The Showdown of Stars From Around The World Of Wrestling
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 PWP 6: The March 4 Glory

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 6: The March 4 Glory   Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:41 pm

("Holy Grail" by Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake is playing as the show comes on to the air)

Roy Hardy: Welcome everyone to another evening of PWP action! Thank you for joining us tonight! I’m Roy Hardy, alongside as always, Jesse Watson and Jesse… Are you ready?

Jesse Watson: You better believe I’m ready. That triple threat match tonight? It’s going to be off the wall. I can’t wait!

(Suddenly, the lights in the arena dim to a dark blue color as laughter could be heard through the P.A system. The fans instantly cheer knowing what's about to happen next. "Ghost" by Tupac begins to play out of the speakers as the whole arena begins to erupt in loud screams and cheers, getting up to their feet.)

"You motherfuckers can't stop me....
Even if I die, I'm gon' be a fuckin problem
Do you believe in ghosts, motherfucker?
Real live black... ghosts
Feel me?"

(There is a short pause before the music begins to blast throughout the arena in full volume, white and blue pyro sets off on the stage ramp as Shark jumps out from behind the curtains, causing the fans to get louder. He's wearing black shorts with a long black shirt and black jays. His shirt has large white text that reads: "ALMIGHTY NIGGER" which is right above the championship that is hanging around his waist.)

(He stands in front of the ramp and cocks a smile, nodding his head slowly at the pro Shark crowd.)

"Some say I'm crazy, these punk-ass cops can't fade me
Mama tried to raise me, but had too many babies
Papa was a motherfuckin, joke
Used to find dope in his coat
And nearly choked when he'd tell me not to smoke
Daaamn, don't get me started
My mama smoked so God damn much
when she was pregnant I'm surprised I ain't retarded
At night I can't sleep, count sheep
As they pass through the glass of my neighbors five deep"

(Shark walks down the ramp in confidence, winking at the fine women in the audience as well as eyeing the announcer in the ring. He bobs his head and sings along with his theme playing in the background. Once he walks all the way down to the ramp, he walks over to the steel steps and skips over them, making his way to the ring.)

"I daydream about the dope world
Take a puff from the blunt and watch the smoke swirl
My mausberg goes BOOM, what's another plug
Snatchin drugs, pumpin slugs in these other thugs
Don't run out of breath
Every step could be death 'til you blast
And be the last nigga left, then I'll be ghost"

(He walks around the ring until he snatches the microphone from the ring announcer and kicks him out of the ring. Once the music dies down, he clears his throat and raises the microphone up to his lips.

However before he says anything, his eye catches somebody in the live audience. He takes a step forward towards the ropes as the camera follows his eyes, spotting a young female. Shark winks at her and motions for her to flash but she seems shy. The crowd urges her on but she refuses.)

SHARK: Aye... ayo security... bring that chick to my locker room right quick. Me and her about to celebrate my championship defense tonight.

(The fans react in loud cheers, supporting Shark. Shark watches as the security escort the female fan backstage as he turns around and walks back to the center of the ring, immediately directing his attention to the fans.)

SHARK: NEWWWW champion in NEWWWW MOTHERFUCKING YORK .... Ahaahaaa... my fucking city, what's poppin??

(As Shark continues to laugh and enjoy himself the fans continue to surround him with cheers. He adjusts the PWP Championship that is wrapped around his waist as the camera zooms into it, the nameplate shining as it reads "James Shark")

SHARK: Yall see this? I won this a month ago and I ain't about to lose it tonight. For some odd reason, these fuck boys think that just because they won a poll means they can win a match. They got voted in to lose and that's exactly what's going to happen yall. They had their chance, they lost, both of them, me? I went on to win. I wanted it more than them that night and I want it more than them tonight. FUCK a Brett Sands, FUCK a Jordan Caliband, there's only one person that matters and that's James motherfucking Shark.

(The fans continued to react to Shark in a positive manner as that only seemed to fuel him.)

SHARK: I already talked, I already said what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, blah blah blah, I'm not out here for that yo. I'm done talking about Brett and Jordy bruh... as a matter of fact? I've already moved on from those two, I'm not worried about those niggas. I'll take part in this triple threat match tonight but my mind is already on the next nigga, that next nigga is...

(James stands in the middle of the ring for a moment all awkward. He stands there looking around before scratching the back of his neck.)

SHARK: Uhh... hold up yall...

(He walks over to the end of the ring towards the side of the announce tables.)

SHARK: Hey yall, what's that dudes name? I forgot. He signed up for the next show??

(Roy and Jesse both look at each other in confusion before turning back to look at Shark.)

SHARK: Come on yo.. who the fuck is it??

Roy Hardy: Frankie Emerson??

SHARK: Nah fuck you mean Frankie? That clown can lick my toes bruh, I ain't talking about him. This hoe put up an open invitational on Twitter.

Jesse Watson: Zack Lifer

SHARK: AYYYYY ya, Zachary Nolife. Him.

(The commentators shook their head as Shark turned his back on them, walking back to the center of the ring, over towards the camera as he stares right at it.)

SHARK: What were you doing with that open invitational Zack Lifer?? You trying to run from me again?? You called me out months ago when I was injured, you probably thought I wasn't going to accept. What did I do? I accepted it. Then what? I never heard from you again. I left it alone bruh, I wasn't going to chase you around asking you about that match, why? Because James Shark doesn't need Zack Lifer, James Shark already defeated Zack Lifer, my career, my legacy, moves on and grows with or without defeating you a second time.... but then what? You called me out again. Is it a coincidence that you called me out right after I injured my hand against Remington? Most likely it ain't... and once again, you were probably fishing for me to decline, but instead I accepted, and here I am, about to defend my title with an injured hand. I don't give a fuck, I'm a champion, I'm a fighter, I'm James Shark.... AND NOW I FIND OUT YOU ALREADY MOVING ON AGAIN? Bitch... why the fuck is you calling me out for matches and then ducking like a little scared white girl?? You even got plastic surgery all up in your face and you know what? I almost didn't recognize you, your plan almost worked, your only flaw was opening your mouth because your voice stays whiny and high pitched.

(Shark shook his head in disgust, his eyes remaining on the camera.)

SHARK: I'm accepting this because unlike you, I'm a nigga of my word. I said I would knock your ass out and after I'm done defending my championship tonight... yes, yes you are next and I will be knocking you out. Fuck you Zack Lifer, fuck your cowardly ways, your new look, my sloppy seconds you call a wife and the daughter you killed. When I face you at PWP 7, I'm going to put my title on the line against you just so I can get an easy second defense, and then after that? I'm going to fuck your wife again, only this time, Ima be inviting Trishelle Jordan to join me for a threesome, ayyyyyy.

(The fans laughed along with Shark as his theme blasted throughout the P.A systems again, Shark drops the microphone and cocks an evil grin.)

World Xtreme Wrestling -

(The show goes backstage to the locker room of Darren Maddox who is getting warmed up for his match tonight. His girlfriend Lycra is standing near him as he continues his warmups.)

Lycra: I see that fire in your eyes that I always see before you head into a match.

Darren Maddox: The fire in me never burns out. And this match tonight against Flex Johnson is gonna be one for the PWP record books. I’ve got a lot of respect for Flex, but I’m going out there and doing what I have to do. All of Flex’s credentials and career achievements and highlights... all of that is on my mind. No doubt about that. But... it's nothing I can't handle. I couldn't be more ready for this match.

(He turns around and faces Lycra and looks at her with determination.)

Darren Maddox: When I was a teenager, everyone thought I wasn't going to amount to anything. That I was just going to end up like my old man… a woman beater. But now here I am, 27 years old, and making things happen for myself and my career. And making things happen in my personal life as well.

(He goes over to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. She is smiling a bit at him, but he keeps his serious expression.)

Darren Maddox: You have no idea how much motivation you give me. I’ve never felt this strong and this confident before. I have you. I have the WXW Tag Team Championship. And tonight… I WILL have a win over a man who is one of the most successful wrestlers I’ve ever seen. I want Flex Johnson's respect. That is what I want. And beating him will earn me that respect. I can beat him Lycra. I know I can.

Lycra: I know you have it in you. The victory can be yours. Just go out there and show him what you’re made of.

(He waits a few seconds before speaking again.)

Darren Maddox: Everything is going just the way I want them to. And no one, including Flex Johnson, is going to stop me.

(He gives her a gentle kiss on the lips, then pulls away and they stand there looking at each other as the show goes back to an advertisement.)

Insurgency Wrestling Federation -

Darren Maddox vs. Flex Johnson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(Once Darren Maddox’s music starts, Once his music starts, he comes walking down the aisle through the crowd.)

Randall Jobbs: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds… He represents WXW… Darren Maddox!

(Once he's at the barricade, he quickly somersaults over it, then walks around the ring like he's pumping himself up for the match. He gets up on the apron and climbs through the ropes and stands in the ring as he looks out at the fans with a serious expression.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(“Stand Alone Complex” begins to blare over the speakers.

"Was I damned from the start
Or just when their marriage fell apart?
Come back in time..."

Smoke slowly begins to creep and fill the stage.

"Come on!
Does my 'try' make God blush?
Does my heart still decay?
Does it still rust?"

After a few moments, Flex Johnson strolls out and looks out at the crowd. )

Randall Jobbs: From Harlem, New York, weighing in at 210 pounds… Flex Johnson!

("Cause I feel that all my gears are starting to dry
It’s beginning to be too much for me
Oh,life, how could you be so cruel to me?
Cut me some slack."

He walks slowly down the ramp. A number of fans boo him; a number of fans cheer for Flex as well.

"If you’d grant me this strength then
I’ll return it to you by a thousand fold."

Flex circles the ring one time, and then rolls into the ring.

"Dear brother, though our mothers are not one
We share a father
He never wished the weight you spit to be collared on your own
You cast your fault, project the loss..."

He walks over to the near turn buckle and points a finger to the sky.

"Mom come home when you can
I swear Dad has changed he’s still a good man
If I’m wrong I’ll hold my head high
I’ll let God
Spit in my face
I know you would still grab the flame
If I burn
I know you’d still grab the flame."

Flex hops off the turn buckle and waits for the bell to ring.)

Roy Hardy: And here we go. This has been a highly anticipated match up for many. Lets get into it!

(The bell rings and the two men tie up and Darren Maddox quickly grabs the arm of Flex and begins to twist it. Flex spins out of it, reversing the hold on Darren, as he begins to twist at Maddox’s arm now. Darren then spins out of that, pulling Flex towards him and catching him with a hip toss. As Flex gets to his feet, Maddox charges in at him and Flex catches him with an arm drag. Both men bounce up and Flex grabs Darren in a side headlock. Darren backs up him and then shoots Flex off into the ropes. As Flex comes off the ropes, he hits Maddox with a shoulder block. Flex gets Darren to his feet and hits him with some hard forearms to the mouth, backing him up into the corner. Flex then connects with some hard chops to the chest.)

Roy Hardy: Boy, Flex is really laying into Maddox with those chops.

Jesse Watson: He sure is. He is not holding anything back on them.

(Flex pulls him out of the corner and takes him down with a snapmere. Flex delivers kick to chest, sending Maddox onto his back. Flex hit’s the ropes and drops an elbow into the heart. Flex goes for the quick pin..)


(Flex sits Maddox up and grabs him in a chin lock.)

Roy Hardy: Flex is doing a good job thus far, keeping Maddox grounded and keeping the pace to his liking.

Jesse Watson: He really has. Even though I think Maddox has been getting a little soft lately, he is hard to stop when he gets going.

(Darren fights back up to his feet, landing several elbow shots to the midsection of Flex. Maddox sends Flex off into the ropes and as he comes off of them, Darren catches him with a standing dropkick. Darren goes for the pin..)


(They both get back to their feet and Maddox strikes first, grabbing Flex and driving him into the mat with a body slam. Maddox jumps up and drives the bottom of his boot down into the face of Flex. Darren then gets Flex up, backing him against the ropes and hitting him with a few hard chops to the chest. Flex fights back, landing a hard chop to the chest of Maddox, of his own. Darren delivers a quick kick to the stomach before sending Flex off into the ropes. Instead of bouncing off of them, Flex holds onto the ropes, stopping himself. Maddox charges in at Flex and Flex back drops him over the top rope. Darren lands on his feet on the ring apron and delivers a hard forearm shot to the back of Flex’s head. Flex, grabbing his head, staggers away from the ropes. Darren springboards onto the top rope but Flex dives forward, shaking the rope so that Darren loses his balance and Darren falls onto the top rope, onto his stomach.)

Roy Hardy: That was NOT a good landing for Darren!

Jesse Watson: And now he’s in a very vulnerable position, just draped over the top rope like that.

(Flex grabs him and vertical suplexes him back into the ring. He hooks the leg for a pin…)


(Flex gets Maddox to his feet and sends him off into the ropes. As Maddox comes off of the ropes, Flex catches him with back breaker. Flex then grabs him in the Koji Clutch.)

Roy Hardy: Flex is gonna look to make Darren tap out here.

Jesse Watson: And he just might. Flex has that move locked in perfectly.

(Flex has it locked in good but Darren is able to wiggle his way enough so that he can stretch a foot onto the bottom rope. Flex breaks it and then stalks Darren, waiting for him to get up. As Darren stirs, Flex hit’s the ropes. As he comes at Darren, Maddox catches him with a spine buster.)

Roy Hardy: Great counter by Darren Maddox!

(Both men are down on the mat for several seconds, before both getting to their feet at the same time. Darren charges in and hits him with a clothesline. As Flex gets to his feet, Darren hits him with another one.  As Flex gets up again, Maddox attempts to send him into the corner but Flex reverses it. Flex charges in and Darren gets his foot up into the mouth of Flex, stopping him. Flex staggers backwards, holding onto his mouth. As he turns around, Darren charges in at him and hits him with the “Random Act Of Violence.” He hooks the leg…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall, at the 8:41 mark… Darren Maddox!

Jesse Watson: Just like that, it’s over! Wow!

Roy Hardy: I have to say, this has got to be considered a mild upset in the minds of many. Flex Johnson was the favorite going into this match!

Jesse Watson: It’s definitely an upset in my mind. I thought for sure that Flex was going to win. Other than James Shark, he’s been the most successful wrestler we’ve had show up in the PWP.

Roy Hardy: That’s very true. Darren Maddox isn’t too far behind though. And he showed here, with this win, that he’s out to prove that he’s one of the best to come through the PWP doors.

(We cut backstage, where we see an unfamiliar young lady with a microphone in her hand.)

??: Hello everybody, my name is Roxie McCright.

(She smiles.)

Roxie McCright: And I am the new backstage correspondent for the PWP. And right now, please welcome my first guest, none other than the man that hired me.. Mr. Josh Duncan.

(Josh Duncan walks into the scene, next to Roxie.)

Josh Duncan: Thank you for that Roxie and welcome to the PWP.

Roxie McCright: I’m happy to be here.

Josh Duncan: We’re happy to have you. Anyways, I don’t like taking up too much time. I try to stay as scarce as I can because here in the PWP it is ALL about the talent that comes through those doors to compete here. And speaking of which, we have a man who is widely known throughout the wrestling industry, who will be making his PWP debut next month. As you all heard earlier, Zack Lifer will be having his first match and James Shark accepted the open invitation. I just want to make it official that, as of this moment, next month’s Main Event will see James Shark defending the PWP Heavyweight Championship against Zack Lifer! Thank you…

(He smiles and walks out of the scene.)

Roxie McCright: Mr. Duncan with the big announcement! If you want to follow me, you can do so @RMccright. Also, for all the up to date announcements and updates regarding the PWP, make sure to follow Mr. Duncan at @PWPJoshDuncan.

Robert Saints vs. Savannah

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(The Arena goes dark and the lights flicker on and off as Line in the Sand by Motorhead plays as Robert Saints and his manager/girlfriend Kelly Robinson walk through the curtain backstage.)

Randall Jobbs: From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds… He represents WXW… Robert Saints!

(Robert Saints then stands on the titantron entrance ramp as the pyro explode down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Robert Saints walks down the ramp high-fiving the fans as his manager Kelly Robinson follows him as he enters the ring, waiting for his opponent. Kelly Robinson enters the ring and kisses Robert Saints on the cheek for good luck before exiting the ring and waiting in her boyfriend/client's corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

("Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses plays, as Savannah emerges from behind the curtain.)

Randall Jobbs: From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 165 pounds.. Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation… Savannah!

(She high fives some fans on her way to the ring, before getting in.)

Roy Hardy: Time for our second contest of the night… Lets get to it!

(The bell rings and the two of them tie up with each other. Saints quickly breaks it, grabbing her in a side headlock. Savannah slips out of it, grabbing Robert’s arm and putting him into a hammerlock. Saints spins out of it, pulling Savannah in like a short-arm clothesline but instead nailing her with a hard forearm to the mouth.)

Roy Hardy: Ouch! That one landed square in the teeth.

Jesse Watson: Robert Saints looks like he was going for an early TKO right there.

(Savannah comes back with another forearm shot and Saints hits right back with another. Savannah the delivers a kick to the stomach. She hits him with another stiff forearm before grabbing him and sending him into the ropes. She swings at him but Saints ducks under her arm. As he comes off the ropes again, Savannah turns around and Saints catches her with a jumping knee strike to the face. Saints makes the pin attempt…)


Jesse Watson: Saints is not playing around here tonight.

Roy Hardy: He definitely is not. He’s looked aggressive in the short amount of time this match has been under way.

(Both of them get to their feet and Savannah is quick to strike first, hitting Saints with a knee to the midsection. Savannah then grabs him and plants him with a suplex. Saints sits up and Savannah drives her knee into it and then grabbing his arms and pulling back on them, with a bow and arrow submission. Saints fights back to his feet, sliding out of her grasps and lands a kick to the stomach.  Saints hit’s the ropes but as he comes off of them, Savannah connects with a clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Saints was looking to get some momentum back but Savannah was quick to cut him off.

Jesse Watson: Savannah is looking to prove to the PWP crowd tonight, just what she is made of.

Roy Hardy: Absolutely. This is only her second time here, so she’s looking to put on a good performance.

(Savannah gets Saints up and pushes him into the corner. Savannah hits him with some hard chops to the chest, before following it up with a couple kicks to the midsection. She backs up, charges in and then drives her shoulder into the midsection of Saints, driving the wind out of him. She drives her shoulder into his stomach a few more times before pulling him out of the corner and planting him with a body slam. She hit’s the ropes and then lands a leg drop across the throat of Saints. She makes a pin attempt..)


Roy Hardy: Near fall by Savannah but not enough to put Robert Saints away.

Jesse Watson: You can’t take Saints lightly and Savannah’s doing a great job of not doing that.

Savannah starts getting Saints back to his feet and sends him off into the ropes and swings at him as he comes off of them but he ducks under her arm. As she turns around, Saints is standing behind her and he delivers a kick to the stomach and then follows it up by quickly planting her into the mat with a DDT.

Roy Hardy: Robert Saints looking to get back into this match and even up the pace.

(As Savannah gets back up, Saints charges and hits her with a clothesline. She gets back up and he hits her with a back elbow. As she gets up once again, he sends her off into the ropes and as she comes off of them, he connects with a standing dropkick.)

Roy Hardy: Boy did that dropkick hit the target. Got her right in the mouth.

Jesse Watson: I’m sure that’s not the first time that phrase has been uttered about her.

Roy Hardy: That is disgusting and unnecessary. I hope she hears that. Then you’ll be in trouble.

(Saints goes for a pin…)


(He sits Savannah up and grabs her in a chin lock. He locks it in tightly but still Savannah finds a way to fight up to her feet. She lands several elbow shots to the midsection, getting him to break it. She attempts to run to the ropes but Saints reaches out, grabbing her by the hair and yanking backwards, so that she is pulled to the mat.)

Roy Hardy: Oh come on. That was uncalled for.

Jesse Watson: Win by any means necessary, Roy. You should know that by now.

(As Savannah starts to get to her hands and knees, Saints charges in with a punt kick to the ribs. He drags her up to her feet and sends her into the corner. Saints charges in, going to drive his shoulder into the midsection of Savannah but she leaps up, getting her feet onto the 2nd ropes and sitting on the top, forcing Saints to miss and go through the turnbuckles, driving his shoulder into the steel ring post. He staggers out of the corner, holding onto his arm and when he turns around, Savannah leaps off and connects with the "Pounce." She hooks the leg…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall at the 10:16 mark of the match… Savannah!

Roy Hardy: Savannah saw Robert Saints coming in at her, quickly countered and then capitalized by hitting that spear off the second rope for the win! Great job by Savannah, on that quick thinking!

Jesse Watson: I’ll give her credit where it’s due, she caused Saints to make a mistake and she used it to her advantage. So much so that it was enough to get the win. Props on that.

Roy Hardy: Savannah showed tonight that she is definitely one tough competitor. And I know for a fact that she will be appearing at PWP 7, so I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some more of her.

Virtual Wrestling -

Main Event
PWP Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Jordan Caliband vs. Brett Sands vs. James Shark

Randall Jobbs: The following is scheduled for one fall! And it is a Triple Threat Match for the PWP Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…

(The song starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunter out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up CM PUNK style screaming


Randall Jobbs: From Coleraine, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 175 pounds… Jordan Caliband!

(He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with the girl playing with his hair on the apron. Both are waiting watching the ramp intently.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent, also the challenger…

("In The City" by Kevin Rudolf begins to blare all throughout the arena as the audience immediately begins to boo. Brett Sands steps through the curtain, a smirk on his face as he stands at the top of the stage and stares out into the audience. Wearing his dark green trunks and a dark green sweater, he raises his hands high up in the air as gold pyro sprinkles down before stepping forward and making his way to the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: From Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 267 pounds… Brett Sands!

(As he makes his way down the ramp, Brett just looks at the audience and signs along with the song, mostly the part where Rudolf says "give it all up for me" and pointing at himself. Once ringside, Brett slowly (and with cockiness) walks around the ring before going up the steel steps and entering the ring. He removes his jacket and tosses it at the nearby worker before standing in the center of the ring. While at the center, he slowly moves around in a circle, "basking in his glory", before heading to his designated corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponent…

(The lights in the arena dim to a dark blue color as laughter could be heard through the P.A system. Ghost by Tupac begins to play out of the speakers as the fans get erupt with a mix of cheers and boos.

"You motherfuckers can't stop me....
Even if I die, I'm gon' be a fuckin problem
Do you believe in ghosts, motherfucker?
Real live black... ghosts
Feel me?"

There is a short pause before the music begins to blast throughout the arena in full volume, white and blue pyro sets off on the stage ramp as Shark jumps out from behind the curtains, pumped up with both adrenaline and excitement. He stands in front of the ramp and cocks a smile, putting his arms out into the air, welcoming all the hate from the haters in attendance, only causing the booing fans to get louder.)

Randall Jobbs: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 205 pounds… Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation… James Shark!

He nods his head slowly as his smile grows. The sound of hate is music to his ears.

"Some say I'm crazy, these punk-ass cops can't fade me
Mama tried to raise me, but had too many babies
Papa was a motherfuckin, joke
Used to find dope in his coat
And nearly choked when he'd tell me not to smoke
Daaamn, don't get me started
My mama smoked so God damn much
when she was pregnant I'm surprised I ain't retarded
At night I can't sleep, count sheep
As they pass through the glass of my neighbors five deep"

Shark walks down the ramp in confidence, winking at the fine women in the audience as well as flashing his middle finger to the rest. He bobs his head and sings along with his theme playing in the background. Once he walks all the way down to the ramp, he stands right before the ring, jumping on the spot in small steps, side to side as he gets warmed up.

"I daydream about the dope world
Take a puff from the blunt and watch the smoke swirl
My mausberg goes BOOM, what's another plug
Snatchin drugs, pumpin slugs in these other thugs
Don't run out of breath
Every step could be death 'til you blast
And be the last nigga left, then I'll be ghost"

Instead of sliding into the ring from the front, he walks all around the ring, continuing to taunt the fans as he passes them by. Once he makes a full circle around the ring he begins to walk up the steps, climbing up onto the turnbuckle as he gets to a sitting position. Shark sits above of the turnbuckle and observes the audience, talking smack to each of them, pointing and laughing at the ones who he thinks are poorly dressed or unattractive. Once he has had enough, he turns himself around and jumps off of the turnbuckle and into the center of the ring.

He begins to bounce off the ropes for a bit before slowly walking around the ring. Now talking shit to the referee and ring announcer before he focuses back on the fans, calling out some of the females to flash their tits as the camera points towards them. As usual a few females flash as James Shark cocks a smile.

"Run for cover and return fire
DIE MOTHERFUCKIN DIE, hope yo' ass fry, don't ask why
But I let off everything I have
An empty clip, hit the ground as a nigga dash
On my ass was the motherfuckin cops now
Barely breathin tryin to keep from gettin shot down
BOO-YAOW is the sound, bullet whizzed by
Still runnin like a nigga got nine lives
Don't know why but I'm runnin to my fuckin block
Took a shot, tired of runnin from the niggaz and the cops
Time to be a ghost"

The music slowly fades away as Shark leans against the ropes.

Roy Hardy: Here we go, Jesse. The first ever PWP Heavyweight Title defense ever!

Jesse Watson: Another match that will go down in history! Either because Shark was able to have a successful first defense or because we crown a new champion.

(The bell rings and James Shark takes his title off, handing it to Randall Jobbs. As he is, Brett Sands comes up from behind him and nails him with a clothesline to the back of the neck, sending Shark to the mat. Sands hits him with a few hard kicks, before pushing him under the bottom of the rope and sending him to the floor.)

Roy Hardy: Brett Sands is not wasting any time!

Jesse Watson: I don’t know how smart it is to go right at the champ like that.

Roy Hardy: I actually think it’s smart. Take out the champ because he’s considered the toughest roadblock to Brett Sands in getting that title. He doesn’t need to pin Shark to win the belt. He just needs to make the pin.

(While Sands is still focused on Shark, Caliband comes up from behind Sands and hits him in the back. Caliband hits him with some rapid forearm shots to the mouth, backing Sands over into one of the corners. Jordan starts to land some kicks to the stomach before ascending to the 2nd rope and hitting Sands with some right hands. Sands shoves him off though and Caliband goes crashing to the mat. Sands comes out of the corner, getting Jordan back to his feet and sending him into the turnbuckles. Caliband bounces out of the corner and Sands levels him with a hard big boot.)

Roy Hardy: Brett Sands is definitely utilizing his size advantage right now.

Jesse Watson: Size and strength. He is one of the stronger competitors to come through the PWP.

(Brett drags Jordan back to his feet and shoves him into the corner. He then starts to drive his shoulder into the midsection, several times, driving the air out of him. Brett sends him off into the opposite corner and as Caliband bounces out, Brett catches him with a back drop.)

Roy Hardy: Brett Sands is really on a roll here tonight.

Jesse Watson: He definitely came motivated and prepared. He wants that title badly.

(Brett starts to get Jordan back up but Jordan fights back, landing some elbows to the midsection. Caliband hit’s the ropes and goes for a cross body but Brett catches him. Brett hoists him up onto his shoulders and then drives him down into the mat with a power slam.)

Roy Hardy: Jordan was looking to get some offense going but Brett quickly cut him off.

(All of a sudden, James Shark sneaks back into the ring and hits Brett with a chop block to the back of the knee.)

Jesse Watson: I think Brett forgot there was another man in the match.

Roy Hardy: I almost forgot there was. I think Shark was just sitting back and letting them wear each other down for a bit.

(Shark lands some hard kicks to the ribs, as Brett crawls over to the corner, getting up. James then begins to lay into him with some hard jabs stomach. James grabs him and attempts to send him into the opposite corner but Brett reverses it. Sands charges in but James gets a foot up into the mouth of Brett, stopping him. As Brett turns around, James come charging in for the “Swag Out” but Brett nails him with a kick to the stomach. Sands lifts Shark up and then drops him down, face-first onto the top turnbuckle. Brett then starts to stalk Shark, as James is staggering around and holding onto his face. Just then, Jordan reaches into the ring and grabs a hold of Brett’s foot, causing him to turn around and he kicks Jordan in the face, pushing him down. Brett turns around and Shark charges in, delivering a clothesline to Brett that sends him over the top and to the outside.)

Roy Hardy: Looks like this match might be spilling out onto the floor…

Jesse Watson: Things are about to get hellacious, if so.

(Sharks goes to the outside as well and as he goes at Sands, Brett hits him with a hard punch to the gut, sending James staggering backwards a few steps. Brett gets to his feet and charges in at Shark but James side steps him and catches him with a drop toe hold that sends Sands face-first into the steel ring steps.)

Jesse Watson: Damn!

Roy Hardy: Brett hit those steps HARD! That could be the end of him.

(Sands is on his hands and knees, next to the stairs, when Jordan Caliband comes out of nowhere and delivers a low dropkick to the side of Brett’s head, jamming it into the steps.)

Jesse Watson: If he wasn’t out before, he is now!

(On one side of the ring, Shark gets back into the ring and on a different side, Jordan gets into the ring. Caliband and Shark then see each other and begin to exchange words with one another.)

Roy Hardy: If you don’t keep up with Twitter, these two have had some very unkind things to say about each other.

Jesse Watson: That’s putting it lightly.

Roy Hardy: Point is, they want to tear each other apart. And now they’re gonna get that chance.

(The two of them quickly begin to exchange punches and chops with one another. Shark starts to get the upper hand and sends Caliband off into the ropes. As he comes off of the ropes, Shark catches him with a knee to the gut. Shark goes for a DDT but Caliband grabs Shark by the legs and trips him down to the mat. Jordan then goes to turn him over into a Boston crab but Shark reaches up and grabs him into a small package pin…)


Roy Hardy: Shark almost getting the victory with the surprise small package pinning attempt.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, I think he caught Caliband way off guard with that. He wasn’t expecting it at all.

(Shark gets Caliband up and sends him off into the ropes. As he comes off of them, James goes for a clothesline but Jordan ducks under his arm. Caliband hit’s the ropes again and as Shark turns around, Caliband catches him with a hurricanrana. Caliband grabs Shark’s legs and then turns him over into a Boston crab submission hold. Shark struggles to break out of it, when Brett Sands gets back into the match and levels Jordan from behind.)

Roy Hardy: Brett put a little extra behind that one.

Jesse Watson: I don’t think he’s very happy about Caliband making his head a pancake, in between those steps with that dropkick earlier.

(Brett gets Jordan up and sends him through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Brett turns around and Shark delivers a kick to the stomach and then connects with a neck breaker. Shark goes for the pin..)


(Shark gets up and turns around, just in time to see Caliband come flying off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Jordan lands some kicks to Shark, while he’s down. Jordan turns to run and hit the ropes but runs into Brett Sands who catches him and drives him into the mat with a spine buster. Brett goes for the pin..)

No!!! Shark breaks it up!

Roy Hardy: Great save by James Shark! He saw his title potentially slipping away and he saved it.

Jesse Watson: That’s why, no matter how great James Shark is, he is at a disadvantage in this match. He can lose his title without actually losing.

(Shark goes to send Brett off into the ropes but Brett reverses it. Sands goes for a backdrop but Shark stops short and delivers a hard kick to the mouth. Shark follows it up with a kick to the stomach and then delivers a stunner to Brett. He goes for the pin…)


(After the kickout, Brett rolls under the ropes and falls to the floor. As Shark is focused on him, Jordan comes up from behind and grabs Shark in a school boy roll up…)


Roy Hardy: I thought we were about to crown Jordan Caliband the new PWP Heavyweight Champion! So damn close!

Jesse Watson: My heart stopped for the entire 2 and a half seconds of that pin attempt! I thought it was over!

(They both get to their feet and Caliband attempts to send Shark into the corner but Shark reverses it. Shark charges in but Caliband brings his legs up and Shark eats a mouth full of Jordan’s knees, knocking him for a loop. Jordan jumps up onto the 2nd rope, grabbing Shark’s head and plants him with a tornado DDT. Jordan calls for the “Caliboom” but sees Brett Sands struggling up to the ring apron. Caliband runs, springboards off of the ropes and dropkicks Brett, sending him flying off of the ring apron and crashing back to the floor. Jordan gets up and turns around, and out of nowhere, Shark explodes with the “Swag Out.” Shark makes the pin…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of the match, via pinfall at the 17:38 mark of the match… And STILL PWP Heavyweight Champion… James Shark!!

Roy Hardy: And James Shark has pulled off yet another victory here in PWP! And by doing so, he has retained the PWP Heavyweight Championship in his first title defense!

Jesse Watson: Not only that but if you ask me, it’s one of, if not the most impressive victory. Simply because he could have lost that title without even being part of the decision! He had to overcome two men, two extremely talented men, to retain that title and he did.

Roy Hardy: Absolutely. The odds were stacked against James Shark, no doubt. It’s been said time and time again but I may not like James Shark’s antics but when it comes to talent in that ring, he is one of the best that I’ve seen.

Jesse Watson: Truth be told, we just saw three of the most talented men that have come through the PWP doors, if you ask me.

Roy Hardy: You’re not going to get a disagreement from me there. Jordan Caliband has proven to be one of the most excited competitors to watch and Brett Sands has come so close to winning that title, twice now. He was only one step away in the tournament and he dominated during parts of this match.

Jesse Watson: Either man could have walked out with the title. But James Shark found a way to pull it off.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, Brett and Jordan provided some huge competition for that title. They did not make it easy. Anyways, thank you for tuning folks! For my partner and everyone here at PWP, we hope you enjoyed the show and make sure to tune in next month for PWP 7! Goodnight!
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PWP 6: The March 4 Glory
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