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 Noble Domino Jr.

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Noble Domino Jr.
Noble Domino Jr.

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Noble Domino Jr. Matthg

Name: Noble Domino Jr.
Nickname: Deuce
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 260 lbs
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 28 (DOB 7-13-84)
Orientation: Tweener
Theme Song: Domino by Kiss

Entrance: Noble Domino Jr. comes out onto the ramp as his music plays as he gets onto the rampway red white and blue pyros shoot up from the stage, and smoke also comes up. He pauses behind the smoke for a moment leaning down, he comes back up stretching his arms out in front of him pointing to the crowd. As he begins his way down the rest of the rampway he shakes hands with the fans. After getting to the ring, he climbs over the top rope, and walks to the corner turnbuckle and climbs up on top.

Affliliation: none

Managers: Aaliyah & Maria (his gf's)

Jared Blake (10-13-12)
Heath Drake (10-13-12)

What real wrestler your character most looks like: Matt Hardy

Real Wrestler Moveset: Domino & Matt Hardy

Short Character Bio:
Noble Domino Jr. was born in New York City, New York, but is living in Brooklyn New York. He is a true American, that loves anything to do with America, he loves fighting for the fans. Noble Domino Jr. had a stint in PWS before and did great, before taking a leave of absence for a personal issue, he came back to PWSR, but was eventually fired, for issues beyond his control. He has now been noticed by the powers heading PWSWF, they decided to give him a chance, to make a name for himself there. Even though Noble Domino Jr. is a bigger guy, he can fly like the best of the smaller guys.

Moves List: (10 Moves, 3 Standard, 3 Medium, 2 Heavy, 1 set up, 1 Finisher)
1 double underhook mat slam
2 frog splash
3 inverted facelock shoulderbreaker
4 missile dropkick
5 jumping belly to belly piledriver
6 swinging neck breaker
7 fist drop
8 big boot
9 running big boot
10 belly to belly suplex

other moves
1 single knee facebuster
2 inverted ddt
3 russian legsweep
4 wrist lock sitout side slam
5 baseball slide
6 drop kick
7 snap reverse powerbomb
8 springboard moonsault
9 leg drop bulldog
10 spinning spinebuster

signature moves
1 figure four leg lock
2 multiple german suplex
3 450 splash
4 military press slam

finishing moves
Noble Slam (2 handed chokeslam)... sometimes done through a table
Domino Effect (Twist of Fate).... sometimes done onto a ladder or chair.
The Extreme Domino Effect (The Extreme Twist Of Fate) (twist of fate off a ladder, or top rope.)
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Noble Domino Jr.
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