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 Joey Edwards

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Joey Edwards
Joey Edwards

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Name: Joey Edwards
Height: 6'0
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Alignment: Tweener
Pic Base: Chris Sabin
Entrance Theme: "Yonkers" by Tyler The Creator
Gimmick Description: Young, outspoken, and wise character who will do anything for a victory - which makes him "the anti hero", which is a nickname he is usually referred to.

Wrestling Style: Strong Style / Aerial / Technical
Signature Move(s): Ignition (Codebreaker)
Finishing Move(s): Final Chapter:
The wrestler faces a bent over opponent, and hooks each of the opponent's arms behind the opponent's back. The wrestler then lifts the opponent in the air and flips them over, throwing them back down and driving the back and shoulders of the opponent to the ground. The wrestler may also fall to their knees as they slam the opponent down.

End Product:
Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a double knee backbreaker, also known as end of heartache, performed by Roderick Strong.
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Joey Edwards
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