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 Chaos Project

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Chaos Project
Chaos Project

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PostSubject: Chaos Project    Chaos Project  EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 7:23 pm

Chaos Project.

Chris Edwards

Height: 6’3.

Weight: 300 pounds.


Height: 7’2.

Weight: Broke the scale at 399 pounds.

Dr. Benoit


Theme Music: AFI: I hope you suffer

Entrance Description:  The arena goes completely dark, AFI blares throughout the arena, and Chris Edwards stands on top of the stage entrance way to a round of boos. He even embraces the booing, he pushes them to boo. He walks down the ramp of the stage with his nose up in the air because he knows he’s better than the city he’s in. JaX is by his side doing the same thing, they are following Dr. Benoit.

Bio: Chaos Project formed in 2013, with Rob Colton, Chris Wylde, Chris Edwards, JaX and Dr. Benoit. They’re sole mission was to get rid of all the high named wrestlers, like Laura, Jade, ect and take full control of PWSR which they did.

Chris Wylde was the master mind behind the whole thing, but when PWSR closed, Dr. Benoit took over control of the team. Rob Colton, and Chris Wylde are no longer part of the group, but the mission is the same, to take full control of a company no matter what size it is.

Chris Edwards and JaX moved over to PWSi after PWSR closed, they had their first match in PWSi when they faced Liu Gee and Mario, to them that didn’t even give them competition. They walked all over Liu Gee and Mario in a matter of 50 seconds.

Finisher: The X (tossing Samoan drop.) followed by the Edwards house of pain (cross arm breaker)
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Chaos Project
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