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 The Adam Banz Bio

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Name: Adam Banz

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 lbs

Hometown: Queens, NY

Alignment: Heel

Pic Base: Adam Cole

Entrance Theme: A Thin Line by H2O

Entrance Description: As soon as the music hits, Adam walks out spreading his arms as he goes. He takes his time and sorts of dances his way down the ramp before he starts trash talking and making fun of the fans who are yelling and jeering at him. Then he slides into the ring and leans forward on the ropes toward one side of the audience with a condescending smile. He points at a few random people, laughing and yelling at them, before turning his attention to the match that’s about to take place.

Gimmick Description: Reminiscent of the late and great Eddie Guerrero’s “Lie, cheat, steal” basically. He just loves to make fun of people and often doesn’t take things too seriously. Though a good wrestler, he always tries to find the easiest way to accomplish his goals when he can.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Eddie Guerrero...

Signature Move(s):

Signature 1 - Bite of the Dragon
Description - Usually does so with opponent between the ropes and then followed by the New York Welcome finisher

Signature 2 - The Smokin’ Gun
Description - This can be done for comedic purposes and if opponent no-show’s. When opponent and referee are down for whatever reason (accidentally or not), he goes to fetch a steel chair, smacks it loud on the mat in the ring just as they wake up again, tosses the chair into opponent’s hands and pretends to be knocked out by a chair shot. Referee then disqualifies opponent, making Adam the match winner.

Finishing Move(s):

Finisher 1 - New York Welcome
Description - Fireman’s carry neckbreaker to be done right after an eye rake (which the ref doesn't see of course)

Finisher 2 - The Divide
Description - Heel hook submission

Accomplishments: World Elite Wrestling world heavyweight champion and various independent wrestling singles tournaments
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The Adam Banz Bio
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