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 PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy   Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:57 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is October 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy   Sun Oct 13, 2013 2:17 pm

*The scene opens up with Candy sitting in the middle of a park in Miami. She was sitting indian style on the grass in the middle of a big open area. There were kids playing in the background, enjoying the beautiful weather. Running in circles around her like a hyper maniac was her little dog, Fluffy. Fluffy was practically her best friend, and went everywhere with her. And I do mean everywhere! Candy held up a ball she picked up from the ground next to her and threw it. Fluffy took off running after it as she giggled. She seemed so oblivious to anything outside of that little dog of hers. She didn't even notice that her boyfriend, Marcus Cage, had snuck up behind her. He surprised her with a bag of M&Ms dropped right into her lap. She jumped, startled, but then started to laugh a little.*

Candy: MARCUS! How did you know that I wanted some M&Ms?

Marcus: I just know these things!

*He sat down beside her and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.*

Marcus: So what are you doing, sitting out here all alone?

Candy: I'm not all alone! Fluffy is with me.

Marcus: Where did Fluffy go?

Candy: She's chasing a stick! Here she comes!

*Fluffy comes running back full speed with the stick in her mouth. When she notices that Marcus is beside Candy she drops the stick and barks. She runs right to Marcus, jumping up in his lap and licking his face.*

Marcus: Hello Fluffy.

*She barked at him, as if talking back to him, and wagging her tail.*

Candy: She's excited to see you!

Marcus: I can tell. I am sure it has absolutly nothing to do with the treat I have in my pocket that I picked up for her.

*Hearing the word "treat" Fluffy starts rubbing her head against his arms. Marcus picked her up and set her on the grass and then reached in his pocket, holding out the treat. She instantly sat and started barking. Marcus tossed the treat to her and she laid there chewing on it, perfectly content.*

Candy: She loves it Marcus!!!

Marcus: Yeah she was pretty excited to get that treat. But that's not the only thing to be excited about.

Candy: It's not???

Marcus: No, it's not. You stepping back into the ring is a really big thing, ya know.

Candy: I've just been out of the ring for so long, I wanted to wrestle again. So i signed up for that PWPWPPPP Thing

Marcus: PWP, Professional Wrestling Project.

Candy: Yeah! That! You and Dynamite had so much fun with it last month I wanted to have fun too!

Marcus: Even though we didn't win, we DID have fun. And that's what it was all about.

Cany: Yeah! I miss the fun of wrestling sometimes.

Marcus: We all do when we are out of the ring for an extended period of time. Some more than others. And if you think it's time for you to get back in the ring, you go for it. You know I'll be right there by your side wether it be just this one match, or if you decide to return in PWSi and fight in the Vixxxen's division.

Candy: I know, Marcus. I'm just going to have this match and see where that leaves me! I might want to get back in the ring more after, I don't know.

Marcus: Getting the itch to compete again.

Candy: I'm not itchy. Neither is Fluffy! I gave her a bath this morning.

*Marcus chuckled softly and shook his head.*

Marcus: I meant that it's been on your mind alot lately.

Candy: Yeah, it has.

Marcus: Then go for it. This doesn't really have anything to do with Queen of the Ring being announced, does it?

Candy: Maybe...

Marcus: So have you been told who your opponents are?

Candy: Yeah, Catherine Hunter and Mercedes Young... I think.

Marcus: Do we know anything about them?

Candy: Not really. I know Mercedes is new to the business, and Catherine is really really mean.

Marcus: Tell ya what, we will hit the ring this afternoon and do some training for your match, ok?

Candy: OK!

*The two of them continue to chat as the scene fades to black*
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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:13 am

I’m not even a huge fan of wrestling, in the traditional sense of the word “fan”. I am however a fan of getting my face shown to the world, and being able to control the outcome of how much exposure I get. Modeling was too messy, too many politics and backstabbings. Wrestling however, wrestling I can manipulate because the more I win, the more I get shown, and my beauty gets recognized. It’s a beautiful system, for a beautiful woman. It took me a while to get here, but I’ve done it. Let me take you back and welcome you to…

- The Face of Beauty: The Catherine Hunter Story –

Scene 1- The Beginning

Photographer: That’s it, you’re beautiful! I don’t even need to do anything, you’re doing all the work with those gorgeous eyes! My my baby, just like that, flip your hair. Mmmhmmm.

Pffft. Laurie Starks. “Mrs. North Carolina”. What a fucking dog. Her round little face, here unoriginal blonde hair flowing over her light blue eyes coated in glittered purple mascara. How could anybody look at that face and see beauty?

Photographer: That’s it baby, blow kisses at the camera. Oh goodness sweetheart you’re going to make a lot of teenage boys year. I think this issue of “Seven Devil’s Vixxxen’s 2009” is going to sell more than any other!

Yeah, if it does it’s not going to be because of this anorexic drama queen. Men have evolved in nature. They don’t look at this over-tanned blonde bimbo with stereotypical red lipstick as sexy anymore. They want real women now, women like myself. Catherine Hunter. ‘The new face of beauty’. Finally now that I’m 18 they’re giving me a chance to audition for this magazine shoot. For three years I’ve been coming down to this photo shoot, watching as the hideous beasts flaunt their fake tits in front of a camera and get told how pretty they are. I’ve seen prettier things hit on the side of the road. It’s stomach churning really, but finally I’m not going to be on the sidelines anymore. I’ve done some photo-shoots leading up to this that would make these girls wish they never even got into modeling. I’ve been in some of the hottest photoshoots to ever come out of North Carolina this year. They can’t compete with me. I’m a real fucking model.

Photo Shoot Director: Thanks Laurie, I think that’s all we need to see.

Photographer: I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more myself. Haha.

Photo Shoot Director: I’m sure you wouldn’t.

Laurie Stark: But that’s all they get. You’re the only one that gets my love baby boy.

Fucking slut. That’s the only reason she gets regarded so high is because Don Grant is the owner of half the modeling sites on the east coast and she spreads her legs for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was spreading them for her brother the photographer, Lance, either. Actually she’s probably not, the guy’s defiantly a closet queer. At least now it’s my turn to go up, look at all the girls over there that have tried out. Must be 30 over there. I wonder what crap Don’s about to fill them with.

Don Grant: Alright so we’ve got 5 slots in our magazine this year. I’m proud to announce that “Mrs. North Carolina” herself Laurie Stark has made such an impression on me and my photographer Lance that she’s been added as an instant entry! Let’s hear it for Laurie!

Fake bitches. Clapping for that slut and pretending like they’re best friends just so they’ll have a better shot at being picked. Whatever, not my problem. I’m going to get into this magazine the real way – with beauty.

Don Grant: Now we have two more entries to come up and audition. Catherine Hunter and Stephanie Lockland. Then, we’ll announce the winners! (Moving back to the audition room) Catherin Hunter! You’re up next. Please get ready, we’ll be with you shortly. Lance, can I speak with you for a minute?

Lance Grant: Sure. I’ll be right back sugar.

Don Grant(in a side room out of Catherine’s ear range): This is her. This is the girl we had to put in that dinky little add in last month’s magazine because the other models tires were mysteriously slashed and she couldn’t make it.

Lance Grant: Isn’t that the same girl who got into the internet media shot we did a few months ago because our real model’s house caught on fire?

Don Grant: It is… let’s keep an eye on her ok? Just in case… (They nod and exit the room).

It’s about time. Now it’s time for them to feast their eyes on a real woman!

(30 Minutes Later after the final two photo shoots and deliberation)

Don Grant: Ok… Lance and I have reviewed all the pictures and have talked, and we’ve finally made our list of the five girls that will be featured in the prestigious “Seven Devil’s Vixxxen’s 2009” magazine! Laurie of course was added in earlier this evening. We’re also going to use Christine McKnight, Angel Quinn, Kelly Foster, and finally…

YES! It’s finally my time! My time to show the entire state of North Carolina-, hell the world who Catherine Hunter is. Show them all that you don’t need to be an anorexic blonde with huge tits to make it in modeling. I’m a model. A real model.

Don Grant: Stephanie Lockland! Thank you girls who both made it and didn’t, and remember those who did not that we’ll be doing this again next year! Talk to you all soon.

What. The. FUCK!?

Catherine Hunter(approaching Don and Lance): Hey… um, did you guys forget about me?

Don Grant(putting his hand on Catherine’s shoulder): I’m sorry hun, it was a tough competition this year. You were pretty close up there, but we’re just going a-… different direction with the magazine than your style of modeling.

My style of modeling? You mean not being a WHORE!? The fucking NERVE of these people…

Catherine Hunter: Yeah it’s cool…

Lance Grant: There’s always next year sweetheart. We’ll see you back right?

Catherine Hunter: Yeah sure, whatever.

(A few minutes later, all the girls have changed and left besides Catherine and Laurie)

Look at her putting on her make up. Slut. Slut. FUCKING SLUT…

(Catherine approaches Laurie quickly, and before Laurie can say anything Catherine pulls a chloroform rag up and puts it over the face of Laurie. She lays her on the ground as she fades, and Catherine puts her foot on Laura’s ankle.)

Catherine Hunter: You should be more careful. You might… break a leg…

(She raises her foot getting ready to stomp on the ankle of Mrs. North Carolina, when the door swings open)



(Lance pulls Laurie up and to safety and Don backs Catherine against the wall)

Don Grant: Get out. Get the fuck out and never come back. Hell, don’t you dare show your ugly emo-goth face ANYWHERE for a modeling job again. I’m going to make sure you never work in modeling again. If you leave now, I won’t call the cops. But you will not sabotage Laurie, she’s the FACE of the modeling scene.

The face of the modeling scene. The. Face. Of. The. Modeling. Scene. Those words never left my mind. Never will. She’s not the face. I’M THE FACE. They’ll see. They’ll all see… I don’t need Don Grant or his modeling career. There’s a lot of other things I can do with my gift of being uniquely gorgeous. I’ll prove it to the world.

Scene 2- The Hunt

I know I can do anything I want in this world to get my face shown to the world. Modeling is for bitches anyways, fuck them if they can’t handle my couple extra pounds, or my use of unique colors in my hair and make up to set myself apart. Fuck. Them. But what do I want to do? I want to go somewhere where my beauty will show up the rest of the fake women of the world, I just chose modeling because that’s where the majority of them are. Where else can I go… there’s a bunch of fakes in the music industry. Just pretty faces with average talent. But that’s not really for me, too much commitment and going out and “performing”. I don’t feel like lip-syncing every night like the rest of them. I could go into acting, that’d be pretty fun showing up all of the worthless pieces of trash that are in the theatre night after night- but then I’ll have to work with them too, and my glory would make even them look good so it’d be the opposite of my goal. I want to embarrass them while showing the world their eyes should be on me, but what can I do to accomplish this goal?
It took me a while to figure out this whole wrestling thing. I wasn’t ever much of a fan, my grandfather was a fan in the 80’s so all I ever really knew was that. While I was taking a few weeks off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, my phone rang. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody because, well, nobody’s really worth my time. So I let it go to voice mail and I figured I could deal with them later. But when I checked it, the voice on the other end was pretty surprising.

Voice: Hey. It’s me. Just wanted to give you a call and see how things were going… sis.

Dammit, it was Adam. I hadn’t seen him since my 15th birthday. He was 18 and moved out immediately, losing all contact with us at home. I don’t blame him but- still kinda stung.

Voice: I’m back in North Carolina, I’ve actually been training to be a professional wrestler the last 3 years and now I’m finally getting my first match back home at Carolina Championship Wrestling. It’s about 20 minutes away if you’re still in Seven Devils. I’d love to see you come down and watch, it’s a pretty big moment for me. Hopefully see you there.

Pro wrestling? Damn, like I said it’d be a while since wrestling was even mentioned around me. I had no idea Adam was even training. Fuck. Guess I’m going to a wrestling show…

(Catherine arrives before the show, walking up to a large man in a security suit)

Catherine Hunter: Hey… can you tell Adam Hunter I’m here for me?

Security Guard: You a fan?

Voice: Naw… she’s my sister.

There he is. After so many years, it’s almost as if I don’t even know my brother anymore. Yet he hasn’t changed much other than his physical conditioning. Hair still untidy, still rocking the plane white t and jeans… how the hell he’s going to be seen as a “superstar” is beyond me.

Adam Hunter: Good to see you made it. Wasn’t really expecting you to come down here.

Catherine Hunter: I wasn’t going to, but figured it’d be the best chance to see someone else besides me kick your ass.

Adam Hunter: Ha… still got your charming sense of humor I see. Sarcastic as hell.

Catherine Hunter: Well we are related right?

Adam Hunter: Ha ha… this is true. Hey I got to get ready, stick around after the show, alright?

Catherine Hunter: Yeah. I’ll catch you out there.

I sat there the whole night watching ripped, roided out muscle heads throw eachother around. Even Adam’s match was kinda boring. What struck me though was the match after Adam’s. A special attraction “Woman’s Pillow FIGHT” as the poster billed it. Two ugly, anorexic, plastic-chested skanks spent ten minutes hitting eachother with pillows, pulling eachothers hair, and throwing slaps until one hit a bullshit DDT and got the win. I couldn’t believe it and was ready to help the fans boo them out of the building. Instead… they all stood on their feet. They clapped, the cheared, one even started chanting “Match of the year”. What the fuck!? THIS is what is considered woman’s wrestling? It was beyond a joke. Then the light went off…

(After the show)

Catherine Hunter: Not too bad for the guy that used to pretend Barbie was his girlfriend.

Adam Hunter: Hey! For plastic she was pretty hot.

Catherine Hunter: Yeah. Those two girls from tonight had more plastic in their chest then all the Barbies ever released.

Adam Hunter: Ha ha, you liked that huh?

Catherine Hunter: It’s fucking ridiculous.

Adam Hunter: It is. But hey, none of the chicks want to get hurt, so none of them really give a fuck in the ring. They just do their shtick and move on to the boys in the back.

Catherine Hunter: Hey… what would you say about training me?

Adam Hunter: YOU want to wrestle?

Catherine Hunter: Hey why not? If that’s what passes for wrestling then I’d be doing them a favor.

Adam Hunter: Hey I’m down if that’s what you want to do. It’s going to be a while before you get a match but… I’ll see what I can do.

Finally! I’ve found my calling. I’ve found a world where I can really make a difference, and where EVERYONE will see that BEAUTY… is having strength as well.

Scene 3 – The Capture


Catherine Hunter: Hello??

Adam Hunter: Hey Cath it’s me.

Catherine Hunter: Ugh what do you want? We already finished training for this week, this is my day off.

Adam Hunter: No days off in wrestling, bitch. But this isn’t about training. I talked to a few people I knew from PWS, and rumor has it that a promotion a lot of the PWS superstars take part in is having an all women show.

Woah what? I’ve been training all this time… it started to seem like Adam didn’t want me to wrestle. Could this really be it?

Catherine Hunter: Which place?

Adam Hunter: It’s called PWP I guess. A guy I worked with in PWSX still keeps up with the PWS and said that a few Vixxxens from PWSi is going to be taking part in the show so I put in a call and I got you on the card.


Catherine Hunter: FINALLY! Did they tell you who I’m facing?

Adam Hunter: Yeah. Some chick named Mercedes Young and Candy. I don’t know the Young girl but Candy was in PWSR around the time I was in PWSX and looking to jump ship. Obviously it never happened, but I kept tabs on all the PWSR people. Even their woman. Candy’s… well she’s the exact type of girl you’re going to love being able to go one on one with. I sent you some of her matches and shit on Facebook, go check it out and do your homework kid.

Catherine Hunter: Will do.

Adam Hunter: And PS. Don’t forget we have practice 6am tomorrow. Be there bitch.


I’ve been waiting so long to hear the words “I got you a match”. For months I’ve been sitting and waiting… watching… studying. I’ve suffered through all the garbage women’s wrestling I could stomach, just dying for the chance to get in there and rip those wanna-be models fake lips off their face. They’re nothing worse than knowing you’re beautiful but you’re treated like the ugly duckling… then you see the stereotypical factory made girls getting all the spotlight, all the attention… all of MY spotlight. But now, it doesn’t matter who the two bitches are I’m fighting…

I’m taking my spotlight. I’m taking my shot. I’m going to prove I’m the FACE of women’s wrestling.

So I watched the videos that Adam sent me of Candy. Apparently he couldn’t find anything on the Mercedes Young chick. Looks like I’m not the only fresh meat in the match. But Candy was… unique. She’s a fucking MORON… at first look you’d think she’d be the most useless thing in the entire world, especially in a contact sport. I watched her interviews and I literally thought she was retarded; hell I’m still not exactly convinced to the contrary.

But then I watched her matches. She was pretty good actually. Like out of all the phony, airheaded, untalented sluts I had watched before her… she was probably the most talented. She’s won tournaments, titles, everything and in the PWS; which Adam had told me about the past months he’s been training me. So she’s not a joke in the ring. That actually makes me more excited. Candy is viewed as a sex symbol around wrestling. She’s viewed as “gorgeous”. I think she’s about as cute as her ugly fucking dog. But her being a good wrestler makes it all the more sweet. Beating useless whores is all fine and dandy; but it doesn’t really get my point across as much as beating a TALENTED woman. She has a huge fan base, so when people see me… they’ll see my gorgeous face. Then the people who see me beat her, will want to schedule me for their shows. Then soon everyone will see me, everyone will WANT to see me…

They’ll all know  just how beautiful Catherine Hunter really is.

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Mercedes Young
Mercedes Young

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:54 am

The scene opens up in a penthouse in lower Manhattan in New York City. We see Mercedes sitting in the living room with her legs crossed, just watching TV. She’s currently signed with PWSWF, a company that hasn’t seen any daylight since….well, who knows when. She’s been there since May. The only thing that happened to her in PWSWF is that she made a “friend”.  

Mercedes: So, Finally after waiting months and months for a debut match, I finally get one with PWP. My own company, PWSWF hasn’t given anyone any matches or anything. It’s pretty much as dead as an old person. But, I’m thankful that I can go to a place like PWP so I can unleash the anger I’ve felt in these months of being led to nowhere like a flock of sheep.

Mercedes looks out the window towards central park, which she can see pretty good from her perch. She gathers a thought for a second before speaking again.

Mercedes: I’m new to this company, but I’m not here to stay in the same spot and battle same person over and over again like some kind of baboon. I’m not just going to stand in the corner eating paste while things pass me by. What my plans are in any company is to steal the spot light from people and I don’t care if you get angry about it. I’m here to make an impact, and I’m not going to wait 500 years to do something, I’m going to make an impact NOW! I’m not going to be your typical rookie who is scared to perform out in the crowd, or cry because they got beat for the first time.

Mercedes still looking out the window towards central park, turns around and faces the camera. She then walks towards the red chair closet to the window and sat down on it.

Mercedes: One more thing about me, I’m not the type of girl who will get all giggly when she sees the person she likes, that ain’t my style. I don’t get all hyped up on meeting big celebrities because in reality, they’re just money hungry crybabies like everyone else.  

Mercedes laces her fingers together and places them gently on her stomach and begins to rock slowly on that arm chair she’s sitting on. She looks ahead at something but we can’t pinpoint what she’s really looking at, it’s as if she’s in deep thought.

Mercedes: PWP, I’ve watched this company and I got to say, it’s a lot of promise for a show that started only months ago.  Now, we have Candy, everything I hate. See Candy, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to watch that company you’re in and yet I didn’t see you anywhere. The only place I saw you, was hanging around with that disgusting looking man in Cage or whatever his stupid name is. But alas, I shouldn’t be taking Candy lightly in this match, but I could. See, she comes from the isle of stupid and doesn’t know an elbow from an eyebrow. But that’s ok though because she’s a special kind of stupid….So I can understand why it takes her a while to understand stuff thoroughly. But she better understand this, I’m not your girly girl, I won’t be in that ring skipping around like a tramp and trying to please the crowd. I’m here to break your chest plate and rip your heart out.

Mercedes lets out a slight chuckle.

Mercedes: I’m not forgetting the titles you won there sweet Candy, but in wrestling it’s “What have you done for me lately” and you haven’t done anything but play with Cage’s pet snake like a tramp. I mean, when was the last match you had? 4 years ago? Yeah…..If you try to use that on me, I can’t help the fact my company is nothing a airheads who wither hide then do their jobs right. IF that stuff ugly thing she calls a dog gets in my way, I’m going to make dog soup out of it.

Mercedes remains seated like she is, and she keeps rocking back and forth.

Mercedes: Catherine Hunter is it? I haven’t seen much from you either, All I see was the bio. And it said you were a former model? Yeah right, give me another lie.  I don’t see someone looking like you being a model, I mean models are nothing but plastic women with price tag boobs. But I guess that means you’re pretty relaxed in your own skin. Now, since I know nothing of you and I want it to remain that way, I won’t go on and on. I say you and I will give that puppet in Candy a run for her money. Just remember one thing, I’m not going to be laying down for you or anyone.

Mercedes stands up from the chair and slowly walks towards the kitchen area of the house.

Mercedes: You and I are pretty much in the same boat I suppose, I mean you haven’t heard of me and I haven’t heard of you. The way I see it, it’ll be a good match between the both of us. The battle of the unknown.

Mercedes opens the fridge door and grabs something from it. She closes the door of the fridge and walks past the camera ignoring it. It pretty much means she’s done with the promo. The scene goes to black.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy   

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PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy
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