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 PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - Maple Leaf Muscle vs. Chaos Project

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - Maple Leaf Muscle vs. Chaos Project   Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:13 am

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is September 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: If you post as individuals, you are only allowed 1 RP each. If you post together as a team, you are still only allowed 1 RP.

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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: CUZ WE'RE BACK IN BLACK... lolnowe'restillwhite   Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:04 pm

-------------------------- SCENE 1: MAPLE LEAF HUSTLE ---------------------------------

It was a hot and rowdy night in Winnipeg. The cheer of women could be heard inside of a club. But this wasn’t any ordinary club mind you. It was a club for women, a strip club to be exact. One of the dancers just finished their routine dance and left. The music dies down a bit and the announcer comes on with a majestic and manly deep voice.

Announcer: Ladies, thank you for comin’ out tonight. It’s FREAKY Friday Fever, so you know what that means, we’re lettin’ it ALL hang out. Now next comin’ up we got two dancers we KNOW you love. Introducing MAPLE! LEAF!! HUSTLE!!!!

Suddenly, “Boys Come To Town” by Earlene Bentley comes on. Out come, what use to be, Brent and Dougy Armstrong, the tag team Maple Leaf Muscle. Dougy was dressed as a sailor, wearing a sailor uniform, but instead of pants there hotpants. Brent is seen dressed as a lumberjack, shirt open wide in tight pants to show off “the goods”. He’s dancing around with an axe out. The ladies go nuts. They start throwing money at them, and one lady tries to climb on stage, but her girlfriends stop her from violating Dougy on stage.Who could blame them? Dougy and Brent were looking rather irresistible in their respective uniforms. They do their thang, shakin’ their bacon all over the stage(Canadian and American Bacon nonetheless), and the ladies go nuts stuffing dollar bills into their uniforms(Again, Canadian AND American dollar bills). The two exit the stage, leaving the ladies upset and unfulfilled, which is nothing they weren’t used to. They get to the back and Dougy sits down, sighing as Brent looks in the mirror, combing his hair.

Brent Armstrong: We set them on fire tonight lil’ brother!

Dougy Armstrong: Are you kidding me!? We barely made $100. This is our lowest score this year Brent. We need to start picking up the funds, Ellouise at home takes up a lot of money.

Brent Armstrong: Well I told you it was going to be too expensive to keep a Kangaroo here in Canada you nitwit! You’re ridiculous!

Dougy Armstrong: I’m ridiculous!? You’re the one that bought the entire Celine Dion discography!

Brent Armstrong: There’s nothing wrong with that! A lot of people probably have…

Dougy Armstrong: Yeah, but I bet A LOT of people didn’t get them all encased in GOLD FRAMES and have Celine Dion autograph them!



Brent Armstrong: HOW DARE YOU!

Dougy Armstrong: HOW DARE ME!? HOW DARE YOU!

Brent Armstrong: NO NO NO! HOW. DARE. YOU!

The two brothers look at eachother, then just sigh, relaxing a little, Dougy looking awful sad.

Brent Armstrong: I guess we did make a few unwise purchases after our success in PWSWF, huh?

Dougy Armstrong: Maybe a few. I stand by the “Turn your recyclable cans into donuts” machine I bought.

Brent Armstrong: You spent $1,000 on it and all we have is a bunch of melted aluminum!

Dougy Armstrong: It’s a work in progress! But that’s not the point big bro. We used to make bank wrestling! Why don’t we give it a try again?

Brent Armstrong: We’ve talked about this Dougy. We can’t. After how we left in PWSWF… the memories… we just can’t.

Dougy Armstrong: We can make a new start Brent! I heard about this new fed that’s getting some real buzz called Pro Wrestling Project back in the states. They’re having a tag team tournament Brent! They might as well have mailed us an invitation!

Brent Armstrong: Our family, friends, our new life is all here in Canada Dougy. This is where we belong. We’ll make due, we always do.

Suddenly, a rotund blob of humanity walks in, a girl on each arm puffing on a cigar, reeking of booze.

Rotund Blob Man: You fella’s did good tonight, aye? The woman were so wet, you’d have thought a flood hit Winnipeg!

Brent Armstrong: Thanks man. We’re gonna head out, can we get our money?

Rotund Blob Man(Who we now assume is the owner of the strip club because Brent is asking for their money… and as the current author of this story I’m telling you this indeed is the owner): Well about that… you know Tanya and Jimmy here are looking forward to a night out on the town. I’ll get you next time.

Jimmy(in a deep voice, definatly not a tranny or anything…): Dat’s right boys, you’ll get yours some other time… if ya know what I mean aye? Wink

The men… women… people exit the room, leaving a furious Brent.

Brent Armstrong: Did you hear that!?

Dougy Armstrong: That every Canadian in this situation says aye besides us?

Brent Armstrong: No! Besides that! We’re not getting paid! You know what Dougy, I think you’re right! It’s time to go back to what made us great! It’s time to go back to doing what we do best! No more putting on frilly tights to perform in front of strange women!

Dougy Armstrong: YEAH! Time to go back to wearing frilly tights to perform in front of strange men!

Brent Armstrong: … I wouldn’t have put it that way but sure! Lets go to the UNITED… STATES… OF AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

The two high five, as an epic Rocky music plays in the background, signifying the significance of the brothers finally deciding to come back to their wrestling roots.

Dougy Armstrong: Hey Brent, I do have a question though.

Brent Armstrong: Sure, what’s up?

Dougy Armstrong: Isn’t Jimmy a weird name for a girl?

Brent Armstrong: … This is why we don’t let you out of the house by yourself.

Dougy shrugs as the two pack up, ready for their journey back into the insane world of PROFASHION-L WRASSLINZZZZ!

----------------------- END OF SCENE 1 --------------------------------

(>’-’)> <(‘-’<) (>’-’)> <(‘-’<) (>’-’)> <(‘-’<) (>’-’)> <(‘-’<) (>’-’)> <(‘-’<)

---------------------- SCENE TWO: MAPLE LEAF MUSCLE ---------------------

It is a rather warm and nice day in Chicago IL, besides the fact that it’s cold rainy and windy, and we see a large limo pull up in front of the Joseph J. Gentile Center, the home of “It Takes 2 To Tango”, the second ever Pro Wrestling Project show. Out of the limo steps… someone important. BUT THEN we see a beaten up Toyota Camry with Winnipeg license plates. Now out of this beauty steps MAPLE LEAF MUSCLE BAYBE! They look at the building with a huge smile, Brent nodding his head.

Brent Armstrong: You were right Dougy! This just feels… right. I’m ready to give 110% in this tournament brother. I’m ready to give it all I got, an A+ effort!

Dougy Armstrong: You mean an A+ effort, aye?

Dougy smiles from his awful puns.

Brent Armstrong: Please Dougy, making fun of the steroytipical Canadian speaking was so last scene.

Dougy Armstrong: So last what?

Brent Armstrong: I said it was so yesterday.

Dougy Armstrong: I could have sworn you said scene, as in everything we’re doing is just made up and we don’t have “days” or “moments”... we have “scenes”.

Brent Armstrong: … You really did get whiplash from the flight didn’t you?

Dougy Armstrong: Yeah I think so.

Brent Armstrong: Thought so. Next thing you know you’re gonna start saying everything we say, do, think… is all written by a jobber in Maine and a jobber in Virginia.

Dougy Armstrong: Yeah you’re right, it must be the whiplash. Isn’t this exciting though Brent! We’re finally back to our niche’! This is where we belong brother.

Brent Armstrong: Hate to admit it but you’re right. I’m excited to win this tournament and prove we are STILL the team to beat. Who else is in this tournament?

Dougy Armstrong: …...I uh….I don’t know.

Brent looks at Dougy and then walks off for a moment. The camera looks at him as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the keys to their rental car and begins to get inside of it.

Dougy Armstrong: Brent…?

The sound of the engine is heard….

Dougy Armstrong: BRENT.

Dougy runs after him and the screen goes out. It comes back soon after with Brent standing by with a sour expression on his face. Dougy is standing beside him with a cheesy, awkward smile, and Brent looks at him. He takes in a deep breath and rubs the bridge of his nose.

Brent Armstrong: So you mean to tell me, you dragged me out of my wholesome good job… face people…and you don’t know WHO WE’RE FACING?!

Dougy Armstrong: I--You--I--hold on.

Dougy turns away and pulls out a Blackberry (which no one really uses anymore because we live in the future.) and taps away some research. He turns back around quickly and looks Brent dead in the eye.

Dougy Armstrong: ….We’re facing Chaos Theory.

Brent looks at him expecting something more.

Brent Armstrong: ...And?!

Dougy Armstrong: ….

He looks at his phone again, then back at Brent...then at the phone and taps the keypad quickly. He looks at it for a long time...then looks at Brent with a serious expression.

Dougy Armstrong: ...That’s all I got.

Brent raises his hand looking to smack the crap out of Dougy’s pea brain  Dougy shields his head.


Brent Armstrong: You sent us back to this stupid country so we could be clueless as to what we’re up against?! I KNEW MOM SHOULD HAVE MADE YOU WEAR A HELMET WHENEVER YOU WENT OUT IN PUBLIC!!!


Brent clutches his face, clearly feeling a headache come about.

Brent Armstrong: ….You know what, I really don’t freaking care. Because you know why Dougy?

Dougy Armstrong: You realized the power of sibling love can douse the flames of everlasting hatred….?

Brent looks at Dougy and gives a soft laugh, placing a hand on Dougy’s cheek. He pats Dougy’s cheek almost in a caring manner, but then he begins to go a bit faster….a harder. And soon he began to grab Dougy by his collar and slap him around.

Dougy Armstrong: OW. OW. OW. OW. OW.

Brent Armstrong: ...Okay...I’m cool. Now…

He lets Dougy go who rubs his face in pain looking on at Brent.

Brent Armstrong: I’m not angry because at the end of the day I’m going back to doing what I love the most: WRESTLING. We were the best damn tag team to come out of Canada in a long damn time. And we’ve shown the world once that we can do anything we want, when we want….and at the end, we WIN, period.

Dougy Armstrong: Well uh, these guys we’re facing….they might be some nutters. Chris Edwards annnnnd…

Dougy’s eyes go wide as he looks at Edward’s tag team partner.


Brent Armstrong: What is it NOW Doug?

Dougy Armstrong: He’s so…….j-just take a look will ya?

Dougy shows Brent his phone of the guy that they had to face.

Brent Armstrong: What the Hell has he been eating…?! It’s like a giant mound of melting chocolate ice cream oozing out of a singlet!!

Dougy Armstrong: God it must smell like garlic and vinegar mixed with a dog’s ass underneath his moobs!!!

Brent Armstrong: Where the Hell are his teeth?!

Dougy Armstrong: ...I think he thought a rock looked like a powdered jelly doughnut and bit into it….I say...five or six times before realizing it’s just a rock….

Brent Armstrong: THIS is our competition?! THIS is what’s in this stupid tournament. Two overweight bozos who don’t know what a bicep curl is?!

Dougy Armstrong: This JaX guy looks like, if in theory he could jump REAL fast, his rolls would bounce fast enough and get enough momentum that he’d fly right away! And Chris Edwards?

Brent looks at the picture and scratches his head.

Brent Armstrong: What the hell is that monstrosity on his face? He looks like he tripped into a box full of old belts and nails and just decided “Welp, this looks like a nice mask.”

Dougy Armstrong: He must be one of them nutjobs though Brent. Look at his arms! They’re all scared up. It looks like a road map on his forearms! It’s like if Hanable Lector had a baby with the Pillsbury Doughboy, then threw that baby into a thorn bush!

Brent Armstrong: That’s a charming comparison. But look, we need to get ready and do some more research on these goonbags.

Dougy Armstrong: Yeah and we should look up the other teams in the tournament too.


Dougy Armstrong: Naw, it’s not really an important factor is it?

Brent looks at Dougy, steam LITERALLY coming out of his ears. (Yes, steam is literally coming out of his head. LITERALLY. Freaking. Literally.)

Brent Armstrong: I’m going to run you over with the car.

Dougy Armstrong: Wha-

Brent jumps into the car, and Dougy begins to book it as Brent turns the key in the ignition.


The scene fades with attempted homicide.

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Chaos Project
Chaos Project

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - Maple Leaf Muscle vs. Chaos Project   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:56 am

Thursday, September 12th

The scene opens up with a close up on a wooden box which is sitting on top of a glass top table. The camera pans back a bit to revel a thick legs standing next to the table. A couple of seconds went by and we see hands around the wooden box. The box is starting to lift into the air by those hands. The camera follows the box has it raises into the air. We see the face of JaX. No words are spoken by Jax himself because he’s not much of a talker. JaX takes the box and places it on a leather couch, which is about 2 feet from the glass table. Before we could see what was in the box, his friend, Chris Edwards walks into the room.

Chris Edwards: Hey big man, did that box come?

JaX nods his head.

Chris Edwards: AWESOME! We should send this back to Benoit, so he can deliver this to Cage and Shane. I believe it’s going to be to their liking.

JaX nods his head once again.

Chris Edwards: You know, since Benoit isn’t here, you can be the uncontrollable beast that I WANT you to be.

JaX still doesn’t move from the box. But he understood what Edwards is saying about being “aggressive”.

Chris Edwards reached for the box but JaX stopped him and shook his head as if to say not to touch it. JaX turns to Edwards for a second and glares at him before speaking.

JaX: Me deliver box to Benoit, so Benoit can get box before Worldwide.

Chris Edwards looks at the box, he walks towards a drawer on the other side of the room and pulls out a zip lock bag filled with postal stamps.  JaX grabs the bag and places the stamp on the box. While he did so, he never let his eyes wonder away from the box. Chris Edwards shook his head and begin speaking about the task at hand.

Chris Edwards: Let’s see what we have here, Flex Johnson, a former PWSi wrestler. Who by the way got fired BOTH times. Now if I remember correctly, you didn’t do all that well in PWSi. As a matter of fact you weren’t even a top name in there. Maybe that’s why you left, you didn’t get fired at all. You left because you couldn’t take all that losing and decided to take your ball and went home.

Chris Edwards shakes his head in disgust.

Chris Edwards: You know what, we don’t need you here in PWS. You’re just another one of those talent enhancement’s trying to claw and scratch their way to the top only to FAIL. See, Flex, you’re no longer welcomed at MY company!

Maple Leaf Muscle? Sounds like a stupid name for a bunch of dumb idiots. Oh that’s right they are. They’re a bunch of idiots from PWSWF. That company is nothing but a joke with a deficient owner who doesn’t even know how to run it. I looked at the website and nothing has been used since July. Now tell me, how can you run a company if you haven’t touched anything since July? Anyway that’s besides the point. Maple leaf, I went to find your bio on that crappy looking fed and I couldn’t find anything about you or the history.

Chris Edwards shrugged his shoulders in anger.

Chris Edwards: I couldn’t find anything about you. I looked hard and deep and found nothing. It only means one thing if I couldn’t find anything about anyone, that they sucked and wasn’t worthy enough to get any tag titles or anything of that sort.

JaX: Failures!

Chris Edwards: You’re right, they are failures. They won’t be much of a challenge for us, if anything, they should just lay down and not embarrass themselves. And here’s another thing, they’re from Canada so they’re used to sucking! I mean look at the country itself? Nothing is really there but trash and eh saying morons who need to be shot in the face.

JaX shakes his head, because personally, he hates anything that comes from the country of Canada.

Chris Edwards: Shock and Awe, the biggest joke of this match. I mean look at them making all those silly little 2nd grade jokes. Anyone with half a damn brain wouldn’t even laugh with them. As a matter of fact, they should be laughing AT them. They just face the sad facts that everyone around here, and in PWSi think they are the biggest jokes in the world of pro wrestling. Hell, If Dr. Benoit was here, he’d rip them apart like the rotten little children they are.

Chris Edwards looks at the box which is sitting on the couch. He starts to show a sick twisted smile on his face.

Chris Edwards: Marcus Cage, this box….is for you. You’ll find out what it is at Worldwide. You think I’m joking around? You think that I give a shit at what you say? No. I’m not here laughing, I’m not here making childish jokes. Here’s the thing I see, out of the team, Marcus Cage is the champion, where is your title dyno? Oh that’s right, Cage thinks you’re holding him back so therefore he found another tag partner.

JaX: Cheater!

Chris Edwards: That’s right! I think it’s funny, how you two are team mates and yet someone goes out and wins a championship with a different person. That’s just STUPID! That whole…..just no! I don’t wanna know that.

Chris Edwards once again shakes his head in disgrace.

Chris Edwards: To the other tag teams out there, Let me tell you something, we’re not here to just lay down. No, no, no. We’re here because we’re angry, we’re here to  kick some ass and we won’t stop until someone is injured. IF you don’t like that then oh well. We are going to be sending message here and to PWSi that we’re not CLOWNS like half if not most of these so called tag teams are. To all the women in this tag thing…..

Chris Edwards smiles deeply.

Chris Edwards: I will smack your faces and make you bleed. I will snap every bone in your body because you should be in the kitchen making my dinner or doing the laundry! I will beat all of you worse than I beat Breeze for disobeying me, don’t believe me? Stay tuned.

JaX lifts the box off the couch and places it in his left hand.

Chris Edwards: C’mon man, let’s go deliver this box to Benoit, We have something other things to do than just sit here running down women or make faces at the camera like a surfing retard.

Chris Edwards turns around and starts to leave but he stops.

Chris Edwards: OH! You maybe wondering why Dr. Benoit isn’t with us and why I had to speak for both of us, it’s because Benoit had other things to do and couldn’t be here to talk for JaX. So, that’s why I did what I did. If you have a problem take it up with our complaint department. They’re open 24/7.

Now, both men leave the room. JaX has the box in his hand. The scene comes to an end.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - Maple Leaf Muscle vs. Chaos Project   

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PWP 2: It Takes 2 To Tango - Maple Leaf Muscle vs. Chaos Project
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