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 PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Deonte Bryant vs. Darren Maddox

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Deonte Bryant vs. Darren Maddox   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:11 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is April 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Deonte Bryant

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Deonte Bryant vs. Darren Maddox   Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:28 am

OOC: Josh, I've already explained about the computer problems. So this is the best I could do on a days notice

-The Present/Intro-
Deonte Climbed into the ring, to take on another sparring partner. Everybody had their eyes on Deonte, Deonte had been getting a lot of Hype coming into his debut against Darren Maddox, Simply because he is Trained by Cody Taylor and James Shark, the pressure was on the Young Rookie.

Deonte couldn't believe he had made it this far in life, It only seemed like yesterday he was a young kid being beating up by Gang members who claimed to be his family, Now he was a long way away from those days.

Deonte's mind slowly began top think back to that day, that day he became a full blooded member of the Gang.

-The Past-
Smoke all around the room, thugs all around the room, music blaring throughout the room. Throughout this room, there are thugs smoking joints, thugs sniffing crack, thugs counting paper, thugs drinking and doing all that good shit. Throughout the room there are whores. Whores counting their own paper, whores crying and bitching, whores getting all dressed up for another day. Throughout all this, there is one boy, one kid.

This one kid stands alone in this room, and stands alone in a dark corner. Talking to nobody and making eye contact with nobody. How did this young little boy end up in an environment like this is simple, wrong choices and bad decisions.He didn’t have to run away from his Grandparents, he didn’t have to run away from the police who were only trying to help him. He didn’t have to live on the streets because of the death of his mom. He didn’t have to end up in here, because of fear.

Yo bitch.

Deonte kept his head down. Not making eye contact, not looking up. The person in front of him was eyeing down on him and had their fists balled up.

I said… YO BITCH!

Deonte continued to look down, he was shaking, but he wasn’t going to look up, and he wasn’t going to respond to the word that this guy was calling him. All of a sudden the thug pulled out a Gun, and put it right up at Deonte’s neck. The cold metal of the gun pressed up against his neck, and he still didn’t look up. Finally the gun was removed and now he could hear a bunch of thugs laughing. The thug took his hand and put it on Deonte’s chin and lifted Deonte’s face up so that Deonte looked up at him.

Good Nigga. You learnin. You want a roll with us, you ain’t nobodies Bitch.

Deonte wasn’t learning, he wasn’t learning a thing. He would’ve looked up, he would’ve let these guys treat him like his bitch. Why? Because these were men who didn’t give a fuck if they got sent to prison, They ran Philly's gang world. These were men who wouldn’t hesitate to beat up a child. Deonte Bryant learned that the hard way

a week ago when he looked up at the word “bitch”. He didn’t look up today, not now, not ever, because he didn’t want to go through what he went through last week. He still had the bruises on his face and the cut over the bridge of his nose.

So yo, I’ve been thinking though. We take you into our home, and you stand here all fucking day and act like it ain’t yours, we give you food, and you refuse to take it as if your some higher class nigga. We give you fucking 9 year old Bitches to fuck, and you don’t even look at them, as if your faggot ass can get better bitches.

He could hear more thugs and whores laughing in the background. He knew all the attention was on him and this one thug, he knew it because this one thug was one of the leaders of this group, of this gang, or whatever the fuck they wanted to call it.

I’m thinking that all this time and effort we did, to take you in as family, was just a waste of time, and you know what? Time is money nigga, that’s money you owe us, and if you owe us money, you best believe you in some deep shit.

Deonte was scared. When was he never scared? Although his mom was a crack addict, there were days when she was sober, those were the days she would take her time out to warn Deonte about bad people in the world, warn him about how life can be a cruel place. She would take the time out to be his best friend, to be there for him. When she was busy with her drugs and passed out, Deonte would be alone, but because of his mother he would be alright. He would be left with toys, food and other junk to occupy himself with.

When she died, there was nothing left. When the police officers took Deonte and they brought him into the station and they tried to get in contact with Deonte's Father, But Deonte's father was in Prison for Murder, that’s when Deonte knew he had nobody. He was young but smart enough to know that at that very moment, nobody gave a fuck about him.

But Despite no one giving a fuck about him his grandparents still took him in but when he got there, he just had an attitude problem. He wouldn’t listen and would make yheir life hell until running away and only being captured and brought back home.

So he was basically in a home with people he didn’t like, he acted bad, he acted bad and he disrespected them because he didn’t want to be with them.

He acted hard. Here on the streets? Alone and no place to go? He was a little bitch. A scared little bitch. However when the day came when he finally got away, finally got free, finally got far enough to the point where the police couldn’t find him… that’s when he brought himself to the reality of how scary life was.

The first night out on the streets, he woke up to a random guy who began to remove Deonte’s shoelaces from his shoe. The moment Deonte woke up, the guy kicked him in the face. The nights only got worse. It got harder to find a place to sleep, it got harder to find a good place to steal without getting caught, it just got harder and harder.

When confronted there was nothing he could do. The only choices he really had was to take his ass whooping, and he took his ass whooping.

When this group of thugs approached him, they didn’t do it a nice way, they didn’t come to him and talk or make a conversation. The moment they saw him, they kicked his face in and threw him up against the wall and took everything he had on him. The next week, they found him again, but that’s when they told him, that if he didn’t join them, they would kill him.

Deonte didn’t really know why they wanted him to join them, but he did know a few things about gangs. When he found an electronics store that wouldn’t kick him out because of his dirty clothes and bad stench, he would spend time just standing there watching television. This one time there was a documentary video on, and it just so happened to be about gangs. He learned that these gangs called each other family, and for the most part, treated each other like family, unless one would decide to walk the other way or do something behind their back.

What he also learned is the fact that most gangs would jump you. Up to six to twelve people, even more, just kicking you, punching you, beating the shit out of you for up to five to ten minutes. If you survived you were in, if you didn’t, then you got left there.

Deonte later on came to realize that they wanted him because it was so rare to find a young boy living on the streets. It was so rare because if someone knew that this young boy was homeless, someone with power do something to help that poor kid out. People did know James was homeless, he did his best to hide from the police. He hated it in the streets, but going into another person’s home, and having a “fake” mom and dad would just kill him. He didn’t want a “fake” mother and father. He didn’t even want a father, the word “father” meant nothing to him and he learned that from the man who claimed to be his “father”. He also didn’t want a mother, his mind set was that everyone gets one mom in life. He didn’t believe step moms or anything like that. His mom was dead, he wasn’t going to allow another woman to take care of him and act as if they were his mother.

So because you owe us, we can either do two things right now. We can give you the chance to make it up to us, or yo, we could all fuck your ass up right here, right now. It’s all on you home boy.

Deonte nodded his head. He knew he had to answer, all eyes were on him. When he opened his mouth, his voice not only cracked, but squeaked and not only squeaked but he began to stutter.

I wi-wi… I will… make it uhhuuh…up, to.. you

The thug cracked a smile, he turned around to the rest of the people in the house, and the rest of the people were all smiling. The thug handed Deonte a gun, the same gun that the thug used to intimidate Deonte by putting it up against Deonte’s throat. Deonte took the knife, and looked up at the thug, confused and still scared.

We a fucking family. There are families all around this city nigga, there are famillies all around this world Nigga!, we ain’t the only one, and to make Matters simple, let’s just say we don’t get along with our next door neighbours.

The other group of men and women began to laugh and how this thug worded it. Deonte didn’t laugh, the gun was shaking in his hand, he didn’t know where this guy was going with this.

This block, this whole area… this is our home Nigga. It ain’t just this crib yo, we got all of this.

The thug moved his hands in a circular motion.

All of this is fucking ours. All them streets out there, all them cars, all them fucking waste motherfuckers walking out in they suits and suitcases, they’re all fucking ours Nigga! We run it, all fucking day…. BUT on the other side of the highway, there seems to be other motherfuckers who think otherwise. Them motherfuckers are the dudes we got beef with, them motherfuckers are the dudes that needa be put in they place, them motherfuckers are the dudes that think we ain’t for real.

He turned around to face the rest of the people in the room.

Oh but they about to find out who’s real, and who’s fake, and they about to find that shit out TONIGHT!

Deonte swallowed hard. He wasn’t expecting the thug to say that. With the Gun still in his hands he had a really bad feeling about what was going to happen tonight. The

thug turned around and winked at Deonte.

Since YOU my boy…. Don’t like to mack on the bed wetting Bitches we give you? Maybe you’ll find interest in one of them Sluts from next door… ahah yall know what I mean??

He turned back towards the others, many began to laugh, but other people looked at the thug in complete shock.

Are you for real!? Shit dog, are you sayin what I think you sayin??

The thug chuckled and nodded his head slowly, only for everyone to start talking now in excitement. The thug then motioned for everyone to be quiet. He turned back to Deonte.

One of…”them”, used to be….one of “us”.

Deonte couldn’t stop shaking, it was insane. His heart kept beating and the room kept getting hotter and hotter. His stomach began to twist and he began to feel sick the more this guy kept talking.

He thought he was a sneaky bitch, he thought that we was doin him dirt, so he moved on to a new family. That family took him in and they done us wrong a few times by crossing over here, coming into our hood, and fucking shit up. So now, that’s when you come in ma little nigga. That’s when you and the big old fucking gun comes in to play.

Deonte shook his head quickly. He didn’t mean to but it just happened. The thug immidietly smacked Deonte in the face hard. A good ole bitch slap right in the face, and although Deonte had the gun, he didn’t fight back.

Listen you fucking bitch. You didn’t even hear what your mission was, so shut the fuck up. You have no other option, you fucking owe us, so do your thing and make up for it, or die on the spot.

Deonte didn’t say anything, tears rolling down his eyes. He began to think about his mother. What would she think if she saw another man laying their hands on him? This just made the tears come quicker, he began to sniff and sniff. Everyone in the room began to laugh but the thug wasn’t having it. He eyed Deonte down for a couple minutes and taunted Deonte by looking at his watch, after a few minutes, that’s when Deonte calmed himself down. There was still tears rolling down his cheeks but he was ready to listen to whatever this guy had to say.

He has a cousin. She’s about your age, she’s in that family. Her tight lil ass wasn’t recruited like you, but she was born into it, they had to know this was coming. If she’s one of them, she’s one of them. We’re our own. They fucked with the wrong, so we’re gonna do them wrong. You take that gun, you keep it stashed in yo back pocket. I’ll give you the whereabouts on where this bitch is going to be, I’ll give you the details later tonight, and shit’s simple. When the time is right the time is right, you pull out that gun, and you shoot a bitch, you shoot a bitch and you keep shooting the bitch, Send a message, make it nasty.

Deonte looked down. How could he go along with this? He wasn’t a murderer. He was afraid of those types of people. Now he had a gun in his hand and he was just expected to go and kill a young little girl? , for what? , because of somebody else’s issues?, now he was supposed to kill a young little girl? For who? The same guy that has done nothing but slapped him around all week?

And if you cross over there, and you get them bad feelings, and you pussy out? You best believe we gonna come after you, and when we do, we’ll bury you with that fucking girl, and we’ll bury you both alive. Some real mafia shit, we do it like that nigga, you best do what you told.

Deonte looked away as the scene began to get blurry.

-The Present-

Deonte's Mind comes back to the present moment in time as Deonte flung punch and kick combos as he sparred with an opponent, His mind was completely focused on his Upcoming fight against Darren Maddox, It was a shame he couldn't say the same for some of the Fighters in Confidence Gym, Cody Hadn't shown up to training in two weeks, Saffron she was more concerned with her Reality TV show and Acting career to care about her in ring career, Shark seemed to just be in a world of his own right now, But that wasn't Deonte's problem, Deonte was taking his Wrestling Career serious, Unlike the rest of them, This was his chance to rewrite The Money Mafia History, he wasn't about to blow it like his other Rookies in the gym, He had The best Trainers in the business on his side, he made sure he had everything he was going to need going into this war against Darren Maddox, With Darren Maddox's reputation on the line, If Deonte lost, it was nothing, he was just a rookie making his debut, But if Maddox lost to a debuting Rookie, what was next for Maddox? But deonte wasn't even thinking about that, he was just thinking about going out there and making it count, This was his time, this was his shot, He was going to make the most of it.

Deonte's Team was in his corner yelling on in support as Deonte Continued to assualt his sparring Partner with perfectly excuted Punch and Kick Combos, Deonte knew this was going to be a tough Match against Darren Maddox, He wasn't taking Darren Lightly, he knew about Darren's history, he knew of his accolades, So he knew he had to be one hundred Percent Focused on winning, He couldn't allow anything else to come into his mind, This was his chance to prove he was the next big thing in this sport, just like his Trainer Cody Taylor done back in Two Thousand and Eleven. Deonte had an evil look in his eyes has he came forward raining down Punch Combos onto his sparring partner. This was the most focused Deonte had ever been in his entire life.

Deonte let out a huge roar as he hit a Huge overhand right, Knocking his sparring partner clean out. Everyone in the gym cheered for him, But Deonte blocked it out as he walked towards the ropes, As He exited through the ropes, Clayton Paris patted him on the back, but he didn't awknowledge it, His mind was One Hundred percent on winning, he didn't care about the praise, he didn't care about his name being in shining lights, or his face being on the cover of magazines, he just wanted to win, that was all he cared about, was winning. As Deonte jumped from the Apron to the floor, His team mate Amelia Carter came up and hugged him, he patted her on the back, before breaking the hug. He continued to make his way towards his Locker room. On his way there he passed a Punching bag and unleased a Ferious kick, with a loud roar that echoed around the gym, everybody in the gym, turned to look at Deonte walking away. Clayton Paris the head trainer of the CGym here in New York, Smiled slightly before looking at Amelia.

He's Ready.

Amelia nodded slighly.

I hope so Clayton, I hope so.

Clayton continued to watch as Deonte walked away. As Deonte walked into his locker room, he unstrapped his gloves and flung them to the floor, before walking over and sitting down on the bench, he reached down unlacing his Jordans, before kicking them off. He let out a small sigh, then reached down pulling off his socks before launching them across the locker room. Deonte cracked his neck from side to side before standing up and pulling his shorts down,followed by his boxers, as they reached his ankles, he slowly stepped out of them and walked towards the shower area. This was the first moment all week this fight wasn't on his mind.


Deonte walked under the shower, hitting the button for the hot water. The Water rained down onto Deonte's head and trickled down his body, he let out a small sigh, he had been working hard all week, he was going to be training even harder the next couple of week leading up to this fight,he had to.

Deonte slowly slides down the wall untill he reaches the floor, he sat under the shower just enjoying the hot water bouncing off of his body, he needed it after the hours he had been putting into training. It was only going to get tougher in the next Couple of weeks heading into the big fight against Darren Maddox. But he was mentally prepared for it all.

Deonte slowly closed his eyes.

What are you doing?

Deonte slowly opened one of his eyes and seen his Team Mate Amelia standing in front of him, he slowly closed his eye again.

I'm relaxing, what does it look like.

It looks like, you can't stand up because you are pushing yourself too damn hard.

Deonte shook his head slightly.

I'm resting my muscles, So I can go out and put in another hard Training session, So I make sure I Win at PWP Eight.

Why are you pushing yourself so hard/

Deonte opened his eyes and looked straight at his Team Mate.

Because I'm the only one.

Amelia raised her eyebrow slightly.

The only one what?

The only one taking this shit serious right now.

Amelia Was confused.

What about Shark? Cody? Saffron? Shey?

Deonte scoffed slightly.

Shark Doesn't seem to be fully there, Cody he on some other shit, Saffron She off being some reality TV mother fucker and Shey? Where the fuck Shey's ass been?

Deonte looked to the side before looking back at Amelia.

Everybody, talking about Deonte Bryant, they Putting that Pressure on me Amelia. I ain't Shark, I ain't Cody, But the Media putting me in that category with them cause We share a Gym, I got to win, I got to dominate.

Deonte shook his head slightly.

What if I Fail huh? These mother fuckers going to jump all over me, calling me nothing but Hype, try run me out the sport, Just like they tried to do to shark back In two Thousand and Nine.

Deonte was speaking straight from the heart and Amelia knew this.

Maybe it's meant to be, maybe I'm supposed to fail and disappear from the spotlight.

Deonte Slowly stood up and turned off the Shower, He walked past Amelia and into the main part of the Locker room, He grabbed a near by Towel and Wrapped it around his waist. Amelia soon followed in after him.

You need to get that Idea, the fuck out of your head, Deonte.

I Don't need to do shit, Amelia, Just get the fuck out of here.

Deonte rested his head in his hands, he was just so confused, He was focused yet at the same time he was so full of doubt.

-The Shoot-
"Darren Maddox versus Deonte Bryant, except that Nigga can't shut the fuck up about James Shark. The dude must have got the wrong card sent to him, Ayy Josh Duncan, I think you got to check yo' people, Cause I could have sworn this dude was facing Deonte Bryant, Not The PWP Champion James Shark.

It's whatever though, He's looking past me, He doesn't rate me, he don't think I'm a tough opponent, whatever. Thats on him, See people be like "Ayo Deonte, The Pressure on you now Bruh." But NAH the pressure ain't on me, The Pressure on Darren Maddox, If I Lose, So What, I lost my PRO debut, If Maddox Loses, He just lost to a Rookie, with no Experience, Only Two Months of training Under his belt, that just destroy's the dudes reputation, How is he going to come back from that? theres no way back from that, he's best just retiring after that.

Another thing, thats been bugging me going into the match. People comparing me to James Shark and Cody Taylor, You can't even compare us, I'm not on THEIR LEVEL, James Shark reigning PWP Champion, Cody Taylor, the first THREE SPORT CHAMPION, In history, I'm a nobody compared to these dudes, I'm just starting out.

People always talk about Cody's Rookie Year, Rightfully so, he did huge things in his First year, Won World titles within months, But he had that UFC Background, he was already and accomplished all arounder by the time he got to wrestling.

Then you have James Shark, Shark had quiet a bad rookie year. WHY? Because he never had a wrestling background, So when he faced guys with great wrestling Skills, he didn't do too well. But Now he's one of the best in the sport.

Now I really don't know How My rookie years going to go, But It will be DEONTE BRYANTS rookie Year, It's won't be Cody Taylor's or James Sharks, what I'm trying to say is, I'm My own person, I'll make my own accomplishments, I'll carve my own legacy, Both of them have Helped me A lot, But they can't Fight for me, I have to do that Myself and that's exactly what I plan on doing.

DarreN Maddox, There is no Pressures on my Shoulders, If I Win Great, If I Lose, Who's really going to care? The Pressure is on YOUR Shoulders Maddox, If You Win, So What You will look pathetic bragging about defeating a Rookie, who has never fought before, Who has only trained for two months.... But If You LOSE, then your career is done, It's over, Goodbye Maddox, because WHERE do you go after this? A Rematch with Shark isn't on the table anymore, Who is next for you to face? Nobody, you will be nothing more than a Gate Keeper for debuting Rookies to face."

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Darren Maddox
Darren Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Deonte Bryant vs. Darren Maddox   Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:52 am

Phase I
The Era Of Maddox
April 4, 2014

I ask for nothing to be handed to me in life. I never have. I am a firm believer in hard work and earning the rewards that you are deserving of. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have had to fight for everything that I now possess. One of those things being the WXW Tag Team Championship that I currently hold with my longtime pal Dean Andry. When him and I first started out in the business of wrestling, we weren’t sure what direction we were heading in at the time, however, we did know one thing for sure, and that was that we would both end up being wrestling champions. Well, here we are. Living out our dream. Being the BEST in our division. Doing what we love to do.

Ever since winning the tag team titles, I’ve been on a non-stop high. I’ve got gold around my waist. I’ve got a strong and beautiful woman at my side. I’ve just defeated Flex Johnson and continuing my success in PWP. It seems I am a very fortunate man.

However, this week… one young man by the name of Deonte Bryant will not be as fortunate as I am. This week, he must face me in that ring and endure the embarrassment of losing and failing miserably in front of an arena packed full of fans who have not come to see him, but rather, have come to see Maddox.

Bryant has no fucking idea what he is in for against me.

My girlfriend Lycra was setting up some tables and getting things ready for a small birthday dinner that was planned for tonight. It was her daughter Jetta’s 21st birthday today and I was going to be in attendance for the dinner at the request of Lycra. I knew that Jetta would never ask me to come to any birthday party of hers, or any other special occasion for that matter. Jetta never really liked me right from day one. She thought that I was too bad of a guy, considering my track record for being a sinner far outweighed any proof that I was even remotely a saint in any way. I would be the first to admit that I had done more wrong than good, and if Jetta wanted to dislike me, then she had every right to do so. But for tonight’s dinner, she would have to tolerate me being there because I was now her mother’s boyfriend and apparently that gave me an automatic free pass.

Not many things were free nowadays. But… I had fallen in love with Lycra, so Jetta was just going to have to deal with it and start to get used to me being around. If she gave me a chance, I was sure that the three of us could make this work. I was more than ready to do everything necessary to do just that.

I walked into the small banquet room where Lycra was still setting things up for the party and I went over to her and hugged her from behind. I startled her a bit, but then she turned around, put her arms around my waist and gave me a small kiss on the lips.

Darren Maddox: Do you know that every time I feel your touch, it softens me up a little more each time?

She smiled.

Lycra: And is that a bad thing to you?

I shrugged my shoulders.

Darren Maddox: Not that I can see. I’m a man who has everything he wants. So, if anything, it’s only made me stronger and happier. I’ve never felt this much happiness in a very long time.

Lycra: It’s alright to let down your tough side every now and then. You don’t have to be the resilient, aggressive warrior seven days a week. Save that for your opponents. I like it a lot when you let your guard down with me. I hope to see more of that hidden soft side of yours.

I just smirked at her a little, then looked around the room.

Darren Maddox: So is there anything I can do to help out here?

Lycra: Not really. Most of it’s done. How does the room look so far? I did all the decorating myself. I’m not the most creative, artistic person, but I did my best with it.

Darren Maddox: It all looks beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you are.

She smiled, then turned and continued to place the cutlery and plates on the table she had been setting up when I first came into the room. We both heard someone walking into the room and we turned our heads at the same time towards the doorway only to see her daughter Jetta approaching us. I looked at Lycra with a nervous expression on my face, then looked back at Jetta who was now standing in front of us.

Darren Maddox: Hi Jetta. Happy Birthday.

She looked at me and forced out a bit of a smile, if you could even call it that. It looked for like a frown to me, but it was what it was and I just went with it.

Jetta La Mon: Thank you.

Darren Maddox: You're welcome.

Conversations were always so formal and tense between Jetta and I. I wanted so badly to get through to her somehow and to make her see that I wasn’t out to do her or her mother any harm whatsoever. Her opinion of me was understandable because of my past actions, but her opinion of me could also be changed over time if I worked at it hard enough. Her trust in me had to be earned. It wouldn’t be an overnight success.

Lycra gave her daughter a hug, then pulled away and took both of Jetta’s hands in hers.

Lycra: Happy Birthday. I want this day to be very special for you, with a very special dinner planned for tonight.

Jetta La Mon: Thank you mom, and I’m sure dinner will go off just fine without a hitch. As long as everyone behaves.

Jetta didn’t look at me when she said that last comment, but I knew that it was meant for me. She wanted me to behave tonight. That was the message she was sending me. I had every intention of not causing any trouble with the other guests at her birthday dinner. I knew that everyone who was coming tonight didn’t like me.

Darren Maddox would surely be the outcast at this party.

Lycra: I need to go and write a check for the rental of the banquet room and get it to the manager in the office downstairs. I’ll be right back okay Jetta?

Jetta La Mon: Alright. I’ll wait here for you.

Lycra: I’m about to leave both of you alone together. No arguing okay? I want you both to try to get along.

I looked at Lycra, then at Jetta.

Darren Maddox: There won’t be an argument. Jetta and I will be fine.

I didn’t think that Lycra was convince, going by the look on her face. She turned and left the room and I watched her leave, then I turned my attention back to Jetta. I was going to take this opportunity to talk to her alone before all of the other guests started to arrive shortly.

Darren Maddox: I have a few things I would like to say to you Jetta. Things that I’ve wanted to tell you for quite a while now, but just couldn’t find the right words.

Jetta La Mon: …I’m listening.

I took a deep breath and I tried to keep my nerves under control so that I wouldn’t completely fuck this up. I was afraid this would come out wrong, but I had to try.

Darren Maddox: I really want to make an effort to get to know you better Jetta. I mean, I know a little bit about you, and I did remember the date of your birthday, so I think that’s me getting off to a good start. I know some of the things you like and dislike and that’s good too. But you see, I don’t just wanna know that your favorite soda pop is Pepsi. I’m talking about actually getting to know you as a person. Your past. What hurts you. Your strengths. What really makes you happy. All the things that make up Jetta La Mon as the wonderful person that she is. I want to get to know the things about you that really matter. And in return, I would love for you to get to know me as a person as well.

I came a bit closer to her and her facial expression was blank. I couldn’t read her face.

Darren Maddox: Jetta, I’m not as bad of a guy that you think I am. I DO have a heart. I DO have the ability to love and to care about other people. One of those people being your mother. I love Lycra very much, and I really hope that you believe that because it’s the truth. As for you, I care a lot about you. I don’t wanna see you hurting, and I don’t wanna see you upset over the fact that I am the man in your mother’s life. I want you to be happy for us. I want you to give me a chance to prove to you that I mean everything that I am saying to you right now. I want to make this work Jetta. But… you need to meet me half way.

I waited for a moment as I kept my eyes locked on hers. I was as genuine as I could be. I was being as honest as I could be.

Darren Maddox: Will you meet me half way Jetta? Can you and I try to build some level of understanding and friendship? If not for our sake, then… for the sake of your mother?

I could see the wheels turning in her young head. I was just hoping that those wheels were turning in my favor. Finally she replied.

Jetta La Mon: I’m not a hateful person Darren. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate you and I never have. I just don’t trust you. But that doesn’t mean that I will never trust you. I want to. I really do. So… yeah… We can try to get to know each other and see how it goes.

That response of hers seemed all too easy. I was expecting an uphill battle to get her to give me a chance. It seemed that my words had finally got to her. She had an innocent, kind heart. I started to smile a bit.

Darren Maddox: You will see that I am not this heartless person that everyone else seems to think I am. Your mother has seen the better side of me. Soon, you will see the good side of me like she does. Once that happens, then the three of us can be a happy family together. I know your mother wants that so much Jetta. You and I will help her to make that happen. I am not going to fail her, and I am not going to fail YOU either.

There was an awkward silence between us for a moment as we were both staring at each other.

Jetta La Mon: We will see. But if you end up hurting my mother, then you are gonna have a lot of trouble on your hands Darren. You just remember that.

That was a tiny stab into me, but that was alright. I could take it and I understood it. I had to work hard to get her on my side. I was prepared to do just that.

Phase II
Coming Face To Face With The Devil
April 9, 2014

I was early morning in the local gym near the arena giving the beatdown to the black leather punching bag descending from the ceiling. I was landing quick punches and sharp chops, as well as polishing up my kick combinations, all of which I had learned during my martial arts training that I went through early on in my career. I was working out with an abundance of determination in my soul. I wanted so badly to defeat this young man Bryant who was making his professional wrestling debut against me. The reason why I wanted to make Bryant fail in the ring was the fact that he was trained in James Shark’s gym, so to me, Byrant was Shark’s understudy. I had to make sure I taught him a few things that Shark could never teach him.

As I was still pounding away on the punching bag, an old man who I would say was in his early sixties, was approaching me and was in his workout attire of black shorts and black tshirt. He appeared to be in pretty good shape for his age, but didn’t look too athletic either. He came up to me and stood beside the punching bag, but kept out of the way of my workout. He had his arms crossed over his chest and was watching me. I wasn’t sure why but I was going to find out. I was taking a bit of offense to it and wanted to know what his problem was. I continued my punch and kick combos as I spoke.

Darren Maddox: When I workout, I don’t do it to entertain people. Why are you watching me?

The old man started to smirk at me.

Old Man: Just looking around to see who might like to take me up on a challenge of mine. I noticed you over here working up a good sweat and you’re in excellent physical shape, so I thought you would be a good one to ask. I just didn’t want to interrupt you until you were done punching the bag here.

I kept on with my workout.

Darren Maddox: What kind of a challenge? What the hell are you talking about oldtimer?

Old Man: Oldtimer?

He chuckled.

Old Man: I’ll have you know that I’m in a lot better shape than some of these younger guys that come through these gyms. I work out for a couple hours every day. Never miss a day, and it has paid off for me. I’m sixty-three and I’m in the best shape of my life. No signs of stopping.

Darren Maddox: Yeah, well, that’s all well and good, but that doesn’t answer my question. What’s this “challenge” that you’re hoping I’ll accept?

He paused for a moment.

Old Man: I’m doing a fundraiser for children with cancer. My ten-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed a month ago. I need to do something so that I don’t feel so helpless. I love that child very much, so I’m doing a treadmill challenge next month to raise money for cancer research. I need someone who is young, strong and physically fit to go up against me on the treadmill. The goal is to outlast whoever I find to challenge me. So far, I haven’t seen anyone in this gym who is as fit as you are young man. And you seem like a guy who might have a heart to do this for me and my granddaughter.

I stopped my training and I looked at him as I breathed rapidly and heavily.

Darren Maddox: I don’t know oldtimer. I’ve got a very busy schedule. Besides, I would hate to embarrass you in front of everyone when you lose to me. You wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. You should go against someone your own age.

Old Man: No challenge in that.

I shrugged. However, I did feel for the man. And the fact that it was for a young child was hitting my soft side almost as much as Lycra always did. I started to think that I couldn’t very well say no to him. I started to take the boxing gloves off that I was wearing and I gave him my answer.

Darren Maddox: Alright oldtimer. If it fits into my schedule, I’ll take you up on your challenge. But when you lose to me, it’s not my fault.

Old Man: I want a practice run. Let’s go into the other room where the treadmills are.

I thought about it for a moment and I didn’t really have anywhere to be right away.

Darren Maddox: Sure. Let’s do this.

He smiled at me and we made our way to the other workout room next to the one we were in. As soon as we walked into the other room, I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I saw him.

There stood my father Giovanni Maddox.

The anger instantly started to rise up inside of me. The old man who had came up to me in the other room went to stand next to my father. They looked at each other.

Giovanni Maddox: Thank you John. You can go now. I will call you later.

The old man patted Giovanni on the shoulder a couple times, then turned and left the room. My breathing was rapid yet quiet as I stared angrily at my father. He was looking at me with caution because he knew that I hated him.

Giovanni Maddox: I had to use my friend John to get you to come in here. I did what I had to do to finally get the chance to talk you. I know you wouldn’t have agreed on your own willingly.

It was just me and my father standing face to face all alone in this room full of training equipment and dumbells. That was good because now I had weapons to use when I smashed his fucking head in. Yes… I hated Giovanni that much.

Darren Maddox: I have nothing to say to you.

Giovanni Maddox: I know you don’t. But I have some things to say to you. I bet your mother hasn’t told you that she is talking to me again has she. Not too much, but still, she is having brief amicable conversations on the phone with me now.

Darren Maddox: You need to stop calling her then. If you want to stay alive, you will stop calling her.

Giovanni Maddox: I know that you went to visit her recently. She told me.

Fuck. So he isn’t lying. He HAS been keeping in contact with her again.

I said nothing to him. The more I let him do the talking, the more I would learn about what he was up to.

Giovanni Maddox: Has your mother told you that she is sick? Or did she just play that off as her being tired from her long hours at the bank. I’m sure that is what she told you, and hasn’t yet told you the truth about her illness. She was always one to protect her son. OUR son.

At that moment, I totally snapped in anger.


He continued to stare right into my eyes, piercing through me. He knew he was getting to me, and he showed no mercy to my emotions whatsoever. He kept at me with words that he knew damn well were going to affect me and anger me. He may not have known how to be a good father, but he sure knew how to upset me. That was one of the reasons why I couldn’t be around him, aside from him being a worthless asshole. He took a couple of steps closer to me and our eyes were still locked firmly. I wasn’t taking my eyes off him. I didn’t trust him.

Giovanni Maddox: She will not tell you that she is ill. She wants to spare you the pain of knowing. But I think you have a right to know Darren, because I know you love her very much. That is why I needed to see you. To tell you about your mother. She is living with pain every day now.

Darren Maddox: I don’t need you to tell me a god damn thing! I don’t need FUCK ALL FROM YOU!! If my mother is sick like you say she is, then I will find out all I need to know from HER, NOT YOU!! Now you get the FUCK out of this room before I end up back in jail over a worthless piece of shit like you!!

He took a deep breath, then looked down at the floor. He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again. He slowly raised his head and looked back into my eyes.

Giovanni Maddox: I know you hate my guts… but I’m a changed man now.

Darren Maddox: Don’t even go there old man!! Don’t try to play the “I’ve changed” card on me!! I can smell the alcohol on you, so don’t you god damn well lie to me!!

Giovanni Maddox: I just want you to give me another chance son…

Darren Maddox: Another chance??!! You had chance after chance to turn yourself around for me and for mom, but NO!! YOU DIDN’T WANT TO!!

My father spoke in soft tone as he tried to get my sympathy. He would get not a drop from me. He took a couple steps even closer to me, waited a moment, then reached his hand out and put it on my shoulder, but I backed away in a flash!


Giovanni Maddox: Son, please…

I quickly walked in a rage over to the side of the room. I had to. I was going to kill him if I didn’t get away from him. I stood facing the wall. He had to leave and he had to leave NOW.

Darren Maddox: You will go now. I swear to God, you need to leave RIGHT NOW before I kill you old man!

My hands were shaking as I tried to hold in the rage, the hatred. My breathing was still very rapid. I could hear him turning around and slowly walking towards the doorway of the gym. He stopped at the doorway and what he said to me stabbed right through my young, angry heart like a dagger.

Giovanni Maddox: Your mother is dying… Go to her…

He slowly walked out of the room and I stood there still facing the wall. I didn’t want to hear what he just said to me. Didn’t want to hear it. Didn’t want to know it. Didn’t want to believe it. It hurt too much. I shook my head as the mere thought of losing my mother in any way would be too much for me. I wouldn’t be able to accept it. I know I wouldn’t.

Darren Maddox: It isn’t true… It just isn’t true…

I stood there slipping into denial and refusing to believe what my father had just told me.

Phase III
Deonte Bryant, You Have A Lot To Prove To Me
Present Day

The camera faded in and I was ready to give our little PWP newbie the raw truth about a few things. He wanted to try and play with the big boys. I was here to tell him that he was not going to survive.

Well, come on. I mean, SOMEBODY has to break it to him not so gently, right?

Darren Maddox: Alright Byrant, the time has come. Your big chance to show everyone what you can do in that ring. Will it be enough to beat Darren Maddox?

No. It won’t be.

I know that you’re coming fresh out of the Confidence Gym, owned by my bitter rival James Shark. But you see, that’s what makes this even more interesting. That only motivates me even more to beat your fucking ass and send you right back to where you started from and leave you with nothing and with no one. Don’t think that Shark is gonna be around to give you a shoulder to cry on when I beat you because he doesn’t associate himself with those who do not meet up to his “standards”. What I’m trying to tell you is that Shark will turn his back on you, because in his mind, you won’t be good enough to be in his presence after you lose to me. Shark’s ego alone will swallow you up whole and leave you feeling as worthless as ever. See, that’s what he does Bryant. You don’t know that right now, but you will very soon. I bet Shark has been trying to convince you to believe that he actually gives a fuck about you and is promising you the world and all its glory. Well I’m here to tell you that the only fucking glory that James Shark cares about is his own. If you wanna do right by you, then don’t listen to a word Shark says.

You are either a leader or a follower. Which one is it Bryant? Are you the little understudy of Shark’s and plan to live your career in his shadow where everyone will always be telling you that you are only as good as Shark made you to be.


Are you going to stand up for yourself and be a leader like me. Take control of your future like me. KICK MAJOR ASS IN THE RING LIKE ME.

Now… I know all about your father going to prison. Trust me. I’ve been in jail. I can relate to that kind of pain. Your old man committed the worst sin that man could ever commit. My father didn’t commit murder, but he did beat and abuse my mother night after night. So if there is anything that you and I have in common Bryant, it’s the fact that we both have the shittiest of the shittiest when it comes to our fathers.

I’m sure your grandmother was a caring woman for her to take you in and raise you, but it seems to me that she didn’t do as good of a job as she was hoping for now did she Bryant. You still fell in with the wrong crowd. Don’t deny it. You crave the thrill of being a rebel. However, I’m not gonna come down on your grandmother. It’s not her fault you’ve turned out to be the “graduated slave” of one James Shark. It’s your mother that needs to take the blame over your unfortunate upbringing.

Your mother was a drug addict and cared more about getting her fix than she did about caring for you. I bet that makes you angry inside doesn’t it. Not having had the ideal childhood that every child is entitled to. The household I grew up in wasn’t the greatest, but one thing I am extremely proud to say is that at least I had my mother at my side every fucking day and night. Despite the violence and the abuse in our house once I was older, she never once turned to drugs or turned her back on me.

Look at me now Bryant. My wrestling career is already flying high, and I know… I KNOW… that you want that more than anything. You want more than anything to beat me just so that you can have some kind of foundation to launch your career with. A win over Maddox. Wow. That would really be something to start a guy’s career off with. But you know what?


I don’t give a fuck about how much experience you have in taekwondo, muay tai, jiu-jitsu, and judo. I don’t give a fuck about how many black belts you hold. You see, I’ve also had martial arts training. It’s nothing uncommon Bryant. And besides, this is not a martial arts competition. This is professional wrestling. And THAT is what you have to excel in if you plan to stay in PWP and in this industry as a whole.

In this match, I want you to take notes from me Bryant.

But just know this…

James Shark may very well be your mentor…

But Darren Maddox is about to become your fucking MASTER.

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PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Deonte Bryant vs. Darren Maddox
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