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 Maple Leaf Muscle

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PostSubject: Maple Leaf Muscle    Maple Leaf Muscle  EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 12:06 pm

Tag Team Name: Maple Leaf Muscle (Separate- Dougy and Brent Armstrong)

Dougy- 6’2

Brent - 6’3”


Dougy- 232
Brent - 247 lbs.
Combined- 479

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dougy- 30

Brent- 32

Heel/Face/Tweener: Tweener with Heel tendencies. (Some fans may like their “brotherly” antics, but they tend not to follow the rules in the ring.)

Theme Song: “Eminence Front” by The Who

Entrance Description: The music begins and the lights strobe red and white. The song continues it’s melody, until a picks up a bit, a guitar in the background is heard. Dougy and Brent step out from the back. Dougy strutting out from the back in a sparkly red robe that reads “MLM” on the back in white sparkles, behind Brent who holds his arms up, wearing a warm-up jacket with the Canadian Maple Leaf on the back and “MLM” on the front, on the right of the jacket. Brent looks around at the crowd with a serious expression, whilst Dougy continues to strut down, playing with the ruffles on the corners of his robe. Brent walks to the left and climbs up the steel steps. He whips his head back, and then climbs the turnbuckle, he holds his arms out, staring at the camera. Meanwhile, Dougy rolls up onto the apron, using the ropes to get up and looking at the crowd before stepping through the ropes and dropping to his knees, hanging on the second rope. Brent leaps down and comes down towards Dougy. He stands on the middle and bottom rope and holds his right arm up as red and white pyro shoots up from the posts. They then stop and take off their entrance attire, getting ready for their match.

Manager: N/A

Group Affliliation: (If Any): Maple Leaf Muscle

What real wrestler your character most looks like:

Dougy- Chris Candido.
Brent- Shane Douglas

Real Wrestler Moveset (What 2 wrestlers your movesets most resemble):

Dougy- Owen Hart, Christian
Brent- British Bulldog, Chris Benoit

Short Character Bio: For nearly all their life, Dougy and Brent Armstrong, have had each others back. Through school to adulthood, these two have been together. They both have families, and they both...bicker...a lot. Back then Dougy and Brent loved to watch wrestling (ain’t that a surprise?). From the time Dougy cried to their mom for Brent putting him in a Sharpshooter to Dougy eye poking Brent causing him to wear glasses for two and a half years. These two may act like they don’t get a long, but the both of them have trained all over the world, from Japan to their homeland of Canada, and once the bell rings they are almost always on the same page. Both are technically sound and have the skills to beat anyone...ANY...ONE...PERIOD!

Setup Move (if any):
Flawless Combination - [Brent hoists the opponent in the air with a stalling vertical suplex. Dougy springboards and hits a crossbody on the opponent.]
Cut-Throat - [Brent hits a drop toe hold, and when the person goes forward Dougy hits the Codebreaker]
The Ultimate Tribute- [Sharpshooter-Crippler combination. Brent locks in the Sharpshooter, while Dougy grabs the right arm of the opponent and locks in the Crossface.]

Finishing Move (+ It's Description):
Team- Body Check - See Link:
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Maple Leaf Muscle
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