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 PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah   Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:55 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is March 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Wild Cat
Wild Cat

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah   Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:59 pm

We fade in on a monitor showing Robert Sands working on a treadmill with his personal trainer is timing him to see what his personal best for a mile is.

Robert Sands: Savannah, You’re another cute face around here that will be destroyed in this tournament so why don’t you just do us all a favor and just give up already because you know that you’re not going to win this match or the tournament to become the new PWP World Heavyweight Champion. You might have done a lot of things in the past but that was another company with very different people than those here in PWP so you might find that the competition in PWP to be very much different because here in PWP we don’t hold back the punches or the insults so don’t say later that I didn't warn you or gave you a way out of this match, girlie.

The video pauses as the camera pulls back, showing Savannah sitting in a chair before the monitor. She turns in her chair to face to face the camera She's smiling, but it's not the same smile she's shown before. It's a colder smile, a more businesslike smile- a smile that might hide a heartbreak.

Ah, yes. Robert Sands back at the Gold Rush, telling everyome what a great athlete he was, and how certain little girls like me shouldn't bother playing with big, stong manly men like him. Thanks for calling me 'cute', by the way.

She laughs at that, a dry, humorless laugh.

I admit I didn't get as far along in the tournament as I had hoped. In fact, I lost my first round match against Jordan Caliban, who is getting his shot at the title now held by James Shark at March 4 Glory , by the way. Good luck in your match Caiban!

So I didn't do as well as the great Robert Sands who… oh wait…

Savannah picks up a clipboard from the table next to her. She looks to study it for a moment, then chuckles.

It says here that the great and all powerful Mr. Sands lost his first round match as well. Quite spectacularly. Hmm…

She smiles at the camera again. This smile is larger, but no warmer. Like the cat who has just trapped a mouse.

Seems Bobby boy isn't the shit he's been putting himself out to be, hmm? Of course, like I said I lost my first round match as well. But I never said anything about running the board, now did I?

Savannah leans back in her chair, turning her head for a moment to look at the frozen image of Robert Sands.

I bet you're feeling quite the let down, nowadays Bobby boy. After all here you had crowned yourself King of the World, only to be shown up by some old man on his last trip around the feds before he hangs it up for good. And I bet it's really eating you that your next opponent after the big letdown- is the same 'cute girlie' you advised to get lost back at Gold Rush.

Savannah leans forward, looking straight into the camera.

And I'm betting you still think of me at that 'cute girlie' who wasn't ready to take what you have to dish out. Because you'd be wrong, and I'll prove it by coming into Radio City Music Hall and proceeding to kick your ass the length and breadth of Manhattan!

I have never expected punches to be pulled for me. And if you'd taken five minutes to actually look at my matches you'd have seen that!

So Bobby boy, you've got a choice. You can come to March 4 Glory expecting an opponent who's going to  be anything, do everything, bring everything she has to bring to the match in order to beat you- or you can go on thinking that I'm just some eye candy diva that will be a pushover for a manly man like you. This is  what I expect you to do, really. Why quit being stupid when it's working so well for you?

See you in New York.

We fade to black.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah   Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:49 pm

The scene opens up in New York, New York where Robert Saints has just made his way to the arena for tonight’s show.

Robert: Savannah, you dare call me by the name of Robert Sands, my name is Robert Saints and I’m a fourth generation wrestler so that means that I have a lot of experience in the ring and by watching my family wrestling in this business. Savannah, you think that you can beat me just because you’re good looking. I’m not going to let the fact that you’re a woman stop me from kicking your ass all over this arena.

Robert enters the arena and heads for the locker room area so that he can begin working out.

Robert: I don’t understand why you would want to poke the bear that is Robert Saints. I’m not even messing with you but you seem to find making fun in messing with me so I’ll defend myself as much as possible against you, Wildcat. I got to admit that you’re hot but I won’t let that be the reason why you beat me. I was brought up not to hit a woman but you’re not a woman tonight when you’re against me because I think of you as another man looking to become a big timer by taking yours truly out so I’m going to have to stop you for.

Robert jumps on the treadmill and works out for a bit as he raises his heartbeat.

Robert: Savannah, you’re a talented wrestler that’s no lie but have you ever thought of just not taking this match against me because I’m not going to lie down for anyone including you. If you’re looking for an easy win against me then you have come to the wrong place because I don’t go down without a fight. I might end up losing the match but at least I put up a fight for everyone to see and that’s all I care about. I don’t really care much what the fans think about me or how I carry myself because the only one I truly care about is I so you and the fans can kiss my ass.

Robert is now shown doing pushups and pull-ups.

Robert: Savannah, I don’t know what more I can say about you that I haven’t said already but I’m just wondering if you can do the unthinkable in order to win your match. If it was between the win and loss if you were to be dirty or bend the rules, could you? I’m not afraid to use the rules to my favor no matter who my opponent is including you Savannah.

Robert exits his locker room and heads for the ring.

Robert walks through the curtain and heads down the entrance ramp into the ring where he waits for his opponent.

The scene fades to black before commercials show for the advertisers of The Professional Wrestling Project.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah   

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PWP 6: The March 4 Glory - Robert Saints vs. Savannah
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