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 Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios)

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Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios) Empty
PostSubject: Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios)   Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios) EmptyMon Sep 09, 2013 9:06 pm

Marcus Cage Solo Stats:

Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios) HBK_Classic_38

Name: Marcus Cage
Alias: "The High Voltage Superstar"
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Alignment: Face
Pic Base: Shawn Michaels

Entrance Theme:
"Adrenalize" by Rev Theory

Entrance Description:
"Adrenalize" by Rev Theory begins playing, as Marcus spins out onto the entrance ramp. He thrusts his arm up in the air, as the crowd erupts in cheers. He stands there a moment, taking it all in, before bobbing his head to the music a bit, and then making his way towards the ring, slapping hands with the fans on both sides of the ramp, pointing up towards the nosebleed seats, and moving his hands up and down, signaling the fans to get louder. When he's satisfied with the noise level, he slides into the ring, and runs up the ropes, and stands on the top turnbuckle, with his arms held up, scanning the crowd. When he's finished, he smirks, and does a back flip into the ring.

Character Bio:
Marcus Cage grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. His father ran a wrestling school, that he trained and competed in. He and his father were always arguing, as Marcus was a showoff, and would take "unnecessary" risks, as his father would say, while his father was very old school in his approach to training and booking. Marcus considers himself a "Jack of all trades, and a master of none." As he's taken many odd jobs, in his youth. Some serve him in the PWSi, others serve no purpose, other than to give him a hobby. He has held numerous tag team championships with his best friend and tag team partner, Dynamite as the team Shock & Awe. He currently calls PWSi his home, as his only family are the fans, and his Shock & Awe team mates.

Real Wrestlers you take after most (in ring):
Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles (Mostly guys who can kick hard, and fly through the air, and give the fans a show.)
Wrestling Style:
High Flying, Risk Taking, Showman

10 Basic Moves (min, can do more if you want):
1: Dropkick
2: Inzeguri
3: Flying forearm Smash
4: Superkick
5: Hurricanranna
6: Neckbreaker
7: Spinning Heel Kick
8: Flying Knee (Like Daniel Bryan)
9: Float Over DDT
10: Multiple Karate kicks, punches, and chops

Signature Moves (please limit to 3)
1: Static Shock (Trouble In Paradise)
2: Pele Kick
3: Moonsault *Single or Double rotation*

Finishers (2 or 3)
1: Shock Therapy (Code Breaker)
2: Caged Lightning (Canadian Destroyer)
3: 10,000 Volts (Cattle Mutilation)

Dynamite Solo Stats:

Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios) Triple-H

Name: Julian Tienty
Alias: Dynamite
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 LBS
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Alignment: Face
Pic Base: HHH (long hair)

Entrance Theme: "Step Up" by drowning pool

Entrance Description: I'll fill this in later

Character Bio: Dynamite has been in the business for a very long time. He and Marcus have been tag partners for a long time, holding multiple tag titles together as Shock and Awe. He's dating Lola Heart and has a 6 year old son, Jayne, with her.

Real Wrestlers you take after most (in ring): HHH

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse

10 Basic Moves (min, can do more if you want):
1: clothesline
2: neckbreaker
3: chop block
4: high knee
5: sleeper hold
6: spinebuster
7: DDT
8: abdominal stretch
9: back body drop
10: suplex

Finishers (2 or 3)
1: TNT (x factor to facebuster)
2: Explosion (goldberg style spear)

Shock and Awe Team Stats

Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios) Image3

Name: Shock and Awe

Members: Marcus Cage and Dynamite

Associates/managers: Candy and Lola Heart

Alignment: Face

Pic Bases: HHH (long hair- Dynamite) HBK (younger version-Marcus) Mickie James (Candy) Brooke Gilbertson (Lola)

Entrance Theme: "Revolution" by Pennywise

Entrance Description: "Revolution" begins playing as blue and red lights kick on and begin spinning around, illuminating different areas of the crowd. Dynamite steps out onto the ramp, with a large red light shining up from beneath him. Marcus Cage comes out spinning around, with his arms outstretched as a blue light illuminated him. Dynamite stopped in the center of the stage, and watched as Marcus ran back and forth in front of him, going from one side of the stage, to the other, pointing out at the crowd as he does so. When Marcus makes it to the center, with Dynamite, they both high five, which turns into a double fist bump. They begin making their way to the ring, with Marcus really playing up to the crowd. He grabs a young girls camera, and turns it around so he gets a picture of him with the crowd, and hands it back to her. Dynamite is on the other side of the ramp, shaking hands with the fans. They stop at the bottom of the ramp, and nod to each other before rushing forward, and sliding in the ring. Marcus runs to the turnbuckle, and hops up to the second rope, before throwing his hands up. Dynamite does so on the opposite turnbuckle, and the two of them continue pumping up the crowd, before they go to their corner.

Gimmick Description (Doesn't need to be long. Just something so I have an idea what your character is): DX-ish (the recent 2000 era version where it was just hbk and hhh). They will stand up for what they feel is right or believe in. Marcus is more of a jokester and fun loving free spirit where Dynamite is more serious and uptight about things. Marcus tends to get in trouble and drag Dynamite with him!

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: DX (HBK and HHH)

Common Tag Team Move(s):

-Rocket Launcher (ala jesse and festus. Marcus gets to the top rope Dynamite lifts him up and throws him on opponent)
-Springboard elbow (Dynamite slingshots opponent towards ropes, into Cage's elbow. Dynamite rolls back a little and Cage springboards over the top rope, elbowing opponent)
-double dropkick
-Poetry In Motion (marcus as jeff, dynamite as matt)

Tag Team Finishing Move(s):

-The Shock and Awe (Marcus superkicks the opponent and as he staggers back he is caught by the xfactor-to-facebuster by Dynamite)
- Shocking Series Finale (Dynamite launches opponent into the air. As they fall to the mat, they are caught under the chin by Marcus with a superkick)

Accomplishments (Optional):

1x PWSi Lucha Libre Champion (Marcus)
2x PWSR No Limits Champion (Marcus)
1x PWSR Rated R Champion (Marcus)
1x PWSR Tag Team Champion (Marcus w/Trisha Lee Moore)
2x PWSi Tag Team Champion (1 Marcus/Dynamite, 1 Marcus/David Shane)
PWSR Diamond in the Rough Award Winner  (Marcus, 2010?)
Theme Song of the Year (Marcus, UECW, year unknown)
Funniest Wrestler (Marcus, UECW, year unknown)
2x UECW Tag Team Champion (Marcus/Dynamite)
2x LSWE Platinum champion (Marcus)
ECWF King of the Ring Winner (Marcus,year unknown)
ECWF Hall of Fame (Both)
2x ECWF Tag Team Champions (Marcus/Dynamite)
First Hall of Famers to rise to Icon status in ECWF (Both)
Stable of the Year (Shock and Awe, UECW, Year unknown)
Tag Team of the Year (Marcus/Dynamite, UECW, Year Unknown)
1x ECWF US Champ (Dyamite)
1x Majestic Tag Team Champion (Dynamite/Benny)
2012 PWSi Tag Team of The Year (Marcus/Dynamite)
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Shock and Awe (Includes Marcus and Dynamite separate bios)
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