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 PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato   Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:59 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is October 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Sister Liliana

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato   Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:11 am

::The scene opens with Sweet Potato, of Inferno Wrestling and Any Given Fryday fame, pacing back and forth in a room with her mentor Father Jones sitting quietly off to the side. She has a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt on, as well as wearing her mask as she always does while on camera. Father Jones dresses in all black and wears a pair of oversized, bug eyed glasses and a top hat to make himself really stand out. In the background, in another room, her tag team partner The Spud is playing video games and not paying attention to anything in the foreground. Sweet Potato finally stops moving and stands in front of the camera, somewhat turned away with her back to Father Jones but not blocking him out of the picture either.::

Sweet Potato: I don’t expect someone that hasn’t followed me to understand this. Why do you call yourself a potato? What’s the deal? Why does your partner run around with that stupid French fry foam finger? How can this all be real? Why should we take you seriously? Do you really believe in this whole thing? That you’re really a potato?

::Sweet Potato pauses for a moment and runs her hands through her hair. She responds to her own questions in a very serious tone as she stares deep into the camera.::

Sweet Potato: I believe what I want to believe. And I believe in this group. I believe in Any Given Fryday. I believe in my mentor, Father Jones. I don’t believe in Woman Power. I believe in Potato Power.

::She turns and flashes a smile in the direction of Father Jones and then looks back at the camera.::

Sweet Potato: And that’s what drives me to be here. There are so many weak and foolish women who are scared to go for the jugular with their careers. There are so many women that are told that they can’t compete with men and that they don’t belong in this world. When I started training in New Jersey, I wasn’t given that option. While I’m sure a lot of the guys I came up would have rather not wanted me at first, I didn’t leave them an option either because I didn’t quit and I didn’t back down from a fight... or a beating. I was ready to come in and make an impact. I was ready to be something. I came to Inferno Wrestling with a lot of hopes and dreams and goals. I had a couple of wins early and I honestly felt like I was on top of the world. And then, it stopped. It felt like I hit a wall where I just didn’t feel like I knew where to go next and I wasn’t getting the respect I deserved. It wasn’t because I was a woman. But for whatever reason, people didn’t respect me. They didn’t see me as a threat. They didn’t see someone who would come through on my promises and make something happen.

Fate is a funny thing. And timing is everything. Since I wasn’t doing much in my career, of course Inferno Wrestling didn’t care about finding me the type of match that would have benefited me and instead through me together with another rookie Zack Gunn. For a moment, I thought that we could make it work and actually earn a future Tag Team Title shot, and then another moment I found myself frustrated by the whole thing, and then the next moment I got a call from this man that changed my life.

::Father Jones stands up and walks up to her. He puts his arm over Sweet Potato’s shoulder and gives a little creepy smile underneath the oversized sunglasses.::

Father Jones: I am a mentor. I am a collector of talent. I am a visionary. And what I saw in this young lady and in that young man were people that were held back and not put in a position to succeed. I couldn’t stand by any longer and watch them wallow away in their own youth and lack of guidance. Something needed to be done, and I knew I was the man to do it. I looked around Inferno Wrestling and the wrestling scene in general, and I was disgusted to see something the likes of Any Given Sundae and their ice cream madness capturing the hearts and minds of wrestling fans everywhere. It made me sick to see them abusing their fans so vagrantly by playing to such base instincts and humor in stupid people and lying to their faces in the meantime about their intentions. This is a pure money grab for them, and they’re not man enough to actually stand up and say it. So for months they ran around wearing those silly little ice cream cone masks and those silly pink suits and nobody put them in their place for it. Everybody laughed and thought it was funny, but I saw the truth. They had a concept. But it was flawed by their lack of ability to tell people what they needed to hear. It was a con-job from the start, and for it to really work and take off, it needed someone like me to behind the wheel. Thus, Any Given Fryday was born. We have been honest from the start. This is about giving people what they want. They want characters. They want merchandise. They want catchphrases. They want people that care. AGF gives you all of that, and we’re not afraid to stand up and admit it.

That’s why Any Given Sundae had to be taken out. That’s why we continue to work to take care of Coleman and Sullinger as they allow this charade to continue. That’s why we will beat Any Given Sundae the first moment we can once we force Coleman and Sullinger to put those masks back on. Any Given Fryday is what the wrestling business needs. Any Given Fryday is the movement worth getting behind. Any Given Fryday is what you should really be rooting for.

So do we believe in it all? Of course we do. Look at what we’ve done with this all. Sweet Potato is main eventing this show. We are on the verge of becoming the Inferno Wrestling Tag Team Champions. We have our fans and just importantly we have the people who love to hate us. We believe in this to the end. So much that we don’t mind that if we don’t win in one week against Coleman and Sullinger, we won’t be a team any longer. And Sweet Potato wouldn’t even be Sweet Potato any longer. We don’t mind, because we know that won’t happen. We know that we are in control of our own destiny. We always have been, and we always will be. These are our moves. This is our situation to handle. This is the world we’ve created, and we will continue to win in it.

Sweet Potato understood from the very beginning what I was saying. She took the risk and she changed her name, her style, and her attitude based on my suggestions and my vision. It quickly became our vision, with The Spud a part of it as well. We formed a team. We found our identities. We put together a winning package. She and The Spud didn’t win that first night as a team, before the concept of Any Given Fryday was actually debuted and named, but since then, as a team, these two haven’t lost. And as singles star, neither has Sweet Potato. She has embraced this character. She has shaped her destiny. She has found who she really is and what she is supposed to be. For her, it is Sweet Potato. For others, it is something completely different. I don’t hold myself to the notion that I can only have vision just for these two. I still offer up my talents to all those that need it. Blyss Lockhart, let me give you this.You might think my ways are strange. You might not understand the nuances of Sweet Potato. Given some of your acquaintances, you might not be smart enough to really understand exactly what I am offering you. But maybe some day, after Sweet Potato has done her work and she’s sent you back to wherever you come from, maybe then you’ll see that there’s something to my madness. Maybe then you could lower yourself enough to accept the help that you really need to be as important and groundbreaking and newsworthy as this woman that stands before me. She is an idol. She is someone worth rooting for. She is the heroine of this story. You won’t be able to make sense of that. I can tell that right now. But you should see it. Someone with vision and sense would see it. I see it. And that’s enough for she and I. I wish you the best of luck, Ms. Lockhart. I wish that someday maybe you’ll be able to understand people like us. I wish that you take this loss with grace and allow my client her rightful moment as the star of this show.

I wish, but I doubt someone who hangs out with classless people like you’ve associated yourself with is someone capable of losing so gracefully.

::Father Jones goes back and takes a seat off to the side while Sweet Potato steps forward again to talk.::

Sweet Potato: I don’t hold it against you personally that you have history with Angelica Layne and Kelly Fury... but you have to understand that I don’t like them. And if I can convince myself, which I have, of any type of friendship between you and them, then that’s enough for me to really enjoy this match as being something more than just another fight. I really don’t like them. Because when I think about disrespectful people and people that get away with saying things, I think of them. And even if you have nothing to do with them and are nothing like them, I have no problem putting you all together and letting a little aggression out at your expense. That’s the beauty of what I am today. Being a potato... and being someone that takes ownership of their own success... allows me to dictate the how’s and why’s of what I do. I won’t let you do that. I’m sure that you’ll try and distance yourself from these other women. And tell me how they have nothing to do with this all or you’re better than them, or that they don’t matter. But to me... and this is what’s important... to me they matter. So that should matter for you. Whatever your connection to little Kelly Fury and whatever your history with Angelica Layne, I’ve drawn the line and I’m going to enjoy what I get to do to you because of it. I’ve had my chances in the ring with both of them. And I look forward to more chances in the future. But this... I can make this work. I can stare across the ring from you and see a victim I’ve wanted to get my hands on. I can see someone that needs to be smacked around a bit. I can see someone who needs to be knocked down a few pegs and made to remember that there are still people like me out there who do a better job of creating their own destiny than you.

Let’s face it. That’s why we were chosen as the main event. Because this is exactly what the folks here in charge want. They want controversy. They want us to make something for them. And that’s the exactly the kind of thing I don’t mind doing. That’s what Any Given Fryday is all about. We make things happen and we make an impact where others are willing to sit back and allow life to come to them. We make money. We create news. We do what needs to be done. You’re not main eventing on this show because of anything you’ve ever said or done. But I’ve drawn up that interest. My history and my decisions have dictated this match. It’s me that people want to see right now, love me or hate me. That’s why I’m special. That’s why I trust the man that stands beside me here. That’s why I continue to make the moves and decisions that I do.

You can see me calling myself a potato as a joke and you can underestimate it all. But look what I’m able to accomplish. I went from someone that had all of the skill in the world but just wasn’t cutting it to someone who commands attention. As Liliana, with the mindset I had then, I wouldn’t be in this position. I’m sure this little place would have loved to have had me, and they would have found a nice place in the early portion of the night to put the little girl from New Jersey with the lucha mask. But now, when they see Sweet Potato, and they see the type of spectacle I draw, and they hear my passion and dedication, they see not only how I can make money for myself but how I can make it for them. I don’t mind being used in that fashion, because in the same way these promoters want to use me, I’ll reciprocate it right back. I don’t care about PWP. I don’t care about other promotions or interfed beefs. I care about being successful, and distributing the Potato Power brand. I want people to understand what this movement is about. I want the world to hear the words of an inspirational man like Father Jones. I want to spread our message and not just see or hear our vision but to truly feel it.

I want the world to hear this. Not just you, Blyss, but the rest of the world watching me adn waiting for my next move. They need to understand this more than you. Blyss Lockhart will get to feel that vision first hand. But it will feel a lot different for her than it will for me or the new converts I make from the audience watching this match. She’ll feel what happens when you stand up against what I’m trying to do. She will feel what it feels like to oppose growth and upward movement. She will feel what it feels like to have my boot upside her head.

::Sweet Potato laughs to herself and brushes some hair away from her mask. Father Jones gets a kick out of Sweet Potato’s moment of aggression as well.::

Sweet Potato: I have goals that are much bigger than just PWP and a simple main event. There are things a lot greater than just the Inferno Tag Team Titles that I aspire for. We have put something in play here that I can’t back down from. I’ve set myself up too well to sit back and not command something greater. This is all a first step as I continue to evolve and grow the Any Given Fryday brand. The world needs to know what types of things you can do when you combine skill and effort with intelligence and cunning. That’s what we’ve done. I have the athletic ability to back it up in the ring combined with a knowledge base behind me to always have me in the right situation and always shooting for the right goals. We are creating something. We are building something. More importantly, we are building to something. Blyss Lockhart and this PWP show are just a small part of that. It’s probably something that those of us involved will be the only ones to remember in the long run. But when you trace it all back and look at the arc of my career, you will see this victory and remember the early days of the rise of Sweet Potato. And you can think about how so many of you laughed at it and were against it and were simply too foolish to understand at the time.

::She pauses once more, slowing herself down and starting at a calm point once more.::

Sweet Potato: This is real. A woman standing before you, calling herself a potato, and saying that she will beat you and make a statement... is very real, Blyss. Since none of what you says matters to me, and I can call this match any way I see it, I will really enjoy beating you and taking solace in that. I don’t like you, and while I don’t have many valid reasons to feel that way, it really doesn’t matter. I’m not expecting you to want me to like you. I’m expecting you to try and trash me and make yourself sound like some type of world class entertainer. But that doesn’t matter. Not to me. And that’s what really matters in all of this. Understand it. Let it really sink in. No matter what you’ve accomplished or what you’ve done, none of this is about you or ever will be. You can do whatever you want... say whatever you feel needs to be said... win whatever matches in your future... and hold whatever little measly titles you can find yourself... but you’re still not the centerpiece of this match. You’re not the enigma. You’re not the one drawing the attention or creating the waves. And simply... real simply... because you might need it explained that way for you given some of the people you ave run with... you’re not winning. That honor goes to me. It’s my hand getting raised, and when that moment does come I won’t let the referee do it. Instead, I’ll have this man do it. Father Jones and I will stand over you and we will look down with half pity at you and the other half reflective about our mutual success together. That’s the ending PWP wants. That’s the ending I’ll give them. Because it’s the right ending, and I’m the right person to be recognized and glorified.

::Sweet Potato points at herself for a moment and then puts her hand down. Father Jones gets up once more and joins her in the middle of the room.::

Sweet Potato: Like I said earlier. This night isn’t about the Strength of a Woman. It’s about the Power of a Potato.

::Father Jones takes a moment to chime in with his own thoughts.::

Father Jones: They should think about renaming it once it’s all said and done.

::They look at each other and share a laugh.::

Sweet Potato: Now that... that’s an idea. One could say... an awesome idea.

::Father Jones turns around and looks at The Spud who is still focused on his game.::

Father Jones: You hear that Spud? An awesome idea.

::The Spud doesn’t lose focus but shouts back his response.::

The Spud: Totally Awesome!

::Father Jones nods his head as The Spud gives his trademark line.::

Father Jones: You have to love a good catchphrase. There’s money in those. Just like there’s money in Sweet Potato. Don’t forget that, folks. Never forget that.

::Father Jones rubs his hands together as Sweet Potato just stares into the camera while the scene comes to a close.::
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato   Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:41 pm

”Back To The Start”

Location: Home in Philadelphia, PA

Blyss is in the kitchen, making a special blend of lime juice, avocado, mango, chopped mint leaves and a secret ingredient. It took her nearly two months to figure out that last one to make the drink taste just like how her mother used to make. Of course all her recipes were in her journal but this was before Blyss discovered the little purple book which she kept till today.

She pours the mixture into a glass and takes a sip. It gives that nice little kick to start the day for that morning. She drinks the rest of it slowly as she thumbs through her mother’s recipe journal.

It’s October again...

A sudden tinge of sadness causes her to pause for a moment as she stares at the neat and cursive handwriting of her mother’s. The pages are now quite worn due to her flipping through them so many times before. She hasn’t tried all the recipes in the book yet, just the ones she remembers from childhood. The rest didn’t seem to matter at the time. She started trying them by herself when she simply missed her mother’s cooking. And today would be the first time in a long while that she’s reading the book again.

You’re starting to do well again in your career. Don’t let this month ruin that.

But this month has always been one of the more significant ones in the year for her which is exactly why she’s taking the opportunity to sign up for a match in Professional Wrestling Project. When she first heard of their planned all-women’s October show, she knew she had to be a part of it. Same goes for those charity events she personally asked to be involved in this month. They won’t be for her career, her fans, the IWF board of directors or the intention to gain fame and popularity. It’s simply personal.

Still as selfish if you do it for those reasons. Admit it. You are, aren’t you? You’re going to benefit professionally in the end anyways. Put your name out there. Ever since this last title fight started, you’ve been gaining more and more recognition and this PWP match will do wonders for your career. And that’s okay, Blyss. In fact, it’s perfect.

She clenches her jaw as her hands grip the kitchen counter, looking away from the book.

You don’t do this for them, Blyss. Not your friends. Not your family...

The anxiety mixed with sadness and anger begins to build up inside her.

...Especially not for her.

She rakes her hands through her hair in a frustrated manner, leaning towards the counter and letting her elbows drop onto it.

She left us, Blyss. She made a promise and left us. She broke it! She broke US!




Without realizing, Blyss swipes the book away and it hits the floor with an ominous thud.

Blyss Lockhart
(mutters) S-stop it... Please...

She bends down to pick up the book and hurries to her room, locking the door as if it would keep out the bad thoughts. She sits down on the bed and brushes a bit of dirt from the book cover and smoothes down some creased pages.

You shut me out even though all I am is your strength. Then you brought me back because you were beginning to fail again. You need me. Admit it, Blyss. If it weren’t for me, you would still be broken. You would still be weak.

Blyss Lockhart
Sift together the flour, baking soda...

What the fuck are you doing?! Listen to me, Blyss! You need me!

She clenched her jaw slightly but continued reading.

Blyss Lockhart
Add in... the vanilla...

She never came back, Blyss. She said she would but she didn’t! I will never leave you, Blyss. Never!

She snaps the book shut and stares at the cover for moment before throwing it at the wall across the room.

Blyss Lockhart

So much for wanting it to be different this year. Why is it still difficult? Why is she still angry? She glares at the purple book lying on the floor. It’s not her mother’s fault that she passed away from an awful sickness. It’s not her father’s or Kenzie’s. It’s not the doctor’s. It’s not God’s. It’s not... hers... She knows this and has assured herself this. But why, after eight years, is she still angry?

You don’t need to ashamed, Blyss. Anger shows strength.

She sighs, massaging her temples.

Blyss Lockhart
No, I should be... I really should...

Anger only exposes the parts of her she wants to hide from the rest of the world. And so far, it’s winning.

Location: US Century Center in Miami, FL

The scene opens to Blyss doing some stretching in the locker room as she prepares for her match. When she sees the camera, she gives a little grin.

Blyss Lockhart
I’ve been looking forward to tonight ever since I first signed up for it. It’s all great timing really. I just won the High Impact championship and then I got called up for the main event on the PWP October show. If you’ve been following my career, you know I can’t pass this up. I was the last Queen of Wrestling champion and changed it to the Rising Phoenix later just so I can make challenge invites to guys too and also beat them. You see, there are still men out there who deny us women in this sport. They think we shouldn’t be allowed to compete in “a man’s world”. I got sick of them throwing stupid stereotypical cliches like that at their female opponents including myself so I made sure to prove them wrong while being the longest reigning champion for that title.

She shifts her body weight from one foot to the other while patting her fingers on the High Impact title belt hanging over her shoulder. The smile on her face remains.

Blyss Lockhart
Every week that I’m in the ring competing, I represent somebody. I represent that girl who wants to accomplish all her dreams. That person who defies everything said against them to win something by working their ass off. And even that guy who can only afford back row tickets but is still happy because he gets to be here. It happens. When you see your favorite wrestlers perform, you can’t help but want to feel a connection with them. And vice versa.

She chuckles lightly.

Blyss Lockhart
Sweet Potato, you can say that you only represent yourself and Any Given Fryday. That you don’t care about anything that isn’t Inferno Wrestling Federation. That you only want to spread the message of your Father Jones and show how you’re this money-making gimmick. But are you also going to deny fans who appreciate what you’ve done for this business? Don’t you think you represent them too in one way or another? But no, you feel that you’re better than them. You want so much to succeed just because you start doing well since putting on that mask and changing your name. This time it works for you and so you decide to stick to it no matter how ridiculous it may sound. A potato. Yeah, we don’t hear that everyday. But weird is the new cool. Like how Lady Gaga found her fame. Miley Cyrus and her... you know... Classless act she’s put on recently. It’s all for grabbing the spotlight and you know that because you want that. That’s okay, I’m not judging. Sometimes in this business getting attention is necessary. But then you go and think that you have more to show for in this match than me. Why? Because you want it more? What do you know about me? It’s fine if you don’t think of me as threat in this match. You probably think you’re just weirding me out with your “potato talk” or whatever. Honestly? Not really. I’ve faced this one guy who does blood bath group initiations and beat him so... (shrugs) I’ve seen a few tapes of your most recent matches and I gotta say that you’re good at what you do. And maybe it’s no wonder why we’ve been put to face each other tonight. Too bad you count me out from the start already just because I’m friends with Kelly Fury. Why should I be guilty by association? What has it got to with my ability in the ring? Guess you have something against Kelly and that makes it easier to possibly hate me and take it out on me when we meet in the ring. We all do that, don’t we? Channel our frustrations onto our opponents as if it were a personal fight. But you have to act like you’re the only person who’s trying to make their career here and that this match means more to you than it does to me. You make it sound like I’m just there like a prop in your little world, ready to make you look good in this match. But the reality is this, Sweet Potato. I will not let that happen. I’m not one to back down from fights too. In fact, I bring it every single time. I don’t rest on my laurels. I’m never satisfied with my match victories. And I always, always, make sure you walk away with a different perspective of me. No matter what happens, whether you win or not, you WILL respect me after this. I may not be the best with words, give you the worst verbal beating or intimidate you with the way I look but I’m sure my actions in the ring will speak clearly for me. I don’t joke about my career too, Sweet Potato.

She glances down at her attire she has specially for the match, a black top and pink shorts.

Blyss Lockhart
October is Breast Cancer awareness month and tonight fittingly celebrates the strength of a woman. I’m honored to be part of a show that holds tribute to female wrestlers and their talents. Besides Shark of course. (waves) Hey, bud! (laughs) Anyways, this match is going to mean so much for me. It’s more than showing off what a wrestler from “the other IWF” can do. It’s more than getting extra recognition to myself or the company I work in. So, Sweet Potato, don’t say that I have nothing to prove for this fight. Because if I really don’t, I wouldn’t even bother showing up. See ya out there!

She spins on her heels and walks away with a smile as the scene ends.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato   

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PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - Blyss Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato
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