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 PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James   Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:58 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is October 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Audrey James

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James   Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:58 pm

|+|This one’s for my family|+|
Without them, I’d be nothing.

(So, last night me, Cam, Emma, and Jami went out there at Supremacy and killed it. There’s already talk of the match getting positive reviews, and doing a lot for the division to get us some spotlight, the end, was the main purpose. Of course after everything, there was some partying to be done, and Dan and I were up probably way too late with everyone. So, needless to say when I hear the phone ring, it’s one of those moments when you nearly jump out of your skin and then all the pain in the world shoots up to your head, and then you want to violently murder whoever it is on the other line.)

Audrey James: Hello…?

Amy James: Oh, sound awful. Did I wake you up?

Audrey James: No,…

Amy James: Audrey James, it’s after three in the afternoon. What are you doing still asleep?

Audrey James: Late night.

Amy James: I’m guessing you were off celebrating?

Audrey James: Uh huh.

Amy James: Well do I need to call back later?

(I sit up in bed and stretch, looking over at Dan who is still passed out in what has to be one of the most uncomfortable positions known to man.)

Audrey James: Nah, I’m good.

(I get up out of bed and walk over and walk out on the balcony, taking in a deep breath.)

Audrey James: So, what’s up?

Amy James: Well, I called to talk to you.

Audrey James: Obviously, but what about?

Amy James: Well, it’s about this match you have coming up with that PWP company, and just everything surrounding it.


Audrey James: Yeah, what about it?

Amy James: Well, I’ve heard some of the things that...well I don’t know what to call him, but I’ve heard about some of the things he’s said on Twitter.

Audrey James: Don’t worry about it, mom. It’s just him trash talking. It’s what he does.

Amy James: Don’t you think he’s gotten awfully too personal with it?

Audrey James: He’s just trying to get inside my head, and he’ll use anything to do that, but it’s not going to work. I’m stronger than that now.

Amy James: Well, I wish I could say the same for your brother…

Audrey James:...what did he do?

Amy James: He got into a fight at school.

Audrey James He did WHAT!?

Amy James: Hold on, he just walked in.

(I hear her hand RJ the phone.)

Rodney James: Hey sis.

Audrey James: You did WHAT now?

Rodney James: did you really have to tell her?

Amy James: She’s involved so yes, I did.

Audrey James: Wait, how am I involved?

Rodney James: You’re not involved, mom’s just overreacting.

Audrey James: What happened?

Rodney James: It’s nothing.

Audrey James: What...happened.

Rodney James: This kid at school just got on my nerves and pushed me too far. So finally I couldn’t take any more and decked him.

Audrey James: That doesn’t sound like you RJ. How was he getting on your nerves?

Rodney James: Am I really about to get a lecture about fighting from my sister who fights professionally for a living?

(Wellll crap...he has a point. Though I hear my mom in the background.)

Amy James: It’s not so much the fact you got into a fight, but what it was about.

Rodney James: UGH! MOM! Seriously…

Audrey James: Okay, now you HAVE to spill it.

Rodney James: Okay, this guy at school was going on and on about your match with that James Shark guy. Apparently he’s a big fan of the guy and was talking all this kinds of shi-crap.

Audrey James: Nice save.

Rodney James: Yeah, but just he took it too far, so I finally had enough and decked him.

Audrey James: How did he take it too far?

Rodney James: Oh just called you some stuff, and disrespected Grams...basically everything that dude has been doing on Twitter.

(Ugh, should have seen this coming.)

Audrey James: RJ, you can’t go laying out every guy that says something about us. I know it’s me. But you have to have some restraint.

Rodney James: That’s just it, I DID have restraint. I really did try, but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Audrey James: I get it. I know it’s hard…

Rodney James: No, you don’t get it. You aren’t there everyday when guys are constantly saying crap about you, and then now this Shark douche on Twitter.

Audrey James: Trust me, I know. I get it. Everyday I have him tweeting crap to me, talking trash. I’ve got his fans saying stuff, and everyone asking me why I haven’t responded lately.

Rodney James: Well, why HAVEN’T you responded? That’s part of everything, people saying you’re scared of him.

Audrey James: HA! That couldn’t be further from the truth and you know it. He’s a troll and that’s all there is to it. I’m not gonna sit around and get all mad and furious about the things a troll says about me on Twitter. Besides, if I and I both know I’d end up saying something that I’d have mom calling and chewing me out about the next day.

Rodney James: Ha, thats true.

Audrey James: Don’t worry, there’s a reason I haven’t given him the time of day anymore. I’ll let my actions in the ring speak for themselves.

Rodney James: I hope you know what you’re doing.

Audrey James: Always do, bro.

Rodney James: Alright, give ‘em hell.

Audrey James: You know I will.

Rodney James: Talk to ya later, here’s Mom.

(He hands the phone back to Mom, as I look back into the room to see Dan just now waking.)

Amy James: So, are you sure you’re ready for that match?

Audrey James: I am, I’ve been training and I’ll keep training until it’s match time. Plus, I’ve got some of the best trainers for this type of match.

Amy James: As long as those Russow boys don’t kill you or drive you mad.

Audrey James: Kill me? No. Drive me mad? Eh, they do a bit of that daily. But, I should get going. I have  a feeling we’ll be hitting the training soon and harder today due to getting a late start.

Amy James: Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Love you.

Audrey James: Love you too, bye.

Amy James: Bye.

(I hang up the phone and walk back into the room, and can’t help but laugh at the “where am I?” look on Dan’s face.)

Audrey James: Rise and shine.

Daniel Russow: So...much...alochol.

Audrey James: And the best part? Now we get to go train.

Daniel Russow: No, you get to go a special training excercise.

Audrey James: Oh?

Daniel Russow: Yeah, training your sammich making skills.

(I grab the nearest thing to me, which happens to be a shirt, and throw it at his face.)

Audrey James: Go home Russow, you’re drunk.

Daniel Russow: Nope! That was last night.

(I can’t help but laugh as he just has that shit eating grin on his face.)

Audrey James: Well, I’m gonna hop in the shower, then I really do need to head down to the gym.

Daniel Russow: Alright, I’ll get up here in a bit and get ready and join you.

Audrey James: Okay.

(I go to head to the bathroom as he just flops back down on the bed in that horribly uncomfortable position.)

|+|This one’s for my friends.|+|
I’d stand the gates of fire with them.

Cameron O'Neil: RUSSOW!

Levi Russow: Wasn’t me!

Jesse Russow: NOT ME!

Daniel Russow: Wasn-ahh shit!

Audrey James: What now?

Cameron O'Neil: He shot me in the ass!

Jesse Russow: He did WHAT!?

Daniel Russow: With the paintball! Sheesh, tryin’a get me killed?

Cameron O'Neil: Payback, bitch.

(Before any of us can think….)


(And Dan falls to the ground curled up in a ball.)

Daniel Russow: OWWWWW

Jesse Russow: Holy sh-you shot him in the balls!


Emma Russow: HEY!


Daniel Russow: WHYYYY!?

Jesse Russow: Ain’t that a pain in the ass.

Daniel Russow: Where did she even come from!?

(Emma walks up out of the shadows.)

Emma Russow: Always keep your eyes open.

Daniel Russow: So...cruel.

Audrey James: Actually, I thought it was kinda funny.

Jesse Russow: Don’t see why...your girl may have just injured your boys.

Daniel Russow: You mean MY boys…

Levi Russow: Nope, he had it right.

Daniel Russow: You all...can hell.

Audrey James: Aww…

(I lean down and pat him on the shoulder.)

Audrey James: It’ll be okay.

(We help him and Cam up as we all walk out of the paintball arena, all of us covered in paint. Suddenly my phone goes off with a Twitter notification. I just ignore it.)

Daniel Russow: You gonna check that?

Audrey James: Nope.

Jesse Russow: Why not?

Audrey James: Cause I know what it is, it’s just another troll attempt.

Daniel Russow: I’m really getting tired of that little dickhead.

Audrey James: It’s alright, let him talk. I want him to think I got nothin for him. That way beating his ass at the show will be that much sweeter.

Daniel Russow: Yeah, well I’m tired of not saying shit.

Audrey James: Why do you think we’ve been training so much? Why do you think we came here?

Daniel Russow: So your friends could shoot me in the balls and ass?

Audrey James: we can all get some frustrations out...though watching you squirm like that was pretty funny.

Daniel Russow: You suck.

Audrey James: Buuuut you love me.

Levi Russow: Aww, how cute. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go throw up.

Daniel Russow: Oh please! We had to deal with you and Emma-

Emma Russow: Deal with us what?

Daniel Russow: Being

Emma Russow: Problem?

Daniel Russow: With you? Other than shooting me in the ass, no.

Emma Russow: Oh give it a rest already.

Jesse Rusow: guys think we could go get some grub?

Emma Russow: I AM hungry.

Daniel Russow: Sounds good to me.

Cameron O'Neil: You guys go ahead, I need to talk to Audrey for a sec.

Daniel Russow: Oh no no, you’re not giving her any ideas, I saw how you tortured Jesse before you guys got engaged.

Cameron O'Neil: Oh shut it, Danny Boy, it has nothing to do with that.

Daniel Russow: How do I know to trust you?

Audrey James: Dan, it’ll be fine.

(The rest of them walk ahead to go get food, as Cam and I stay behind.)

Audrey James: What’s up?

Cameron O'Neil: Pull out your phone.

Audrey James: Why?

Cameron O'Neil: Just pull it out.

Audrey James: Alright…

(I pull out my phone and look at Cam.)

Cameron O'Neil: Check Twitter.

Audrey James: Cam…

Cameron O'Neil: Just do it.

Audrey James: Fine, but I’m telling you there’s no point.

(I open up the Twitter app to check my notifications, only to sigh and see another tweet from my PWP opponent.)

James $HARK ²·º @TrashTalkRoyalT
Be glad your bitch ass grandmother fuckin dead so she dont gotta see da whoopin I put on you @ThatAudreyChick

(I stop for a moment and just take a deep breath and let it out.)

Cameron O'Neil: Okay, you can’t pull the same crap on me that you’re pulling on everyone else. I know that moron is getting to you. I can see it.

Audrey James: What do you expect me to do, Cam? I can’t let him see that he’s getting to me, I mean he’s not as much as he’d want to, but he’s pissing me off. But I won’t respond on Twitter, cause that will just give him more hope that he can troll me.

Cameron O'Neil: So, instead, you’re going to bottle all of it up for all this time?

Audrey James: Don’t you think that’ll make me more explosive when it finally comes time for the match? The more he says, the more he tries to get inside my head, the more fuel he adds to the fire.

Cameron O'Neil: So what do you want the rest of us to do when he tries to go at us on there?

Audrey James: I don’t care what the rest of you do, but as for me, I’m not letting him win. I’m not giving in. He can think I’m scared of him, he can think I don’t have any good comebacks or whatever, I don’t care. I’m not going to do my talking on Twitter.

Cameron O'Neil: I understand that, I guess I just wanna see you rip him a new asshole already.

Audrey James: Trust me, it’s coming. He really doesn’t know who he’s messing with. I don’t care what he’s done, who he’s beaten. He’s just digging himself into a hole on Twitter, but I’m not going to stop him.

Cameron O'Neil: He just thinks you’re some nobody, just because the only place you’ve wrestled is PWSi.

Audrey James: Nevermind the fact that, since I debuted last November, I’ve only been pinned once.

Cameron O'Neil: Yeah, I was there…

Audrey James: Don’t worry, it’s cool. If I had to be beaten by anyone for that title, I’m glad it was you. All he sees is that I lost the title and went away, doesn’t care about any of the details, and that’ll be his downfall. He doesn’t know the conviction, the determination...he doesn’t know the hell I’ve been through and put myself through, but he’s going to experience it first hand in that match.

(I take another deep breath and put my phone back in my pocket.)

Audrey James: I know he’s been giving all of you guys shit and hell. I’ve been seeing what he’s been saying to you guys, and yeah, it makes me wanna rip his head off. But, that will have to wait, and I’m not going to let it get to me today. Today is about spending time with my friends, and celebrating my best friend’s engagement.

Cameron O'Neil: Sounds like a plan to me!

(We laugh and walk up to join the rest of the crew.)

Daniel Russow: Everything alright?

Audrey James: Yeah, just a little girl talk is all….and no, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Daniels Russow: Good, but just in case, I got you a Philly Cheesesteak.

(I laugh and smile.)

Audrey James: That’ll always help.

(We sit down and all start to eat. These people are some of the most important people in my life. I’d do anything for them...I owe them this.)

|+|This one’s for PWSi.|+|
They’ve done so much for me, I’ll do this for them.

(I arrive to the building for Worldwide, and get a text on my phone.)

Star Stormz: Hey, can you come to my office when you get a chance? Thanks.

Audrey James: Okay….

(I make my way to my locker room first, open the door and set my bags down before grabbing a bottled water and heading back out to head over to Star’s office. I get there and knock on the door.)

Star Stormz: It’s open.

(I open the door to find Max Sheppard and Star sitting there talking. Star looks up and sees me and smiles.)

Star Stormz: Hey, Audrey. Glad you could make it.

Audrey James: You’re my bosses...not like I really had a choice.

Max Sheppard: No need for the attitude, this is purely a friendly visit.

Audrey James: offense, but you and the word “friendly” don’t exactly go hand in hand.

(Must have been funny, as they both chuckle.)

Max Sheppard: Well, I’ll make an exception in this case.

Star Stormz: Have a seat?

Audrey James: I in trouble or something?

Star Stormz: Oh no no.

(I take a seat and look at both of them quizzical.)

Audrey James: Okay…

Star Stormz: How you feeling?

Audrey James: I’m fine...I’d be a bit better if I know what this was about.

Max Sheppard: It’s about PWP.

(I let out a sigh.)

Audrey James: I’ve really heard enough about that.

Star Stormz: I know you’re tired of it all, trust me. So am I. I’m tired of my roster being harassed on Twitter, I’m tired of having PWSi badmouthed and trashed on there when we’ve done nothing to deserve it.

Max Sheppard: It has gotten old. I haven’t put my money into this company only to have it shit on by people who have no idea what we’re made of or what we’re about. I didn’t decide to associate PWS with PWP only to have that happen.

Audrey James: I know, I haven’t liked what people have been saying, just because they’re friends with Shark or whatever.

Max Sheppard: Or bitter former employees who can’t let shit go.

Star Stormz: What Max is trying to say is that we wanted to see what your mindset about it all is, considering you haven’t said anything on Twitter.

Audrey James: You guys should understand why I haven’t. Let them say whatever they want. Let them keep thinking I’m just going to bow out of this fight, let them keep thinking I’m scared. I want to go out there and show every single one of them that they’re dead wrong.

Max Sheppard: Well, you know you have our full support, not that you wouldn’t have it anyway. You’re representing PWS, and I am looking forward to a strong showing from you.

Star Stormz: Honestly? I’m looking forward to you kicking the bastard’s head off.

Audrey James: Heh, that’s the plan, bosswoman.

Max Sheppard: Just make sure to keep your anger in check. We all know he’s going to keep the trash talk going during the match.

Audrey James: Gonna be hard to talk much trash with a busted lip from my boot.

Star Stormz: Sounds good to me!

Max Sheppard: Is there anything we can do for you to help you prepare for the match?

Audrey James: Could you possibly find some footage that I can use to help me scout him? With all of his “legendary matches” that he’s had, I’m sure it would help.

Star Stormz: You got it.

Audrey James: Awesome.

Max Sheppard: Also, we’re gonna give you a match with Frankie on Worldwide this week to let you...well, let out some frustrations, prepare for your match with Shark, whatever you wanna call it.

(Oh yes, lovely news.)

Audrey James: That...sounds...awesome.

Star Stormz: Excellent! Okay, well we won’t keep you any longer. I know you have a lot to get to.

Audrey James: Yeah, I’m having a meet and greet with a local kid I think.

Star Stormz: Ah yeah, its a girl, about eleven. I had the chance to meet her earlier, her name’s Chrissy. She’s sweet as everything. She’s from one of the local orphanages, won some sort of contest that I’m...well to be honest I wasn’t really aware of. Apparently it’s something your boyfriend and his brothers set up.

Audrey James: Oh boy...I can only imagine…

Max Sheppard: Well, you should probably get going so you’re not late, and good luck this week, and of course in your match at PWP.

Audrey James: Thanks.

(I get up from my seat and shake their hands before leaving the office.)


|+|This one’s for my fans.|+|
Here’s To Us

(After my...meeting with Star and Max, I’m heading to this meet and greet, not really sure what to make of it, or what to expect. Why would Dan, Jesse, and Levi set this up? What’s their reasoning? In any case, I’m making my way to where the meet and greet is supposed to take place, and I walk into the room to see this beautiful young girl sitting there. She turns and sees me and to say her face lights up would be a huge understatement.)

Chrissy: AUDREY!

Audrey James: Hey Chrissy! How are you?

Chrissy: I’m good. So excited to meet you!

Audrey James: Well I’m excited to meet you too!

Chrissy: Really?

Audrey James: Of course! Though, I do gotta ask, how did this come about? How did I get the chance to meet you?

Chrissy: Well, Daniel came to the orphanage, and next thing I know they were giving me all this stuff, along with a chance to meet you.

Audrey James: Well that’s cool. Did Daniel say anything about why he was doing it?

Chrissy: He said something about talking to you about your match with that man.

(Sigh...I’m gonna kill that Russow.)

Audrey James: Oh he did, did he?

Chrissy: Yeah, I don’t like that man. He’s bad.

Audrey James: Yeah he is, but no need to worry, I can handle him.

Chrissy: I really hope so, he just...he reminds me of my dad.

Audrey James: Oh?

Chrissy: Yeah, I was talking to Daniel about it, then after that is when he told me about getting to meet you.

(Here’s the reason…)

Audrey James: Oh, what’d you and Daniel talk about?

Chrissy: Well, why I was in the orphanage and all that. After we talked he said that he really wanted you to meet me.

Audrey James: Did he tell you anything else?

Chrissy: Well, we just talked about my mom and dad, we...well.

(She closes her eyes for a second, appearing to be shaken up by something.)

Audrey James: What is it sweetie?

(She opens her eyes, which now have tears in them.)

Chrissy: My dad used to beat me and my mom. He used to be so mean, no matter what we said or did, he would beat us. I used to go to school with bruises, but no one would do anything. That was before one night when he kept hitting mom. I locked myself in my room but then the police came and made me come out. They took him away, but mom…

(She suddenly bursts out into tears and wraps her arms around me as I try to fight back the tears myself.)

Audrey James: Shh,’s okay honey.

Chrissy: My dad...he beat my mom to death.

Audrey James: Oh sweetie….

(Crap...what do I say to that? She takes a moment to calm down and wipes her tears from her face before looking up at me.)

Chrissy: You gotta win. You gotta fight back. I wish I could have done something so my mom would be here. I was just too scared. Please, please make that man pay for all the things he’s saying.

Audrey James: Sweetie, you can count on it, I’m going to make him pay.

Chrissy: Promise?

Audrey James: I promise. And then after I beat him, I’m going to come see you so we can celebrate.

(That causes her to light up again.)

Chrissy: Really!?

Audrey James: Of course! I think I’ll even bring Daniel with me.

(That brings out the little girl in she screams in that high pitched yell that pierces my ears and nearly causes me to go deaf.)

Chrissy: EEEEEEEK!!! He’s SOOOO cute!

Audrey James: Hehe, I know he is.

Chrissy: You’re so lucky. After I talked with him, he gave me a big hug, and I was just, I was in heaven.

(That puts a HUGE smile on my face. The boy might act like a badass, but he’s got a heart in there.)

Audrey James: Well I’m sure he’d love to come with me to see you again.

Chrissy: I can’t wait!

(Suddenly, one of the crew members interrupts us.)

Crew Member: I’m really sorry to break this up, but Audrey you’re needed in wardrobe. Chrissy’s got some other people to meet before the show tonight.

Audrey James: Aww, you’re no fun.

Crew Member: I’m sorry, not my call.

Chrissy: It’s okay! We’ll see each other again soon.

Audrey James: Yes we will.

(She latches her arms around me again as we hug for what seems like forever. After she unlocks her arms, she looks up at me.)

Chrissy: I’ll be cheering for you.

Audrey James: Thanks sweetie, but remember something for me, okay?

Chrissy: Sure.

Audrey James: Just remember that no matter what he tries to do to me out there, I’ll be okay. He’s not going to hurt me, and I’ll be just fine.

Chrissy: O-okay. I’ll try to remember.

Audrey James: Good.

(The crew member motions to me that I need to go, so I give Chrissy one last hug.)

Audrey James: Okay, sadly I gotta go now. I’ll see you later girl.

Chrissy: Alright!

(I walk out of the room, wiping a tear from my face after all that. I HAVE to win this one.)

|+|This one...this one’s for me.|+|
Hell Hath No Fury…

(I sit there in front of the camera in my locker room, not really sure what to say. It’s time I let it out though, not really no better time than now. I try to process through all the thoughts in my mind, when the words just start flowing.)

Audrey James: With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the PWP show putting the focus on women’s wrestling, of course it holds a special meaning to me, more than just a typical show. As it’s been made abundantly known on Twitter, my grandmother recently passed away from complications with breast cancer. I watched her fight for so long, so hard. Then I had to watch as she lost the battle, and couldn’t fight anymore. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my grandmother, how she’s up in heaven smiling down on me. I remember how she used to say, when I was first starting out in wrestling, “Make sure its what you love. Fight for it, don’t let anyone deny you, don’t stop till you get where you want to be.” Those words, now more than ever, have always driven me to be the very best I can be in that ring. I have always been focused, no matter what kind of distractions or obstacles I have faced. But with all I’ve been through in the past couple of months...some might say I’ve started to lose it a bit. And, in all honesty, there are days that I wonder the same thing. But then I’ll see a smile on a little girl’s face, or hear the laughter of my friends, and that brings me back.

(I take a deep breath and let it out as I close my eyes.)

Audrey James: But lately, there’s been an...annoyance in my life, that has seemingly been trying to make my life a living hell.. There’s been a little troll who seems to think it’s a wise move to disrespect me, my friends, my company, and my family. I just really hope he realizes what he’s gotten himself into.

(Okay, time to let it out.)

Audrey James: They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….you, James Shark, are about to learn that in a most harshest of ways. I have sat back, and I’ve let you talk your trash as you do oh so well. I’ve watched as you disrespect EVERYONE around me, and I have sat by and watched all this, without really saying anything. Do you know WHY I haven’t said anything, James? Do you know why I’ve not replied to your tweets, calling me a bitch, cunt, and every other name in the book, do you understand why I’ve just let you keep going and going and going and going, never shutting the hell up?

(I lean in a bit closer to the camera.)

Audrey James: It’s because I was waiting. I was letting you speak your piece, and now, it’s time for me to speak mine. You see, this isn’t going to be like you and Brooklyn with your bullshit, there will be no wishy-washy back and forth crap. This isn’t going to be one of your “historical” victories, which...can I just say, it’s quite amusing how your wiki page is so biased on you, makes you out to be some kind of hero, when in reality, you’re nothing more than a berating, disrespectful, pathetic, air-thieving, migraine-inducing, poor excuse of a man. Did you REALLY think that all that trash talking was going to intimidate me? Did you REALLY think that I’d honestly be scared of you?

(I smirk a bit.)

Audrey James: If you did? Well then, I do have three words for you.


Audrey James: You think you’re the first little boy to act like he’s a grown man and that I’m nothing more than a little bitch? You think I just got HANDED my spot in PWS? Oh wait, that’s right. You think PWS is nothing but shit filled with bitches, riiiiight. Sad truth is? You wouldn’t last in PWS. You’d get your ego crushed, and you’d bitch out and quit. It’s happened before, and I’m sure it’d happen with you. I’m so sick and tired of you trashing the company that I’ve called home for the past year. Those guys and girls bust their ass just as much as anyone in the companies you’ve been in, so don’t you DARE go judging any of them. The fact that you speak on PWS like you’ve actually been there is just simply absurd. So say what you want, because until you actually step into the ring with one of us? You don’t know shit, and you are doing exactly what I said to you, talking out of your ass.

Audrey James: I don’t care what people have told you about me, I don’t care what you THINK you know about me, when push comes to shove, and we’re out there in that ring, under the lights, you are going to find out just what in the hell I’m made of. I could sit here and go on about how you’ve never met anyone like me, but honestly what good would that do cause you’ll just pass it off, and then go right back around and try to pull the same crap with me. Fact is I’ve seen thousands of guys like you. Guys that think they’re God’s gift to wrestling, and that everyone else they face is beneath them. You show no respect, therefore you’ll GET no respect. So go on, keep on talking trash about me, keep disrespecting my late grandmother. You have no IDEA what you’re doing when you say that shit.

(I take a deep breath before continuing.)

Audrey James: My grandmother helped make me the woman I am today, and I’ll be DAMNED if you’re going to get away with all the atrocious obnoxious shit you’ve said on Twitter about her. Honestly? You could have said whatever you wanted to about me on Twitter, but the minute that you mentioned her...well, to be blunt, that’s when you fucked up. I am taking EVERYTHING you’ve said, and I’m going to keep it all in, and I’m going to wait, and wait, until we meet in the ring. Then? Oh then, the fun really begins. I’m going to take all that anger, all that frustration, all that hatred, and I’m going to let it alllll out on you, all at once. You’re not going to get some defenseless little girl who can’t hold her own, no. You’re going to get Audrey James, and I assure you that I’m not what you expected, nowhere close.

(I stand up, looking into the camera.)

Audrey James: You have talked enough shit, now its time to put your money where your loud mouth is. You’ve been disrespectful long enough, and now its time for you to own up to your words, because believe me when I say that I am going to give you one HELL of a fight, and you won’t be thinking of me the same after. PWS is not a company to be messed with, my friends are not ones to be disrespected, my family damn sure don’t deserve to be talked about like that, and you’re going to learn the hard way that I’m NOT one to be fucked with.

(I step closer to the camera, now full of rage.)

Audrey James: You signed up for this show. YOU were the one that signed up to face the chicks. So go ahead and call me a bitch and whatever else you want, you’re only feeding the fire, the fire that is going to burn you in Miami. When that bell rings and those lights shine bright, I am going to take all the rage and anger and everything I have been through in the past few months, and I am just going to unleash hell on you.

(I pause for a moment, visibly shaking from rage.)

Audrey James: I’m going out there, and I’m going to win this for my company. I’m going to win this for my friends. I’m going to win this for my fans. I’m going to win this for my family. And finally? I’m going to win this for me.

(I close my eyes for a moment, take a deeeep breath and let it out, opening my eyes and walk towards the camera, leaning into it and letting out a little smirk.)

Audrey James: They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….well, you’re about to find that out.

(I turn off the camera, ending the footage. Now that that’s over, all that’s left is the beating.)
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:42 am

Wednesday October 9thGreenwood CemeteryPhiladelphia, PA1:38 AM -- ON Camera

The video starts off with a dark screen. Bold large white text appear on the screen with a picture.



The words fade and the screen disappears, the scene then opens up in an empty cemetery in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The camera begins to pan around the graves and tombstones, shining a light on each name.

Suddenly, the light shines on a figure blocking one of the tombstones. As the camera pans upwards, the figure is revealed to be none other than James Shark himself.

A cocky grin forms around his face as he leans forward towards the camera and begins to whisper.

JAMES SHARK: Waddup yall, you see… we out here in this grave site after hours. Call it breaking the rules and disturbing the dead, but I call it something different. I call it crossing the line…

The grin on his face appears to grow much bigger as he steps to the side and allows the camera to reveal the tombstone behind him. There is a huge hole in the ground right in front of it with a shovel nearby. It is obvious that Shark has dug up the grave.

As the camera pans back towards Shark, he begins to look around, making sure nobody is around as him and his camera crew isn’t supposed to be here. He then walks back towards the camera, continuing to keep his voice low.

JAMES SHARK: See, I call this “crossing the line” cause ever since me and Audrey started our little Twitter beef, all I’ve been hearing from people was that I was going too far. Going too far with what? Just words? If they thought my tweets were bad… wait till they see this.

James flashed an evil look on his face as he took a step forward, pulled down his pants along with his boxers and crouched down into a squatting position.

JAMES SHARK: I always said actions speak louder than words…. Ughhh….feels good to let all this out.

The camera focused onto Shark’s face as he made funny faces, obviously trying to be funny and get under Audrey’s skin even more as he began to take a shit in Audrey James’s grandmothers grave. He then looked at his watch.

JAMES SHARK: Damn… 2AM in the fucking morning. No wonder… I mean… morning dumps feel so good but smell so bad.

He covered his nose and shook his head. After a minute or two, he reached forward and grabbed sheets of paper, showing them off to the camera.

JAMES SHARK: I be needing something to wipe my ass, so over here I have Audrey James’s birth certificate. Don't ask how I got it, but just know that yall might as well call me Chuck Matthews cause right now I'm the smartest man in wrestling.

Without hesitation, he took the certificate and began to wipe his ass a few times while looking directly at the camera. When he was done, he threw the certificate into the hole and put his pants back on.

JAMES SHARK: Now that? That was soft. I know I’m already receiving a bunch of hate mail and the media is already typing out reports as I speak but seriously? This shit is light. What I’m going to do to Audrey? Now THAT is going to be horrible.

James walked forward, getting real close to the camera.

JAMES SHARK: Audrey James, take this as a fucking lesson. I’m not your friend, I’m not looking forward to this match and you should never ever trust people in this business. The fact that I was able to play it nice with you then turn the tables just like that was so funny. For 10 seconds of me playing it nice on Twitter with you, I was able to gather so much information that you just handed over to me. One, being your grandmothers passing, Two being that you felt like I brought up a good point when I said you never faced males in your whole career AND three, coming to know that all that trash talk you made was you talking out of your ass.

He shook his head and began to clap for her.

JAMES SHARK: Bravo Audrey. Great fucking job you dumb fuck. No wonder you’re not even sending out anymore tweets. I mean what’s the point if you already admitted that it was all talk on your part? Nobody will take them seriously.

JAMES SHARK: I’m not a good trash talker, I’m just good at telling the truth. You are nothing more than a Vixxen Title losing, testosterone taking, bull face looking, bitch ass cock sucker. I don’t like you and this shit is personal between you and me, I made it that way. What are you going to do about it? Nothing at all.

JAMES SHARK: PWP 3, Strength of a Woman. Audrey… you’re a chick in this match on a special night where PWP is dedicating to the women. You know what that means? That means you have a lot of support being the underdog but a shit load of support for just being a female. I guess what I’m trying to say is…the story in the co-Main event is simple….

JAMES SHARK: Everyone wants to root for you Audrey, but nobody wants to bet on you. They would all LOVE for you to shut up the big bad “disrespectful bully” just as much as they would all ENJOY to watch you defeat the bad guy. There’s only one problem with that…

He paused for a few seconds before continuing.

JAMES SHARK: This isn’t a fairy tale nor is it a fucking movie. You’re not going to get what you want and neither are they.

JAMES SHARK: it didn’t have to go down this way Audrey. You didn’t have to be fed to a Shark but you can thank Duncan for that. I want you to know that before our match, I’ll light your ass a candle and I’ll say a prayer for you to come out of this match in one piece, good condition, with no real injuries.

He slowly turned around and looked down at the hole he had dug, looking down at her grandmother’s grave.

JAMES SHARK: I stand before your grandmother’s grave and I really do say “Rest In Peace” but although Ima pray for you and all that…. It really won’t matter, because… well…

He took a step to the side and motioned for the camera to focus on the grave beside her grandmother’s, once the light shined on the grave, it appeared to have the name “Audrey James” on it.

JAMES SHARK: Just like your bitch ass grandmother who was never proud of you, died, you’re next.

Another evil grin appeared on his face as the scene slowly faded to black.

Sweat dripping down my forehead, hands shaking, stomach hurting.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was nervous right now. As I looked myself in the mirror that was across the room, I could see it, just like I could spot it out on any opponent.

I could see it in my eyes, I could see it in the way I was standing, everything about me just told me that I was a nervous wreck and that I just needed to calm down.

How could I though? This was by far the biggest moment of my life.

Never have I ever been as nervous as I am now. Being nervous is normal, I’ve been nervous for matches before. Matches with rivals, matches where I was in the Main Event, matches where the championship was on the line. I even had a few matches where my damn career was on the line, but still, none of those nights compared to how I was feeling tonight.

Part of me was even asking myself If I could go actually go through with this.

“Shark, hey man, you ready? It’s time?”

Now I felt like I wanted to puke.

JAMES SHARK: How the fuck is it time? We just got here.

“Nah man, stop playing. You been here for hours, now let’s get you out there!”

JAMES SHARK: Hours? What?

Was it really that bad to the point where time went by that quick? God damn

“Knock it off Shark, you look good, relax, let’s go”

And just like that, before I could react, it was as if I teleported. There I was in front of a large group of people all staring at me. I knew almost everybody in here, they all looked so happy to be sitting before me. I took my attention away and began to walk forward, passing everybody by as they flashed me their warm smiles.

I stood beside the priest and ignored the stare of death he was giving me as I tried my best to stay positive. Now that I was out here, things didn’t seem so bad. Just as began to feel a bit comfortable, I saw her, walking down the aisle with her father.

She looked absolutely amazing, including her dress and her hair. Brooklyn motherfucking Carter, the love of my life, and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Including right now, she was just out of this world.

We locked eyes and gave each other smiles, this was it, the night we’ve been waiting for.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt like someone had just spilt something all over the back of my head. I turned around to see the priest splashing holy water all over me.

PRIEST: May the power of Christ compel you! May the power of Christ compel you! Be gone evil spirit!

JAMES SHARK: Woah, woah, hey fuck off bruh, the fuck you doing??

My profanity seemed to just get him that much more excited, he grabbed the holy bible, lifted it up in the air and turned it into one of those nightsticks that cops used. Man oh man did I ever hate those things, I had bad experience with those damn sticks including the cops.

Before I could say anything or try and calm the crazy asshole down, he whacked me right in the face with it. Hitting me over and over again repeatedly.


“Wow, seriously? Calm down”

After hearing the woman’s voice, I realized that the pain had stopped… as a matter of fact, I felt no pain at all. I opened my eyes to realize that I was just in bed.

Friday October 11thBig Boy MansionL.A10:48 AM -- OFF Camera

“You had another one of those dreams, didn’t you?”

I looked over to my bedroom door and there was Maria. Well… Maria wasn’t actually her REAL name, it was just a name me and Brooklyn called her. She was our house keeper, but she wasn’t even Mexican.

JAMES SHARK: Man, I don’t know why I’m getting them. That one felt too fucking real yo, one day I’m going to piss my pants or something.

MARIA: Then that would be considered a wet dream. Aren’t you too old to be having those?

JAMES SHARK: Shut yo ass up fool.

I grabbed a pillow from my bed and tossed it right at her, she caught it before it could hit her face. She walked over to the bed and placed tossed the pillow over me.

MARIA: Anyways, I just came up here to check on you. Brooklyn is being a sweetheart and making you breakfast. She wanted me to wake you but I guess you’re already awake….

I shook my head and puffed my pillow, pulling the blanket over to my shoulder and getting comfortable, closing my eyes.

JAMES SHARK: Nuh uh, I’m going back to sleep yo

MARIA: And having another nightmare?

She got me there. I groaned out loud and sat up on the bed, rubbing my eyes and stretching out my arms.

JAMES SHARK: Yea, yea, yea ok. Yall motherfuckers win, tell her I’ll be down in 10 minutes.

Maria nodded her head at me and walked out of the room. I shook my head and got out of the bed. I clicked the radio on and turned the volume up. It was already on the one channel I listened to, a wrestling channel. It talked about rumors and news, it was just something that I liked to listen to while I was doing other things.

All I could hear from it right now was some funky ass music playing, this told me that they were on break. I made my way to the bathroom and began to wash my face to wake myself up and get that sleepy look off of my face.

“Well, James Shark is now back to the spot he loves the most.”

JAMES SHARK: What a coincidence. They be saying my name as soon as I turn the damn radio on.

Actually, no, it wasn’t a coincidence.

I knew how to get people talking and that’s exactly what I did with every single thing I’ve been doing and saying to Audrey. The hype that I have generated for this match has been huge, so huge that it’s even going outside the wrestling world.

People who aren’t even wrestling fans now wanted to watch this match to see the “little white girl” beat up and shut up the “big bad black bully”.

“Point the finger at him and call him the bad guy because that’s exactly what he wants. He is not only getting the most hate in wrestling right now but also making headlines outside the wrestling world, where all sorts of celebrities and respectable names are reacting to his antics towards PWSi vixxen Audrey James.”

“Did anyone see the video he posted on Youtube? Disgusting”

“I think it was genius”

“I’m going to have to agree with him on that one. I mean, it’s working, he’s in her head now. He’s already coming into this match having beaten Audrey mentally.”

“Yeah because he’s an immature jerk that doesn’t know when to stop, I understand trash talking, it comes with the sport, but what he’s been doing crosses the line. Making fun of the dead? That has to be some sort of unwritten law, it’s something you just don’t do. He’s also wished cancer upon the girl, it’s right there on his Twitter Page, he hasn’t even deleted it.”

JAMES SHARK: Why the fuck am I going to be deleting it? I don’t regret anything I said, fuck it. We’re going to fight, therefore I’m going to keep spitting fighting words without giving a fuck.

“Do you think that was so genius guys? That stuff isn’t funny. We could all relate to a family member passing so why don’t you two put yourselves in Audrey’s position?”

“Look, James Shark knows what he’s doing. This isn’t even the first time he’s done stuff like this. It wasn’t too long ago where he told Fizz, who was pregnant at the time, that he would kick her in the stomach. He said that to her because he said that her babies would kill themselves anyway growing up with parents like her and Stefan”

“Exactly, and I don’t know how he can continue to get away with this stuff. It’s as if his employers condone it. As for what he said to Fizz? I wonder how he would feel if someone spoke that way to Brooklyn who is pregnant. I’d like to see how he’d react.”

JAMES SHARK: Okay now you got stupid.

I shook my head and spat the toothpaste on the sink, allowing the water to wash it away. I walked over to the radio and shut it off. I didn’t want to hear any of that stuff. I guess I really didn’t follow the rule: “don’t do unto others that you wouldn’t want done unto you”

Because if somebody insulted Brooklyn or threatened her like that… I would be in jail for life. I would kill that person and make sure they’d die a slow and painful death. She meant that much to me.

As for going personal with Audrey in that fashion, I honestly didn’t even mean half the shit I said to her.

Did I mean it when I said that I was better than her? Yes
When I said that PWSi sucks ass? Of course
When I said this match was going to be easy? Fuck yeah

The only stuff that I really didn’t mean was all the personal bullshit, however, did that mean that I felt bad about saying it? No.

I chose to get personal with her because I felt like she went there first. She came at me with the type of approach that I just fucking hate with a passion. Instead of being creative and using her brain, she went with something that almost every single person turns to, not just to me, but in general.

Her bitch ass went with the “Who are you?” approach.

The approach where you don’t care how good that person is, how much of a bigger name they are, you will just act like a complete fucking moron and pretend that you have no clue who they are because fuck them! That’s why.

I hated that.

I held more titles in one year than Audrey could ever hold in her entire life. I’ve fought opponents in different companies and beaten their best guys whereas Audrey was used to the safety of her own company and was going to be doing an inter-promotional match-up for the very first time which was now….. but yet she can act like this super popular hoe that had no clue who I was?

Fuck that.

How the hell is she going to say she doesn’t know me?

I didn’t know her! If she was going to play ‘stupid fucking idiot that has no communication with the outside world’ then that was fine. She could pretend all she wanted to but she would be reminded as to who I am on the 26th.

She would learn that day. I plan on giving her the education her parents should’ve given her, as well as the ass beating they should’ve put on her.

MARIA: SHARK! what the hell man? Brooklyn’s going to kill me, she really thinks I let you sleep or something. You said 10 minutes, it’s been 20.

I looked at Maria with a confused look on my face before slowly turning my head over to the clock. I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t over exaggerating.

MARIA: That dream is still on your mind huh?

I smiled back at her and nodded my head, there was no way in hell I was going to admit that I was sitting here thinking about this match the entire time.

MARIA: Okay well come on, before Brooklyn kills us both.

She chuckled as we both left the bedroom and began to walk down the stairs, making our way over to one of the kitchens. I couldn’t believe that it had actually been twenty minutes up there, it didn’t even feel like five had gone by.

The reality was that I liked to play things off as if this match wasn’t on my mind but it was. I liked to play things off as if Duncan fucked Audrey over but the truth was that he did her a favor, it was me that he fucked over.

He gave Audrey the biggest opportunity of her live with not only the biggest name she has ever faced, but one of the biggest names in the sport. However, what did he do for me? Absolutely nothing

This was a WIN-WIN situation for her and a LOSE-LOSE situation for me.

If Audrey wins this match, her whole life changes, she pulls the biggest upset in history and everybody knows who she is. If she loses this match, then at least she gets the experience of facing one of the best and nobody really gives her shit for it, because they were expecting her to lose anyways.

It’s a WIN-WIN.

For me, I lose and my career could quite possibly be over. James Shark not only loses after ALL the smack talk but loses to a girl who is nothing more than a rookie from a small company. If I win? Who really gives a shit? I won an easy match and I’ll still get nothing but criticism for it.

It was a LOSE-LOSE.

This match had to be on my mind. I could tell the world that I wasn’t motivated, that I wasn’t going to be training much and that this match was just “whatever” but that was all talk. I was taking this match very seriously because I put myself in Audrey’s shoes.

This is her chance, this is her opportunity. If I was in that position, I would fight my fucking ass off and leave it all in the ring. A person approaching a match like that is fucking dangerous and with all the stuff I said about her grandmother, I was sure that she was going to be coming into this match like a fucking psycho.

I couldn’t take her lightly and I had to respect her in that ring. Then again, she would never know that and I would never admit it to the public.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Eww, look who’s here!

The first thing I noticed on Brooklyn as she walked over to me was that big pregnant belly of hers. I swear I was amazed each and every day that I saw it. It was not only a reminder of how far we’ve come along but also that we were about to be a family.


She backed a few steps away from me after we kissed, I rolled my eyes because I already knew what she was going to say. She had these jokes on repeat….

BROOKLYN CARTER: Morning breath.

JAMES SHARK: Maaaan, that shit stay getting old

BROOKLYN CARTER: Then brush your teeth!

JAMES SHARK: I did yo!

I lifted my right foot up into the air and brought it down to the floor, foot stomping hard, all she could do was laugh at me and shake her head, nodding her head over to the plate of pancakes that were on the table.

BROOKLYN CARTER: So you better go eat those before I change my mind and eat them myself.

JAMES SHARK: What you aint eat yet?

MARIA: She ate like three plates of those.

I looked back at my plate, there had to be about six pancakes on it, piled up on each other. I shook my head in disgust, just picturing Brooklyn in my head stuffing pancakes in her mouth and eating 18 pancakes.

JAMES SHARK: What a fatass yo damn

Maria laughed as Brooklyn back handed my arm.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Douchebag cunt nigger face. You know that I’m eating for three.

JAMES SHARK: There you go again blaming the twins as if they the ones that got the appetite.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Ugh, are you going to eat it or not?

I looked down at the plate again. I was hungry and all but then again, Brooklyn made this. That wasn’t me saying she was a bad cook, that was me asking myself if I wanted to take the risk…

JAMES SHARK: I don’t know… did you do anything to it?

Me and Brooklyn had a war going on between ourselves, a prank war. We used to keep track of the score but now it was up in the air, the pranks had come in so much numbers that we both lost count, because of that, it caused us both to be on each other’s throats about who was winning and who was losing.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Wow, I didn’t have to make you some, but I was thinking of you and wanted to do something nice….

She slowly put her head down and put on a sad look on her face as she grabbed the plate and began to take it away, I quickly walked over to her and took the plate back.

JAMES SHARK: Nah! Don’t be like that yo, my bad, I was just-


JAMES SHARK: Come on, last time you made me something it damn near gave me a heart attack.

BROOKLYN CARTER: But I told you already, I didn’t put the spider there!

MARIA: Awee James, you’re afraid of spiders?

JAMES SHARK: Shut the fuck up yo, am not, and don’t call me James

BROOKLYN CARTER: Look, he’s all angryspice now.

They both laughed out loud as I walked back on over to the table with my plate of pancakes. I pulled up a chair as they both watched me.

JAMES SHARK: Yall just going to stare at me and watch me eat?

MARIA: I’m waiting for you to tell us all about this new dream you had today.

I gave myself a face palm as Brooklyn’s eyes brightened up.

BROOKLYN CARTER: YAY! Did you dream about our wedding again??

All my dreams have been about our wedding, surely that had to mean something. I was obviously excited about it. The only fucked up part was that in every one of these dreams, I somehow died.

JAMES SHARK: Yea… and I died again.

Brooklyn tried her best not to laugh as I shook my head at her, she made it so obvious.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Was it the priest again?

JAMES SHARK: Just like it is damn near every time yo. I think I had two dreams too, the last one being the priest killing me again and the first one, me walking into the church and instantly burning into flames.

Both Brooklyn and Maria slowly looked at each other before laughing out loud, again I shook my head. It had to be a sign or something, maybe it had to do with the stuff I was saying about Audrey. That I was going to be going to hell or something. If that was it then those endings to the damn dreams were pointless, I already knew that there was a special spot reserved for me in Hell.

MARIA: Lay off the grandmother jokes and you’ll be fine.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Nah he should keep going. Trash Talk Royalty baby

Maria rolled her eyes as I stood up to give Brooklyn a high five. She was legit the only person I ever dated that understood the whole concept of “TTR”. While all these lame ass did nothing but bitch about how I was going too far with my trash talk, it seemed as if only me and Brooklyn understood that it was nothing but mind games.

JAMES SHARK: Yo… what the fuck did you put in my….aAHHHHHHHGHHHH

My mouth was on fire, I couldn’t even feel it anymore, my tongue just felt like it was burning, this crazy bitch had put hot sauce on one of my pancakes. I rushed over to the sink and began to let as much cold water run into my mouth as possible.

Brooklyn crept up from behind me and turned the faucet, shutting the water off. I wasn’t done yet, as I turned the water back on, she began to do some kind of stupid celebratory dance beside me.

BROOKLYN CARTER: I am the prank queen!

JAMES SHARK: These ain’t pranks no more yo, this be abuse. The fuck is wrong with you?

BROOKLYN CARTER: Oh come on. I had to get you back for putting that speaker in my purse the other day and playing fart noises off of it while I was in that meeting.

JAMES SHARK: See, now that's a prank,what you did just now is fucking sick. Pancakes are beautiful, how the hell you gonna disrespect it by putting hot sauce on it? You should be arrested for that shit, ruining the good name!

BROOKLYN CARTER: Your sucha baby, don’t be a sore loser, congratulate me on my victory and bow down before your prank queen. #BOOM

JAMES SHARK: The fuck would you want to ruin my tongue for like that anyways yo? This tongue be doing beautiful things to your pussy.

BROOKLYN CARTER: It’s okay, I have Madi for that, YAY

JAMES SHARK: Yeah just like I got Maria over here to suck ma dick.

Maria quickly gave me a weird look as Brooklyn looked at her funny.

MARIA: What?? No, he’s lying.

BROOKLYN CARTER: Ms.Chete can take both of yall she don’t care.

My crazy bitch and her machete threats, she knew I was playing though.

We both made jokes like that often but we both knew we would never cheat on one another. We always have the chance to, I mean we are two of the most desirable people in wrestling. We just never take those chances.

MARIA: Sooooo…….

There was an awkward silence and Maria was definitely looking to break it.

MARIA: You ready for this match with Audrey?

JAMES SHARK: I don’t know why people asking me that shit man. Yall should be asking Audrey that question. Yall ask me that as if she’s going to be coming into the ring with something I ain’t ever seen before. Yall ask me that as if she’s supposed to surprise me in there.

MARIA: I mean she could.

JAMES SHARK: I’m ready for anything yo, there ain’t nothing she can do that I ain’t ever seen before in four years of being in this sport and facing each and every type of fighting style and wrestler. That’s why this match is retarded and Duncan can go fuck himself for making it.

Now Maria looked confused.

MARIA: You know… I’ve been wondering. You didn’t have to do this match, you could’ve just pulled out if you didn’t like it

JAMES SHARK: Girl please, does that even make sense? I’m James Shark, I ain’t ever back out of a match in my entire life.

MARIA: You could’ve easily requested a different one. I’m just confused a little I guess, with all the tweets and interviews I read you seem to be so unhappy and unmotivated with this match, I’m just saying that there were a number of things you could’ve done to be happy and motivated about it. It’s like… why did you even join?

JAMES SHARK: I joined for superfights yo, we all know this.

MARIA: Yea but you knew you wouldn’t get a superfight because of the lack of big names in the company currently.

I frowned my face, she got me there, but then just like that, it hit me for the first time ever. The reason I joined PWP couldn’t be any simpler. I had told myself time and time again that I wouldn’t be joining any extra companies, PWP could obviously be an exception due to its schedule but the one reason that I saw so clearly now was because of my future family.

How could I not see it before?

I wanted the best for my twins, the best for Brooklyn, the best for all of us. Being PDW Bloodshed Champion wasn’t enough. I was obviously still out to show the world that I was pound for pound, the very best. It would also explain me signing up for the King of the Cage tournament.
I wanted my twins to be able to say “My dad is the best in the world” and not sound like every other little fuck face that says it, I want there to be truth to that statement with motherfuckers having no choice but to agree and be like “He sure is”

What I also wanted was a better life for them. I didn’t want them to be like me at all, if anything I hoped for them to be the complete opposite of me. I didn’t want them to have the life I had when I was a child or the life Brooklyn had growing up either. Me and Brooklyn both been through some rough shit, but because of what we been through, we got perfect examples of what kind of parents we shouldn’t be.

Here me and Brooklyn were, rich as fuck, two mansions, one home, multiple sponsors, cars, products and more… but yet, here I was still looking for ways for more money to roll in.

I had been telling the media over and over again that I had no motivation for my match with Audrey. Damn, if only they knew….

I was fighting for my family this time around. I had all the motivation in the fucking world. There was no way Audrey James was going to pull the upset. The only thing she was going to pull was herself up from the hospital bed a month later after receiving hands down, the worst ass whooping in the sport of wrestling.

Sunday October 13thBig Boy MansionL.A7:32 PM -- ON Camera

As if there was nothing more left to say right? Yall should know better by now man. My mouth open 24/7, I can talk shit for days.

The verbal abuse though? It’s too much. I got Audrey’s tongue on Twitter, but now all of a sudden she wants to pop off in her promo?

As if that surprised me, I knew that was what she was going to do. It's what everybody fucking does. They rather talk their shit behind a camera so that they could think about what they're going to say and rehearse their lines instead of being put on the spot on Twitter.

Dumbass motherfucking Audrey needs to learn how to sell a match. Then again, she also needs to learn how to win one too.

So before I continue ripping her asshole, lemme get these shoutouts out of the way. James Shark promo tradition you kno?

Shoutouts to Josh Duncan, without him none of this would be possible. Who knows what the hell Audrey’s done to piss him off but whatever the case may be, what stands is that he set her up.

Shoutouts to Blyss Lockhart, my stupid friend who has agreed to be my locker room buddy and will now be forced to be nekked in front of me as she changes into her wrestling attire, muahahahaha #evilniggerface

Shoutouts to Team Potato, yall going to lose to my silly friend and she gon eat yall up cause she fat like that.

Shoutouts to PWSi aka “Posers Worshipping Shark immensely”, you guys have got to be the worst company I have ever come across. What kind of a fucking company puts their site on lockdown? Yall just exposed yourself for having no fans at all. The god damn roster page is even hidden, the hell is that?

Shoutouts to…. Hmmm shoutouts to every single one of yall who made the smart bet and put your #MoneyOnSharky , yall are going to make some money on the 26th, of course it won’t be a lot of money cause the betting odds be in my favor, but hey, money is money.

Now that I got them shoutouts outta the way… we back to Audrey James.

If there is even an existence of an “Audrey James fan” yall can just straight up turn this video off because you along with your fucking idol, are going to get your feelings hurt.

While your at it, grab a rope and hang yourself because if you look up to a bitch like Audrey James then something ain't right up there.

When I first heard about this match, I thought it was a joke.

I was waiting for Mr.Duncan to send me an email back giving me someone like Blyss Lockhart or Flex Johnson. Not because I know them but because they seem to be the only people in this fucking inter-promotional company with any sort of talent. Funny how they are also from the same company huh? Shoutouts to IWF..

I didn’t get an email back, a phone call back or anything. It wasn’t long until I realized that this was the match I was going to get. Audrey fucking James, an unknown bitch.

Every single person I have talked to about this match, really doesn’t know who the fuck she is. I mean, the ONE person that did know her was Kelly Fury and she said that this Audrey girl was a rookie.

But Duncan over here seems to think otherwise. “I know how good you are, I know how good she is, I think you will be surprised”. Are you fucking high? Did you catch this muscular hoe in bed with your boyfriend or something Duncan? Is this why you’re making this match? I was fucking surprised from the moment it first got made.

Audrey James doesn’t deserve to even be the star mention in my promo let alone in the same fucking ring as me. You know what? She doesn’t even deserve to be in the same company as me. She may be wrestling professionally over at fuck knows where but the truth is, you put her in the ring with me, and you will see the difference of skill level right off the bat.

You put me in the ring with Audrey James and I will beat her ass nine times out of ten. The one time I lose is because I back her up into a corner and ram my fists into her face over and over again before the referee disqualifies me.

Yall need to understand that this match won’t look like professional vs indy or professional vs amateur. It’s going to look like a fucking legend taking on some lucky fan girl that OCCASIONALLY hit her friends with a few chokeslams here and there on her fucking trampoline. Compared to me, that’s the only experience she has.

What championships has she held? Who has she beaten? How many times has she risen to the top? Fought the odds? Had an all-out war? What the fuck… has she done….to get this co-main event spot, and get inside the ring with me?


This shit makes me look horrible. Have you seen what motherfuckers been saying? I’m the PDW Bloodshed Champion and yall got me over here with a no name. This isn’t the type of bullshit I signed up for.

When I first heard about PWP, I thought it would be all about the “superfights”. I believe the fucking promoting from this company said things like “Ever wanted to see Wrestler A take on Wrestler B but couldn’t because they are in different companies? Well PWP is about to change that!” No, no fucking way, bullshit, lies, slander, propaganda, Duncan being a fucking phony.

Me and Audrey isn’t a superfight, it’s a fucking massacre. A one sided beatdown. I can name so many names of people from other companies that motherfuckers wanted to put me up against. Audrey James and all her little friends from her company off in Nobody Gives A Fuck Land are not one of them.

And what’s up with this whack ass bitch acting as if that’s the case, what’s up with her acting all high and mighty anyways?

Audrey, when you responded to my shots fired, you said something along the lines of “OH LOOK! Another little boy who thinks he’s all that. When will they ever learn? Hashtag: “Buckle Up Bitch”.

First of all…. You retarded ass, testosterone injecting, bull face looking, cocksucker.... I am NOT “another little boy”. I’m a grown ass man. I do not “think” I am all “that”, I KNOW, I am all “that”.  

I can point out the weakest and easiest match up that I’ve ever had in my career and that person would just eat you alive. You don’t hold a candle to any of the opponents I’ve faced.

This is your FIRST TIME in an inter-promotional battle. Little did you know I’m undefeated in inter-promotional matches.

Where the fuck have you been? I been doing these types of matches from the jump. To even be considered one of the best you have to be beating the best, and that means going to other companies and beating their top guys.

Being the best in the IWF wasn’t enough, I was constantly going to other companies and trying to beat their best guys to show the world that I was the pound for pound king.

But you? You’re not even the best in PWSi. You’re just some bitch ass coward that returned to the ring after months of being MIA.

Don’t blame your disappearance on your grandmothers death, blame it on the real reason, blame it on you being a sore loser. You lost your vixens title and you decided to run away. We’ve all seen that play out before.

After you lose this match, you going to disappear again, only this time, you won’t be coming outta the shadows a couple months later. Nah, you going to be gone for good.

I want you to tell all your friends, family and co-workers that when they comes out to support you on the 26th, they best be wearing ALL BLACK.


Because they won’t be attending a damn wrestling match, nigga they gon be attending your funeral.

That tough shit attitude is going to get you dealt with real quick. It's easy to look at me and see a guy that does nothing but talk shit. It's easy to talk about how you're going to shut me up and pose some sort of threat to me.

Try and hit me. That's the hard part. I'm not even asking you to try and defeat me, just try and hit me. Try to land a shot on me, try your hardest hoe.

You won't even be able to tie up on me. You won't be able to a damn thing to me. This isn't talk Audrey, it's fact. I can spit the truth on you like this because I've been in this position so many times before.

Hungry challenger looking to teach me a lesson, hungry challenger who feels like they can't lose because of all the shit I spoke.

That loss is going to happen whether you like it or not. Like I said, this ain't a fucking movie. You ain't going to be singing in the end or having some sort of Rocky moment. The good guys don't always win and there won't always be happy endings.

This show is entitled Strength of a Woman. I don't care if I sound sexist but I ain't losing to no motherfucking woman. It ain't happening. Women can feel as strong as they want but there's a reason why companies still don't allow male vs female competition and there's a reason why MMA and Boxing don't do it either.

Males are just naturally stronger and faster. Sure, there's been cases where females have beat the fuck outta Males in that ring but damn girl...

You have NEVER faced a male competitor and right now you're about to face one of the best that this sport has to offer.

And please don't hit me back with "Yeah but the female talent that I've faced is..." The females that you been facing in PWSi are a bunch of bum bitches.

The girls I kick it with who are in this sport would murder you, flat out eat you alive.

Neon, Vanessa Cade, Madison Fenty, Kacie Church, Alison Williams, Jaci Sovereign, and fuck it… just about every female I fucks with.

Look at Blyss Lockhart who’s in the Main Event, she would run right through you with ease.

Even the girls in my gym would destroy you. This ain’t a joke Audrey, I ain’t tryna talk shit right now or be some typa funny guy. This shit right here is the truth right now, I said it before, I'll say it again.

Motherfuckers shouldn't call me a trash talker, they should call me a statement maker.

You done faced a bunch of people who don't hit as hard as me, who ain't as strong as me and who ain't as fast as me. You did a lot of pretending when you played things off as if you didn’t know who the hell I am but the reality is that when you get in that ring with me, that's when you’re going to know...that’s when you’re going to say to yourself…. "Holy shit I'm facing James Shark"

That's when it's going to hit you, and once that hits you, it's already going to be too late cause I'll have already hit you with that Swag Out. That's the part where you get knocked the fuck out.

And that's it... another night where James Shark proves that these waters just ain't safe. Another shark attack... another win... another piece of evidence that shows the world that James Shark is just better than the rest of em.

By the way, I know it's breast cancer awareness month. I'll be sure to land a good punch on your fucking boob and give you breast cancer during our match. Like I said, I wish cancer upon you.

I can say evil things like that easily because when I look at you, I look at you as nothing more than dog shit stuck underneath my shoe. On the 26th, I'm scraping you off and tossing you in the trash.

Where’s yo self-esteem now Audrey? It's as low as you are in the rankings, I'm sure.

And once again James Shark wins the war of the words....

Now that I've already beaten you mentally and verbally, all that's left is to beat you physically. I don't know about you? But I can't fucking wait.

Better not run away like you do on social media.

#MoneyOnSharky #AllTheFuckingTime  
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James   

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PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman - James Shark vs. Audrey James
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