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Columbia, SC


Pic Base:
Chris Masters of now.

Entrance Theme:
"The Kill" by Brains and Brawns

Entrance Description:
"The Kill" by Brains and Brawns flares up causing the camera to turn to the stage. The arena lights begin to flicker as Zade steps out onto the stage behind golden sparkles.

"I can feel it, I can see it, You don't want to let me reach it. It's time for the kill you can bet it's not a secret."

Announcer: Coming to the stage fighting out of Icebox MMA North Carolina!!! He is "The Next Up" ZAADE!!!

The sparkles slowly begin to die down as Zade stands with his head lowered and his hood over his head. He points out to his left before pointing out to his right and slowly lifting his head. The pyros once more going off in a spectrum of gold and metallic as Zade gets to a knee with his arms still flinged out.

"I'm here are you ready. No time to be scary. I am a lethal weapon and just know that I'm deadly."

He jumps up and taps his chest allowing his hood to fling back and begins his walk down the ramp nonchalantly. He high fives some of the fans in the crowd and sneers at some before getting to the ring and walking up the steps.

"No time for waiting, I can't be impatient. I'm coming for the kill you can bet it's devastating."

He bounces up and down before walking around the ring once and climbing up a turnbuckle. He lowers his heads once more and the lights begin to flicker. He flings his arms out again before jumping down. All four turnbuckles erupting in gold sparkles. Zade takes off his vest and throws it into the crowd before pacing around the ring getting more focused.


Gimmick Description: Just a fighter (

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Zade(haha) (Catchphrase) "I'm Zade and I'm The Next Up", {Poses} Flex Muscles before kissing one. Claps hands before pointing out to the crowd. Smiles and grins allot. Taps chest with both hands before tapping his skull. Winks at the crowd and opponent. ETC, A finesse technical showman who plays to the crowd but is serious when it comes to his skills in the ring.

Signature Move(s): None(brand new char wanted to add as he progresses.)

Finishing Move(s):
(1)Name: Soo Zady
(1)Description: Flip Piledriver 2 variations 1. Zade sets opponent up in position for the soo zady. He signs his signature on the opponents back (pretend writes) before looking out into the crowd, grinning and winks then the flip piledriver. (Showman Zade)
2 variation. (Stun mode) Basically a running flipping Piledriver not really seen coming.

(2)Name: None (As character progresses
Desperation / Submission Finisher
(1)Name: Zarantuala
(1)Description: Zade wraps leg around opponents arm, one arm around opponents neck. He sqauts with oppents legs under his with a knee in opponents back. He leans back bringing opponent with him applying pressure to arm and back leaving one arm free for opponent to tap.

Basic Move Set:
1. Standing Guillotine
2. Back Flip Kick(to either face or body)
3. Figure Four Leg Lock
4. Asia DDT
5. Sidewalk Slam
6. Armbar
7. Wheelbarrow Kick
8. Punt Kick (Will taunt opponent after hitting this or hype crowd/ Showman Zade)
9. Alabama Slam
10. Cobra Clutch
11. Back Breaker
12. Roundhouse Kick
13. Chin Kick (MMA Style under the chin. If opponent drops will taunt opponent or hype crowd/ Showman Zade)
14. Running Knee ( To face or body)
15. Choke slam
16. European Uppercut
17. Slaps to the chest (two powerful ones will taunt after/ showman Zade)
18. Ranhei
19. Lifts opponent up and begins to use as weights before dropping opponent on mat or ropes(showman Zade)
20. Rope Hung Feint Kick
21. 720 ddt(off top ropes. Will hype crowd before doing.)

Bio/Brief History:
Zade is the last brother of the four Lovett brothers known around the indy circuit in the Carolinas. Zade being the youngest took more of the workload and got his reputation as a daredevil because of some of the grueling matches and stunts he tries to pull. Zade got known by scouts from his fight ethic and unique style of wrestling. Looking to step out of the carolinas Zade has found himself in Sin City Wrestling where he looks to capture many eyes on Wednesday nights. He's also contracted with Alpha Entertainment whose looking to relaunch their company.

Accomplishments (Optional):
Debuts in SCW on Aug 6th
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