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 Chris Crimson

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Chris Crimson
Chris Crimson

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Name:  Chris Crimson

Height:  6'1

Weight:  229 lbs

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, Virginia

Alignment:  Heel

Pic Base:  Curt Hawkins (Long Hair)

Entrance Theme:  "Every Lie" by My Darkest Days

Entrance Description (Optional. Only if you have anything specific you want for your entrance. Otherwise, entrances will be done generically): The faint sounds of "Every Lie" by My Darkest Days slams the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet, with only a few jeers generating from the back of the building. The entire ring turns red, with smoke filling up the black curtains to the delight of the fans. The subtle white strobe light flashed over the concrete aisle, as the black boots of Chris Crimson stepped out through the smoke, the visuals hiding the figure of Chris Crimson. The smoke would instantly be engulfed with the color red, while it poured out from the curtains.

With a brief pause, the black outline of Crimson was seen from the small light show on the entrance aisle. One boot tapped against the concrete in unison with the catchy entrance music, just before the man broke through the smoke to show his face to the hail of boos that rained down. Chris Crimson kept a relaxed expression on his face, as water dripped from his long locks of hair. With a steady approach to the ring, Crimson made his way onto the apron by climbing up using the ropes for leverage. Quickly turning around to embrace the fans who seemed to dislike him, Crimson almost showed a tiny flash of a grin. Stepping through the ropes, Your Favorite Shade of Red would make no movements to taunt or acknowledge the audience whatsoever.

With a slow nod of his head to his music, the theme would die out slowly as the lights in the entire building returned to normal.

Gimmick Description (Doesn't need to be long. Just something so I have an idea what your character is):  Chris Crimson has it all. In-ring ability, charisma, attitude, and of course pure athleticism. With many wrestling years under his belt, Chris Crimson is what some may use as a measuring stick for technical wrestling in the business. Smooth on the outside, but reckless with a dangerous streak on the inside, Crimson’s attitude can change at an instant if things don’t go his way. When situations go south, Your Favorite Shade of Red will do everything he can to make sure he comes out on top. Laid back and cool, you get the impression that Chris Crimson is a loner yet he can gain the attention of an entire room when needed to. Crimson is a natural ladies man with a bad boy edge.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like:  Bret Hart

Signature Move(s):  Dragon Suplex, Tiger Suplex, Rolling Northern Lights Suplex (3)

Finishing Move(s):  Shades of Red (Anaconda Vise), Red Flag (STF)

Bio/Brief History:
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Chris Crimson
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