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 PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Darren Maddox vs. Flex Johnson

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PostSubject: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Darren Maddox vs. Flex Johnson   Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:56 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is March 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Darren Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Darren Maddox vs. Flex Johnson   Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:53 am

Phase I
She Wants To See Her Son, The Champion
March 11, 2014

I am a champion now. Finally in my young career, I have claimed gold. Myself and Dean Andry are now the WXW tag team champions. All of our hard work to build our skills and knowledge to the level we needed them to be at has now paid off. Dean is one ruthless son of a bitch. But, then again, so can I. That is why no one wants to step into the ring with Darren Maddox. They know what they would be getting themselves into. James Shark however, did not know what he was in for when he faced me. He was a man who thought that he was going to just run right over me in those two matches we had together. But, both times, although he came out on top, I showed him beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do not underestimate me.

I come out to that ring each and every time with the mindset that I am going out there to hurt you. And now, this time, it’s Flex Johnson who gets the opportunity to see exactly what I’m talking about.

And he is not going to like it.

After receiving a phone call of congrats from my mother Arianna right after my tag team title win, she insisted that I go and visit her. Her very special stipulation for this visit was that I was to bring along my championship belt for her to see. My mother wasn’t used to seeing anything like that before. In fact, that belt would probably be the closest she had been to gold in years, ever since my deadbeat father gave her a wedding ring when I was a kid. Unfortunately back then, she accepted his proposal and said ‘I Do’ to him. Little did she know that she was making the worst mistake of her life. I think the only, ONLY, good thing that came from my parents’ marriage was her giving birth to me. I was the only good thing to come out of it, and I was starting to think that she was feeling the same way.
I had just got out of the shower and I came into the livingroom to find my mother sitting on the sofa looking through a photo album. I went over to her and I stroked the palm of my hand once over the back of her head as a sign of a son’s love, then I sat down beside her and looked down at the album she was flipping through.
Darren Maddox: Looking at photos of me when I was a child? What made you dig this out to look at these?
She paused for a moment as she looked at me and smiled a bit.
Arianna Maddox: I wanted to look back at my son when he was just a boy, so that I can compare then to now. When you were a boy, you always said ‘Momma, I want to be in sports when I am older’. You didn’t know what sport you wanted to be in at the time, but now… now I look at you and here you are… a professional wrestling champion… and I see now that you have reached your goal after working so hard to achieve it. I am so proud of you son. So very proud.
I could see she was starting to get the usual tears in her eyes that she always got when she started to get too sentimental.
Darren Maddox: I don’t want my mother going all soft in front of me here alright? You know how it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m not used to it, and besides, I don’t like to see tears in a woman’s eyes, especially tears of pain. Yes I’m a champion now. Took me a long time, but I’m finally there, and you don’t have to tell me how proud you are of me. I already know.
She wiped the few tears from her eyes with a kleenex, then we proceeded to look through the photo album together. We came across some photos of her and my father and I started to feel myself getting angry just at the sight of him.
Darren Maddox: We should skip past these. I don’t wanna see him, not even in photos.
It was as if she didn’t hear what I said. She didn’t turn the page. She kept looking at the pictures of my father.
Arianna Maddox: These were times when things were so very good between us. He loved me and I loved him. Most of these were taken before I became pregnant with you. He treated me so well back then. I was sure our love would last forever.
She was making herself go through the memories in her mind. Memories that later turned bitterly sour in her life.
Darren Maddox: He was the one who changed mom… not you. If he had remained a good man like the way he was at the beginning, you would still be loving him. But it didn’t turn out that way, and you need to stop beating yourself up over it. These photos are of the past. You need to continue to look to your future. You’re already doing great for yourself. I’m not the only champion in the family here mom. You’re just as much of a champion as I am, because you’ve come a long way and here you are, still moving forward with your life. A much better life than he could ever give you.
I looked back down at the photos and she did the same. She began to turn the pages slowly.
Darren Maddox: So… not that I give a damn or anything… but out of curiosity… how is Giovanni? You hear anything about him or how he’s doing?
Arianna Maddox: No… I haven’t heard anything about your father. His friends don’t keep in touch with me anymore and they haven’t for about a year now.
Darren Maddox: Good. I want it to stay that way. I don’t want his friends calling you up or bothering you. If they start calling you again or even attempt to try and visit you, they will have me to deal with. I don’t want anyone with a connection to Giovanni anywhere near you.
Arianna Maddox: You can’t even call him your father…
Darren Maddox: No... I can’t… and I won’t. He was no father to me.
Arianna Maddox: Can’t say that I blame you. But… at least I never let you down son. Or… did I…?
I immediately eased her mind.
Darren Maddox: You didn’t let me down. You raised me to be a real man.
I hesitated for a moment because even though my mother raised me to stay on the good side of the tracks, I had taken my life to the bad side of things which led to my time in jail. I was still soaking up my rebellious bad nature much to her chagrin. She pointed to one of the photos of me posing for the camera as I held up a clenched fist and no shirt on as I stood outside in our backyard. I looked to be about ten years old.
Arianna Maddox: Look at that photo. Even back then, you were becoming a fighter. A warrior.
I actually smiled a bit at her comment, something I rarely ever do. I was starting to think that it was the perfect time to tell her. She needed to find out sooner or later, so I decided that now was as good a time as any.
Darren Maddox: So…I have an update for you.
She looked at me with inquiring eyes.
Arianna Maddox: An update?
Darren Maddox: Yes. I… I have a girlfriend now.
She went silent for a moment, but then brought herself to respond.
Arianna Maddox: A girlfriend? Alright… Well, what’s her name?
Darren Maddox:  Lycra.
Her eyebrows turned in, but not in anger. She smiled a bit.
Arianna Maddox: What kind of a name is that? A very strange name. What nationality is she?
I chuckled.
Darren Maddox: She’s a white American. And so what if she has a weird name. That doesn’t matter. What matters is… I’m in love with her. I didn’t expect something like this to ever happen to me, but… it has… and she loves me in return. She told me so.
Arianna Maddox: Tell me more about this woman. I want to make sure that this girl is taking good care of my son and not just using him.
Darren Maddox: Mom, she’s not just using me alright? Her and I are hitting it off just fine. We don’t listen to the people who put us down for being together. We love being together and we wanna see where it takes us.
There was a pause before she replied.
Arianna Maddox: And what about your temper? I remember you were worried and afraid to have a girlfriend in case you ever lost your temper and hit her.
Darren Maddox: I never lose my temper with her and I highly doubt that I ever will. I will NOT be like Giovanni. I do not beat up women until they’re bloody and black and blue. Lycra makes me happy whenever I’m with her. She has a daughter that doesn’t really like me right now, but I’m gonna work on that. I want her daughter to get to know me.
My mother looked back down at the album and began turning the pages. It was like she didn’t want to talk about this anymore, and it was like she didn’t approve of me having a girlfriend, but she didn’t want to up and say so.
Arianna Maddox: I hope she treats you well and will continue to make my son happy. You deserve it.
Darren Maddox: No… I don’t think I deserve such a fine woman.
I put my arm over her shoulders and gave her a little smile, then we continued to look through the album. About ten minutes later, she decided she was going to go get us some snacks from the kitchen. She put the album down on the coffee table, but when she went to stand up, she lost her balance and quickly grabbed hold of the arm of the sofa. I got up instantly and got behind her and took her arms to support her.
Darren Maddox: You okay?
It took a couple of seconds before she could answer.
Arianna Maddox: Yes… I’m… I’m fine.
She started to take some steps into the dining room since it was ajoined to the living room. I was afraid to leave her side, so I stayed right with her and she looked like she was having trouble with her balance once again and had to stop at the dining room table and lean on it a bit for support. I was getting very concerned and my heart was beating faster as I stood right beside her.
Darren Maddox: Mom, you’re scaring me… You look like you’re about to pass out.
She shook her head a little.
Arianna Maddox: No… I’m alright… I’ve just been working long hours at the bank this week. Haven’t had much sleep.
I wasn’t sure whether or not she was telling me the truth or lying to me to protect me from something.
Darren Maddox: Are you sure it’s because you’ve been working too hard? It’s not something else? Mom, you need to tell me if something’s wrong? Don’t lie to me okay? Is it your health?
Arianna Maddox: No son…
She turned her head to look at me.
Arianna Maddox: I’m just tired from all of the work. Calculating numbers and formulas all day. It takes its toll on my brain. I’m not some young chicken you know.
Darren Maddox: Yeah well, still… I want you to take your vacation time that you’ve been putting off. I mean it mom. You need to rest.
Arianna Maddox: I know. And don’t worry… I will be sure to take holiday time soon and stay at home and do nothing but sleep and be lazy.
Darren Maddox: Let me help you to your room. You’re gonna lay down for awhile and I’m not taking no for an answer.
She continued to look at my concerned face and started to smile.
Arianna Maddox: Since when do you get to be the boss? A son doesn’t tell his mother what to do.
Darren Maddox: This son does. Now come on… Let me help you to bed.
She didn’t resist me because she knew that she wouldn’t win. She knew how stubborn her son was. After I helped her to her room and she was laying down with a warm comforter over her, I left her to rest and I quietly shut her bedroom door behind me. I stood out in the hall, still having a worried look on my face. I glanced back at her door.
Darren Maddox: You better not be lying to me mom. Please don’t be lying to me…
If anything were to happen to my mother, I would… well… honestly… I didn’t know what I would do.
Phase II
A New Motivation. Her Name Is Lycra.
March 14, 2014

We had decided to get away for a couple of days after I had my visit with my mother. Lycra’s home was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I had to say, it was a real impressive piece of land she had. It was my first time being there and I was starting to think that I never wanted to ever leave. I wanted her and I to say ‘fuck the world’ and just stay there forever. What could I say. I was the king of wishful thinking.
I had just got into a pair of black jogging pants and I was leaning forward putting on my Reebok athletic runners that I always worked out in. She came up behind me as I sat shirtless on the bench in the middle of her personal gym located on the main floor of her home. I sat up straight the moment she placed her hands on me and began massaging my neck and shoulder muscles.
Lycra: You’re so tense. What is it Darren? What’s bothering you?
Her hand remained resting on my shoulders and I took her hand that was on my right shoulder and I kissed the back of it gently, then held it to the side of my face. A moment later, I looked up at her.
Darren Maddox: You have no idea how much you mean to me, and how much I love you. None of your friends believe that I’m sincere in my feelings for you, but I don’t give a fuck what they think. I know what I feel inside. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me in a very long time. They can’t keep us from being together. As for what’s bothering me… I guess I’ve just been stressing out over making sure that I don’t disappoint you. It’s been weighing on my mind a little more than what I want to admit.
She stood there looking down at me with her beautiful caring face.
Lycra: You always feel the need to have to prove yourself. You have nothing to prove to me. I trust you and I know you’re being honest with me about your feelings.
Darren Maddox: I want to be the best man that I can be for you. I don’t want you to have any regrets about hooking up with me… About being seen publicly with me… About making love to me. I want you to be fully happy in every aspect of our relationship. I know the pain you’ve been through, and I sure as hell know the pain I’ve been through, so… it’s just like we were somehow meant to be together.
She smiled and sat down beside me on the workout bench. She looked into my eyes.
Lycra: If I didn’t want to be with you, or if I had any doubts whatsoever about you, then believe me, you would be the first to know. I don’t hold anything inside anymore. That’s how I had the nervous breakdown.
Darren Maddox: Yeah… I remember you told me about that. I don’t ever want you to have to go through something like that again. I’m going to take real good care of you. I want to be here for Jetta too, if she will let me.
Lycra: Well, she doesn’t really like you very much after the bad things you’ve done.
Darren Maddox: I know… but… I can make things right with her… so that she’ll be comfortable around me and so that she’ll be okay with me being the man in your life. Wouldn’t it be great to go out and do things together with her? The three of us could go see a movie, or a nice dinner somewhere in a restaurant. Wait a minute… Isn’t Jetta’s birthday coming up?
Lycra: Wow! You actually remember my kid’s birthday is approaching? THAT scores major points for you right there. And yes, her birthday is coming up on April 4th.
Darren Maddox: We should do something for her. I think it would help her to get used to me and to see that I’m really making an effort here. I want this to work for us. I want us to be a family.
She ran her hand through my hair slowly, then placed her hand on my shoulder.
Lycra: I want that too. And… I can honestly say that I’ve never been this happy in a long time.
I brushed the few red hairs from her face and I leaned over towards her and kissed her on the lips. A passionate kiss lasting about five or six seconds. I slowly pulled away from her, but kept my face close to hers.
Darren Maddox: I will always be your bad boy. Always.
Phase III
Bleached Hair Forever: I Will Never Forget You Spike
July 16, 2001

We were nervous as all hell. At least I was anyway. We were just three teenage boys looking to take our rebelliousness to the next level and in our young minds, we were invincible. Nothing and no one could touch us. There wasn’t one guidance counsellor who could convince us any differently. We played by our rules. But… this time… we didn’t realize that playing by our own rules was going to have unbearable consequences.
Lenny, Spike, and I were crouched down low behind the big tree that was not far from the variety store that we were standing outside of. The young female cashier who couldn’t have been older than twenty-five years old was starting to close up for the night. She was about to count the cash that was in the cash register. I looked over at Lenny.
Darren Maddox: You ever done anything like this before?
Lenny: Naaa, but you know what they say dude. There’s a first time for everything.
Spike was my seventeen-year-old best friend and we had been friends ever since elementary school. Lenny and I were two years younger than he was, and he was just like a big brother to me. A mentor. Spike turned his head and looked at me.
Spike: I can tell you’re nervous Maddox. Just relax man. No one’s around and it’s pitch dark outside. In a few minutes, we go rushin’ in there, do what we came here to do, then get the hell out.
Darren Maddox: And if she doesn’t co-operate? What then Spike??
He started to smirk and he reached into the inside of his jacket and pulled out a small handgun. My heart started to race. Lenny started to grin at the sight of it.
Lenny: Sweet…
I looked at Lenny.
Darren Maddox: Sweet?? It’s not sweet! It’s dangerous!!
Spike: Calm your jets man. This is all gonna play out just the way we want it to.
Lenny: And then, we’ll be ten times richer than what we are now with all that money she’s countin’ in that register.
Spike put the gun back into his inside pocket and it was time for us to make our move. All three of us pulled our hoods to our jackets over our heads so that our faces were not easily seen, then we started towards the store’s front doors, all the while keeping a look out for anyone that might be around. There was no one. It was the perfect time, or… so it seemed. The three of us suddenly barged into the store and Spike quickly pulled out his handgun and pointed it at the woman as he shouted at her!
Spike: Put the money into the bag NOW!!! ALL OF IT!!! INTO A BAG NOW!!!
The woman became frightened and upset and sounds of terror came from her mouth. She grabbed a brown paper bag, the biggest she had, and she started loading the paper bills from the register into it.
Lenny: FASTER!!! COME ON!!! MOVE IT!!!
She started crying as she was stuffing the bills as fast as she could into the paper bag. I hadn’t said a damn word since we raided into the store, but I was still very much on the look out and it was a good thing that I was because all of a sudden, I saw a cop car pulling up outside.
I began to panic, but unfortunately, Spike had more balls than he did brains, and didn’t give a damn that there was a cop now getting out of his car and quickly making his way towards the front doors!
Darren Maddox: SPIKE, COME ON MAN!!!
The cop came barging through the doors just like we had just minutes ago. He had his gun in position pointing right at us and I knew then that we were in some major shit. However, Spike had his gun pointing right back at the cop as well.
All three of us were standing there defying the cop and not moving while the young woman was crying like crazy behind the counter, still holding the bag of money that she was filling up for us.
Spike:  You drop your weapon first… then I drop mine… That’s how we roll… You don’t make the rules! WE MAKE ‘EM!!!
The officer wasn’t budging one bit for Spike.
Lenny and I looked at Spike.
Darren Maddox: Just put the gun down man… It’s over… We’re caught… Spike, please!!!
Lenny: I don’t wanna die here man!!! Spike, put the damn gun down!!!
Spike: NO!!!
Spike fired a few shots past the cop and into the glass doors of the store! That caused the cop to quickly head for cover behind another counter that was next to him which in turn bought us a few seconds to start running out the back door! The three of us ran out into the night and I could hear the cop already busting out the back door of the store to come after us!
We were making good headway over the cop and we were nearing a huge empty field with a hill over to the side of us. None of us said a word and it was pitch black now in this field we were in, but I was still afraid the cop would be able to see our figures running away from him. As we kept on, I motioned with my left arm to Lenny and Spike to start running towards the big hill, so all three of us stuck together and eventually we came to the hill. I talked quietly but quickly…
Darren Maddox: Down the hill… Roll down the hill… Now!
All three of us dropped to the ground and started rolling our bodies to gain momentum to get ourselves down this very steep hill. At the bottom of it was a small river that was flowing at a good pace. We made it to the bottom of the hill and by this time, I just felt like throwing up due to the constant sudden rolling motion of my body. We got to our feet and we forced ourselves to keep running along the river until a few minutes later, we came to a wooded area with a shitload of trees all around us. Once we made it into this area, we knew that we had finally lost the cop who was chasing us. We slowed down and we came to a stop and all three of us collapsed to the ground. I was trying like mad to catch my breath and so was Spike and Lenny. I was holding onto my stomach, trying desperately not to vomit.
Darren Maddox: That… was too close…
About ten seconds later, I was still on the ground and so was Lenny. But Spike… he slowly started to get himself up and once he had made it to his feet, he turned to face Lenny and gave him an angry look.
Spike: I knew I should never have let you into our group. You’re not worthy enough to run with Darren and I. Maddox is my best friend…and YOU fucked this whole thing up for us!!!
Darren Maddox: Wait a minute Spike… Wh-what are you talking about man???
Spike: Lenny has been the weakest fucking link in this group for a long time now and I’ve HAD IT!!!
Lenny was still on the ground as was I and he was looking up at Spike.
Lenny: I didn’t ruin anything dude! The COP CAME IN AND FUCKED UP OUR PLANS!! NOT ME!!
Spike: SHUT UP!!
I could see Spike reaching into the inside of his jacket and he pulled out his handgun. He turned back around to face Lenny:
Spike: Do you know how much money was in that paper bag??!!! DO YOU??? My mother can’t pay for her medication!!! All that money in the bag would have been enough for her AND FOR ALL THREE OF US!!! AND NOW NONE OF US HAVE NOTHING BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
Spike suddenly pointed the gun at Lenny and I just instantly reacted without even thinking….
Darren Maddox: NO!!! DON’T!!!
I charged at Spike and speared him down to the ground and that’s when the gun went off! I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever and that’s how I knew it wasn’t me who got shot. I quickly sat up and looked at Spike who was laying on the ground with a bullet wound to the thigh of his right leg. He had let go of the gun. When I tackled him to the ground, he had accidentally shot himself. The blood was now oozing from his body. I was starting to panic.
Darren Maddox: Oh my god… You’re shot… FUCK!!! YOU’RE SHOT!!!
Lenny was standing there looking at us and he just started to get angry and began shouting at us.
I looked at Lenny.
Lenny turned and started running away from us as fast as he could until he just disappeared into the woods. I turned and looked back at Spike who was still concious but was losing blood by the second. He spoke in a very weak voice.
Spike: I’m… cold…
I quickly took my jacket off and covered his upper body with it. I looked at his leg and I had to try and stop the bleeding somehow, but I had nothing to use except my shirt, so I slipped my shirt off and bunched it up and started putting pressure on the wound to try to slow down the bleeding. Spike was looking up at me and I was looking down at him.
I had tears in my eyes, but Spike… he had no tears. He started to smirk a bit.
Spike: You’re a true renegade… You don’t… give yourself….enough credit….
Darren Maddox: Don’t talk… Save your strength… Just don’t die on me Spike… Please… Just don’t die on me okay??
I just started rambling on out of utter fear of not knowing what the hell to do next.
Darren Maddox: I have to get you some help. I don’t know how but I have to somehow… I shouldn’t have tackled you down… This is all my fault… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…. Why did I have to tackle you down?? I made you pull the trigger!!
I started to get more upset. He was just laying there quiet.
Spike: You didn’t do anything… except become… the renegade that you are… Just let me die Darren…
Darren Maddox: No… No, I can’t…
Spike: You…remember our rule…?
Darren Maddox: Rule?? Wh-what rule??
Spike: Never let ‘em take you alive… If you get me help… then… they get me alive… Don’t let… that happen Darren… D-Don’t…….let……them…. take….me…….
Suddenly I could hear Spike’s final breath slowly exhale from his mouth… and then… there was no more life in him. My best friend was dead. I just sat there on the ground with him as his body layed there and I just started to cry.
I felt completely numb. It was like I was in shock. I had just lost the only person who understood me.
About ten minutes later after sitting with his lifeless body, I ran the back of my hand over the right side of his head. At that moment, I remembered the day he bleached the right side of his hair blonde. I told him he was crazy for doing it, but it made his day when he did that. He had told me he did it so that he would finally stand out from all the rest.
To be a cut above the rest was something Spike was never able to do. Until the day he bleached his hair. From that day forward, to him, that made him special from all others.
That was all Spike ever wanted…
To be someone special.
One week after Spike’s death, I bleached my hair on the right side of my head blonde. I did it to honor him. I would be doing it for the rest of my life because by doing that… it would mean that Spike would remain a part of me forever.
R.I.P Spike.
Phase IV
I Am The Great White Shark
Present Day

The camera faded in and I was ready to state the facts of truth to one Flex Johnson.
Darren Maddox: Flex Johnson… Where the fuck do I begin. Well… I think the best way to do this is to just call it like I see it. Yeah, I think that’ll be the best way.

You see, it’s like this Flex… I know that you’ve got a hell of a lot of championships under your belt. But… you need to know that that fact doesn’t intimidate me or make me believe for one second that I can’t beat you. In case you didn’t know it, I am now one half of the tag team champions in WXW. I am the leader of Extreme Justice. I am the mastermind behind that organization and rightfully so. I’m a very clever man Flex. I don’t fuck around once that bell rings, and this match with you my friend, will not be any different.

Understand that yes I do hold a lot of respect for you. There’s no denying that you’ve made your mark, and then some, in this industry. But you see, I am making my mark as well in the wrestling world. When people hear the name Darren Maddox, they immediately think ‘extreme’ and they know that I stop at nothing to get the win.

Why don’t you put that Masters Degree in Communications to good use Flex, and attempt to do what everyone else has failed to do and that is to get through to me and to convince me to get off wrong path in my life. Talk to me Flex and tell me the same old bullshit that everyone else has been telling me. You see, the problem is people don’t want to acccept me for who I am. I’ve been on the good side of the law and it got me nowhere, so why the fuck should I “turn my life around” only to get screwed by the judicial system yet again.

The only good thing in my life right now is my girlfriend Lycra. She understands me and sees that I’m not such a bad guy after all. Thing is, no one else sees what she sees in me. Not even my own mother. Sure, my mother loves me to death, but, she still sees me as a disappointment to her. She won’t up and admit that to me, but… I know that’s what she thinks.But now, I’ve got myself some gold around my waist, so maybe that will finally change my mother’s thinking about me, and make her see that it really does pay off to be the bad guy sometimes.

I know you know what it feels like to have a woman at your side Flex, and to want to make your woman proud of you and to make sure she knows that she’s got a man who can always get the job done. Well… that’s how I want Lycra to feel. I want her to be proud of me and to know that I’m a force to be reckoned with in that ring. Flex… that is what you need to realize once that bell rings. You’re not just in this match with some average competitor. You’re getting in the ring with Darren Maddox, and I can tell you right now… you are in for the fight of your life. I’ve got something, or should I say someone, to fight for. I have Lycra now and I need to continue my success not just for me, but for her.

I am well aware that you’re a Hall of Famer and that you’ve had your ups and downs just like I have. But you know what the big difference is between you and me? The big difference between us is that I am hungry to win.

You… are not hungry to win Flex. Not anymore.

Now… I’ve done a lot of homework on you Flex, and a lot of the shit about you I already knew. But one thing I stumbled across, is that you once spent time in rehab. There was a time in your life when you turned to the bottle and started drinking heavily. That’s something I can relate to Flex. You see, my father… he drank all the time. Probably still does. I don’t know because I don’t keep in contact with him. He used to beat on my mother all the time, and I was just a young teenager who wanted to bash his skull in for doing what he did to her. But… my point here is… the great over-achiever Flex Johnson… DOES have weaknesses inside of him. You can try to pull off a James Shark way of thinking and try to fool everyone by saying that nothing gets to you, but Flex… I know better than that. I also know that your past issue of drinking isn’t your only weakness, and the unfortunate thing for you is… I know what those weaknesses are. And me being one who is known for his ‘extreme tendencies’, I will use every weakness that you have in that ring to my advantage, because I have to win this match Flex. I know no limits. However, the same cannot be said for you.

You my friend… should have stayed in retirement.

I also know about your brother’s Koji’s death. Again, that is something I can relate to. I lost my best friend Spike years ago after he was accidentally shot by his own handgun. It was a robbery that went fatally wrong for us. He and I struggled briefly… and the gun in his hand went off. I believe to this day that it was because of me that he accidentally pulled the trigger. When I lost Spike, it was as if I had lost my brother. So believe me when I say that I know the pain you went through when Koji died. It still hurts you doesn’t it Flex? You still think about him. Maybe it even keeps you up on those nights when you just can’t sleep. I still feel the pain of losing my brother figure.

I’m not trying to open old wounds here… but it’s really not hard for me at all to take a self guided tour inside your head and be able to comprehend all the shit that’s going on inside of it.

Did it hurt you to lose to James Shark during The Gold Rush tournament? I bet it did. And, in all honesty, you disappointed me Flex. You see, I was sure that you would take him and become the first ever PWP Champion. But you failed… That had to have knocked your confidence down a few notches. Don’t think that I won’t prey on that.

Remember Flex… it’s all about your weaknesses. I think you lack more in that ring as it stands now than what you realize.

I am young and strong and extremely resilient. Just ask Shark. He’ll tell ya the same thing. I pushed him to his limit in that ring, and now, I’m going to do the same to you. I have to Flex. Don’t take it personal, because like I’ve told you already, I do respect you.

But now… and in the future… it isn’t Flex Johnson’s time to shine anymore. It is Maddox’s time to shine. And I plan on doing just that.

Bring me your best bro… but… it just won’t be enough.

It will never be enough to beat Maddox.

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PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Darren Maddox vs. Flex Johnson
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