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 Blyss Lockhart

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Name: Blyss Lockhart

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 120 lbs

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Alignment: Tweener

Pic Base: Amber Heard
Blyss Lockhart Tumblr_md59cmbYDA1r8rx02o4_r1_250

Entrance Theme: None

Entrance Description:
The cameras cut to Blyss Lockhart already standing on the ring apron as she leans against the turnbuckle with her chin resting on her hand on the top rope with an aloof expression on her face. She glances around the arena before settling her gaze upon the ring announcer who’s looking at her warily.

Blyss watches the ring announcer intently with a hint of a smile now on her face, shaking her hip slightly from side to side as if to the rhythm of some music in her own head. She then tilts her head to the left, flipping over her hair that hangs loose over her shoulders and letting it cover half her face. Her gaze turns towards the fans for the last time with no change in facial expression.

There’s a mixed reaction in the crowd as they receive nothing more from her. Turning her attention towards the main stage, Blyss straightens herself up before slowly walking through the ropes and standing in the corner to wait for her opponent.

Gimmick Description: She’s a tough girl who’s a little reckless at times especially when she gets offended by something or wants to prove a point.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: A little bit of Lita and Mia Yim maybe with some Muay Thai skills Smile

Shooting Star Press that is performed after blowing a kiss to the opponent either from the top of the turnbuckle or the top rope to the outside opponent. Then she’d go for the pin with a sly smile on her face like she’s trying to contain her laughter.

Hart Attack!
Straight Jacket Neckbreaker that is either performed as a quick surprise anywhere or done when the opponent is sitting on the turnbuckle facing the crowd. Afterwards, she’d sit for a moment laughing before crawling over to her opponent for the pin.

Signature Moves
BKO aka Blyss KnockOut (Running Busaiku Knee Kick)
Oh Sweet Bliss! (Inverted STF)

Accomplishments: Insurgency Wrestling Federation’s Rising Phoenix championship (126 days) and High Impact championship (48 days)
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Blyss Lockhart
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