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 Robert Saints

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Real Name: Robert Saints Jr.

Ring Name: Robert Saints

Nick Name: The Viper

Age: 28 Years Old

Height: 6'4

Weight: 245 pounds

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Resides: New York, New York

Appearance: Randy Orton

Alignment: Heel

Theme song: Line in the Sand by Motorhead

Group Affiliation: Andrew Storm (The Extreme Thrillers)

Marital Status: Engaged (Kelly Robinson)

Manager/(girlfriend): Kelly Robinson Robert Saints Babe-of-the-day-felice-herrig-20110309090736116-000

Theme Song: Line in the Sand (Motorhead)

Entrance Gear: Robert Saints AAAAAq_PORcAAAAAAMmgug

Ring Gear: Robert Saints Legend-killer1

Entrance: The Arena goes dark and the lights flicker on and off as Line in the Sand by Motorhead plays as Robert Saints and his manager/girlfriend Kelly Robinson walk through the curtain backstage. Robert Saints then stands on the titantron entrance ramp as the pyro explode down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Robert Saints walks down the ramp high-fiving the fans as his manager Kelly Robinson follows him as he enters the ring, waiting for his opponent. Kelly Robinson enters the ring and kisses Robert Saints on the cheek for good luck before exiting the ring and waiting in her boyfriend/client's corner.

Move set: Randy Orton & Triple H & John Cena


1. Dropkick
2. School Boy
3. Spear w/ Punches
4. High Knee
5. Reverse Suplex
6. Rocker Drop
7. Irish-whip Headlock
8. Dragon Sleeper
9. Inverted Back Breaker
10. Short Arm Clothesline
11. Japanese Arm Drag
12. DDT
13. Russian Leg-sweep
14. Five Knuckle Shuffle (Delayed Fist Drop with theatrics)
15. Punt Kick

Signature maneuvers:

Inverted Figure-Four Leg Lock
Diving Elbow Drop Pin
Double A Spinebuster
Saints Stomp

Setup Maneuvers:

For The X Bomb (Batista Bomb): Kick to the gut and doubled over and then grabbed into power bomb position

For The Straight To Hell (Pedigree): Head bounces off of knee turns around and is prone for the Straight To Hell

For The Saints Row (Sweet Chin Music): Manhattan Drop which then makes him bounce up and down and then Robert Saints hit the Saints Row before he falls

For The Devil's Kick (Brogue Kick): Hits the Inverted Backbreaker and then waits for his opponent to get up back so he can hit him with the Devil's Kick

For The Viper Cutter (RKO): Robert Saints drops to the mat as he pounds his fists on the mat as he is stalking his opponent waiting for him to get up so he can then hit the Viper Cutter

For The Canadian Shooter (Sharpshooter): Chop Block from the back or Dragon Screw from the front

For The F.U. (Follow Up) (Attitude Adjustment): Hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle which causes the opponent to get up groggy and then Robert Saints hits the F.U.


Finisher 1: X Bomb- The equivalent of Batista's Batista Bomb

Finisher 2: Straight To Hell- The equivalent of Triple H's Pedigree

Finisher 3: Viper Cutter- The equivalent of Randy Orton's RKO

Finisher 4: Saints Row- The equivalent of Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music

Finisher 5: Devil's Kick- The equivalent of Sheamus' Brogue Kick

Finisher 6: Canadian Shooter- The equivalent of Chris Benoit's Sharpshooter

Finisher 7: F.U. (Follow Up)- The equivalent of John Cena's Attitude Adjustment


Robert Saints (Jr.) was born in New York, New York and as soon as he could walk, his family moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he grew up along side his brother Phillip and sister Tiffany watching their father Robert Saints (Sr.) wrestling the independent circuit up and down the East Coast. Later on his sister Tiffany married Mark Greenberg (Angel) and turned on Robert Saints (Jr.) but later on turned around and the three of them became close. He was at Angel's sister Kimberly McKnight (formerly Greenberg)'s wedding to Steven McKnight. No one knew but inside Robert Saints lived another spirit and he was Nick Saints and he was Robert's brother who had died while they were serving together alongside Andrew Storm, Dylan Tallon and Chris Punk. Instead of moving on with his body, Nick went into Robert's body to fuse the two broken halves of his subconscious. Nick is in control over Robert if only that Robert is unconscious or not able to take control of the task at hand. Oddly enough whenever Robert has a shadow, Nick can become his own form thanks due to the shadow. Robert Saints began dating his former tag team partner Andrew Storm's sister Serenity Storm as a way to get back at him for ditching their tag team but sometime along in the relationship, his feelings for her became real and now he's actually wanting to be there for her and was hoping to one day make her, his queen but the two of them drifted away in different locations so they decided to break up and see other people. Robert Saints then decided after trying to court Jade Tallon but she only wanted him as a friend so he decided to go back to the only relationship that he ever felt real love in, even if he had to deal with Steven McKnight again as the pushy older brother of Kelly.

Children: Hunter Saints (3 years old)
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Robert Saints
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