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 Audrey James

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Audrey James
Audrey James

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Audrey James Wwe-diva-kaitlyn-profile

Name: Audrey James
Nickname(s): AJ
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Orientation: Tweener (Face-ish, though kinda like AJ when she was a bit crazy.
Wrestling Style: power and daredevil
Picbase: Kaitlyn
Who your wrestler fights like: A mixture between AJ and Kaitlyn
Theme Song: "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin

Entrance Description:

(The drums hit, then the pyro goes off as "Evil Angel" starts to blare over the p.a. system. The lights turn a purple tint, as Audrey James makes her way out from behind the curtain with her ring jacket on with the hood up. She looks up to the sky, lifting her arms up and pointing to the heavens, before turning her focus to the ring as she makes her way down the ramp.)

Harold Robinson: Introducing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...Audrey James!

(Audrey makes her way down to the ring, sliding into the ring. She walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up on the second rope and pulls the hood down, looking out at the live crowd, then looking up to the sky, closing her eyes before hopping down and waiting for her opponent.)

Common Moves:

- kicks
- Armbar
- Heel lock
- Superkick
- Snapmare to a running kick in the back of the head
- Shining Wizard
- Lariat
- Springboard Shoulderblock
- top rope moves
- Springboard Flying Forearm
- Second Rope Springboard Legdrop
- Enziguri
- Knee Drop
- Head-Scissors
- Hurricanrana


- Spear

- The Halestorm
Corkscrew Moonsault

- The Rock Show
Skull Crushing Finale


- The Broken Wings (Primary)
Christopher Daniels' "Angel's Wings"

- The Evil Angel
AJ Lee's Black Widow submission

- The Collapse
Midnight Special (Dean Ambrose's finisher - Shared with Daniel Russow)

Bio: Audrey grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was a standout softball player in high school. After high school, Audrey went to focus on her real dream of being a professional wrestler. She eventually found her way to the development territory of PWS, Sin City Wrestling. Audrey spent a couple of years there before being called up to PWSi.

Audrey has always considered herself a music buff, and is friends with Philadelphia native Lizzy Hale, lead singer to the band Halestorm. Audrey is a bit of a musician herself, and she does like to play the guitar and piano when she can, as it helps her relax...and sometimes when she's angry, the drums.

Since Audrey started dating PWS star, Daniel Russow, she's let her crazy side show a bit more and more. It's always been there, she just...expresses it easier now.
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Audrey James
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