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 Tiami Tyler

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Character Details

Name: Tiami Tyler
Alias: Icy Revolution, Icy Princess
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 29 years old
Town of Birth: Canton Ohio
Picture Base: Maria Kanellis
Body Type: Toned and slender
Alignment (Face/Heel/Neutral): Neutral
Entrance Music: "Two Weeks" by All That Remains
Wrestler Entrance: Two Weeks hits the PA as blue and white lights flash across the stage. Tiami comes out, smirk on her face and starts heading down the ramp. Her focus was on the ring as the fans were booing, making cat calls and a few cheer for her. She gets in the ring, posing in the corner for the crowd and then turns her attention to the ramp and her opponent.

Gimmick/Personality (NEEDED): The girl has an attitude. She is the easiest person to get along with. If you insult her, her family or daughter? She is hell on wheels and her mouth can lead her to situations beyond her control. She will not show weakness, despite other people pointing out the obvious to her. She stand up for what she thinks is right, even though sometimes its not.

Finishing Moves and description:
"Icy Revolution" -- Package Piledriver
"Icy Dreams" -- Modified Cradleshock

Signature Moves and description:
"Icy Fate" -- Backstabber
"Icy Destiny Awaits" -- Spiral Tap

Please list at least 15 moves in your characters move set:
Tornado DDT
Running Clothesline
High Cross Body Block
Vertical Suplex
Release German Suplex
Missile Dropkick
Standing Moonsault
Standing Dropkick
Enziguri Kick
Double Stomp from top rope
Figure four
Texas Cloverleaf
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Tiami Tyler
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