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 Chris Edwards

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Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards

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Description: Chris Edwards

Height: 6’3

Weight:  300 pounds

Hometown (Now residing In):  Death Valley.  

Theme Song:  Korn- Narcissistic Cannibal

Pic Base: Cactus Jack (Mick Foley)

Bio: He has a mentally disturbed mind, He hates Breeze Jones and wants her dead, Breeze is an ex-girlfriend of his. In fact, when they broke up, he slapped her across the faced and blamed her for his problems. Since then, he hates everyone he comes in contract with. If he meets a person who wants to chat with him he doesn’t listen, people may thing he is, but he’s not. He even whistles as he walks backstage, the whistling tone he has is also disturbing.

He has a bat named Betsy, he claims she never left him like some people in the world. The bat is wrapped in barbed wire, which he fixed himself in 2012, Sometimes he talks to it. He hates being called Peewee, because he claims that character ruined him. He even went as far as digging a grave and burying that character.  

In late 2013 when PWS closed their doors, Edwards decided to ditch the mask because he felt like he no longer needed it. Since the closing of PWS, he hasn’t been around the wrestling scene.  

Common Moves -
Strong Irish whip into the turnbuckles, Uppercut, Big boot, Side kick to the jaw, Bear hug, Swinging side slam, Side walk slap, back body drop (either to the outside or he just throws him in the air.) Press slam into a pump handle slam. Superplex.

Signature Moves –

Spear out of nowhere, Running boot to the face, powerful spin buster, Shoulder breaker, and Ankle lock.

Finishing Moves –
*Pile driver* The Edwards effect.

And *Cross Armbreaker* (Think Del rio, but unlike Del Rio, Edwards tries to BREAK the arm.) That’s called the Edwards house Pain.

Note with the House of pain: If the person doesn’t tap out they pass out from pain.

Entrance Description:  The arena goes completely dark, his theme music blares throughout the arena, and Chris Edwards stands on top of the stage entrance way to a round of boos. He even embraces the booing, he pushes them to boo. He walks down the ramp of the stage with his nose up in the air because he knows he’s better than the city he’s in.
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Chris Edwards
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