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 PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold   Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:14 am

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is September 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: If you post as individuals, you are only allowed 1 RP each. If you post together as a team, you are still only allowed 1 RP.
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PostSubject: All the World's A Stage...   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:01 pm

The screen is black, silent with only slight sound of static to break the tension what is about to happen. But for right now, all you hear is a voice. A very soft, determined.

My voice.

Gilbert Gold: I never really thought that I'd have to do one of these again. The first and last time I tag teamed with some, we won. But that was at a price. My partner was Jaice Wilds, a man I beat, got beaten by and ultimately teamed-up with me to become part of the "Black Horse" division back in wAw. We both made it to that division in tandem, but then the betrayed his only friend in the business to pursue a shiny new championship belt; The Epic Xross Championship. This, the Black Horse division belt, was one he coveted for himself.

I can't recall if he ever won it. I can't recall who eventually won the damn thing. All I can remember that being part of a Tag-Team left a bitter taste in the pit of my mouth for the rest of my short, FCW/wAw career.

Until now.

Fade into your screen, if you will, a rather generic sight for a wrestling promotion. Here I am sitting in a locker room of a once-a-month wrestling program dubbed PWP; The Professional Wrestling Project. I like the sound of it actually, for it is rather different. Some sort of melting pot for those who love sport enough to come together for a showcase of inter-company talent. They've already had one decent show, though it could use some growing up. But for a promotional project like this, it's a damn good start. That's why I signed up for the second show and I'm very excited to be part of it for so many reason.

The locker room is empty aside from myself and a camera man. It's clean, musk-free air is a delight compared to Underground's locker room. That's kind of suck, actually. There is no history here, no adrenaline being pumped or body being broken backstage. That or someone really poured on the Lemon Pledge. The bench I'm sitting on is new, and that just makes me hope that whoever paid the money to spruce this place up better bring us a decent crowd. I want people to see what IWF Superstars can really do and we have two of them teaming up for the first time ever.

I look at the camera as I'm lacing up for a workout. I'm drenched in sweat already, since the air is off in the stadium due to it being empty. My street clothes are crammed into a tiny locker labeled "69". I try not to smile due to the funny number, but I'm feeling too good to hide it.

Gilbert Gold: Hello PWP! This is exciting, isn't it? We are already on show "numero dos" and things are heating up! A successful show, and IWF Superstar winning the main event, hot women... I like what I see here! And what I see here is opportunity; Opportunity to show not only those who watch the Insurgency Wrestling Federation, work for IWF and those how have seen my personas in the past, but also show each and every other company out there how its done. You see, I am a worm. I am a wrestler in his re-developmental stages. Several injuries have given me "time-off" in the wrestling world, so it's only fair that my boss puts me in a show for the developing talent. I accept that, love it and would not have it any other way. But there are some...issues in that world, such a one Dean Vandal... know, that ass that got squashed in a triple-threat match last month...

...picking fights with our boss and asking "Why aren't we in Pay-Per-Views?" and "Why don't we get titles shots" and "why is my penis so small?". The simple fact of the matter is because Dean Vandal and most of the development that I now work with is nothing but a bunch of complainers. Me? I love the developmental stage! It's where you find opportunity knocking and you knock it right back when you find it. And it's moments like this one, right here in PWP, that make it all worth while. This month, I get to team up with someone who knows all about opportunity. In retrospect, I'm not only showing my partner and my boss what I am made of, but also whiners like Dean Vandal how you get noticed.

And ultimately win a match.

I am done tying my boots at this point, positioning myself to stand up from the new yet uncomfortable bench. I push myself up and over to my over-stuffed locker and open the door wide for everyone to see. Inside the door is a poster of a winner and a champion. This man is the person I have been fated to team-up with for this tourney and I couldn't be prouder. I point at the poster while I'm getting ready to make my point.

Gold: This man is one you should recognize from many a show, ladies and gents. Flex Johnson, current IWF High Impact Champion and winner of last months main event here in PWP. He has class, lots of hair, power and speed (and not the drug, you racist bastards)! He's a Hall of Famer in one company, a former champion in many more. And this man, heh, this man will be making waves for years to come.

Now, he's higher on the ladder than I am. Same company, yes, but different shows and VERY different paychecks. He earned it, and I strive for it. Which brings the conversation to me, Gilbert Gold. I am a man at this point with nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am a man with a lot riding on this tag match alone because I know who is watching. I am a man with a heart of gold, an iron spine and a brain...that is severely damaged. So in other words, I'm dangerous. I may be a newbie to my own company, but I am not a some green rookie in this business. I know the rules, I know the stops, I know the drills and I know my place. But as you can see, I am a very different person compared to my soon-to-be partner, enough to make this partnership very interesting.

Not impossible, but interesting.

But the one thing that Flex and I have in common is representation. We are both representing IWF as single wrestlers and collectively as a team. We have team spirit for IWF. Flex gets to throw his weight around as a company Champ and I get to show off the new talent all in one. This is BRAND representation as well as 'repping' ourselves. So we can't lose to these other teams. WE WILL NOT lose to these other teams.

I slam the locker shut, start walking towards the camera as it backs up into the hallway. My focus is on these teams now. These poor folks now get to deal with an up-and-comer with so much drive you could power and iPad to actually make it FLASH capable.

Gold: Teams like New Noize, who sound more like an 80's Boy Band than an actual Tag-Team. This is the first team we will defeat on our journey to the Finals Match. So while Trent Youngblood and Dontrelle Jones are too busy singing "You Don't Know You're Beautiful", Flex and I will be wrestling  our hearts out. We don't need a fancy, or in their case metrosexual, team name to make us sound like a well oiled machine. Yeah, those two have history, but that's all it is...history. It's time for guys like myself to win it all for the future of this business. I know Flex is on the same page with me when I say that I'm not about to let Harry Styles and Justin Timberlake take home a win.

And then, there are the Canadians, the bastards who don't know what real bacon is. Hey Brent and Dougy, I have a joke for you two! What does a urine sample and Canadian Beer have in common? THE TASTE! What else does a urine sample and Canadian Beer have in common? People would rather pay to drink it than watch Maple Leaf Muscle wrestle for free. AND JUST BECAUSE HAM AND BACON COME FROM THE SAME ANIMAL DOES NOT MAKE MAN A TYPE OF BACON!


Now on to Chaos Theory. Heh, Chaos Theory? We have the guy with no arms from Mortal Kombat teaming up with Chris Edwards. What's so chaotic about that? One of the most generic American names I've ever heard teaming up with a guy who named himself after a video game character with twice as more talent than he has. I don't even need to throw a joke into this one. Both of you are plenty of joke enough.

Shock N Awe...

I don't even have a single quip for these two. I have never heard of them until today. If they have a history, I'm not finding in. This just means that they aren't that great and haven't left an impression on the wrestling world. So I just stick out my tongue and blow a raspberry to the camera, hoping I don't spray the lens with my spittle.

Gold: ...Pfft! NEXT!

Ah, the O'Neil Family! Laura Phoenix brings her big brother in to pick up after her loss to my partner last month. Looking to even the score, Laura? Need to get your brother to protect you like you were in grade school? You just wrote your own joke, toots! But if for some reason you and Flex do meet up in the ring again, and Mikey and myself are in your respective corners, I will take you both very seriously. I don't like messing with family, but the odds aren't in your favor by much. You two may have some past together as well, thought it looks very minimal from what I've heard. Being away from you and in Japan for so long, Mikey, will have some deadly moves in his arsenal. But I was trained in Japan too, so Mikey won't be your secret weapon. I wonder if he knows that you are most likely using him as a tool of revenge? I guess being the big brother is clouding his judgment on who is real opponent is. I'd watch your back, Michael. You DO have to watch out for Flex Johnson and myself, but your little sister is just as dangerous, if not more so to you. There is a show next month for an "All Female" cast! Laura will not only use you to get back at Flex, if it comes to that, but also to walk into that next show as a winner. Be wary, brother.

And The Extreme Thrill...BORING! Sounds like two children playing "Make-Pretend Wrestling" on the backyard trampoline.

And finally, if I have missed a team or two, you aren't worth it. Flex and I are the team to watch out for. Flex has momentum, I have opportunity, and together we will own this Tag-Team Tourney like every Late Night Talk-show host owned Miley Cyrus this past week. So be it the Boy Band, the bacon haters, the unknown team, the not-so-chaotic, the boring ones or the family reunion...none of it matters. The winners are not going to be the ones that call themselves a team, but the two of us who will BE a team!

I finally stop walking, the camera becoming motionless as well. He have traveled to the pit of the empty arena where the ring will be set up in just a couple weeks. I peer away from the camera to check out my surroundings, taking in the air and imagining all the cheers that Flex and I will have when we win this tournament. I smile my sinister smile, look back at the camera and deliver my last lines of dialog.

Gold: What will happen will be left to fate and faith. And with faith in myself and Flex, and also a fate to win...our chances, our opportunity is truly...golden!

And as we fade out, the very last thing you see is my pearly...


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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

Posts : 239
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold   Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:03 pm

(The shot opens up inside of a gym. It’s empty except for one man who is hard at work. Trent Youngblood is shown at the punching bag, throwing an assortment of punches and kicks, getting ready for his in ring return at PWP 2. He continues training, as he talks.)

Trent Youngblood: It‘s been a while since I‘ve stepped in the ring. The heavy travel really burned me out for a while. But when I got a call from my partner and my friend, Dontrelle Jones telling me that he heard about this tag team tournament that the PWP was holding and that he wanted to get the band back together, I couldn’t resist.

(He throws a spin kick, hitting the bag on point. He stops and picks up a towel, wiping the sweat off of his face.)

Trent Youngblood: I did some research on PWP and I gotta say, they really go all out, man. And that’s why I decided to make my in ring return with them. Because myself and Dontrelle are going to go all out as well. That’s the only way we know how to do. Back when we were a team together in the PWSX, each and every night we went out there, we gave it nothing less than 100% and the fans knew that. And it all paid off because we won those Tag Titles numerous times.

You see, our goal when we were the champs, weren’t to be just ‘another champion.’ Our goal was to make sure we stood out. Our goal was to be sure we made a mark on the company. And our goal was to make sure that we gave the company and the fans, our absolute best each and every time we stepped through those ropes and into the ring. We took on every and all challengers. It didn’t matter if we faced only one team or if we had to defend against five teams at the same time. We did it.

(He goes back to punching and kicking at the bag.)

Trent Youngblood: Even though you can always find us goofing off or acting a fool, when it’s go time, we’re nothing but business, as you can see. And I, especially, have to step my game up. I’ve been out of the ring for a while, where Dontrelle has been in and out. It’s not like I’ve been sitting home and getting fat or anything. But no matter how long you wrestle, when you haven’t been in the ring for a while, you get a little rusty. And as you can see ..

(He kicks the bag, hard, several times before stopping.)

Trent Youngblood: I’m trying to make sure I’m in top form, so that I’m not too rusty. Because I gotta say, I saw the field of competitors that are going to be in this and it’s an impressive list of talent. I mean, we have former World Champions in this. Numerous former Tag Team Champions. Some of the best tag teams to ever grace a ring. Knowing all of this motivates me to be at my best, even more. And these kind of circumstances? They’re right down New Noize’s alley.

Flex Johnson and Gilbert Gold. I can’t say I know much about either of you gentlemen. What I do know is that you guys both bring a lot of talent to the table and that I look forward to mixing it up in the ring with you guys. That’s what I love about the PWP. While there’s a few familiar faces around, there’s just as many that I don’t know. And anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a people person. I love meeting new people and I love competing against new people. I welcome this challenge with open arms. Because at the end of the day, whether I win or lose, I’m still going to be the guy that will shake your hand and offer to grab a drink with you after the show’s over. I’m not into the whole drama stuff in wrestling, man. It’s not cool. I’m too laid back for that stuff. There’s no reason why we can’t just get along, if people would just put their egos to the side and realize that in the end, we’re all competing for the same reasons.

So with all that being said, I want to be the first man to say good luck. Good luck to everybody in this tournament. Good luck to Flex and Gilbert and any other team we meet, should we advance past the first round. I genuinely hope that you all have the best matches you possibly can and are all on you’re A game. Because that’s what the PWP is about. Putting on matches that the fans won’t soon forget. And as long as I can accomplish that, then hey, I’ll be just as happy as I would be winning  the tournament. It’s about the fans. They’re the reason I’m where I am. Not titles or accomplishments. The fans. And as long as they go home happy, I will too. So I hope everybody is ready. Because New Noize is about to make some noise!

(He smiles, nodding his head, as he walks out of the scene. Scene ends.)
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Flex Johnson
Flex Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold   Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:59 pm


Scene One
You know, I get excited every time a new fed opens up. Yeah, I know some of the fans hate it. There are so many promotions out there; some of them are complete shit, and are filled with shitty wrestlers. That means fans have to work harder to weed through all the bull.

So, yeah, I understand why they might not like new companies.

But, I see upstart companies as a blessing; they are another way to get your name out there. You know, it’s kind of crazy; I’ve wrestled in large promotions 90 percent of my career. I’ve been on TV, I do radio—all that good shit. But, you’d be surprised; a lot of people still don’t know who I am.

It’s kind of a blessing and a curse.

In Harlem, everyone knew who I was. It seemed like everyone in the city used to watch my matches. So, whenever I went out, I got bum-rushed by fans.

Over here in L.A., I don’t get that. Partially, because L.A. is home to a bunch of famous people; in L.A. I’m in the middle of the pack when it comes to fame and wealth. The other reason is more economics based. You see, large companies fill out large venues. IWF makes more money if it sell out half of Madison Square Garden than if it sells out some small Nation Guard Amory in Indiana.

It’s all about exposure, if you catch my drift.

The more companies there are, the more chances you as a wrestler have to work and get your name out to the people.

Last month I took on Laura Phoenix. Like I said before, I had never seen any of her work. But, I had heard her name floating around. The two of us put on one hell of match if I do say so myself. We had the crowd on the edge of their seats for nearly the entire match.

Man…that’s what wrestling is all about.

Ha, this month I plan to do the exact same thing, just in a different setting. This upcoming event is a tag-team tournament; I want to say I’ve only been in one other tag tournament. That was back in PWSi. It was less than memorable, trust me—but I’m sure I’ll bring it up at another time.

Ha, you know it’s funny. Most people I talk to commend me on my singles career. They go on about the world title reigns, the Hall of Fames, etc. Rarely do people mention my tag team days though. I don’t know, maybe it’s because those days were so long ago. I mean, I hooked up with The Foundation maybe nine months into my career; and, that’s when I started tagging.

That was seven years ago.

To be completely honest, tag team wrestling is something that I’ve been wanting to get back into for a while. I say it a lot, really, what more can I do as a singles competitor in this business. It feels like I’ve done it all.
Every new title just feels like another feather in my cap; it’s the desire to be the best that pushes me on.

But, I digress. Joe Hollywood and I were a team for what, maybe four months. In those four months we began like brothers; we still are. And, we accomplished a great deal. At the time, Shock N Awe were running ramped in UECW. Well, “ramped” isn’t the correct word. They were winning, I’ll give them that. But there’s no way in hell that they were being challenged in the ring.

Month after month UECW would those two randomly paired scrubs together and feed them to Shock N Awe. That’s why they held the titles for 18 years or some crazy shit.

…That was until a credible tag team came along.

Joe and I were that team.

But like I said, that was a long time ago.

Last tag team match I had was in CRW. I teamed up with Dean Vandal. It was an interesting match. Dean and I have similar styles, so it wasn’t too hard to gel with him in this ring.

But again, we weren’t a “real” team; we were just two good wrestlers paired up together, and that’s what really made shit click.

Hmm, that was before the shit hit the fan in IWF. For those who don’t know, I give a small recap.  A few months IWF opened up a developmental brand called the Undergrounds. The brand was meant to give up and coming wrestlers a start. Essentially, the Undergrounds wrestlers would cut their teeth for a bit; and then when they ready, they would be moved up the main show, Battlegrounds.

It was a noble plan.

But as plans are made, plans also fall apart.

Shit started to go south a little bit before From the Ashes, which is IWF’s pay-per-view. A few weeks prior, the owner of IWF made a statement; he said that the Undergrounds title would be put on the line at the pay-per-view. A few weeks later, he decided that the Undergrounds wasn’t ready; so he scrapped the match.

The entire Undergrounds roster was heated; they saw the owner’s actions as an act of betrayal of sorts. But, the Undergrounds roster made a terrible mistake. You see, instead of blaming the Alex Dillinger, who holds the power, the Undergrounds blame us Battlegrounds wrestlers.

Yeah—explain how that shit works.

Ha, I even got into with a few of the Underground members myself. I wasn’t looking to start trouble, I rarely ever do.

But, I don’t let ANYONE disrespect me.

From the Ashes went off without any problems…

…Until the main event that is.

Brandon McDonald Vs. Gordon Fury—it was a match that had been bubbling four nearly five to six months. It was a heated matchup. During the match, the ref got pushed down, or should I say knocked out. That when shit got real; the Undergrounds GM came down. He talked some shit, and then sent the Undergrounds roster to the ring. The Undergrounds demolished both Gordon and Brandon—then they ran away like the cowards that they are. Hmm, tried to enter the ring one more time, but they got scared off by Corey Casey and some others.

Fucking cowards.

It gets better though—I have the pleasure of working with one of these Undergrounds wrestlers at this next PWP event.

The man’s name is Gilbert Gold.

Now, again, I’d be lying if I said I knew a great deal about old dude. I do know that he has only had one match in IWF; it was a terrible loss to Ava, or Adorable if you will. I do know that in that match between Brandon and Gordon, Mr. Gold decided to clock the referee; he didn’t have the balls to try and attack one of our stars, not head to head anyway.

But most of all, I know that I can’t trust him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll work with the guy. This is the wrestling business; you’ve got to work with shady people 90 percent of the time. But I’d be lying if I said I won’t have eyes in the back of my head the entire time.

I’m in this tag-team tournament to prove that I’m the best…

…And I won’t be dragged down or embarrassed by Mr. Gold—not at all!

Scene Two
Once again…

...Once again I proved everyone wrong. And, once again; i showed the world why I’m one of the best wrestlers in the world! You see, when I came back to wrestling about eight or nine months ago, everyone thought I was done for. You couldn’t imagine the rumors I was hearing: “Flex is done,” “Flex Johnson is old and washed up,” “Flex, why don’t you just quit man.”

I came back to wrestling because I knew I go still go; and I knew I still had a lot to accomplish in this business.

And this summer, I think I’ve proved just that.

Sure, when I walked into Insurgency I didn’t make too much of an impact. I’ll be honest; my start in IWF wasn’t the best. My start was lack-luster to say the least. It was like a sloppy roller-coaster ride; one week I’d have a awesome match, the next week would be ok, and then the week after that would be terrible.

Was it completely my fault? No it wasn’t. I’ve been vocal about it from the very start; IWF management at the time didn’t know what the fuck to do with me. They saw me as just another UECW veteran. Ha, they probably thought I was going to be a bumass like Jack Savage.

So what did they do?

They threw me in meaningless matches. Every week I was in some four-way match, opening up the card.

I remember the anger I felt. I was pissed! I didn’t step back into the ring to simply have my talent squandered and wasted.

That’s when something clicked in my mind; I was going to make them pay for ignoring me. And pay they did. I started dominating those four-way matches; and I started hopping on the mic. Soon I started moving up the card. They tossed me a few singles matches finally, and I killed in those too. Little by little I began to climb the ladder so to speak. Eventually, I was tossed into a six man match; three title shots were on the line. I was the first winner, so I got a shot at the High Impact title.

I cashed that title shot in at the next pay-per-view. It was supposed to be a singles match, but in the end it turned into a three-way match between Tim Patrick, Gordon Fury, and myself. I didn’t win the match, but I did do enough to impress people backstage. A few weeks later on TV I had another titles match; it was a singles match with Gordon Fury.

That night I won the High impact title.

It was glorious!

But to be honest, it really wasn’t about the title itself. That’s something some wrestlers never seen to realize; belts are just leather and metal.

No, that win was about more than just a title. It was about stepping back into my destiny,; it was about showing everyone why I’m the best.

That match was the beginning of “The Summer of Flex.”

At the next pay-per-view I had five matches; I won four of them. In the fifth I lost my title. I remember how pissed I was, because the match seemed like such a setup. Ha, and to make things worse, the “winner” started to talk shit about me. She went on the radio and internet and spread lies about me and her family.

She paid dearly at the next pay-per-view.

She lost that match, and was out of the company a month later. She lost her title and her career and her title fucking around with me.

Now, I could go on and who about who I beat and or faced this summer; it’s a real who's-who in the business. But let’s be honest, that would take too long; and, most it would bore the average listener. But the fact of the matter is, this summer has been proof, proof to the doubting masses.

I’ve done more this summer than most people will do in their entire careers.

And I’m still not finished!

At the first PWP event I was in the main event.

I won.
So what’s next?

This month is a tag-team tournament. Now, you all know I’m not much of a tag team wrestler anymore. but, I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge and fight. So, I tossed my name into the hat.

At PWP 2 I’ll be taking on some team called New Noize.

Pssh, what you fans don’t understand is that wrestling isn’t a small business. It’s large; it’s a global enterprise. There are literally hundreds of thousands of wrestler out there; and most of them are people that you have never heard of. And, when you are fighting in these interpromotional matches, it’s like throwing darts in the dark.

You might be pitted against an awesome wrestler, someone you can go out and burn the barn down with. OR, you might get handed a scrub.

So I guess that begs the question; New Noize, are yall high calibre wrestlers. OR, are yall scrubs?

Trent Youngblood…

From what I’ve heard, you are no stranger to tag team encounters. Like myself, you are a former tag -team champion. Although, you did wrestle in that scum-factory, better known as PWSX. Ha, even the grimiest of PWSmarks wrestlers didn’t want to wrestle on that brand.

Guess that’s why it folded so quickly.

But I digress. This little tournament is right up your alley isn’t it?

I bet you and your partner are expecting to just waltz right in here and pick up a victory? Right now you’re probably thinking that Gilbert Gold is a clown, and that Flex Johnson is just a washed up old man.

I pray to God that is what you are thinking; because, all I want to do is prove that theory wrong!

You see last month I took on Laura. Now first and foremost, Laura is an awesome wrestler. But you see, she made a grave mistake; she made a mistake that many tend to make when facing off against me. The fact of the matter is, she misjudged me. I don’t have the body of a greek god, although I am in shape; I’m not as tall as skyscraper. Laura probably thought her match was going to be a cake-walk.
Look what happened to her.

The same thing is going to happen to you and your tag team partner this week Trent. You see, I didn’t enter this tournament to play around; I didn’t enter it to have fun. No, I entered this tournament to win!

Once again, I entered this tournament to prove that I’m the best wrestler on this damn planet!

And yeah, maybe that makes me cocky. It damn sure makes me arrogant. But tell me this Trent; what’s the point of training countless hours and killing yourself in the ring if you aren’t striving to be the best?

If you aren’t trying to be the best every single night, then you have no place in this business!

And Trent, I know all of this seems like talk. But trust me vato; I’m more than happy to back it all up in the ring. The fact of the matter is--I’m a better wrestler than you; I’m a better wrestler than your partner. Hell, I’m a better wrestler than MY partner, if we want to break shit down.

I’M the star of this match, plain and simple.

And then there is Dontrelle Jones...another brother.

You HAVE to be a brother with a name like “Dontrelle.”

But I digress; Dontrelle, there is a lot of information floating around about you. Says two things to me: either you are irrelevant and people don’t want to waste time writing and talking about you, OR you are new to the business, and functionally, people still don’t want to talk about you.

Neither option is really good for you is it?

But, I have heard one thing about you. It appears that you are one of those high-flyers. In fact, both you and Trent are high-flyers. You know, that’s kind of interesting. Back in the day I used to be a high flyer. That was back when I was still green. And, you want to know why I was a high-flyer. It’s simple; I did it to mask how green I was. You see, the fans may go crazy over so stupid little dive; they might go nuts. You can fool the fans with dives, but you can’t fool your peers boys.

But I’m not going to shit on you two. If yall want to attempt to do crazy dives and flippy-does, go right ahead. But just know something you two. You aren’t taking on some stationary target; you won’t be taking on some talentless hack either. You’re going to be taking on one of the best technically wrestlers that the world has ever laid eyes upon. You’re going to be facing a man who has been inducted into two Hall of Fames.

You’re going to be facing Flex Johnson!

And trust me, it’s not a fight that you two will enjoy; mostly, because it’s a fight that you two can’t possibly win.

And then there is you Mr. Gold.

Let me clear the air ok. You are absolutely right; this pair of us is ALL about representation. Let’s be honest, you and I aren’t cut from the same cloth. Most of you IWF Undergrounds wrestlers have elevated egos. Most of yall aint done shit in this business, but you want all the respect in the world.

Fuck that!

I’ve worked in this business seven years. I’ve traveled all across the world. I’ve won championships; I’ve sold out arenas.

I’ve earned my respect!

The rest of you all haven’t!

Now, I’m a professional Mr. Gold, so I’m going to work with you. But, I just want to put you on notice right now: I’m NOT a fan of cowards. Don’t pull any of that shit while we are in the ring!

If you do, I’ll knock you out myself.

And lastly, let me address the other teams in this thing. Look, I don’t know who we will be facing after we clear the first round. Maybe it will be my old “pals” Shock N Awe. Ha, I’d love nothing more than to bust yall’s head in once again. Or, maybe it will the team of Mapleleaf Muscle. Yo, yall might want to watch out of gimmick infringement, just saying.

The fact of the matter is; I’m in this tournament to win. I’m not here to play games or to mess around.

I’m here to dominate!

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:55 am

(The scene opens with Dontrelle Jones standing in front of the camera, eating a bag of nacho cheese Doritos.)

Dontrelle Jones: For those that don’t know, my name’s Dontrelle Jones. Tonight I get to team up with my ole’ tag partner, Trent Youngblood, as we take part in this tag team tournament for PWP. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a wrestling ring, so I hope I’m not too rusty, and I’m still able to go out there and entertain y’all.

Trent and I go way back, to a little place called PWSX. Now, depending on who you’re talking to, the view of PWSX can be skewed. To me and Trent, it was just one hell of a fun ride. Did things end the way we wanted? Nah, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great while it lasted. So when he contacted me about teaming up again for this tournament, it was an easy decision for me.

Now, as I look at the list of competitors in this tournament, I see there are some really accomplished wrestlers, some big names indeed. Now, no I’m not a former world champion, no I haven’t main evented pay-per-views, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to my heart, will power, and determination. No my name isn’t world renown, but once I go out there in front of the crowd, I give it my all, and by the end of the match, they know what I’m made of. So, to our opponents, I wish you luck. I know you guys have a bit...well...quite a bit more experience than me, but don’t sell me short. Trust me, that wouldn’t be wise.

(Dontrelle finishes the bag and wipes his hands.)

Dontrelle Jones: Lets go, boys. It’s time to make some noise! Showtime!

(Dontrelle walks past the camera, as the scene fades to black.)
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold   

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PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - New Noize vs. Flex Johnson & Gilbert Gold
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