michael was shaking his head.

My kids are going to watch this man… no respect.

I ignored the producer and chuckled, I turned over to Michael and looked at him funny.

How is yo' hillybilly ass, gonna let you're kids watch a Money Mafia interview? Father of the year material right there bruh.

Seriously better parent than britney spears.

Michael had no response, he just continued to sit there and shake his head. Jacob however, was still having a hard time

trying to compose himself.

Deonte.. you said something about the introduction, what was wrong with it? It seemed perfectly fine to me.

I eyed the ESPN Producer and tried to find out if he was being serious or if he was just “riding on Michael’s dick.” After a

few seconds of just staring at him, I came to the conclusion that he was being nothing but honest with me.

Aight uh… there were a few things wrong with the damn thing. He said that I’m the Self-Proclaimed Heir to the throne…

The producer nodded his head.

Okay… and?

I scrunched my eyebrows, showing off my “fuck face”.

Bruh… I don’t even call myself the “Next To The Throne”… I call myself the “Heir To The Throne” and It ain’t motherfucking

Self-Proclaimed… Just look at who ma mentors are and think about where I'm going, I'm going to the top, that’s fact.

I nodded my head.

You look at My mentors, Cody Money Taylor a Seven time Wrestling World Champion, Undefeated UFC World Champion, Undefeated,

Undisputed Boxing Heavyweight Champion, with Six championships in the boxing heavyweight division, not to mention multiple

other wrestling Champions.

The Producer rolled his eyes.

James Shark, Also a Seven time Wrestling World Champion, With another five Championships in the sport, He was the biggest

star in the No Limit Wrestling Federation, which closed soon after he left, because they couldn't last without him and he was

the BIGGEST star in the Insurgency Wrestling Federation, Holding every title made available to him, And the only reason he

isn't in the Hall Of Fame, is because he doesn't kiss ass like everyone else.

I just smirked at the Producer.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the ESPN Jury, I rest my case, the Heir to the throne has spoken.

The look the producer gave me was a look that I have received so many times, and it was a facial expression that I had missed

so dearly.

The immature Deonte Bryant with the “Don’t Give A Fuck” attitude was in full effect today, I thought I’d be more serious this

time around, especially with how badly I wanted to address my debut match last month in PWP.

However since I was part of Money Mafia a group famous for its attitude amongst it's members, I guess all this was just came


One simple mistake. You are seriously going to fling this entire interview up in the air, over one simple little mistake?

Jacob just could not stop laughing, I mean…. I could hear him, it was cool that he was laughing at first, because I knew that

it was pissing Michael off, but now it was actually starting to annoy me and piss me off, it seemed as though every time I

opened my mouth, he would laugh even more.

Yeah, One simple fucking mistake. Can we just move on and forget about this? we have a show to do.

I turned to Michael and waved my finger at him.

See that’s the problem with you white boys, yall always assume that we can just move on from you're racism, Yall think you

can just treat poor innocent black men like dirt and move on from it like nothing never happened.

I shook my head slightly.

You still see me in Chains don't you? You would just love for us to go back to the plantation days wouldn't you? Donald

Sterlings bastard son, Michael Davenport right there.

Michael threw his hands up in the air and looked over at the producer.

I am not a god damn racist. Jesus christ, I can't even deal with this anymore.

The laughter was just so annoying at this point, it sounded like nails on a chalkboard, he definitely had the most ugliest

laugh I have ever heard. I turned over to Jacob.

Hey, Jacob is it? How are you? Oh ya? The wife good? How are the kids? How’s Uncle Buck doing? Are you enjoying yourself? Ya?

Shut the fuck up.

Jacob shook his head, he didn’t stop laughing, he didn’t even attempt to stop laughing. I had a dead-serious look on my face,

and I just turned away from him. I knew there was just no use.

The producer looked over at his watch, this was a live event and right now they were all wasting air time due to the fact

that the camera was on stand-by, he needed to get this segment back on air as soon as possible.

Look, I’m going to go offset, we’ll get the cameras rolling, if you want to ruin our TV spot and make this hard for us we’re

going to deduct your pay man, just sit there, answer the questions, let your side of the story out and have fun with it

alright? You have a problem with Michael or Jacob, you can swear and cuss at them all you want when the camera isn’t rolling.

I put my hand up to my forehead and saluted the producer.

Aight Donald Sterling Junior.

The producer rolled his eyes, him and Michael both shook their heads, and although I had told Jacob to shut the fuck up just

seconds ago, he still laughed out loud, because of that I found myself shaking my head just like Michael and the Producer.

The producer got off set and as he did, there was an awkward silence. The camera man’s hand came out from the side of the

camera once more. This time, instead of five fingers, there was three. I waited for the countdown to end, and once it did the

red light came back on, on the camera.

We’re back on air with the Heir to the throne, and arguably the man with the complete package of skills in the sport also…

ladies and gentlemen we’re back with Deonte Bryant!

Jacob turned over to me, I eyed him down. His laugh was stuck in the back of my head.

Deonte, Last month you made your Professional Wrestling debut, you came into this sport with a lot of hype surrounding you,

and in the blink of an eye, that all came to end at the hands of Darren Maddox when he defeated you. You haven't spoken out

about the match, except from one tweet you sent out on twitter. Now you are going to speak your mind live here on ESPN.

Before I could explain that butt fucker Michael opened his mouth.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, before Deonte speaks out on his side of the story, this is the first time he’s speaking out on it

to the media.

I gripped my hands around the microphone and took a deep breath, now it was time to get serious. I had to let these people

know what exactly was going through my mind.

I didn't lose. Well Yeah, on the official results I lost to Maddox, but in reality, I didn't lose anything, I gained a lot,

it was Darren Maddox that lost, He lost credibility as a Wrestler, He didn't gain a single thing. Coming into this match, I

was a rookie with less than Two months of wrestling training, Sure I had the best trainers in the world, but even two months

aren't enough to teach someone a sport that his opponent has almost a Life time of training in. I took Maddox to his limits,

I displayed my ground game, I displayed my standing game. Darren Maddox didn't leave me with any marks on my body, He didn't

push me to my limits, he only won due to his experience with in ring situations, He took advantage of the situations I didn't

know how to deal with. Darren Maddox is acting like he just beat James Shark, but now he's went ghost trying to avoid a

rematch with me.

I shook my head in anger.

Darren Maddox, Knows he can't beat me again, he knows his first win was a fluke, he knows all of this. This is why he didn't

want the rematch for PWP Eight, He went into hiding, he hasn't tweeted, he has requested not to be booked, he's running

scared. Darren Maddox lost to my Mentor James Shark TWICE, not once but twice. Darren Maddox still runs his mouth trying to

get a third match with Shark, But to get that match he has to earn it, Did he earn it with his fluke win over me? NOPE. Did I

earn a rematch with my performance in the match? YES. You're damn right I earned the right to a rematch, Darren Maddox has no

heart, he has no courage, he has no balls. I Demand a rematch, But I'll never get it because Darren Maddox won't get back in

the ring with me.

I took a deep breath trying to remain calm. Just remembering that night, after I lost the match, I went backstage demanding a

rematch on the next show, But Darren Maddox ran away, Darren Maddox didn't even stick around backstage he left the building,

he cheated me out of a rematch and I was angry about it. Fans tweeted me saying I was scared to take Maddox on again really

got to me, I wasn't the type to duck anyone.

Professional Wrestling Project, Can't force anyone to compete, because they aren't under exclusive contracts with the

Company. That is the loop hole Maddox is using to avoid the rematch with me, Now I have nothing against Josh Duncan or PWP,

Duncan has been real good with me, treated Money Mafia real Nice.

The interviewers just nodded their heads as they heard me speak out. I think they could tell how serious I was. The smile was

gone, this was “Real-Talk” Deonte Bryant now.

Only thing I can fault them on, is their lack of Talent pool, they have a huge network of affilates but they haven't been

using it to their full advantage. I'm not going to get my rematch against Maddox anytime soon, cause he's going to keep

ducking me, but I wanted to face a well known, tough opponent, but Nobody wanted to step to the stage, So now I have to face

Frankie Emerson. Do you know how embarassing that is? I'm Part of the Largest collective of combat artists in Money Mafia, I

one of the rising stars of the Best Training Centers in the world, Confidence Gym. Money Mafia is headed by Cody Taylor and

James Shark two of the biggest stars in Combat Sports, two of the Pound for Pound Greats. They helped train me, they taught

me everything I know. I should be facing guys like them, Not Frankie Emerson, Frankie Emerson I guy who competed in the

Females Division, Seriously, The sport of Professional Wrestling, is becoming a joke, thats why Cody Taylor left for Boxing,

thats Why Saffron Dior left for MMA and It's why James Shark is feeling sick of the sport all together. Frankie Emerson is a

fucking joke, he's making the sport that Money Mafia made famous a fucking Joke, The sport is full of Faggots like Frankie


Michael looked eager to speak, it seemed as if he heard enough. As I looked at the producer he was shaking his head and he

was signaling me to swear less. I shrugged as I sat in my spot. I hadn’t even realized that I was swearing.

You speak of how this Sport is becoming a Joke, What exactly do you mean? Because there are more Companies growing Daily and

New Stars being created every week. I don't see how the sports becoming a joke.

I just chuckled and shook my head at him. It was just typical of the media to assume bullshit like this.

Yeah, You wouldn't get it. All you know is what you're told to say, You think because there are more companies and more

Wrestlers, that means things are great? FUCK NO!! Shiloh Chapman, Wrestled in a Kangaroo suit, In the main event of a

Championship title match, Frankie Emerson competed in a FEMALE division, You have Joey Mills, Being Joey Mills, The entire

sport is a fucking joke, Where are the Matches like Taylor Versus Shark? Where are the Feuds of James Shark and Anthony King?

They are gone, They are gone because of These pussy ass wrestlers, Who want to be friends with each other, who don't want to

fight, They just want to be on Camera and play one big Happy Fucking family.

I just continued to shake my head. Wrestling was once the biggest sport in all of Combat sports, now look at it.

When Shark Goes and Cody Finally decides if he's done with Wrestling, Who will be left? Nobody. That's why I'm working my ass

off to get to their levels, I'm going out into that ring with bad intentions, I'm going into that ring to destroy my

opponent, Wipe out all of those fucking pathetic excuses for wrestlers, I'm the driving force in bringing back the sport to

it's glory days.

My emotions were starting to get the best of me again.

PWP Eight, Bout to be Deonte Bryant's Revenge. My Destiny is to be the heir to the throne, I'll make sure Frankie Emerson

knows and realises that at PWP Eight, He should have stayed in his bullshit Unknown Company and stayed the fuck out of Money

Mafia's Ring, Cause I'm ending this cock sucker, I'm breaking bones and pissing on his corpse.

Jacob extended his hand out to me.

Well Deonte, this was very… interesting and I wish you, luck against Frankie Emerson at PWP Eight.

I was about to shake his hand, but I had one more thing to add, so I left him hanging.

Luck? Against Frankie Emerson, Even Stefan Raab has more talent than Emerson. I Don't need luck, Frankie does, Frankie needs

luck just to survive the Onslaughter of my Strikes, My Takedowns, My submissions, Frankie Emerson has never faced a fighter

like me before and He never will again, Like I said, I plan on ending this faggot and pissing on his corpse.

Experience will play a factor in this match though. Just like it did against Darren Maddox, Frankie could pull off the win on

Experience alone.

I shook my head and gave Jacob a stupid look.

Experience won't help him, when My fists are bouncing off of his skull when I have on the ground. Experience won't help him,

when I have the submission locked in and his bones are about to break. Experience won't help him, When I shoot for the

takedown and slam him onto the canvas. This is my match to win, this is my Victory, I won't lose, Because I can't lose.

I looked down at the floor, before Jacob could even say anything, I heard some background music begin to play, I recognized

the music. They were cutting the interview. I didn’t wait for the camera to stop rolling or for any of the staff to thank me.

I just got up and walked off set.

I stood in front of the producer and he gave me the cash he owed me, and that was that.

As I began to exit the building I knew that I couldn’t just defeat this guy, this “Frankie Face” I had to defeat him in

violent fashion. I had to make the fans go “wow”, I had to do something big. I couldn’t just beat him, I had to destroy him.

Losing was not an option, I have no choice, I gotta go hard.

As soon as I got to my car I would drive over to the gym I was apart of, the gym with the best men and women in the world

today. The Confidence Gym, only the confident survive.

Monday MAY 19TH 2014

Deonte Bryant Versus Frankie Emerson at PWP Eight.

Deonte Bryant, the newest rising star in the sport.

Frankie Emerson, a Nobody who is designed to fail.

I said it on ESPN, I'm coming to this match to fucking destroy you. I'm not coming here to pick up a hard fought Victory, I'm

coming to pick up a DOMINATING victory, I'm coming to make sure Frankie Emerson is never seen or heard from in this sport

again, Except for when People are talking about My career and they Mention Frankie as my first win.

Frankie, You're nothing more than a joke, A pathetic joke, who brings nothing but shame on this great sport, I mean really,

WHO THE FUCK COMPETES IN A FEMALE DIVISION? Oh wait I guess that's alright for you, You have no fucking balls anyway. You're

essentially Ryan Hall without Tits.

This is one Hundred percent personal Frankie, I hate you, I hate you because You're a cancer on the sport, Money Mafia made

famous. You are a leech that is draining the Greatness out of this sport, to boost your bank account, embarrassing this sport

at every turn.

All around me I see The death of Wrestling, It comes in the form of Frankie Emerson, Sister Liliana, Halestorm, Shiloh

Chapman, Gordon Fury, Ryan Jeter, Riley Owens, Flex Johnson, Tank, Savannah, Actually you can pretty much put the entire IWF

company in there, Along with every other fucking Company, Josh Duncan allows to Affiliate with his company.

I am Wrestling's Saviour. I'm the Next Big Star, The Next Greatest Of All Time, The Next big Pay Per View Star, When Cody and

Shark are done, I will rule this sport and I will save it from the humilation People like those mentioned above have put it

through, I will clean away the black marks, you have left in this sport.

Frankie Emerson, Say goodbye to the family kid, Because at PWP Eight, Deonte Bryant Channels his Inner Axe Murderer, Deonte

Bryant takes the Greatest Qualities of his Mentors, James Shark and Cody Taylor, Puts them all together and make's himself a

Mother fucking SUPER WEAPON.
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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: Frankie Emerson is probably going insane. Just sayin'   Mon May 19, 2014 11:43 pm

Scene 1 – Master Splinter ain’t got ish on… MASTER FINTER!

:::== The scene opens with a shot of Frankie “The Face” Emerson and Brandon Harris standing side by side, both wearing yellow duck floaties and scuba suits while a massive Great White Shark swims in a large pool behind the men. How’s that for an opening scene, ay? Frankie Emerson has a stupid smirk on his face as he looks into the pool as the sea beast lurks, Brandon Harris looking as though he just made a pool in his pants. :::==

Brandon Harris: I’ve met you at a club for interviews, at a McDonalds, in the ring, at a Christmas pageant… yet I never questioned it more than I do right now. What, in the hell, are we doing here in front of a shark tank!?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Practicing my friend! You see I’ve done my research, and it has been brought to my attention that I am in great danger stepping into the next PWP show. Deonte Bryant excepted my challenge and whilst in the begging I was confident, you know ‘cuz I’m the greatest professional wrestler in the history of the world, but then I figured out a very; very critical element. Deonte Bryant was trained by the one, the only, wrestling water monster James The Shark. While I’m an incredible athlete and in the best shape of my entire life Brando, not even I can compete with a man of such aquatic terror-training. Which is why we are here. I pulled a few strings and I’ve found the oldest living Great White Shark in captivity, and I’ve been informed by the man who let us in that this shark… knows karate. He informed me that a little known fact is that sharks are actually master karate and jujitsu masters, hence why Mr. Bryant is a mainly striking foe after being under the tutelage of James The Shark. So I Brandon… I’m going to get into this watery dojo and I’m going to learn the way of the shark so that I too will come into battle with the knowledge that Deonte holds! Give me a moment alone to stretch and mentally prepare Brando. Away with you!

:::== Brandon stares at Frankie for the longest time as Frankie drops Indian-style on the ground, humming to himself like a moron meditating. Brandon walks over to the door where the man who let them in sits reading a Cosmo magazine. :::==

Brandon Harris: Why’d you tell him all that garbage about sharks?

Man(looking up from his paper shrugging): I don’t know he called and said he’d give us 500 bucks if we “revealed the secretes of kung fu sharks” to him. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but if he’s got 500 bucks then I’ve got a kung fu shark.

:::== Brandon sighs and walks over to the side of the pool, looking down at the beast that swims below, Brandon shaking his head. Finally Frankie leaps up, flailing his arms around. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Alright Brando, I’m ready. Let’s do this! Alright shark… show me your stuff!

:::== Frankie bows near the pool, watching intently. 45 boring seconds go by as the shark swims in a circle, stops, swims some more, stops… stops… stays stopped. :::==

Brandon Harris: Sooo… you good?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: HUSH BRANDO! I’m learning!

:::== Another 30 seconds of the same passes. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Yes yes I agree master shark… I am absorbing your essence. I’m becoming a new man!

Brandon Harris: … you’re watching a shark swim in a circle.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: How dare you question shark fu! You know what Brandon, if you’re not going to take this seriously give me your duck floaties and just leave!

Brandon Harris: Gladly!

:::== Brando tosses his floaties aside and rushes for the door. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Hey don’t forget about part two of our interview later! You have the address I told you to meet me right?

Brandon Harris: Yes… should I bother showing up or is it going to be just another huge waste of time.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Your moms a huge waste of time. Except when I’m boning her.

Brandon Harris: Witty.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Just show up! Deonte thinks he’s a big deal with his ESPN? Wait til he sees who I got interviewing ME! It’s going to revolutionize PWP and put it on a new leve! Mwahahaha! Now be gone! Me and my teacher have much more learning.

:::== Frankie jumps into the pool, and Brandon walks to the door. :::==

Brandon Harris: I’ll give you an extra 500 bucks if that shark accidently eats him.

:::== The man looks up and nods. The scene fades to black as Frankie swims around in a circle, mocking the shark. :::==

Scene 2 – The Super Cool Fires Edge Burning Cross Top Rope Superstar Spotlight of Epicness #Pwnsauce Wrestling Podcast!

:::== The scene opens with a shot of a Taxi pulling up to a hotel, and parking along side the door. Brandon Harris opens the door and steps out, passing the driver some money. He looks up and sighs, entering the building and approaching the front desk. Behind the desk sits a very attractive secretary. :::==

Brandon Harris: Yeah I’m looking for room 435, an associate of mine should already be here.

Secretary: The scuzzy guy in a teal suit that asked me if I knew what his shirt was made of?

Brandon Harris: … yup.

Secretary: Yeah he’s up there. Take the elevator and go to floor 5. And tell him that despite what he may think, women don’t like when you refer to it as “The Bone Zone”.

Brandon Harris: Will do…

:::== Brandon heads up to the elevator, going to the fifth floor as directed. He approaches the door and knocks, waiting for a few moments before we finally hear Frankie answer “come in”. Brandon enters cautiously to see Frankie standing in a bright teal suit with his “Warning: Choking Hazard” shirt placed stupidly underneath the suit jacket. Frankie is combing his hair back, trying to look as slick as possible. :::==

Brandon Harris: Man this interview must be a big deal huh? I’m lucky if you have pants for our interviews let alone get dressed up.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Awe yeah this is the big time son! But don’t you worry, no matter how much more important this interview is than the ones I do with you, I’ll never replace you Brando!

Brandon Harris: Oh… thank God. I was so worried that I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops and walk through hell just to do my job. Thank you for assuring me that for the rest of my career I’ll be thrusted into this destitute Apocalypse that is my life.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: You’re welcome. Now, are you ready? You’re going to be my caddy to make sure I don’t make a fool out of myself, ok?

Brandon Harris: You just spent two hours swimming with a shark, I don’t think you can make a fool out of yourself anymore. Speaking of which, how’d that go?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: It went swimmingly!(lulz you’re welcome guys!) But it was weird, the guy tried to throw dead fish around me while I was training so I left early.

Brandon Harris: Huh… that is strange… soooooooo anyway that interview?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Yep lets go!

:::== Brandon takes his keys and gets close to the door before he turns to see Frankie sit down on the bed and open up his laptop. :::==

Brandon Harris: What are you doing?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Loggin in for the interview! The guy is real busy so we’re doing it through Skype! It’s what all the guys are doing these days.

Brandon Harris: That’s kinda weird, I thought this was a big time place?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Oh it is trust me! Come on check it out.

:::== Brandon apprehensively sits down next to Frankie as he pulls up Skype. Sure enough, a Skype call comes in. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Hey Norbert? I’m ready when you are!

Tom: Alright, I’ll set up my webcam and we’ll start the interview live in 1 minute!

Brandon Harris(whispering): He sounds kinda whinny, I’m surprised such a big establishment couldn’t get a more soothing voice.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: HUSH! You’re no Tom Jones either when it comes to angelic voices.

:::== Suddenly “Welcome to the jungle” plays over a splash screen that looks like it’s written in MS Paint that reads “The Super Cool Fires Edge Burning Cross Top Rope Superstar Spotlight of Epicness #Pwnsauce Wrestling Podcast! Hosted by – The Godfather of Wrestling.” Suddenly the screen changes to a shot of a very overweight man, looking like he’s probably 17 with mass acne and a greasy ponytail. He sits in a dimly lit room in front of a couple wrestling posters with a ‘Punisher’ skull t-shirt. :::==

Voice: Welcome to “The Super Cool Fires Edge Burning Cross Top Rope Superstar Spotlight of Epicness #Pwnsauce Wrestling Podcast!” hosted by myself, the Godfather of Wrestling. You can call me The Godfather for short though. Last week we had our largest audience to date, over 120 people tuned in live to hear me interview wrestling’s only lobster fisherman “Trapman” Terry Lobstar and I want to say we’ve BLOWN THAT AWAY with 141 people in our stream right now!

:::== Frankie smiles and nods as Brandon looks on in horror. :::==

Godfather: Now I know we were supposed to have “The Punisher” Kyle Killsmasher on tonight, but he got called in to a very important meeting at work. Apparently they’re adding a Little Ceasers into his K-Mart and he could be looking at a shift leader position! Congrats to you Kyle. But we hear at The SCFEBCTRSSEPW Podcast never disappoint. So I, The Godfather, have called in a few favors and I’ve gotten the one, the only, Frankie “The Face” Emerson! I’m patching your feed in now Mr. Emerson.

:::== Frankie smiles and waves, blowing kisses at the camera. :::==

Godfather: Thanks for joining us on such short notice Frankie.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Well of course. When you told me about all the fans that wanted to see their hero on your show, I couldn’t say no. Especially considering how epic this PWP 8 show is going to be, there was nothing else I could do BUT spread the word.

Godfather: Well just a fair warning, we’re going to be asking you a lot of tough questions, probably a lot more pressing matters than you’re used to.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Well you fire away! I’m ready for anything.

Godfather: Alright QUESTION ONE… on the last PWP show you defeated your long time rival Alexis. Do you feel some what, uh… what’s the word… do you feel… you know

Brandon Harris(mumbling): Vindicated…

Godfather: Do you feel better now knowing that you’ve won a match against her?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: As a matter of fact, I don’t. It’d have been different Mr. Godfather if I didn’t know before going into the match that I was going to indeed defeat that Kimber James lookalike. Alexis may have had a ‘win’ over me in the past, but we all know that was just because she had blinded me!

Godfather: You know I’ve been watching wrestling since 2011, so I’m pretty much an authority on it now and I can say that was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen! I’m glad to see you had a full recovery.

Brandon Harris: I think I’m going to throw up…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Thank you Mr. Godfather! It’s good to know SOMEBODY has my back. *Glares at Brandon*.

Godfather: Well my next question is of course about PWP 8. You’re facing Deonte Bryant who is a pretty big badass. If I’m an authority on anything else other than wrestling, its being badass. *snort* How do you feel about facing him?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Well ya know—

:::== Suddenly from behind ‘The Godfather’ the door opens and we see an older women walk in. Godfather quickly covers the camera with his hand. :::==

Godfather(faintly but definatly hearable): Ma what do you want? I’m doing my show! No I don’t care! God get out of my room! … Yeah… yeah I’ll have 4 hot dogs and some French fries. No that’s enough I’m trying to lose weight. Yeah… yeah of course I want you to make brownies too. Thanks ma. Ahem…

:::== He removes his hand and tries to look cool. :::==

Godfather: Sorry Frankie, that was uh… my super hot girlfriend. You probably couldn’t have seen her because sometimes my camera screws up and distorts the picture. But she just wanted to remind me about our date tonight so I’m going to have to cut our interview short. We’re going out for… uh… lobster than going to visit a certain zoneeee if ya know what I mean.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: I got you, playa! Pimp on!

Godfather: I’ll give the floor to you, go ahead and speak directly to Deonte because clearly he’ll see this video.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Ahem… ok Deonte I’m going to put this blunt. I don’t know much about you, and I don’t care to get to know you more. All I know is you were trained by the legendary James The Shark, you have a stupid hat, and you have the NERVE to challenge me!? Wait hold on— I got a call.

:::== Frankie lifts up his phone, pretending to talk to someone. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Hey… hello? Yeah it’s me Frankie. Oh hey how’s it going! Yeah, I’m actually doing a video to send to him right now. Ok sure I’ll deliver your message.

:::== He sets down the phone. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Deonte? That was reality, it wanted me to let you know that you have NO CHANCE OF BEATING ME!

:::== Frankie smiles, proud of his ruse. Godfather laughs a disgusting snorting laugh. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: You see you can talk all you want Mr. Bryant. You can swear at me, you can slander me, you ca do whatever you want. But the fact is at the end of the day I’m not going to beat you for me. I’m not going to beat you for PWP. I’m not going to beat you for JUST the fans that are going to come to that arena. I’m going to beat you for America. I’m going to beat you for the troops that are over seas in Vietnam right now fighting to keep us safe! Fighting to try and reverse the effects we suffered five years ago during the Pearl Harbor shootings. I’m doing it for our fallen presidents like George Washington, George Bush, Stonewall Jackson all of them! I’m going to defeat you… because that’s what’s good for America. WE THE PEOPLE… OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION… ARE GOING TO WHOOP. YOUR. ASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

:::== Frankie seethes as if he just delivered an impassioned speech to send troops into war, and Godfather claps his approval. Brandon Harris is, for the first time, literally speechless at what he just heard. The rest of this scene is unimportant, you’ve all witnessed all you need to. PS: Brandon Harris may have literally been killed by the stupidity radiating out of Frankie. :::==
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PWP 8: Mayhem - Deonte Bryant vs. Frankie Emerson
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