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 PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:09 am

(As soon as the show opens up, “Stand Alone Complex” begins to blare over the speakers.  Smoke slowly begins to creep and fill the stage. After a few moments, Flex Johnson strolls out and looks out at the crowd. He walks slowly down the ramp. A number of PWP fans cheer him, mostly because he hasn’t been seen in a while.)

Roy Hardy: My goodness, a Flex Johnson appearance!

Jesse Watson: We haven’t seen him here in months.

(Flex circles the ring one time, slapping hands with the hands and interacting with fans. and then rolls into the ring. He walks over to the near turn buckle and points a finger to the sky. He is handed a microphone. Flex looks out at the fans for a bit before speaking.)

Flex: PWP, your king has returned!

(The crowd cheers a bit.)

Flex: Well, for tonight anyway.

(Many of those cheers turn to laughter.)

Flex: My my, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? Nearly a year ago Josh Duncan had a vision; a dream if you will. You all know as well as I do; there’s a lot of bullshit politics in this Business. Shady promotions will book you, and then try to skip town when it’s time to pay. And now, these tiny indie feds are quick to look a wrestler in a contract, prohibiting him or her from traveling the world and perfecting his or her craft.

But that’s not what Pro Wrestling Project is about…not at all! Mr. Duncan’s goal was to unite the wrestling world. He wanted to create an environment where wrestlers from any promotion could come in and have five-star bouts with each other. He wanted to create an environment where the fans would see matches that they never would have dreamed of; or matches that they thought were impossible.

(The crowd begins to clap.)

Flex: Just think off all the classics that you all have seen over the past year: Johnson vs. Phoenix, Lockhart vs. Sweet Potato, the Maddox/James saga, Lifer vs. Shark, Jones vs. Stryker vs. Sister Liliana—damn, I could go on and on.

Classic baby!

Oh and tonight, there are going to be a bunch of matches to add to that list. Let me tell the matches I’m excited to see:

Blyss Lockhart vs. Riley Owens, two people that I know very well. If this match were booked on any other indie card, then it would be the main event. Two young, hungry wrestlers battling for pride—what could be better than that.

Shawn Roberts vs. Zack Lifer…now that one is going to be a war. I’ve met Shawn before; he’s a good dude, and he is going to bring it in the ring. And then there is Zack; an awesome wrestler, but struggling to be recognized as one of the best. Zack has always been the bride’s maid here in PWP. But a win here tonight, well it would mean everything to Zack.

Then there is the PWP title match, the main event. Do I really need to say any more about that match?

And then, match watch I’m most interested in— Valerie Lamb vs. John Pariah. Now, we all know that I’m considered a legend in the Business.

But Valerie and John?

Ha, they transcend the “legend” status; those two are “icons.” I’ve stated on twitter that John is one of the few people I’d like to face before hanging the boots up permanently. Tonight, Jon gets to one on one with one of the best that the Business has ever seen.

(The fans go wild.)

Flex: Fans, tonight, you all are going to witness history! Or, more accurately, you all are going to be a part of history!

Now, hit a brother’s music! I’m to wish a few people luck in the back, and then I’m going to take a seat in the front row next to my lovely wife.

You all know how I love to be a part of history too.

(Flex drops the mics and smirks at the camera. “Stand Alone Complex” starts to play. Flex rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.)

2nd City Wrestling -

Triple Threat Match
Brady White vs. Robb Hardy vs. Joey Edwards

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is a Triple Threat match, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 235 lbs, from Los Angeles, California…ROBB HARDY!

(The lights darken, and all of a sudden a green pyro shoots out, and green laser lights are being shining everywhere. "Alive and Kicking" By Nonpoint then hits and out walks Robb Hardy. The majority of the fans begin to boo while parts of the crowd cheers Robb on. Robb then walks down the ramp way and then slides into the ring. Robb then climbs up top the turnbuckle, and crosses his arms. Robb then jumps down and backs into a corner and leans against it, waiting for the match to begin.)

Randall Jobbs: And his first opponent, weighing in at Weight: 188 lbs, from Montpelier, Vermont…BRADY WHITE!

(“Put On” by Young Jeezy begins to play over the speakers. As the intro to the song ends and the chorus begins to play, Brady White emerges from the back along with his girlfriend and manager, Cora Reeves. Brady looks around at the crowd, under the hood of a sweatshirt that he has on, before he and Cora walk towards the ring. Once they reach ringside, Cora reaches up, removing the hood. Brady jumps up onto the ring apron and then climbs to the top rope. He looks around at the crowd again, nodding his head to the beat of his theme music. He jumps down into the ring, pulling his sweatshirt off and handing it to Cora, who remains outside the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: And the final contestant, weighing in at Weight: 225 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan…JOEY EDWARDS!

("Yonkers" by Tyler the Creator begins to play. Out walks Joey Edwards with a smirk on his face. He points at the ring a bit before he sprints down. Edwards slides into the ring and then plays to the crowd. The ref checks all three men; he then calls for the bell.)

Roy Hardy: Triple Threat action to kick off the show tonight!

Jesse Watson: I’ve been looking forward to this one, Roy!

(Immediately after the bell rings, White and Hardy jump Edwards. Both White and Hardy rain down punches on Edwards until he drops down to a knee. White catches Edwards with a stiff forearm before bringing him back up to his feet; Edwards is then whipped in to the ropes. As he rebounds, Edwards is hit with a spinning wheel kick; afterwards he grabs his stomach in pain. White keeps pushing the attack. He follows up be hitting a running senton on Edwards. Before he has a chance to recover, Edwards is hoisted onto his feet and whipped into the corner. White charges in and blasts Edwards with double-knees to the chest; White rolls out of the way, leaving the path open to Hardy. Hardy rushes in and crushes his opponent with a flying forearm. Edwards stumbles out of the corner; he has the wobbly knees. Hardy grabs him by the back of the neck and tosses him over the top rope; Edwards hits the floor. Then, Hardy turns and looks at White.)

Roy Hardy: Brady and Robb have been working very well together in the beginning of this match, but let’s see what happens now.

Jesse Watson: I think that partnership will be short-lived.

Hardy charges in and gets caught with a quick arm drag. Both wrestlers get to their feet; but, Hardy gets hit with another quick armdrag. Hardy gets to his feet, but before he can recover he gets hit with a dropkick from White. White picks him up and then whips him into the ropes. Hardy rebounds and then has to leap over White, who has dropped down; Hardy hits the adjacent ropes and rebounds. This time, White goes for a leap frog, but Hardy catches him in mid-air.  Hardy shifts White’s weight and powers him to the mat with a front-slam; he then gets to his feet. Hardy then leaps into the air and connects with a standing shooting star press. He goes for the cover.)



(White kicks out of the pin. Hardy drags him a bit closer to the center of the ring before hitting the ropes; he jumps onto the middle ropes and flies back with a lionsault. Hardy goes of the pin.)



(White kicks out. By this time, Edwards has recovered a bit; he makes his way to the ring apron. Hardy and White slowly make it to their feet; as they do, Edwards springs off the top rope and connects with a double dropkick.)

Roy Hardy: Edwards making his presence felt in this match.

Jesse Watson: It’s a good thing he did; it seems like he was on the outside forever. I almost forgot he was in the match.

(White and Hardy both roll to the outside; Edwards sizes them up. He hits the ropes and rebounds; Edwards flies through the ropes and connects with a suicide dive. Edwards quickly gets to his feet, pulls Hardy up, and tosses him back into the ring. Edwards hooks the leg and goes for the cover.)



(Hardy kicks out. Both wrestlers make it to their feet. Edwards fires in with a couple of forearm shots; he then hits Hardy with rolling sole-butt to the stomach. Edwards then hits the ropes and connects with a flying clothesline. Edwards gets up and points to the corner.)

Roy Hardy: This match is starting to turn around.

Jesse Watson: Heck, Joey could win the match right here!

(Edwards heads to the tope rope; he gains his balance and then leaps off with a moonsault. Hardy saw the move coming and was able to roll out of the way; Edwards crashes to the mat and then rolls onto his stomach.)

Jesse Watson: Welp, nevermind.

(On the outside, White is beginning to stir. He drags himself to the ring apron and hoists himself up. Back in the ring, Hardy drags Edwards away from the ropes. Hardy runs towards the ropes; he rebounds and hits a rolling thunder. Hardy goes for the pin.)




(The pin in broken up by White, who came off the top rope with a double stomp to Hardy’s head; White was able to roll through and land back on his feet. White gives Hardy a stiff kick to the stomach before turning his attention to Edwards. White grabs Edwards and lifts him up, only to drop him back down to the mat with a vertical suplex; White floats over and goes for the cover.)




(Edwards gets his shoulder up. White gets up and quickly sprints to the ropes; he comes back and drops a knee to Edwards’ skull. White then heads to the corner; he climbs to the top rope. White soars off the top rope and plants two boots in the chest of Edwards; he goes for the cover once again.)




(This time, Hardy is able to break up the pin after clubbing White over the back of the head.)

Roy Hardy: Robb was just in the nick of time.

Jesse Watson: He had control of this match early on; he’s looking to get it back now.

(Hardy is able to get to his feet first; he goes right after White. Hardy whips White into the corner; he then charges in and blasts him with a spinning back-elbow. Hardy makes way back to the center of the ring; he then charges in looking to hit a monkey flip. However, White catches him in the air and places him on the top rope. White hits a rope-assisted gamengri that rocks Hardy. White then heads to the center of the ring, setting up for "The Snow Ball." But, he didn’t see that Edwards had made it to his feet. Edwards spins White around and blasts him with the “Ignition.” He kips up and charges at Hardy. Hardy kicks Edwards in the face, which makes Edwards retreat a bit. Edwards then charges in again. Hardy throws another kick, but it’s caught this time. Edwards yanks his leg, sending him falling back first to the mat. At the last moment, Edwards sticks his knee out, turning the fall into a modified back breaker.)

Roy Hardy: My word!

Jesse Watson: It could be three!

(Edwards pulls him of the ropes and goes for the pin.)




(White is able to break up the pin. Hardy rolls outside of the ring. White and Hardy get to their feet. The two begin trade punches. However, Hardy gets the upper hand when he hits a knee lift to the stomach; White holds his stomach and stumbles over to the ropes. Hardy charges in, but at the last moment White uses a low bridge to send Hardy toppling over the top rope and landing next to Edwards. White then hits the ropes. He rebounds, jumps into the air, and spins with a corkscrew plancha; he catches both of his opponents flush and lands on his feet.)

Roy Hardy: Brady just brought this crowd to its feet!

Jesse Watson: What a move that was!

(White grabs Edwards and tosses him into the ropes near the turnbuckle; he then hops on the ring apron. White springboards up and jumps towards the corner. In mid-air he turns a bit; his legs hit the ropes. He comes down and nails Edwards with a modified split-leg moonsault. White goes for the cover.)



(At the last second, Edwards gets his boot on the ropes. Hardy gets up off the floor and rolls into the ring. Edwards and Hardy get to their feet first. Hardy charges in with a clothesline, but Edwards ducks; he winds up and blasts Hardy with a superkick. Hardy stumbles into corner; at the same time, White gets back to his feet. He runs and crushes Edwards with a big enziguri that drops him. Hardy gets out of the corner to hit a nail White with a rolling crescent kick. All the wrestlers are down on the mat.)

Roy Hardy: This has been an amazing match thus far; all the competitors have been amazing!

Jesse Watson: Someone needs to get up and try to grab the momentum.
Edwards is the first of the three to begin to stir; slowly, he makes it to his feet. Once he is on his feet he goes after White. He gets to his feet and pulls him over to the corner; Edwards powers him up and drops him with a body slam. Edwards then climbs to ropes, looking to hit something big. But, while he is on the ropes, he pauses to play to the crowd.

Roy Hardy: I think he’s making a big mistake here.

Jesse Watson: He’s taking way too much time.

(White kips up, runs, and hits Edwards with a boot to the chin; White rolls out to the center of the ring. Once again White charges; he jumps up and hits "The Snow Ball." Edwards hits the mat hard.)

Roy Hardy: Another creative move by Brady!

Jesse Watson: He’s got the match in his hands now.

(White attempts to get up, but before he does, Hardy rocks him with a “Jaded” kick from Hardy; White’s momentum carries him through the ropes and he falls to the outside. Hardy then points to the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: Geez!  

Jesse Watson: This is Robb’s chance!

(Hardy quickly climbs to the top rope. He gains his balance then flies off with the “LA Splash.” Hardy goes for the cover.)




Randall Jobbs: And your winner, at the 13:12 minute mark...ROBB HARDY!

Roy Hardy: It’s all over! What a match!

Jesse Watson: And this was just the opener folks. It only goes up from here!

Roy Hardy: You got that right. Especially with the amazing list of talent that we have on the show tonight.

Jesse Watson: And these three men opened the show just how you’re supposed to - with a bang!

Knoxville Wrestling Institute -

Tiberius vs. Chris Edwards

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(“Prince & Shining Armor” plays as Tiberius makes his way from the back.)

Randall Jobbs: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 260 pounds… Tiberius!

(He steps through the ropes and takes a corner, awaiting Chris Edwards.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(The arena goes completely dark, his theme music blares throughout the arena, and Chris Edwards stands on top of the stage entrance way to a round of boos.)

Randall Jobbs: From Death Valley, weighing in at 300 pounds.. Chris Edwards!

(He even embraces the booing, he pushes them to boo. He walks down the ramp of the stage with his nose up in the air, like he’s better than the city he’s in. He gets into the ring, taking the opposite corner.)

Roy Hardy: This is match #2 on the night, which means we’ve got no time to waste! Lets get into the action!

(As the bell rings, the two men lock up, vying for position and trying to use their strength to their advantage but neither one would budge. Finally, Tiberius hits a knee to the midsection, breaking it up. He hits the rope and as he comes off of them, tries to take Edwards down with a shoulder block but Edwards doesn't fall. Tiberius tells Edwards to try it and Edwards hits the ropes, hits Tiberius with a shoulder tackle, but it doesn't knock him over.)

Roy Hardy: Both men are trying to display their dominance but it's not working.

Jesse Watson: It's like two bulls locking horns, here.

(Tiberius hits the ropes, trying for another shoulder tackle but again, Edwards doesn't fall. Edwards bounces into the ropes, looking to knock Tiberius over but he is able to stay on his feet. Tiberius hits the ropes for a third time but this time Edwards catches him with a drop toe hold. Edwards goes for an elbow drop but Tiberius rolls out of the way in time to avoid it. As Edwards starts to get up, Tiberius hits the ropes and drills Edwards with a hard kick to the face.)

Roy Hardy: Tiberius nearly took his head off with that kick.

Jesse Hardy: Edwards is already missing some teeth, so what's a couple more?

(Tiberius gets Edwards to his feet and sends him into the corner. He charged in but Edwards gets an elbow up into the mouth, staggering him backwards. As Tiberius turns around, Edwards charges out, catching him with a clothesline. Edwards the follows that up with a leg drop, going for the pin after.)


(Edwards brings Tiberius to his feet and sends him into the turnbuckles, hard. Tiberius bounces out of the corner and Edwards catches him, lifting him up and planting him into the mat with a sidewalk slam. He hooks the leg for another pin attempt.)


Roy Hardy: Chris Edwards is trying to put Tiberius away, here in the early going.

Jesse Watson: He’s certainly not fooling around, that’s for sure.

Roy Hardy: Anyone that’s followed Chris’ history, knows he’s never been one to fool around. He tries to beat people and he tries to hurt people. That’s it.

(Edwards starts to gets Tiberius up but Tiberius hits him with a hard elbow to the midsection. He follows it up, catching Edwards with a European uppercut that sends him staggering back into the ropes. As Edwards comes off of them, Tiberius levels him with a lariat. Tiberius goes for a pin.)


(Tiberius gets Edwards up, pushing him into the corner. He hits him with some hard stomps to the midsection before backing up. He charges in, going for a corner clothesline but Edwards moves out of the way. As Tiberius bounces out of the corner, Edwards lifts him up and brings him down with a shoulder breaker. Edwards hooks a leg..)


Roy Hardy: Big shoulder breaker by Chris Edwards, there.

Jesse Watson: He’s got that arm breaker submission that he does. You gotta know he has that on his mind, after that move.

(Chris gets to his feet and starts landing some hard stomps to that shoulder.)

Roy Hardy: I think you’re right.

(Edwards lays the arm down and then drops his knee down onto it, driving the knee into the arm. Edwards then gets Tiberius up and sends him off into the ropes. As Tiberius comes off of them, Edwards goes for a back drop but Tiberius stops short and delivers a kick to the face. Tiberius goes for a lariat but Edwards ducks it, spins Tiberius around, kicks him in the gut and plants him into the mat with a one armed DDT.)

Roy Hardy: Edwards going right back to that same shoulder, with that one armed DDT.

Jesse Watson: When Edwards has a target, he doesn’t let off of it.

(Edwards brings Tiberius back to his feet and sends him off into the corner. Edwards charges in, catching him with the corner clothesline. Edwards then picks him up and plants him into the mat with a power slam. He hooks the leg for a pin…)


(Edwards starts to get Tiberius up but Tiberius fights back with a quick uppercut to the jaw. Tiberius follows it up with 2 more before hitting the ropes. As Tiberius comes off of the ropes through, Edwards catches him with a spear. Edwards then gets Tiberius in the “Edwards House of Pain.” Tiberius tries his best to get to the ropes but he can’t reach them and he taps out.)

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via submission, at the 8:26 mark of the match… Chris Edwards!

Roy Hardy: Chris Edwards locked that Cross Armbreaker in on that shoulder that he was working on earlier in the match and it left Tiberius with no other option but to tap out.

Jesse Watson: It’s a good thing he did. Edwards would have broken that arm if he didn’t.

Roy Hardy: With the way he was wrenching on that arm? I wouldn’t doubt it. Tiberius looked impressive at times but Edwards was just that much more better, on this night and he got the win.

Tag Team Match
Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Shock & Awe

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(The lights dim and a green spotlight shines on the entrance way, while green lights flicker through the arena. "Absolute Power" by Tech N9ne starts to play, and Amp walks out with his arms raised.)

Randall Jobbs: From Sedalia, Missouri, weighing in at 195 pounds… Jay Wilson!

(He turns in a circle as pyro goes off at the entranceway which is almost deafening. He slowly walks down to the ring as the fans boo him. He then gets in the ring and stares at the fans, occasionally giving them a piece of his mind.)

Randall Jobbs: And his partner…

("Deadman's Hand" by Serg Salinas and Dale Oliver
Entrance: The arena lights dim in Bally's Hotel and Casino.


"It's Time For You All To Get Up And Embrace Greatness..."

The fans start to rant and rave as "Deadman's Hand" begins to play.

"The Time Is Now..."

Jay Wilson walks out from the back as the spotlight shines on the entrance. Jay comes out and stares out into the arena while he stands still at the top of the stage.)

Randall Jobbs: From Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 222 pounds… Jay Wilson!

(Jay embraces the heat coming from the crowd, Jay makes his way down the aisle as the crowds abrupt in boos him as walks towards the ring. Ss Wilson get's into some of the fans faces. The fans chant some more obscene language. Jay continue around the ring as he embraces some more fans in the front row cussing at him. Jay then run and leaps onto the apron, then he stands and leaps over the top rope into the ring. Jay goes to the middle of the ropes on the far side and raises his fist and points to his fans watching him in the crowd. The music fades, then Jay Wilson prepares for the match by stretching, as he awaits for the opponents.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponents…

("Revolution" begins playing as blue and red lights kick on and begin spinning around, illuminating different areas of the crowd. Dynamite steps out onto the ramp, with a large red light shining up from beneath him. Marcus Cage comes out spinning around, with his arms outstretched as a blue light illuminated him. Dynamite stopped in the center of the stage, and watched as Marcus ran back and forth in front of him, going from one side of the stage, to the other, pointing out at the crowd as he does so. When Marcus makes it to the center, with Dynamite, they both high five, which turns into a double fist bump.)

Randall Jobbs: At a combined weight of 450 pounds… Marcus Cage, Dynamite… Shock & Awe!

(They begin making their way to the ring, with Marcus really playing up to the crowd. He grabs a young girls camera, and turns it around so he gets a picture of him with the crowd, and hands it back to her. Dynamite is on the other side of the ramp, shaking hands with the fans. They stop at the bottom of the ramp, and nod to each other before rushing forward, and sliding in the ring. Marcus runs to the turnbuckle, and hops up to the second rope, before throwing his hands up. Dynamite does so on the opposite turnbuckle, and the two of them continue pumping up the crowd, before they go to their corner.)

Roy Hardy: Time for some tag team action! And this one promises to be a good one, folks.

(Amp starts the match off with Marcus Cage. They lock up and almost instantly, Amp backs Cage up into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break and both do so but Amp is quick to strike, hitting Marcus with a quick jab to the midsection. He hits him with a few knife edge chops before attempting to send him into the opposite corner but Marcus reverses it. Instead of hitting the corner, Amp jumps up onto the 2nd rope and he sees Marcus coming in at him so he attempts to springboard over Marcus’ head but Marcus stops short, causing Amp to land in front of Cage. Amp turns around and Marcus lays into him with a big chop to the chest. Amp, holding onto his chest, turns around and is hit with a big forearm shot from Cage. Marcus grabs Amp and attempts to shoot him off into the ropes but Amp reverses it. Amp goes for a backdrop but Marcus leaps over Amp with a sunset flip pin attempt …)


(Both men rush to their feet and grabs Amp and sends him into the corner. Marcus then proceeds to hit him with several knife edge chops.)

Roy Hardy: Cage is really staying right on Amp, here in the early going of this match.

Jesse Watson: I’d say so. He’s hitting those chops and turning Amp’s chest a bright shade of red.

(Marcus then goes to send Amp into the opposite corner but Amp reverses it. Amp charges in, looking to drive his shoulder into the midsection of Marcus but Marcus leaps up and over Amp, pulling him down into another sunset flip pin attempt ..)


Roy Hardy: Marcus Cage, catching Amp off guard with that sunset flip again but still not enough.

(Both men get to their feet and Amp runs at Marcus but Marcus side steps him and catches Amp with a drop toe hold. Cage then grabs Amp in an arm bar. Amp, quickly begins to work his way up to his feet but Marcus holds on to the arm and begins to twist it, putting more discomfort and pressure onto it. Marcus drags Amp to the corner and tags Dynamite into the match and Dynamite climbs up to the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: Oh boy, what is he doing? Dynamite is not a top rope guy.

Jesse Watson: This idiot is going to be lucky if he doesn’t fall and break his neck.

(Dynamite jumps off, landing an ax handle smash to the arm and shoulder of Amp, that Marcus had been twisting. Amp, trying to get away, walks over to one of the neutral corners of the ring but Dynamite stays right on him. He hits Amp with several right hand shots before sending Amp into the opposite corner. Dynamite charges in and connects with a corner clothesline on Amp. Amp staggers out of the corner and Dynamite picks up and plants him into the mat with a sidewalk slam.)

Roy Hardy: Shock & Awe are on a roll right now.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, Amp better tag out or get something going. Anything.

(Dynamite hooks the leg for a pin …)


(After the pin attempt, Dynamite brings Amp to his feet and Amp, out of nowhere, nails him with a European uppercut, sending Dynamite staggering back a few steps. Amp then uses the opportunity to tag in Jay Wilson.)

Roy Hardy: Fresh man in the ring!

Jesse Watson: That’s exactly what he needed to do.

(Jay gets in and hit’s a flurry of quick kicks and forearm shots to Dynamite, using his quickness to his advantage. Jay grabs Dynamite and sends him into the corner but as he connects, Dynamite bounces out of the corner and explodes on Wilson with a big clothesline. Wilson gets back to his feet and Dynamite hit’s a kick to the gut and then lifts him and brings him down with a vertical suplex. Dynamite then hit’s the ropes and drops a knee to the temple of Jay.)

Roy Hardy: Jay isn’t having much luck against Dynamite here, either.

Jesse Watson: Shock & Awe seem well prepared. Which is surprising with these two bone heads.

Roy Hardy: They may be goofy at times but they’ve been a tag team for a long time. And they’ve been very successful together.

(Dynamite gets up and tags in Marcus. As Jay is getting to his feet, Marcus grabs him and slams him face first into the top turnbuckle. Marcus goes to send Jay into the other corner but Jay reverses it. Jay charges in at him but Marcus gets a boot up into the face of Wilson, stopping him. Marcus staggers over and tags in Dynamite. Dynamite comes in and goes at Jay but Jay is first to strike, hitting a knee lift to the midsection. He pushes Dynamite into the corner where Amp is and makes the tag. Amp gets into the ring and sends Dynamite off into the ropes. Amp drops to the ground, forcing Dynamite to jump over him and as he does, Jay nails him with a dropkick.)

Jesse Watson: Nice double team move by Amp and Jay.

Roy Hardy: Lets see if it’s the opening they need to get back into this match.

(Amp goes for the pin attempt ..)


(Amp begins to get Dynamite up and Dynamite hits him with a chop to the chest. Amp comes back with one of his own. Dynamite then nails him with a forearm and Amp counters back with his own. Dynamite lands a right hand punch to the mouth and Amp gives one right back to him. Dynamite hit’s a head butt, staggering Amp back a few steps and gains the advantage. Dynamite grabs him and sends him into the ropes. As Amp comes off the ropes, Dynamite starts to get him up for a military press but Amp slides out of his hands and lands behind Dynamite. Amp grabs Dynamite and plants him with bridging German suplex …)


Roy Hardy: Great German suplex by Amp, who is a fantastic technical wrestler.

Jesse Watson: Both he and Jay are great technical wrestlers. We haven’t seen a lot of it yet because it’s been all Shock & Awe but I think we’re going to see it soon.

(Amp gets Dynamite to his feet and tags Jay back into the match. Amp holds up the arm of Dynamite and Jay lands a spin kick to the exposed ribs. As Dynamite is hunched over holding his ribs, Wilson then hits some quick kicks to the thigh of Dynamite, trying to break him down to size. Dynamite, trying to get away, gets into a neutral corner but of course Wilson follows him in. Jay hits him with a few forearm shots before running back to the center ring, charging back towards him and then connects with forearm smash.)

Roy Hardy: Jay really has Dynamite on the rocks here, now.

(Jay goes over and tags in Amp.)

Jesse Watson: Good strategy here by Amp and Gil to get the quick tags, keeping each other fresh.

(Amp gets into the ring and lands several knee shots to the lower back of Dynamite, as he’s sitting up. Amp drags him up and attempts to send him into the corner but Dynamite reverses it. Dynamite charges in at Amp but Amp gets his knees up into the face of Dynamite, stopping him. Amp jumps up onto the 2nd rope and as Dynamite turns around, he jumps off going for an ax handle smash but Dynamite delivers a kick to the stomach and then plants him with DDT, leaving both men down.)

Roy Hardy: Great counter by Dynamite, who say it coming!

(Dynamite is able to roll over and get the tag to Marcus Cage. Cage gets in, just as Amp is getting to his feet. Cage hit’s a running clothesline, taking Amp down. Amp gets up and Marcus grabs him and attempts to send him off into the ropes but Amp reverses it. As Marcus comes off the ropes, he hits Amp with a crossbody. Marcus hooks the leg for a pin …)


(Both men get to their feet and Amp swings at him but Cage ducks it and hits Amp with an inverted atomic drop. He then drills him with a pele kick, dropping Amp. Marcus goes over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. He leaps off, connecting with a moonsault. He hooks the leg …)

Kickout at 2 ½!

Roy Hardy: Marcus Cage is on fire but Amp is still able to kick out after the moonsault!

Jesse Watson: They are a team that won’t go down easy, Roy.

(Marcus Cage looks to be setting up for “Caged Lightning“, when out of nowhere, Jay Wilson comes flying off the top, nailing Marcus in the back of the head with missile dropkick.)

Jesse Watson: Great save by Jay!

(Amp crawls over and hooks the leg of Cage …)

Kickout at 2 ½!

(Amp gets up and instantly locks Marcus into “Electric Pain”, trying to get Cage to tap out.)

Roy Hardy: Man, Amp has got that hold locked in solid!

Jesse Watson: Marcus better do something or he’s going to tap out.

(Amp lets the hold go, and then locks him in a Boston crab, dragging Marcus over to his corner. He tags in Jay, who comes in and lands a leg drop across the back of Marcus’ head. Amp lets go of the legs and exit’s the ring. Jay pulls Marcus to his feet, lifting him up and bringing him down with a knee breaker. Jay then goes for the pin..)


Roy Hardy: It looks like Jay and Amp are now going to work on the leg of Marcus.

Jesse Watson: And this is smart. One of Marcus’ best weapons is his speed.

(Wilson gets Marcus to his feet and hits him with a few forearm shots. Jay swings at him but Marcus ducks it. Cage lifts him up going for a back suplex but Jay pulls his momentum forward, reversing it into a bulldog. Jay goes for the pin once again ..)


(Wilson gets to his feet and tags Amp back into the match. Amp backs into the opposite side of the ring as Marcus and when Marcus is up, Amp runs and nails him with a knee strike to the side of the head. Marcus is dazed and on his feet and Amp rolls him up with a school boy …)

Kickout at 2 ½!

(Amp grabs the bad leg of Marcus, lifts it up and then slams the knee down into the mat. Amp then goes over and tags Jay.)

Roy Hardy: This strategy has worked to perfection for Amp and Jay. These quick tags in and out, allowing the other member to get a small breath and break before tagging them back in.

Jesse Watson: They are a well oiled machine, as a team. I love it!

(Cage is getting to his feet but he’s holding on to that damaged knee as he does, when Jay lands a kick to the back of the bad leg, sending Marcus right back down. Jay then drives his knee, into the inside part of Marcus’. Wilson then runs and springboards off the middle rope, with a springboard moonsault but Marcus gets his knees up into his stomach. Marcus grabs his bad knee, as the weight of Wilson obviously had it’s effect on him as well.)

Roy Hardy: Jay usually doesn’t go for the high flying stuff and Marcus was able to reverse it!

Jesse Watson: But he had a lot of weight coming down on that knee so I’m not sure he can capitalize!

(Both men are fighting to their feet but Marcus is able to hobble over to his corner and make the tag.)

Roy Hardy: Here comes Dynamite!

(As Wilson gets to his feet, he’s run right down by Dynamite who nails him with a clothesline. Jay gets back up and is once again mowed down with a clothesline. Dynamite grabs Wilson as he gets up again and sends him into the ropes. As Jay comes off of them, Dynamite catches him with a Samoan drop. Dynamite slaps his chest and lets out a yell, pumping himself and the crowd.)

Roy Hardy: Dynamite is on fire!

Jesse Watson: This is not what Amp and Jay needed!

(Dynamite starts to get Wilson up but Jay trips him down and then floats over into a jacknife pin …)


Roy Hardy: Oh man that was close!

Jesse Watson: No kidding! I thought it was over!

(Both men scramble to their feet and Jay tags in Amp. He comes running in at Dynamite who catches him with a spine buster. Jay starts to get back into the ring but Marcus runs and spears Amp off of the ring apron, sending both of them crashing to the floor outside. As Amp gets back to his feet, Dynamite hits him with the “TNT” and makes the pin.)


Randall Jobbs: Winners of this match, via pinfall at the 14:51 mark… Dynamite and Marcus Cage… Shock & Awe!!!

Roy Hardy: Fantastic tag team action in that match!

Jesse Watson: It really was. And it just proved why I love tag team wrestling. So much back and forth fighting. It was great.

Roy Hardy: It really was. Amp and Jay Wilson brought the fight to Shock & Awe but in the end, it was Marcus and Dynamite who were able to score the win.

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:09 am

Universal Wrestling Federation -

Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

('Violet Skies' by In This Moment hits and the first few opening lines echo throughout the arena as the purple and blue lights focus on the stage. Teagan Cavenagh appears on stage, leaning forward and blowing a kiss to the fans before she stands up and lifts a hand up, waving.)

Randall Jobbs: From Brisbane, Australia, weighing in at 125 pounds… Representing the UWF… Teagan Cavenagh!!

(She proceeds to making her way down the ramp, hitting her hands with those of the fans in the front row before reaching the ring. She sits on the ring apron and swings her legs up onto the apron as well. She rolls underneath the bottom rope and springs to her feet. She centers herself in the ring, blowing a kiss to the fans again as the music fades out.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent…

(Sixteen men and women dressed up as all kinds of different television characters come out from the back stage area as “Break Away” by CFO$ hits the speakers. Mel’s Mascots are dressed in all kinds of different outfits from Darth Vader, to Spongebob, to the Ninja Turtles. The costumed mascots all start to dance down the aisle as “Break Away” continues to play, with the crowd singing and dancing along. The mascots break off, eight to the lift, eight to the right and stand in a line down opposite sides of the ramp leaving a gap down the middle. As the crowd continue to sing and dance in their seats Melissa appears from the backstage area, dancing and singing along too.)

Randall Jobbs: From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 115 pounds.. Also representing the UWF… Melissa!

(Melissa dances down the ramp in the gap left by the mascots, as she gets ahead of the sixteen mascots Melissa throws up rock hands and in unison the sixteen mascots form a line behind her. Melissa leads the way as her mascots do a conga like dance towards the ring, as they get there Melissa hops up on to the apron as the mascots line up around the ring. The mascot directly behind Mel pulls her down off the apron, Mel crosses her arms as the mascots surfboard down the line to the next side of the ring to which the final mascot pushes Melissa back up so she’s standing on the apron. Melissa runs to the left and jumps over the top rope, landing on the second turnbuckle, she throws her rock hands up once more before jumping down.)

Roy Hardy: They’re tag team partners. They’re best friends. They’re girlfriends. This is going to be very interesting.

(The bell rings and the two of them tie up and Melissa backs Teagan into the corner. Melissa breaks it, backing out of the corner and Teagan comes out as well. Melissa then comes charging at Teagan but she side steps her, catching her with a drop toe hold. Teagan then floats over, grabbing Melissa in a side headlock. Melissa fights back to her feet, slipping out of Teagan’s hold and grabbing her into a wrist lock. Teagan then pulls her in and then takes her to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Teagan goes for the quick pin.)


Roy Hardy: Teagan looking for the early pinfall but still not nearly enough.

Jesse Watson: Can I just say how much I love Josh Duncan for making this match happen? My heart hasn’t stopped pounding since these two have come out.

Roy Hardy: Settle down. We don’t need you having a stroke and needing to call an ambulance to haul you off. We still have more action to call.

(They both get up and Teagan goes for a clothesline but Melissa blocks it. Melissa then comes back with some forearm shots. Teagan tries to fight back, swinging at her but Melissa ducks under the arm, hit’s a kick to the midsection and then plants Teagan with a swinging neck breaker. Melissa then makes a quick pin attempt.)


Roy Hardy: These two know each other so well. They’re tag team partners. They’re best friends, as we’ve noted. They are going to have to pull out some moves that the other doesn’t know because they couldn’t scout.

Jesse Watson: That’s the problem with facing friends. They know what you’ve got in your bag of tricks. So you really have to push yourself to win a match like this.

(Melissa goes to get Teagan up and Teagan hits her with a back elbow to the mouth. Teagan then hit’s the ropes but as she comes off of them, Melissa catches her with a boot to the stomach before taking her to the mat with a snapmere. Melissa then hit’s the ropes and catches Teagan with a low dropkick to the face. Teagan crawls to the corner, using the ropes to get herself to her feet. Melissa charges in, looking to drive her shoulder into Teagan’s midsection but she moves and Melissa almost crashes chest-first into the turnbuckles. Teagan comes in after Melissa but Melissa catches her with a mule kick to the stomach, sending her staggering backwards. Melissa charges in for a clothesline but Teagan ducks it. She then lifts Melissa up on her shoulders, in an electric chair position, before bringing her down forward, instead of backwards, hitting with a sit out inverted face crusher. Teagan rolls her over for a pin.)


Roy Hardy: I thought that might have been it, already. Melissa hit the mat HARD, face first.

Jesse Watson: Boy did she ever. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have effected her looks. So it’s okay.

Roy Hardy: Are you even paying attention to the match?

Jesse Watson: Of course I am! I can’t stop looking at them.. I mean it!

Roy Hardy: Right…

(Teagan gets Melissa up and attempts to send her into the ropes but Melissa reverses it. As Teagan comes off the ropes, Melissa goes for a clothesline but Teagan ducks it. Teagan hit’s the ropes again and as comes off of them this time, she hits Melissa with a spinning heal kick. She goes for the pin.)


(Teagan starts to get Melissa up but Melissa grabs her with a small package pin…)


Roy Hardy: Melissa ALMOST caught her off guard with that, for the win!

Jesse Watson: Teagan definitely didn’t seem to see that one coming.

(As they both get to their feet, Melissa comes in at Teagan but Teagan catches her with a standing dropkick. Teagan starts to get Melissa back up but Melissa lunges forward, driving her shoulder into the midsection. Melissa grabs Teagan and attempts to send her into the corner but Teagan reverses it. Melissa charges in but Teagan moves out of the way in time and Melissa crashes into the corner, chest-first. Teagan goes out to the ring apron and looks like she’s going to springboard in, as Melissa staggers out of the corner. But Melissa lunges forward, catching Teagan with a forearm as she goes to springboard in. Melissa then grabs her and vertical suplexes her back into the ring.)

Roy Hardy: Great display of some strength by Melissa, there!

Jesse Watson: That was definitely impressive.

(Teagan gets back to her feet and Melissa charges in, connecting with a clothesline. As she gets up, Teagan charges again and Melissa catches her with another clothesline. Teagan gets to her feet and Melissa grabs her to send her into the ropes but Teagan reverses it. As Melissa comes off the ropes though, she leaps up and catches Teagan with a hurricanrana.)

Roy Hardy: Melissa is on fire right now!

Jesse Watson: On fire.. When saying someone is hot just doesn’t cover it!

Roy Hardy: I meant she had the momentum going in her favor…

Jesse Watson: Oh… Well… Me too?

Roy Hardy: Ugh.

(Teagan staggers up to her feet and Melissa grabs her and sends her off into the corner. Melissa charges in and Teagan gets a foot up into Melissa’s mouth, sending her backwards. Teagan jumped up onto the second rope and as Melissa turned around, Teagan leaped off, going for an ax handle smash but Melissa caught her with a Superkick, as she was coming down. Melissa goes for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: Melissa ALMOST had it, catching Teagan with that Superkick out of nowhere!

Jesse Watson: I honestly thought that was it, right there! She caught her HARD in the mouth with that kick!

(Melissa gets Teagan up to her feet, setting her up for a DDT. But Teagan spins out of it and delivers a kick to the midsection before planting Melissa into the mat with a spinning face buster. Teagan then makes the pin…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

(Melissa brings Teagan to her feet and Teagan fights back with some forearm shots to the mouth. She goes to land a kick to the midsection but Melissa catches the foot and takes Teagan down with a dragon screw. Melissa grabs a hold of the leg and then locks Teagan into a figure four leg lock.)

Roy Hardy: Figure Four is locked in! Teagan is in some serious trouble, here!

Jesse Watson: That’s a hell of a move and Melissa has got it applied perfectly.

(Teagan looks like she’s going to tap out, several times but she is able to wiggler herself close enough to the ropes and she grabs the bottom one, forcing Melissa to break the submission.)

Roy Hardy: Good ring awareness there by Teagan, to know where she is and to get to the ropes in time.

(As Teagan gets to her feet, Melissa charges in at her but Teagan ducks down and back drops Melissa over the top rope and to the floor, outside the ring. Melissa makes her way back to her feet and Teagan runs hit’s a suicide dive, through the ropes and taking Melissa out.)

Roy Hardy: Teagan going to the air!

Jesse Watson: At this point in the match, I’m a little surprised she’s going for something so high risk.

Roy Hardy: It’s certainly a gamble but it paid off this time.

(Teagan gets Melissa up and rolls her into the ring. As Teagan jumps up onto the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope. Melissa gets to her feet and rushes up to meet her, landing several forearms to the mouth, before grabbing Teagan and bringing her down with a superplex.)

Roy Hardy: Superplex from the top rope! And now both women are down!

Jesse Watson: Look at what these two are doing to each other! Can you imagine if they weren’t friends, what they’d be doing!?

Roy Hardy: They are laying it all on the line to get the victory tonight. What an incredible match up.

(Both women fight back to their feet, at about the same time and Teagan swings at Melissa with a clothesline but Melissa ducks it. As Teagan turns around, Melissa hits her with another Superkick. She then falls down for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: Melissa was less than an inch away from winning this thing!

Jesse Watson: I’m glad it’s not over! I could watch these two all night long!

(Melissa gets Teagan up and on her shoulders, in an electric chair position but Teagan slides off, spinning around and bringing Melissa over with a sunset flip pin attempt..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!!

(They get up, Teagan swings at Melissa but Melissa ducks the arm and then brings Teagan over with a backslide pin…)


(They both rush to their feet again and Melissa strikes first, landing a kick to the stomach. She then sets up for the “Melissattack” but Teagan spins out of it, lands a kick to the midsection and then plants Melissa into the mat with the “Violet Skies.” Teagan holds her there for the pin.)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of the match via pinfall, at the 19:21 mark of the match… Teagan Cavenagh!!!

The match is over, Melissa and the UWF Overload! Champion Teagan Cavenagh both pull themselves up to their feet, looking at each other and smiling. Teagan has won the match but it is clear that there is no hard feelings between the two of them

Jesse Watson: These two girlfriends just faced each other for the first time and Teagan is your winner!

Roy Hardy: I really do hope Melissa isn’t mad about that, if she is there may be tension in their Tag Team title match tomorrow night

Teagan and Melissa both stagger to the center of the ring and hug. Suddenly two big, face painted men jump the barricade, unbeknownst to both members of T.M.I.

Roy Hardy: Hey, who are these guys?!

Jesse Watson: Hey! They’re the former UWF Tag Team Champions, Ace and Chase Anderson, The Illuminati! They were fired from there about two weeks ago

Ace and Chase Anderson slide in to the ring, Ace jumps Teagan from behind as Chase jumps Melissa. Chase quickly spins Melissa around and lifts her before dropping her with a nasty spine buster while Ace drops Teagan with a DDT

Roy Hardy: Come on now, these two just went through a match!

Jesse Watson: Why are they even here?

The Illuminati stand over the broken bodies of T.M.I., Chase circles, getting the odd kick in if any of the girls try to move as Ace gets a microphone from ringside, he too starts circling the girls as he speaks

Ace Anderson: The UWF can fire us but it wont stop us, we are still the rightful Tag Team Champions and if these two little whores who lay in the ring like the trash that they are think they’re going to get a shot at The Asylum before us, well we just proved that they’re mistaken. We’ll invade PWP ten times over to stop these two if we have to and there isn’t anything they can do about it!

Ace drops the mic and leaves along with Chase, leaving Teagan and Melissa hurt inside of the ring.

Jesse Watson: I get the feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing these two guys.

Roy Hardy: I don’t know what the hell that was all about but can we get some help out here for these ladies?

(Out in the arena the fans found themselves excited and preparing themselves for the next bit of action that was set to take place. However they were about to get a special treat. All of the sudden "Survival" by Eminem began to play over the arena's speakers. There was originally confusion among everyone in the arena. Fans were caught off guard but it was at that moment the curtain was pushed aside and stepping out onto the stage at that moment was none other than CALVIN HARRIS which instantly set the crowd off into frenzy of cheers. They were about as loud as they could get and Calvin found himself standing there on the stage looking around the arena with a huge smile spread across his very lips nodding his head showing acknowledgment to the fans.)

Roy Hardy: Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?!

Jesse Watson: Calvin Harris... The Highlight of the Night ... YES! He is in PWP!

Roy Hardy: ... I'm actually speechless right now!

(By this point Calvin had began to make his way down the ramp. He was making his way from side to side slapping hands with the fans until he had finally made it to the ring side area. In which point he turned and made his way to the ring steps. Giving them a quick little jog up and then walked across the ring apron to the center. He stopped looking around at all the cheering fans before finally swinging his leg over the middle rope and then swinging himself into the ring. It didn't take long for him to begin calling for a microphone. Walking across the ring to have one handed to him. Once the microphone was placed in the hands of Calvin. His music died out instantly but the crowd was as loud as ever getting themselves going with a "CALVIN... CALVIN... CALVIN!" chant. Once again Calvin acknowledged the crowd with a smile and a head nod. He walked to the center of the ring and found himself just standing there for a moment taking it all in. Before finally bringing the microphone up to his own lips to speak.)

C A L V I N ?? H A R R I S
the highlight of the night
I'd take it people are surprised to see me ... anywhere that isn't World Elite Wrestling eh?

(As many would have imagined there was a massive pop from the crowd in attendance. Calvin simply smirked a bit, but clearly had more to say than just that.)

C A L V I N ?? H A R R I S
the highlight of the night
Well, to be quite honest with you folks. I love my home and I love being part of such a great company, but I also love professional wrestling as a whole. It is something that has been in my blood since day one. Having a father and an uncle both in the business. Both made their mark. Both could be viewed as legends, and seeing as I am carrying on a legacy - second generation superstar and all. I made a couple of phone calls. Got the proper clearance from those that I needed to get it from and then called up the man in charge here at Pro Wrestling Project!

(That was enough to get the crowd to cheering a little louder going to a different level than what they were at. Of course it meant that he was about to be involved in some capacity or the other with the company. In what capacity was still the question at large.)

C A L V I N ?? H A R R I S
the highlight of the night
Now I know that this might be a little disappointing to those in attendance tonight, but I will not be competing here tonight - which is something that most of you already knew about to begin with seeing as the card was made official well before tonight, haha. But just to be clear, I won't be competing in the ring at all tonight. But I did come here for a reason and I did come here with an announcement. After speaking with Mr. Duncan and making sure the dates were right. I am pleased to announce that next month at PWP's One Year Anniversary Show. Yours truly - The Highlight of the Night will be competing!

(The original reaction had the crowd a bit in the dumps when he made it clear he wouldn't be competing tonight. But the crowd picked right back up where they had left off with their cheers when it was made clear he would be competing for them - in just one month's time at a pretty historic event none the less for PWP. Calvin brought the microphone right back to his lips and looked out at the crowd.)

C A L V I N ?? H A R R I S
the highlight of the night
At this point I don't know who I am going to be in the ring with. I'm not sure if I'll be in the opening of the show. I'm not sure if I'll be in the main event. I don't know if I'll be competing for a championship or just competing just for the sake of competing. Every last detail is up in the air as far as that is concerned and chances are. I'm not going to find out until you find out. But there is one thing that I do know and there is one thing that I can assure you people of...

(Right there was a bit of a cliff hanger. Calvin lowering the microphone and looking out at the crowd realizing he had them all on the edge of their seats. Realizing he had them all right where he wanted them. At that point he lifted the microphone right back up to let his final words and his final message come pouring out of his mouth.)

C A L V I N ?? H A R R I S
the highlight of the night
In one month's time when I do come back here. When I do step between these ropes and when I do compete against whomever it is I am competing against. I promise you all that I will be ... THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

(That being said Calvin dropped the microphone and let it hit the ring with a loud "THUD" just as the crowd began to react in the way that everyone expected them to. More cheers and an even louder chant for the young superstar. Calvin just smiled giving the crowd a small wave before turning to the ropes and quickly climbing out of the ring dropping down to the floor below.)

Jesse Watson: Did you hear that Roy?!

Roy Hardy: I'm not exactly deaf ya know?! Of course I heard it and that's huge news! One of the biggest and most ELITE wrestlers in the world - every pun intended by the way - is coming to PWP!

Jesse Watson: As great as tonight has been... I actually can't wait till the one year anniversary show next month! This is such a huge deal and I've seen this kid wrestle. He truly lives up to his nickname, for sure!

Roy Hardy: Guess we'll see just what happens when Calvin steps out of the comfort zone of his home and into these ring ropes. Might just be a whole new ball game!

(Cameras had cut back over to Calvin who had made his way to the top of the ramp with his theme song playing once again. Making it to the top of the ramp and turning himself around to look at the arena full of fans. He raised his arms up into the air taunting the crowd a little more with a smirk on his face. They kept their loud cheering reaction the same as it had been since he originally stepped out through that curtain. About that time Calvin lowered his arms, turned right back around, and walked off the stage heading back into the back leaving the entire crowd wanting more live action from PWP.)

Virtual Wrestling -

Chris Crimson vs. Brett Starr

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first—from Los Angeles, CA, weighing in at 220 lbs…BRET STARR!

(The opening of "Winner" begins to play and the crowd immediately starts to boo. Nicole Starr skips out from behind the curtain with a smile on her face and there is a slight pop through the jeers but she ignores them as she turns back towards the curtain.)

Roy Hardy: This is a big match up Jesse. Recently, Bret announced that he will be hanging up his wrestling boots fairly soon. If I’m not mistaken, this will be one of his last matches.

Jesse Watson: No doubt he will be looking to walk away with this one then.

Ay, Jamie, JT
It bout time to get back hot again man
You know I'm fresh out that thang, let's go
You know you lookin' at a winner
You know I'm so up there
You so out there, you so not here
You see we so up there and we so out there.~~

As the song starts proper Brett Starr walks out from behind the curtain with a smirk on his face. Starr is wearing a cutoff sleeveless hot pink Brett Starr t-shirt over his gear. He runs his fingers through his slicked back hair and flicks it towards the audience...drawing even more boos.

Nicole is Starr struck as Brett turns his back to the ring and gyrates his hips to the music before turning around and taking her hand. The pair walk towards the ring as the boos continue to reign down.

~~Aaah Ah
Hold up I ain't finished yet
On the top but you just don't get it yet
I don't get cut
I make them cut the check
Can't hear me in the stands
Let me say it again
Aaah Ah
You ain't heard I'm the shit
On the top but you just don't get it yet
I never got cut but I make them cut the check
So hate on but guess what~~

A fan leans over the rail and yells directly at Starr's face but Starr just smirks before walking off.

~~I feel like I can't miss
I know they want me to fall
But ain't nothin' bigger than this
So just pass me the ball
You know you looking at a
Winner, winner, winner
I can't miss, can't lose, can't miss
You know you looking at a
Winner, winner, winner
Cause I'm a winner
Yeah I'm a winner~~

The Starrs get to the ring and Starr jumps up on the apron and climbs into the ring with a huge smirk on his face and his arms outstretched to egg on even more loud boos. Starr climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms high in the air as the crowd jeers him loudly. Brett takes his t-shirt off and tosses it to his girlfriend as he focuses on preparing for the match.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent—hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, weighing in at 229 lbs…CHRIS CRIMSON!

(The faint sounds of "Every Lie" by My Darkest Days slams the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet, with only a few jeers generating from the back of the building. The entire ring turns red, with smoke filling up the black curtains to the delight of the fans. The subtle white strobe light flashed over the concrete aisle, as the black boots of Chris Crimson stepped out through the smoke, the visuals hiding the figure of Chris Crimson. The smoke would instantly be engulfed with the color red, while it poured out from the curtains. With a brief pause, the black outline of Crimson was seen from the small light show on the entrance aisle. One boot tapped against the concrete in unison with the catchy entrance music, just before the man broke through the smoke to show his face to the hail of boos that rained down. Chris Crimson kept a relaxed expression on his face, as water dripped from his long locks of hair. With a steady approach to the ring, Crimson made his way onto the apron by climbing up using the ropes for leverage. Quickly turning around to embrace the fans who seemed to dislike him, Crimson almost showed a tiny flash of a grin. Stepping through the ropes, Your Favorite Shade of Red would make no movements to taunt or acknowledge the audience whatsoever. With a slow nod of his head to his music, the theme would die out slowly as the lights in the entire building returned to normal. The ref calls for the bell.)

Roy Hardy: Here we go!

(Starr and Crimson meet in the center of the ring. The two stare each other down for a little bit before both begin to jaw-jack. After a while, it’s clear that Starr has had enough. Starr strikes Crimson with a stiff forearm to the face. The shot rattles Crimson a bit; but he composes himself, and smirk creeps across his face. Crimson responds by slapping Starr across the face.
Starr fires back with a series of forearms strikes; he then grabs Crimson and whips him into the ropes. Before he can rebound, Starr charges in looking to hit him with something major. However, Crimson hangs on top the ropes; he pulls the tope rope down creating a low bridge. Starr’s momentum carries over the ropes, and he lands on the floor.)

Roy Hardy: Crimson is looking to take control here.

Jesse Watson: Starr hit the floor pretty hard; I hope he isn’t hurt or anything. That would change the dynamic of this match for sure.

(Crimson rolls to the outside and picks up Starr. Quickly, he whips him into the guard-rail; Starr crumbles to the ground. Crimson doesn’t let up his attack. He walks over and begins to stomp a mud-hole in Starr. After a number of well-placed boots, Crimson picks him up and drags him towards the ring; he slams Starr’s head on the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. Crimson covers Starr.)



(Starr kicks out of the pin. Crimson gets Starr to his feet and kicks him the gut before whipping him ropes. Crimson bends down a bit, locking for a body drop. Starr recognizes his movements; he rebounds off the ropes and catches Crimson with a kick to the face.)

Roy Hardy: That was a stiff one!

Jesse Watson: Bret might have shifted the momentum in his favor.

(Crimson takes a few steps back; he then charges at Starr. Starr easily leaps over Crimson; as he rebounds off the ropes Crimson gets hit with a picture perfect dropkick from Starr. Starr quickly gets Crimson to his feet. Starr lifts him up, and drops him down with a vertical suplex; Starr floats over and goes for the pin.)


(Crimson quickly kicks out. Both wrestlers get to their feet. Starr goes after Crimson and puts on a sleeper hold.)

Roy Hardy: Bret is looking to end this one pretty early.
Jesse Watson: Indeed! But, it doesn’t look like he has that hold locked in very tightly.

(Realizing that he might be in trouble, Crimson quickly tosses Starr off. Before Starr can get to his feet, he gets hit with a stiff kick to the face that rocks him. Crimson sizes Starr up and then hits him with a single-leg dropkick. Crimson drags Starr closer to the center of the ring before picking him up. He yokes Starr up and then drops him to the mat with a butterfly suplex. He then grabs Starr and puts on a chin lock.)

Roy Hardy: Chris is stretching Bret out.

Jesse Watson: I’m glad I’m not in there.

(Crimson wretches back on the hold. The referee comes over and asks Starr if he wants to quit; Starr screams out “No!” Starr begins to pull on Crimson’s right arm; after using effort force, he is able to break Crimson’s hold. Starr hits Crimson with a heavy back-elbow; Crimson stumbles back a bit as Starr makes it to his feet.  He charges at Crimson and knocks him down with a big clothesline. Crimson gets to his feet and eats another clothesline; he then rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Starr hits the ropes and rebounds; he leaps into the air and the soles of his boots land on the top rope. He flies off the ropes and catches Crimson off guard with a spaceman plancha. Starr gets to his feet as the fans go crazy.)

Roy Hardy: I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life!

Jesse Watson: Bret is pulling out all the stops tonight!

(Starr rolls Crimson into the ring and goes for the cover.)



(Crimson is able to get his shoulder up. Both wrestlers get to their feet. Crimson gets whipped into the corner; Starr comes in and hits with a corner clothesline. He then climbs to the middle rope and begins to rain down punches.)











(Starr then leans back and monkey-flips Crimson. Fortunately for Crimson, he is able to land on his feet. Before Starr can turn around he gets popped with a supkerkick to the back of the head. Crimson rushes in, grabs Starr by the arms, and powers him down with a tiger suplex. He maintains the hold, bridges up, and goes for the pin.)




Roy Hardy: Chris could have it here!

Jesse Watson: Can he do it!?

(Starr kicks out at the last moment; but Crimson maintains the hold. Crimson rolls Starr onto his stomach and then picks him up. Crimson raises Starr’s arms up and the drops him hard to the mat with a release dragon suplex. He goes for the pin once again.)




(Starr is able to get his shoulder up.)

Roy Hardy: Another near-fall for Chris; but Bret is able to stay alive.

Jesse Watson: Bret is going to have to dig deep to turn this match around and win.

(Crimson picks Starr up and whips him into the corner; he comes in and hits Starr with a corner splash. Starr wobbles out of the corner as Crimson climbs to the middle rope; he then leaps off and powers Starr to the mat with bulldog. Quickly, Crimson attempts to put on the “Red Flag,” but he didn’t realize how close to the ropes he was; Starr quickly gets a boot on the ropes, forcing Crimson to break the hold. Both wrestlers get to their feet. Crimson goes to grab Starr, but he pushes Crimson away. Crimson rushes in, but he gets hit with a sole-butt from Starr. Starr then runs and powers him down with running swinging neckbreaker. Instead of going for the pin, Starr drags Crimson over to the corner; he then begins to climb to the top rope. Crimson pops up, leaps into the air, and hits Starr with a palm thrust to the chin. This strike causes Starr to get caught up on the ropes. Crimson climbs the ropes and grabs Starr by the neck, attempting to superplex him. But, Starr fights back. Starr catches him with a few punches to the stomach before forcefully shoving Crimson to mat. Crimson’s back smacks the mat hard; he rolls onto his stomach. As Crimson slowly makes his way to his feet, Starr finds his footing on the top rope. After finding his footing, Starr jumps off the top rope. He grabs Crimson in mid-air and drives him down to the mat with the “Starr-Lite.” Both wrestlers hit the mat pretty hard.)

Roy Hardy: Bret could put him away here!

Jesse Watson: What a big break!

(Slowly, Starr covers Crimson.)




(At the very last instant, Crimson gets his shoulder up.)

Roy Hardy: Chris is still in this fight!

Jesse Watson: What a match this has been. There’s been a bunch of back-and-forth action.

(Both wrestlers are slow to get to their feet; once they do, they both meet in the center of the ring. Crimson fires in with a stiff forearm strike. Starr eats the shot, and returns with a forearm of his own. Crimson responds with another forearm shot. Starr decides to switch it up and hit a chop to the chest; Crimson responds with a chop of his own. Starr then begins to hit a series of forearm strikes; after hitting about seven, Starr spins and attempts a rolling-elbow. However, Crimson sees the move coming. Crimson quickly kicks Starr’s arm, stopping the momentum. He then blasts Starr with a discuss-clothesline. Both wrestlers hit the mat; slowly, Crimson crawls over and drapes his arm over Starr.)




(Starr gets his shoulder up. Crimson slams his fists on the mat out of frustration. He then gets up and picks Starr up; Crimson whips him into the corner. Crimson charges in with a corner-splash. At the last moment, Starr does a front-roll, causing Crimson to slam against the ring-post. Crimson wobbles out to the center of the ring; Starr hits him with a basement dropkick to his left knee. Starr pops up and hits the ropes; he rebounds and clips Crimson with “Starr-Studded.”  Crimson is able absorb some of the blow by putting his hands up.)

Roy Hardy: He didn’t get all of that move.

Jesse Watson: But he did get some of it; maybe it’s enough to put Chris away.

(He quickly goes for the cover.)




(Crimson kicks out at the last second.)

Roy Hardy: These two have put on an amazing match.

Jesse Watson: And it still isn’t over yet.

(Starr gets up to his feet first; he sizes Crimson up, waiting to nail “The Rising Starr.” Crimson slowly makes it to his feet; Starr grabs him and lifts him up. In the air, Crimson crushes Starr with a head-butt, causing him to drop his opponent. Crimson recovers and grabs Starr; he puts Starr down with a northern-lights suplex. Crimson maintains the grip, rolls over, and stand up; he drops Starr again with a northern-lights suplex. Once again, he maintains the grip and stands up; Crimson drops him with a third northern-lights. This time, Crimson maintains the hold, but he floats over and lands on his feet. He grabs Starr by the neck and dead-lifts him up into suplex position; Crimson stalls a bit before planting Starr on his head.  Still in control, Crimson grabs him and locks in “Shades of Red.” Starr stretches his arm out, but he realizes that he is too far from the ropes.)

Roy Hardy: This is Chris’ finisher, and Bret has nowhere to go!

Jesse Watson: Bret has gotten out of some tough situations in this match though. Let’s see what he does here.

(Crimson wretches back on the hold. Starr does his best to move around and stay alive, but he isn’t able to make it to the ropes. Starr has no choice but to tap out.)

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via submission, at the 16:39 mark in the match…CHRIS CRIMSON!!

Roy Hardy: It’s over!

Jesse Watson: Chris picks up the win! But both wrestlers put up one hell of a fight

Roy Hardy: There was no doubt in my mind that, when this match was signed, it was going to be fantastic. And both men proved me right, about 10 times over.

Jesse Watson: I couldn’t agree more. Both men put on a display of amazing wrestling, here tonight.

innovative independent Wrestling -

Melody Lennox vs. Frankie Emerson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 215 pounds… Frankie Emerson!

("Whatta Man" by Salt N Peppa hits, and the fans begin to boo instantaneously. Frankie bursts through the entrance curtain, pointing at himself, soaking in the "love of his fans". He stops and high fives anyone who will give him the time of day as he walks down to the ring, usually singing his own song obnoxiously loud. When he gets down the ramp, he swings to the side right as the song screams out "WHATTA MAN WHATTA MAN WHATTA MIGHTY GOOD MAN". All the fans boo and try to push Frankie away from the barricade as he yells out "THAT'S ME... A MIGHTY GOOD MAN... THEY LOVE ME!". He rolls into the ring, and hops around a little waiting for his match.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

("Glitter in the Sky" began to play over the PA system while the big screen began to roll a video package of a happy, bouncy blonde. As minimal pyrotechnics go off, a spray of glitter cannons go off from the bottom of the stage, silver sparkles flying before the tutu-donning Melody Lennox appeared from behind the curtain. Her eyes are wide, taking in the crowd, taking a deep breath because she was compelled to run to the back. Swallowing hard, she pushes on with a forced confident smile, heading to the side of the stage. Blowing a kiss to the crowd, a flurry of sparkles came from the kiss, before she skipped towards the ramp, holding out a shaking glitter-covered palm to collect high fives from the fans.)

Randall Jobbs: Approaching the ring, from Huntington Beach, California; weighing in at one hundred pounds... Melody LENNOX!

(Delaying her time to the ring with a lot of hesitation, she glanced at the rope for a few long moments before pulling her short body up to the apron. Giving her long, blonde and blue hair a little toss behind her shoulder, she pulled herself to her feet and slung her body through the ropes. Undoing the pull apart snap of the tutu, she gave her dual-colored hair a little fling before she cautiously handed the tutu to the announcer. Shuffling to her corner, she bit her lower lip hard and glanced at the other side of the ring with doe eyes as "Glitter in the Sky" began to come to an end.)

Roy Hardy: This is definitely the most personal match that is on the show tonight. I’m really hoping Melody puts Frankie in his place tonight.

Jesse Watson: Don’t you talk bad about Frankie. He’s a saint.

Roy Hardy: Yeah… And I’m the next PWP World Champion.

(Frankie makes a run for Melody, locking her up in a grapple before the smaller woman can move away. Melody tries to break it up by pushing Frankie. He counters with a well placed punch to Melody's stomach. She backs up a bit, a pained expression on her face. Melody stands while Frankie is rolling his eyes and laughing. Melody face goes from cute to legitimately angry and Frankie starts to mock her giving various imitations of a cow including a moo.)

Roy Hardy: This is so classless… Though I shouldn’t be surprised by now.

Jesse Watson: What do you mean, classless? This is hilarious!

Roy Hardy: Frankie’s an idiot and you’re just as bad.

Jesse Watson: Hey! Rude.

(Both Melody and Frankie continue their stare down Melody seems to be able to over-power Frankie, but that is only momentarily as Frankie sees his opening and with a quick movement bends down and tosses Melody over his back with a hip toss that sends Melody rolling to the far corner. Melody and Frankie return to their feet at the same moment and both charge across the ring at the other before both landing vicious clotheslines to the other. Both fall on their backs in the center of the ring. Melody being the smaller of the two is slower to recover from the run in, as Frankie rolls atop her and begins to rain down hard right hands to her face. Melody gets her hands up and tries her best to block the majority of the blows coming down upon her face, suddenly with a quick twist of her hips Melody is able to maneuver herself just enough and grabs the arm of Frankie as she continues to roll her hips countering the attack as she flips over and locks in an Armbar. Wrapping her legs around the elbow of Frankie, Melody begins to apply more and more pressure to his arm.)

Roy Hardy: Melody, doing a good job of keeping Frankie off his feet and off his game, so far.

Jesse Watson: Key word there is so far. Frankie will be right back into this, don’t you worry.

(In the ring, Frankie yells in agony as he begins to move about trying to free his arm of this hold. Finding that his movements are only causing more pain and strain on his locked up arm, Frankie begins to slowly stretch out in hopes of getting his hand on the ropes nearby. Melody sees the attempt by Frankie to get to the ropes and tries to roll her hips around in hopes to pull Frankie's frame from near the ropes. Frankie yells again in pain but this time she seems to get some strength with it as she reaches out and with one last push off the mat is able to get his hand upon the bottom rope. Melody releases him and backs away, almost looking like maybe she hurt him too much. Frankie slowly gets to back to his feet while still holding his right arm. Melody starts to move toward, looking concerned that she might have done too much when once again Frankie starts to make fun of her, wincing as he laughs. He looks out to the crowd trying to get them to join in, which they don't buy and continue to boo him. He then turns and Melody hits her with a high drop kick that sends the injured Frankie back through the ropes and hard down to the mat at ringside. As Frankie hits the floor, Melody gets to her feet and looks over the ropes.)

Roy Hardy: What does Melody have in mind here…

Jesse Watson: Probably nothing because she’s an air head.

Roy Hardy: Stop that! She is not. Just because she’s shy, doesn’t make her stupid.

Jesse Watson: You’re right. Being stupid makes her stupid.

Roy Hardy: You are impossible, sometimes.

(Below Frankie rolls to his feet and immediately starts yelling at Melody. Melody smirks and shrugs at him. The ref starts to count Frankie out as he makes her way slowly to the apron and climbs up. The ref gets to 8 before Frankie is fully in the ring and breathing heavily with anger at the woman who shrugs again and gives him a smile. Frankie charges. Melody stands her ground and jumps at the last second and landing behind him. Frankie looks up confused. Melody starts to back up toward the turnbuckle. Her eyes go wide when she realizes she's trapped herself. Frankie smirks and starts toward her. Melody climbs up and leaps into his arms. Frankie is only slightly thrown off by her weight and manages to throw her down on to the mat.)

Jesse Watson: Great counter by Frankie Emerson! He’s so awesome.

Roy Hardy: Your love of Frankie is nauseating at times, you know that?

Jesse Watson: Don’t be jealous just because I like him more than you.

Roy Hard: Jealous… Right…

(Melody is on her feet quickly though and Frankie is frustrated. Melody backs away from her, taking a minute to catch her breath while only eyeing him slightly. While the ref's back is turned, Frankie reaches into his trunks to pull out something shiny.)

Roy Hardy: What the hell is that?!

Jesse Watson: What’s what? I don’t see anything.

Roy Hardy: You wouldn’t.

(Melody looks up and runs toward him, determined to take him out but is met with a punch to the stomach again only this time with more force and the help of metal. The crowd boos, the ref has no idea that Frankie has the weapon at all. Melody goes down, clutching her stomach in pain. Frankie gives a few kicks her to her back and starts to go in for a pin. The crowd suddenly cheers as Chaz Holiday is seen running down from the ramp. He climbs up. immediately the ref is distracted and tries to tell Chaz to get down.)

Roy Hardy: Melody’s boyfriend, Chaz Holiday is here!

Jesse Watson: What’s he doing out here?! Get him away, he’s trying to cheat!

Roy Hardy: You mean like Frankie did?!

Jesse Watson: He did no such thing! You stop trying to slander his good name!

(The ref is straining to hear Chaz and when he hears the words 'brass knuckles' he turns toward Frankie who starts to back up toward the ropes to dispose of the weapon but he grabs his hand before he can. He signals for the bell.)

Jesse Watson: What?!

Announcer: And your winner by disqualification, at the 16:10 mark… Melody Lennox!!

Roy Hardy: Yes! Cheaters never win!

(Frankie backs up from the Ref as he slips through the ropes, still favoring his right arm. In ring Chaz helps Melody up, letting her put her full weight on him. the ref comes over, raising her arm in victory as a slight smile returns to her face. The crowds cheer and she gives a slight curtsey but winces afterward. As Frankie starts to walk away, Chaz gets out of the ring and runs up behind Frankie, grabbing him and throwing him back in. Chaz then hits him with “The Party Starter” and then motions for Melody to do something. Melody then connects with the “Final Serenade.” She pins him and Chaz gets down on the mat and counts the three. After that, they both get up and Chaz raises her arm in victory, before she jumps into his arms, as they celebrate.)

Jesse Watson: How dare they embarrass Frankie Emerson like this! This is an outrage!

Roy Hardy: Frankie is getting just what he deserved, after everything he said to Melody and Chaz. And especially after trying to cheat to win this match.

Jesse Watson: He did not! He was just improvising.

Roy Hardy: Improvising my ass. He was cheating, plain and simple. And not only did he get DQ’d but then he got pinned for a three after! Good job, Melody!

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Frontier Grappling Arts -

Riley Owens vs. Blyss Lockhart

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is set for one fall! Making her way to the ring first, from Chicago Illinois weighing in at 120 pounds... Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation... She is BLYSS… LOCKHART!!!

(The cameras cut to Blyss Lockhart already standing on the ring apron as she leans against the turnbuckle with her chin resting on her hand on the top rope with an aloof expression on her face. She glances around the arena before settling her gaze upon the ring announcer who’s looking at her warily. Blyss watches the ring announcer intently with a hint of a smile now on her face, shaking her hip slightly from side to side as if to the rhythm of some music in her own head. She then tilts her head to the left, flipping over her hair that hangs loose over her shoulders and letting it cover half her face. Her gaze turns towards the fans for the last time with no change in facial expression. There’s a mixed reaction in the crowd as they receive nothing more from her. Turning her attention towards the main stage, Blyss straightens herself up before slowly walking through the ropes and standing in the corner to wait for her opponent.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent. From Miami Florida, weighing in at 200 pounds.. Representing both 2CW and FGA... RILEY… OWENS!!!

("De(v)tails" by A Bullet for Pretty Boy begins to play over the speakers. Owens walks out onto the entrance ramp and look at the crowd. He adjusts his wrist tape and then slowly walks down the ramp. Owens walks around the ring once and wipes his boots before sliding into the ring. Owens climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises a fist. He hops off, adjust his kickpads, and locks eyes with Blyss.)

Roy Hardy: This has been one of the most anticipated matches on the show… And I’ve got a feeling, it’s not going to disappoint.

Jesse Watson: There’s so many anticipated matches on here tonight. But you’re right, a lot of people have been waiting for this one.

(The bell rings, and the two circle each other feeling the other out. They lock up, Riley getting the better of it, backing Blyss up a little bit. However she is able to slip out of his arms grabbing Owen’s right and twisting it behind him with a hammer lock. She wrenches it in, and Riley uses his free hand trying to spin out of it. Unsuccessful with his hand he wraps his legs around hers and takes her down with a drop toe hold. He then floats over and locks in a side headlock. Lockhart struggles for a minute, but is quickly able to roll throw pushing Riley heal-over-head. Both are to their feet at the same time, and Riley goes for a quick spin kick. Blyss ducks, and goes for a side kick of her own. Riley catches her leg and spins her around, grabbing her from behind looking for a German suplex. He lifts her up and tosses her behind, but Blyss lands on her feet. Riley turns and both competitors go to throw a drop kick, hitting feet in mid air. They both return to their feet with a stare down across the ring as the fans applaud the early effort of both superstars.)

Roy Hardy: Both competitors looked to get the advantage but they matched each other move for move and we’re back to square one!

Jesse Watson: These are two of the top young stars in the business, right now. These guys are future World Champions. This is going to be something special.

Roy Hardy: Wow. You’re singing an awful lot of praise for two people who aren’t exactly… Your usual type.

Jesse Watson: Hey, I recognize talent when I see it. Sure I think Riley is a goody two shoes. And Blyss is too nice. But they’re amazing wrestlers.

(They go to lock up again, but Blyss having the slight speed advantage ducks Riley’s arms and goes behind him. Riley turns, and Blyss hits a stiff kick to the midsection with her right leg. She hits a second with her left, then strikes him in the jaw with a forearm that backs him into the corner. She backs up then charges, looking for another forearm strike but is met with a boot to the jaw by Riley. She stumbles back and when she turns, Owens hits a big running back elbow that takes her down. Riley rolls over and sits her up, locking in a quick bow and arrow submission. He drives the knee into her back and pulls back on the arms, Lockhart writhing in pain. She begins rocking back and forth trying to get momentum to get out of the hold, but before she can Riley lets go and gets up just to quickly drive his knee into her back once more. She rolls onto her stomach in pain holding her back, and Owens grabs her around the waste with a quick waste lock. He squeezes her tightly, but Blyss is able to roll over seated, but not breaking the hold. She uses her leg strength to get up, and drives her elbow into Riley’s jaw a few times. She screams and looks to hit the ropes to get momentum, but as she starts to run Riley grabs her by her trunks and tugs her back, wrapping his arms around her once more and hitting a devastating German suplex! The fans cheer as he hooks the leg.)


Roy Hardy: Riley making sure Blyss can’t get the momentum going in her favor with that big German suplex!

Jesse Watson: Blyss is someone you can’t let get too much momentum or you will be hitting the mat and going down for the three count, quick.

(Blyss tries to get up, and Riley picks her up the rest of the way there. He hits her with a forearm of his own, backing her up into the corner. He backs up a little bit, and kicks her in the chest with a hard forward kick. He hits a few more that echo through the arena, the fans cheering with each kick. He lifts up Blyss setting her on the top rope seated. He runs at the opposite corner and springs off it to get more momentum. However the pause is enough to let Blyss recover and as Riley charges she leaps off the second rope, grabbing Riley by the head and hitting a tornado DDT! She hooks the leg this time to a mixed reaction.)


Roy Hardy: Blyss has got herself right back into this match!

Jesse Watson: You can never count her out of a match. Never.

(Blyss holds her back, still hurting a little from the early assault but slowly picks up Riley. Riley however pushes her off and hits a spinning backfist! The fans roar with cheers as the quick shot stumbles Lockhart into the ropes. Riley charges looking for a lariat but Blyss ducks down and elevates Riley up and over the top. Owens is able to land on the apron, but Blyss hits a beautiful spin kick that knocks Riley off the apron. Owens quickly scrambles to his feet and turns back towards the ring just in time to get drilled by Blyss who leaped through the ropes with a suicide dive! Owens goes stumbling back-first into the guardrail!)

Roy Hardy: Blyss taking to the air!

Jesse Watson: I don’t know if I’d go high risk in a match like this. Riley is someone who will take advantage of a mistake, quick.

Roy Hardy: That’s true. But at the same time, against someone like Riley, you have to do anything and everything to win. It’s high risk but it’s high reward too. And you need high rewards in these matches.

(Blyss gets up, driving her forearm into the jaw of Riley who is leaning against the railing still. She picks him up and drops him ribs first on the railing! She smirks and rolls into the ring, then back out breaking the count. She taunts a little as she starts to get Riley up. She whips him quickly towards the turn post on the outside, but Riley gets his foot up stopping him from crashing into the steel. He turns around and Blyss charges looking for a clothesline but Riley ducks. He grabs her by the head, looking for a headlock suplex on the outside! However in desperation she reaches up and rakes the eyes of Riley, and as he breaks his hold she drops down and grabs him by the tights, sending him face first into the steel turnpost! Riley bounces off it and down onto the ground.)

Roy Hardy: Good lord, Riley hit that turn post hard!

Jesse Watson: That’s gonna leave a mark!

(Blyss is up again and rolls in, telling the ref to continue his count. Riley finally stumbles up at the 7 count, rolling in. As he does, Blyss quickly scores a few stomps as Owens continues to try to get back on the offensive. Blyss picks him up grabs him, lifting him up and over with an impressive vertical suplex! She floats over for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: Just kicked out in time! I thought Blyss might have been able to get it there.

Jesse Watson: Especially after Riley had his face bashed off of that steel ring post.

(Blyss, frustrated, sits him up and locks in a quick headlock. She wrenches on it, and Riley grabs at her arms trying to free the hold. She keeps it locked in for a moment until Riley is finally able to use his strength to get to his feet. He grabs her head and hits a jaw breaker that stumbles her back a little. Stammered, Blyss walks back towards Riley but Riley hits her in the gut with an elbow shot, then drops back kicking her in the face with a flash kick! Blyss goes down, and Riley goes for another pin.)


Roy Hardy: Riley with a near fall there but not enough to put away Blyss.

Jesse Watson: It’s gonna take a lot to keep her down. Blyss is one of the most resilient competitors I’ve ever watched.

(Before Blyss can get up, Riley grabs her legs and flips her over into a cloverleaf! He wrenches back on it, Blyss holding her already hurt back and writhing in pain. She tries to pull him to the ropes, but doesn’t have the strength in her arms. However she’s finally able to roll over to her back and push Riley off of her. Owens hits the ropes and comes off as Blyss gets up, and Owens hits her quickly with a European uppercut. She returns the favor by hitting Riley with a quick knife edge chop! Owens hits her with another uppercut, and Blyss hits him in the chest with a thrust kick! Riley goes for another backfist but she ducks, and hits him with a dropkick! Riley stumbles back and goes through the second rope onto the apron. Blyss goes through the ropes to the apron, looking for a DDT on the apron! However Riley hits her in the side with an elbow, and grabs her! He lifts her and drops her back first onto the apron with a quick vertical suplex that leaves them both on the outside and the fans chanting “holy shit!”)

Roy Hardy: Good God, what a hard landing for Blyss Lockhart on that ring apron!

Jesse Watson: Man, you ain’t kidding. She made a sickening thud, when she hit. She’s gotta be done.

(Riley gets to his feet first, rolling her in. He rolls in and goes for a pin.)


Roy Hardy: She’s not! She’s still in it!

(Riley can’t believe that didn’t get the job done, and lifts Blyss up. He locks her in a full nelson for a moment, but then lifts her and slams her down with a dragon suplex! He keeps it held for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: Another kickout by Blyss!

Jesse Watson: I’ll be damned! I know that Blyss is tough as nails but I thought that was it!

(Riley, even more in shock sits on his knees for a moment wondering what he has to do to put her away. He gets up, and goes to the second rope, dropping down a forearm. However Blyss is able to roll out of the way! Riley gets up holding his arm and Blyss hits him with a quick German suplex! Riley bounces off the mat and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. Lockhart goes between the ropes and onto the apron, waiting for him to get up. As he does and turns, Blyss charges and leaps, hitting a head scissors off the apron that sends Riley over the guard rail! The fans, still mixed, does indeed applaud the move.)

Roy Hardy: What a move by Blyss Lockhart, sending Riley flying over the barricade!

Jesse Watson: That was great!

(She breaks the count before hopping over the barricade and picking up Owens. She tosses him over the barricade, and he rolls near the ring. As he starts to get up Blyss hops onto the barricade and leaps off, taking down Owens with a cross body! She gets him up and rolls him into the ring once more, rolling in after him and pinning!)


Roy Hardy: Riley Owens with the kick just in time!

(Blyss quickly gets to her feet, and goes to the top rope! She then leaps off, hitting a flawless moonsault! She holds her ribs for a moment, as does Owens. Blyss crawls over and pins.)


Jesse Watson: Damn! I thought she had it!

Roy Hardy: I thought you, me, the crowd and Blyss all did! So close!

(Blyss is now the one in shock, and sits there for a moment catching her breath. She shakes her head no and yells “ONE MORE TIME!” as she slowly starts to climb to the top rope. When she finally gets to the top, still facing out towards the fans Riley quickly rolls to his feet and runs up the ropes, grabbing her from behind. The fans begin to buzz as Riley gets his arms in the right spots, and tosses Blyss back with his signature half and half suplex off the second rope!!!)

Roy Hardy: Riley may have just broken Blyss in half with that suplex!

Jesse Watson: He folded her up like a piece of paper!

(The fans cheer heavily as Riley rolls her over and hooks the leg.)

3—NO KICK OUT AT 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: And she STILL is in it!

(Both competitors lay on the mat for a moment, catching their breath. However Riley is first to his feet, using the ropes to help pull him up. Blyss is slow to roll over, but she finally does, and Riley looks at her waiting for her to get up just a little bit, seemingly looking for Unnecessary Roughness, his running punt kick! She pushes herself up and Riley charges looking for the kick. However Blyss is able to roll out of the way and Riley’s momentum sends him near the ropes. He turns around quickly but is met with the BKO, Blyss’ running Busaiku Knee!!! Owens crumbles to the mat and Lockheart slowly makes her way to the pin, hooking the leg!)


Roy Hardy: Blyss was literally less than an inch away from the win here! I can’t believe Riley kicked out!

Jesse Watson: This match has been incredible!

(Again, both superstars are grounded, exhausted. They both use the ropes, both trying to get to their feet. Blyss is up first and goes for a superkick, but Riley is able to duck it. He goes for a stiff rising knee to start White Noise, but Blyss ducks behind it and straight jackets his arms, looking for the Hart Attack neckbreaker! However Riley backs her into the corner, slamming her into it. He then forward rolls out of the corner and turns, looking for a forearm shot but gets nothing but corner as Blyss ducks out of the way. Riley turns around, right into a superkick! Riley crumbles, and Blyss slowly begins to climb back to the top rope, yelling “It’s OVER!”.)

Roy Hardy: What does Blyss have in mind here?!…

(As she gets to the top Riley again is able to get up, drilling her with another European uppercut that crotches her on the top rope. Riley catches his breath before climbing up, grabbing Blyss for what looks like a superplex! However Blyss hits him with an uncharacteristic headbutt, that staggers Riley. She screams at the top of her lungs “DIE RILEY DIE!” as she drills him in the jaw over and over again with stiff forearm shots! After about 5 of them Riley crumbles off the top rope to the mat below.)

Roy Hardy: Blyss is just vicious with those shots!

Jesse Watson: I’m getting a headache just watching that.

(Blyss gets to her feet, seething and trying to catch her breath. She then leaps off with the Blyzzard!!! However Riley had it scouted and rolls out into the center of the ring, letting Blyss crash hard onto her sternum, catching nothing but canvas! Riley scrambles to his feet and charges at Blyss who is on her knees bent over holding her ribs and writhing in pain. He again goes for the Unnecessary Roughness kick, and this times connects with a sickening thud that brings the fans to their feet! Blyss is blown backward onto the mat motionless and Riley leaps onto her hooking both legs for the pin!)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall, at the 26:48 mark… Riley Owens!!

Roy Hardy: As God as my witness… That is one of the most intense and physical encounters I have ever witnessed, in my time in wrestling!

Jesse Watson: You and me both! I’m sweating over here just from WATCHING the match.

Roy Hardy: Both of them are clearly exhausted because they both pulled out all the stops in this match. They left it all in the ring and it showed.

Jesse Watson: Riley earned that victory. I’ll give him that much. Blyss threw everything she had at him and he found a way to get the win. I’m impressed.

Roy Hardy: As am I. I feel like if you put these two in the ring 10 times, you’d get a 5 to 5 tie, that’s how equal they are. This match was heavily hyped and it did not disappoint.

(We cut backstage where PWP owner, Josh Duncan, is standing bye.)

Josh Duncan: Good evening ladies and gentleman. First and foremost, I want to thank you for joining me tonight. Whether you're at the arena or watching at home, your continued support of the PWP is greatly appreciated and I hope you're enjoying the show, thus far, as much as I am. And of course, I hope you continue enjoying the show, as we have a few more top notch matches to come. But right now, I want to talk about next month. August. You see, next month will mark 1 year since the PWP had it's first show. So that means we will be having our 1 Year Anniversary Show. And much like tonight, I'm looking to make that extra special. I'm very excited about it. I've already been in talks with some great talent, both new and familiar faces. And I promise you that it's going to be another fantastic show and one you will not miss. It will also be the second time we are going to be a large arena, just like tonight here at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Because next month, we are going to go to the Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio! Not to mention, we will be right back here on Pay-Per-View once again! I'm not going to keep you any longer. I know you're hear for wrestling, you want to see wrestling, I want to see it too! So enjoy the rest of the show, folks!

Shawn Roberts vs. Zack Lifer

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(A brief flash of silence passes through the arena suddenly as the stage is beamed on by gold and white lights, the bulbs dimming slightly. Heroic hues floated over the entryway, the ramp and of course the audience, audible cheers as they hear the words of "Alive in the Lights" by Memphis May Fire boom through the speakers signifying one man and one man only.

From the beginning, I knew I was different.
I embraced it, but you didn't.
Your normal life, 9-5, it's just not for me.
I need to feel alive!

As the lights of gold and white beam down against the crowd, searching up the stairs and to the cheap seats, they notice a familiar silhouette. A pop from the fans resurfacing, signs of various positive remarks stretching across the ocean of 'Lifer Addicts' as well as a few anomaly signs that don't fit in with the others. Adorn in a tan colored open sweatshirt with his signature demented smiley face logo on the back with the sleeves rolled up. Making his way down the stairs, he refuses to high five a couple people as they reach out their hands, instead a stoic expression across his face as he makes his way down the stairs, his eyes fixated on the ring ahead.)

Randall Jobbs: From Newark, New Jersey, weighing in at 202 pounds… Zack Lifer!

(Don't you see the minds that have changed?
Do you see the lives that have been saved?
Don't you care to see the difference I've made?
Listen closely, the highways call my name.
Don't you see this is my everything?

Lifer's slow, methodical walking gives way to sprinting, his legs moving him towards the ring down the nearly endless row of stairs before Lifer hops the leather barricade, a running jump that could only be considered impressive, a hint of confidence in the way he moved at a slowed down pace once more towards the steel steps. His eyes dart to the entrance way as he trudges up the few stairs, not looking away as he watches the curtain for just a couple seconds with an intense look in his eye as if in deep thought.

As he gets to the top of the steps, his eyes dart across the arena, stunned by the crowd reaction. The audience gets louder as he climbs the turnbuckle, his arm rising in triumph with a gentle smirk across his face, a single golden colored firework shot diagonally on the stage, the location of its starting point mirroring the top turnbuckle he resides on - Zack now already pacing the ring after hopping the rope effortlessly from the apron. The firework screeched loudly. cutting across the arena air, another loud pop from the crowd.

Don't you care to see the difference I've made?

The camera zoomed out from the scene of Lifer pacing the ring back and forth, his mind running a mile an hour, the firework shooting by swiftly in the background. His brown eyes searched the excited crowd, a smirk rising to his face as the sounds fade mid-lyric, waiting for his opponent.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(Duck and Run comes over the PA system as Shawn Roberts struts out onto the ramp a big grin spreads across his face as he spreads his arms wide.)

Randall Jobbs: From Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 255 pounds…Representing Inferno Wrestling… Shawn Roberts!

(He slowly makes his way down to the ring taking in the reaction from the crowd slapping hands with eager fans on his way. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a few quick steps and slides into the ring instantly popping to his feet and hoping on one foot while spreading his arms and turning in a circle. He makes his way to the corner drops to one knee makes a cross then stands up stretching waiting for the bell.)

Roy Hardy: Here we go, folks! Another one of the most anticipated matches of the night!

(The two men circle around one another before tying in the center of the ring. Zack quickly slides around, grabbing Shawn in a waist lock. But Roberts doesn’t waste much time, as he does the same. The two men struggle as Lifer makes his way to the ropes and the ref forces them Shawn to let go of his hold on Zack. Roberts backs up and as Lifer comes away from the ropes, they tie up again. This time, Roberts breaks it, grabbing Zack’s arm and twisting it. Zack rolls through though, getting out of the hold. Lifer gets Roberts up on his shoulders but Shawn slips out of his grasp, blocking whatever move he had in mind. When Zack turns around, Shawn goes for a super kick but Lifer falls back, avoiding it and rolling out of the ring.)

Roy Hardy: Both men trying to feel each other out, here in the early going of the match.

Jesse Watson: And Zack Lifer with the smart move, ducking out of the ring to slow down the pace.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, for sure. This is a big match to both men. A lot of pride and bragging rights on the line here.

(As Zack gets back into the ring, he goes to tie up with Shawn, avoids it. Zack turns around and Shawn takes him to the mat with a snapmere. Roberts drives his knee into the back of Lifer, before grabbing him in a chin lock. After keeping it locked in for several seconds, Lifer battles back to his feet, hitting Roberts with some punches to the midsection. He then grabs Shawn and shoots him off into the ropes. Lifer drops down onto his stomach and Roberts jumps over him. Lifer rushes to his feet and Roberts stops before hitting the ropes. He turns around and Lifer goes for a kick to the stomach but Roberts catches his foot. Roberts uses his other foot and sweeps the leg out from under Lifer, taking him to the mat. He then grabs both legs and floats over with a jacknife pin attempt…)


Roy Hardy: Quick kickout by Lifer but a good attempt by Roberts, trying to catch Zack off guard.

Jesse Watson: While it makes sense to try and catch him sleeping, Zack is a ring veteran. He’s not going to be taken off his game that easily.

(They both scramble to their feet and Lifer rushes at Roberts but Shawn catches him with an arm drag, holding on and keeping Lifer on the mat with an arm bar. Lifer fights back to his feet, pushing Shawn into the corner. Lifer tries to send Shawn out of the corner with an arm drag of his own but Roberts keeps his arm locked with Lifer’s, rolls through with it and brings Lifer over, grabbing him in another arm bar.)

Roy Hardy: Zack hasn’t been able to get anything to go his way, thus far. Shawn Roberts has been able to keep one step ahead of him, for the most part.

Jesse Watson: I think Lifer is just holding back, here in the beginning. He knows that Roberts isn’t going to swing for the fences yet. So he’s not going to either. Just taking it slow and steady.

(Roberts lays the arm down on the mat and quickly drops a knee across it. He grabs Lifer, pulling him to his feet and twisting at the arm. Lifer drills Shawn with several hard right hands, with his free arm but Shawn lands a kick to the gut and then plants him with a single arm DDT. Roberts goes for a pin..)


Roy Hardy: Shawn Roberts has really set his sights on that arm of Zack Lifer and he has not let up.

Jesse Watson: Well, I’ll give Roberts his credit there. He’s found a body part and he’s attempting to pick it a part. That’s a smart move.

(Shawn gets Zack to his feet and leads him to the corner but at the last second, Lifer pushes Roberts in and starts landing some body shots. He follows those up with some hard chops to the chest, before hitting him with some rapid knee strikes to the midsection, slumping Roberts down in the corner. Lifer pulls him out of the corner, going for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: This is Zack’s opportunity to get back into this match, here. He’s, seemingly, found an opening.

Jesse Watson: I told you he wasn’t out of it. Just taking the race slow and steady. Waiting for the opportune time to strike back.

(Lifer gets Roberts to his feet and pushes him into the corner again. He goes for another chop but Roberts ducks under the arm and reverses it, putting Lifer in the corner and landing a hard chop to the chest. He brings him out from the corner, backing him against the ropes, before giving him a clothesline over the top rope and to the floor, outside. Roberts goes to the outside as well.)

Roy Hardy: Looks like this is going to spill to the outside…

Jesse Watson: I don’t think Roberts wants to brawl with Lifer. That’s a fight he will lose.

(Roberts approaches where Lifer is starting to get up and Zack lunges forward, driving his shoulder into Shawn’s midsection. He gets up and hits him with a right hand but Roberts comes right back with one of his own and the two of them begin to exchange shots. Shawn grabs him Zack and slams his face into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. Shawn gets in behind him and Lifer gets to his feet, stumbling backwards into the corner. Roberts lands a kick to the stomach before pulling Lifer out and sending him into the ropes. Instead of bouncing off the ropes though, Lifer holds on and Roberts crashes to the mat, going for a standing dropkick. As he gets up, Lifer charges, leveling him with a clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Great quick thinking by Zack Lifer there.

Jesse Watson: He just found his opening that he needed, I think.

(As Shawn gets back to his feet, Lifer lands a kick to the stomach before lifting him up on his shoulders and then planting him into the mat with a death valley driver. Lifer goes for a pin…)


(Lifer then grabs him and puts him in a surfboard stretch.)

Roy Hardy: Zack Lifer is really putting some torque onto that surfboard.

Jesse Watson: He’s looking to hurt Roberts, here. And he can do it too. Lifer is a dangerous man.

(Roberts is finally able to wiggle himself free from the hold but Lifer is able to get to his feet first and as Shawn is trying to get up, Lifer charges in, drilling him with a hard kick to the side of the head. Zack sits him up and then begins to twist on Robert’s head.)

Roy Hardy: Zack Lifer, putting a lot of pressure on the neck of Shawn Roberts, with this submission.

Jesse Watson: He looks like he’s trying to twist it off like a bottle cap!

(Lifer lets go of the hold and quickly drives his elbow into the crown of Shawn’s head. Lifer starts to get him up but Shawn fights back, landing a blow to the midsection. Zack doesn’t let him get much going though, coming back with a head butt, cutting him off. Lifer then drives Roberts down into the mat with a neck breaker. He goes for the pin..)


(Zack gets him up, hitting him with a hard right hand, sending Shawn back a few steps. Lifer charges in but Roberts get his elbow up into the mouth of Lifer, stopping him. Roberts grabs him and attempts to send him into the ropes but Lifer reverses it. Zack goes for a back drop but Shawn stops short and delivers a hard kick to the mouth. Roberts swings at him but Lifer ducks his arm. Zack lifts him up in a back suplex position but then swings him down, planting him face first into the mat with a sitout face crusher. Lifer turns him over, going for another pin..)


Roy Hardy: Very innovative move by Zack Lifer! But only a near fall.

Jesse Watson: He has done a tremendous job of cutting Shawn Roberts off, each time he goes to mount some sort of offense.

(Lifer gets to his feet and starts to stalk Roberts, as he struggles to his feet. When Shawn gets to his hands and knees, Zack charges in, drilling him with a hard kick to the side of the head, knocking him back down. Zack then drags him up and sends him into the ropes. As Shawn comes off of the ropes, Lifer leap frogs him but Roberts stops behind him and grabs him, driving him into the mat with a bridging German suplex..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Shawn Roberts almost just stole this win away from Lifer, out of nowhere, as Zack didn‘t see it coming! Great attempt by Shawn!

Jesse Watson: That would have sent Lifer off the deep end, if he lost like that.

Roy Hardy: It would probably send anyone off the deep end, after having control of the match like Zack has had.

(Both men rush to their feet but Roberts, strikes first, connecting with a clothesline. Lifer gets back to his feet and Shawn connects with another one. As Lifer gets up a third time, Shawn catches him with a big standing dropkick.)

Roy Hardy: Shawn Roberts with a burst of life here!

Jesse Watson: I don’t know where it came from but I guess he’s still got SOMETHING left in him! I’m not sure how much though.

(Shawn gets Zack up and attempts to send him into the corner but Zack reverses it. Lifer charges in at Shawn but Shawn gets a foot up into the mouth of Lifer, stopping him. Shawn grabs him and falls back, planting him face-first into the 2nd turnbuckle with a flatliner. Shawn backs up to the center of the ring as Lifer makes his way back to his feet. Still in the corner, Lifer turns around and Roberts charges in, hitting him with big leaping forearm to the mouth. Roberts backs up and as Lifer staggers out of the corner, Roberts goes for a super kick but Zack ducks under his foot. Lifer grabs him from behind but Shawn drills him with an elbow to the mouth. Roberts hit’s the ropes but as he comes off of them, Zack hits him with a kick to the stomach. Lifer then hit’s the ropes and this time, as he comes off of them, Roberts connects with a knee lift to the midsection. Lifer comes back with a forearm shot to the mouth before sending Roberts into the corner. Lifer charges in but Roberts moves out of the way and Lifer crashes chest-first into the turnbuckles. Lifer turns around and Shawn charges in but Zack ducks down, back dropping him over the ropes but Shawn lands on the ring apron. Lifer turns around and comes at Shawn but Roberts reaches through the ropes, driving his shoulder into Lifer’s midsection. Roberts then sunset flips over the top rope, pulling Zack down for a pin..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: What a series of events there! Both men, vying back and forth to get the advantage and Shawn Roberts finally found an opening for the pin attempt.

Jesse Watson: They see-sawed so much, I was starting to get dizzy there. Wow, what a match.

(Roberts is up to his feet first and Lifer rolls under the bottom rope, staying on the ring apron. He uses the ropes to get to his feet and as he does, Shawn comes in at him but Lifer drills him with a right hand to the mouth. Zack grabs him and tries to vertical suplex him over the ropes and onto the floor but Shawn is able to control his body and land on the ring apron, next to Lifer. Lifer swings at him but Roberts blocks it and lands a kick to the stomach. He lifts him up in a vertical suplex, looking to take him to the floor off of the ring apron but Lifer swings his body so that he lands on his feet, back in the ring. Lifer then tries to suplex Roberts back into the ring but Roberts lands on his feet, behind Lifer. Zack turns around and Roberts hits him with a super kick. Shawn falls on top of him for a pin.)

NO!! KICKOUT AT 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: Roberts caught Lifer HARD in the mouth with that super kick! I thought he had him, there!

Jesse Watson: I couldn’t tell if it was spit or a tooth. But either way, he kicked him so hard he sent SOMETHING flying!

(Both men struggle to their knees and Roberts throws a right hand, first. Lifer comes back, catching him in the mouth with one of his own. The two of them then exchange punches, both clearly starting to run on empty. The two of them fight back to their feet, as they continue to go punch for punch. After Shawn lands a right hand, Lifer comes back landing a discus elbow to the mouth, leaving him on spaghetti legs. Lifer then hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, Roberts connects with another super kick. He goes for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: Shawn Roberts hit that super kick, again, out of nowhere and almost got the victory! So close!

Jesse Watson: There is no quit in Zack Lifer!

Roy Hardy: There is no quit in either man. This is amazing.

(Roberts gets up and walks to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He points down at Zack, before leaping off and driving his elbow right into the heart of Lifer. Shawn hooks the leg for the pin.)

Kickout at 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: Another near fall for Shawn Roberts! He’s so close!

(Shawn gets up and goes to the corner again. He climbs up, calling for another diving elbow drop. He leaps off but this time, Lifer rolls out of the way and Roberts catches nothing but the ring mat.)

Jesse Watson: And Roberts crashes and burns! He went to the well one too many times, there.

Roy Hardy: Those high risk moves certainly pay off, when they work. But man do they hurt when they don’t.

(Lifer crawls over and makes a pin on Roberts…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

(Zack gets Roberts up to his feet and Shawn fights back, landing a kick to the stomach and grabs him, going for “The Epitome of the End” but Lifer pushes him off. Roberts bounces off of the ropes and Lifer connects with a low dropkick to the knee. As Shawn is struggling back to his feet, Lifer hit’s the ropes and connects with “Boma Ye.” He hooks the leg.)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 25:45 mark of the match… Zack Lifer!!

Roy Hardy: What an ending to this match! Both men gave it their all! Both men fought tooth and nail! But in the end, Zack Lifer was the one that was able to come out with the victory!

Jesse Watson: There were several points in the match where both men looked like they were going to take it but Zack Lifer came out with the clutch hit when it was needed! He swung for the fences and he hit the home run!

Roy Hardy: He definitely did. Shawn Roberts put up one hell of a battle and I give him all the credit in the world. He has nothing to be ashamed of. But Zack Lifer was the one who was able to score the huge pinfall victory here tonight.

Valerie Lamb vs. John Pariah

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(The lights turn black, purple and green as "Ghost Opera" blasts out of the speakers. From the back, Valerie Lamb emerges to cheering from the crowd, a stoic expression across her face. This quickly becomes a grin as she throws her arms into the air.)

Randall Jobbs: From Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing in at 145 pounds.. Valerie Lamb!

(She takes off down the ramp while high fiving as many fans as she can on the way down. Once at the bottom, she carries on to the steps nearest the annoucer's table and ascends the steps. She climbs onto the turnbuckle and stands on the middle and top padding, egging the crowd on. She finally enters the ring, jumping off the padding and on her feet in the ring, warming up as the song fades out.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent…

(Arena lights go out as a heavy classic guitar intro is heard, and shots of strikes and the Chicago skyline flashes on the screen and “Cold Dead Hands” by The Prowl hits the PA system, and John Pariah steps out onto the stage-with a hood over his head.
Take a tip from me
Theres no stopping till your ears bleed
If you think its too loud, you might be a little to old now get out

cuz the rhytmn of my guitar
puts the women on top of the bar
if you want it to stop, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands

The crowd roars as John Pariah steps out onto the stage-with his arms in a crucifix. The lights sihlloutets his body-as he turns around and throws his right arm up in the air as the crowd pops.)

Randall Jobbs: From Chicago, Illinois….he weighs in at 231 lbs and stands 6 foot 2….Representing 2CW... he is Chicago’s Finest….JOHN..PARIAH!!!

(Sick and tired of working to live
when i live to roam
babe i sold my soul to the dream

cuz the rock don’t sink the stone
no the rock don’t sink the stone
if you want it to stop, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands

The crowd roars as he heads down the ramp, slapping hands with fans at ringside. He slides into the ring and sticks his upper body through the middle of top ropes-and holds his arm up for an elbow strike as the crowd roars and sends streamers into the ring as the music fades out and he awaits the bell.)

Roy Hardy: These two look ready to go!

Jesse Watson: I’m ready to see them go!

(The bell rings and the two competitors circle one another. Pariah shoots for Lamb’s legs but Valerie quickly grabs him in a front face lock. He slips away from, unfortunately backing into the corner though. Valerie stays on him, coming in and landing some quick right hands. Pariah moves out of the corner, staying along the ropes and Valerie clothesline John over the top and to the outside. John lands on his feet though, grabs Valerie by the legs and trips her down to the mat, before pulling her outside. Pariah hits her with a hard right hand, before slamming her face off of the ring apron and rolling her back in.)

Roy Hardy: You see that both competitors are very aggressive in the early going. Both are outstanding wrestlers and athletes and they know that they need to be aggressive and get the upper hand before the other does.

Jesse Watson: Exactly. And that’s going to make for some interesting action.

(Lamb goes to the corner, as she gets and Pariah slides into the ring. He charges in, landing a hard knee to the midsection. Pariah pulls her out of the corner and plants her with a snapmere. He follows that up with a hard kick between the shoulder blades, before pushing her down and making the pin attempt.)


Roy Hardy: Definitely not enough to put away Valerie Lamb.

(Pariah gets to his feet and quickly grabs one of Lamb’s legs and puts her in a single leg Boston crab. He has it locked in tight but she is close enough to the ropes that she is able to crawl a little bit and reach the bottom one, forcing John to break the hold. Pariah does so and as he is bringing Valerie up to her feet, she comes back, landing a knee strike to the midsection of Pariah. Lamb battles back, hitting hard forearm shots to the mouth, backing Pariah up against the ropes. She shoots Pariah off into the ropes and catches him with a standing dropkick as he bounces off of them.)

Roy Hardy: Nicely executed by Valerie Lamb, there!

Jesse Watson: She’s, arguably, one of the best female wrestlers in the business. And she’s looking to show the fans of PWP, that may not have seen her, why.

Roy Hardy: Same can be said for John Pariah. Man consider him one of the best male wrestlers in the world and he’s looking to show why, as well.

(As Pariah starts to sit up, Lamb hit’s the ropes and goes to hit him with a knee to the face but he leans back, avoiding it. He then pulls her back with a school boy roll up..)


(Both get to their feet and Pariah lifts Lamb up on his shoulders. Pariah looks to go for a Death Valley Driver but Valerie slides off, landing on her feet behind him. She spins John around, gives him a kick to the stomach and plants him with a swinging neck breaker.)

Roy Hardy: Great job by Valerie to get out of that predicament.

(Valerie goes for a quick pin attempt.)


(Lamb gets up, runs and springboards off of the middle rope, landing a leg drop across the throat of Pariah. She goes for another pin.)


Roy Hardy: Valerie, going for some quick pin attempts here.

Jesse Watson: Which is a good strategy. Try to beat him by catching him off guard with pin attempts, early and often.

Roy Hardy: Absolutely.

(She starts to bring Pariah up to his feet and he lands a hard elbow to the midsection. He hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, Valerie catches him with a Japanese arm drag. Valerie starts to climb to the top rope but John gets to his feet and cuts her off, running and leaping up to the 2nd rope and bringing her down with an overhead belly to belly suplex off of the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: Explosive move by John Pariah!

Jesse Watson: Where the hell did that come from!?

(Pariah goes for the pin…)


(Pariah gets Lamb up and sends her off into the ropes. As she comes off of them, he leaps up, catching her with a high knee to the mouth. She struggles back up to her feet and Pariah then sends her off into the corner. He charges in, leaping up and driving his forearm into her mouth. He then pulls her out and plants her into the mat with a running bulldog. He goes for the pin.)


Roy Hardy: John Pariah looking to take complete control of this match, now.

Jesse Watson: And doing a good job of it, it seems.

(Pariah gets Valerie up and lands a kick to the stomach. He sets her up for, what looks to be a power bomb or piledriver but she backs him up, driving him into the corner. Valerie goes to the center of the ring, and then charges in, landing a corner enziguiri. She pulls him away from the corner and starts to climb to the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: This could be it! She could be going for that double stomp moonsault!

(She gets to the top and goes for the “Curtain Call” but Pariah moves out of the way. He pops up to his feet and as Lamb turns around, he runs in and catches her with the “Mirakuru.” He then sits Valerie up and locks her into “The Gates of Gotham.” She tries to fight it for as long as she can but she ends up taping out and the ref calls for the bell.)

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via submission at the 11:17 mark in the match… John Pariah!!

Roy Hardy: This match did not slow down at any point at all! It was 10 plus minutes of non stop action! And in the end, it was John Pariah who was able to capitalize on a high risk move that did not pay off for Valerie.

Jesse Watson: I think she went for the move too early and Pariah had it scouted.

Roy Hardy: That very well could be the case. Either way, Pariah was thinking on his feet and he made Lamb pay by hitting that rolling elbow and then locking her into that submission hold.

Jesse Watson: Truthfully, I was impressed by Valerie, despite her loss.

Roy Hardy: Oh I was too. I’d love to see her back in the PWP. I’d love to see both back. Pariah proved how good he was tonight with the big win.

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:11 am

Insurgency Wrestling Federation -

PWP Heavyweight Championship
2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
Zack Jones vs. Blake Jones

Randall Jobbs: The following is a 2 out of 3 falls match and it is for the PWP Heavyweight championship!

(The opening of “Earthquake” by Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah begins to slowly play throughout the arena as the curtains slowly separate and out steps Zack Jones, back turned to the audience. The Philadelphian is wearing a white jacket with gold stripes to match his white tights. He bobs his head up and down as he stands at the stage and keeps his back turned to the cheering audience. Once the words “yeah” is screamed out loud and the beat kicks in, Jones turns around and pumps his left fist forward, forcing one huge pop of red pyro to explode behind him.)

Randall Jobbs: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; weighing in at 188 pounds... Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation.. He is the challenger, ZACK JONES!

(Jones slowly makes his way down the ramp, smiling at the fans and slowly removing his hood while doing so. He tosses the hood down onto the ground before slowly circling the ring and slapping hands with the front row fans before sliding into the ring. Zack quickly climbs one of the corners to the middle turnbuckle and points out to the audience before hopping off and quickly goes to his corner to stretch and prepare for his match.)

Roy Hardy: Zack Jones is making his PWP debut here tonight and what a debut it is, huh?

Jesse Watson: Exactly. First, his brother debuts a month ago and ends up winning the PWP Heavyweight championship in the main event and now, he could end up pulling the same thing off that his brother did!

("Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight blares throughout the arena and through the curtains steps out Blake Jones, a smile on his face and the PWP Heavyweight championship around his waist. He is wearing his regular wrestling trunks and a black jacket as he stands atop the ramp, pointing at a few fans who are hoisting up signs in support of the superstar out of Philly before making his way down the ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; weighing in at 188 pounds, he is the Pro Wrestling Project Heavyweight champion, BLAKE JONES!

(Blake slaps hands with the fans on the first row before jumping on the ring apron. With one jump, he gets over the top rope and lands safely on his feet before making a move towards a nearby corner and climbing to the middle turnbuckle. Jones looks out at the audience and shoots at fans of his, winking as he does so. Blake removes his jacket and tosses it to a nearby ring crew member before backflipping off of the corner and landing right on his feet. Blake yells out "Tonight is the night" before handing off his title and heading off to his designated corner.)

Roy Hardy: I think Blake Jones truly showed his underdog side when he was able to become our top champion on his PWP debut.

Jesse Watson: But now he’s gotta defeat his brother not once, but twice. Should be a thing to see if he can actually pull it off and get a successful defense under his waist.

(The bell rings and Blake and Zack slowly circle the ring. After a few seconds of staring each other down, Zack takes a few steps forward and extends out his hand, looking for a handshake from his brother. Blake looks down at the hand, then shrugs his shoulders before walking up and shaking his brother’s hand. The two quickly separate and immediately back up from one another into their opposite corners.)

Roy Hardy: Nice show of sportsmanship there by the two brothers. Good to see, huh?

Jesse Watson: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Blake, not wanting to waste anymore time in this match, surges forward, looking to go for an attack, but Zack catches him with a high knee that floors him! Blake quickly gets to his feet, but it seems to be a big mistake as Zack’s raises up his right leg and does a 360 before connecting with the head of his fraternal twin brother, knocking him back down onto the mat with a roundhouse kick! Zack quickly goes for the cover, the audience expecting a quick first fall here!)

Roy Hardy: Oh, what a roundhouse kick! Blake could be out!




Jesse Watson: A nice two count there at the start. Definitely makes this match interesting from the start.

(The blond Jones twin quickly grabs the brunette and gets him up to both feet before irish whipping him into a corner. Zack then charges forward, but is met with a boot to the face as he gets near enough from Blake. Blake then proceeds to charge forward as his brother keeps his back turned to him, and hooks his head before planting him onto the mat with a bulldog! The audience gives off a mixed reaction as Blake quickly gets to his feet and begins motioning for his brother to get up to both feet. Zack shakes his head as he gets to a knee before his brother comes running in, laying Zack out with a Shining Wizard! Another mixed reaction from the audience comes through as Blake goes for the cover!)

Roy Hardy: And here is Blake making his first pinfall attempt of the match!




Jesse Watson: And a close call there by Blake Jones! But, Zack kicks out!

(Blake shakes his head as he looks over at the ref, who assures him that he was counting at the right pace and that it was only a two count. Blake grabs Zack by the head and slowly gets him up to both feet, driving some knees to the gut before irish whipping him to a corner. But, Zack bounces off of the corner and stumbles forward allowing Blake to jump up, wrap his arms around Zack’s neck, and send him flying up in the air with a hurricarana! Zack, unknowingly, rolls out of the ring and falls the ground outside. Blake waits for Zack to get to his feet before charging forward towards the ropes! But before he can leap through them, Zack catches him with a kick to the face that sends him falling back into the ring!)

Roy Hardy: And with just a simple of a move as a kick to the head, Blake’s momentum is now gone!

Jesse Watson: You gotta wonder, Roy. How much of the moveset do these two share and how much of each others’ movesets do they know?

Roy Hardy: Definitely something to keep in mind as this match progresses.

(Zack slides back into the ring and waits for his fraternal twin to get up to both feet before grabbing him around the waist from behind and lifting him up before nailing a german suplex! The move is enough to stun Blake for a bit and let Zack get to his feet so as to measure up his brother for this next move. Once Blake gets to a keeled over position, Zack charges forward, going for a Fame Asser, but Blake moves out of the way at the last second. Blake quickly leaps on Zack’s back and wraps his right arm around Zack’s neck, locking in his sleeper hold! Zack immediately begins struggling, but quickly drives his brother back into a corner...but Blake doesn’t release. Zack takes a few steps forward...but backs up into the corner again...and Blake releases the hold!)

Jesse Watson: If you saw Blake move out of that Fame Asser, it’s because that move is in his arsenal as well and he has that well scouted.

Roy Hardy: And I’m sure Zack has scouted that sleeper hold well enough because he knew immediately to try and break it.

(Zack quickly turns around and backhand chops his brother on the chest three times before moving him out of the corner and letting him drop to the mat. The blond Jones then climbs the turnbuckles, back turned to the brunette Jones before getting to the top turnbuckle, where he proceeds to look out at the audience before leaping off, going for a moonsault...that connects! Zack quickly hooks both of Blake’s legs as he goes for the cover!)

Jesse Watson: Solid moonsault there by Zack! Here he goes with the cover!




Roy Hardy: Oh, another two count!

(Zack sighs as he slowly gets to his feet after his brother kicked out. He grabs his fraternal twin by the head and gets him up to both feet, only for Blake to catch him with a punch to the jaw that sends him reeling backwards! Zack holds his jaw for a second before turning back to Blake and nailing him right in the face with a right handed punch! Blake stumbles backwards, but comes back and nails him with a quick kick to the rib cage of his twin! But Zack comes back with a kick of his own to Blake’s rib cage that causes him to let out a loud groan. Blake takes a deep breath before attempting another kick to the rib cage, but Zack catches the leg, then grabs the other leg to cheers from the audience! Blake begins yelling “no” repeatedly, but Zack quickly turns him around and locks in a Boston Crab!)

Roy Hardy: Boston crab is locked in by Zack Jones! Blake could tap out right here and give his brother a quick 1-0 lead!

Jesse Watson: If Blake doesn’t escape this or taps out soon, it is no going to bode well in the long run of this matchup.

(Blake begins yelling out in pain, the Boston Crab obviously doing its job. He begins crawling towards the nearest ropes, obviously trying to escape the hold and after a bit of struggling, his right hand manages to find the lower rope, forcing the ref to yell at Zack to break the hold. Zack, being the respectable athlete that he is, quickly lets go and backs away from his twin. Blake uses the ropes to slowly help himself up before Zack rushes in, only for Blake to pull down the ropes, sending Zack falling out of the ring. Zack slams the ground in slight frustration before sliding back into the ring, where he is met with a spinning heel kick that floors him! Blake quickly goes for the cover!)

Roy Hardy: What a spinning heel kick! This could be it!




Jesse Watson: And that’s another close call! These guys really don’t want to give up this first fall. Then again, who would?

(The brunette Jones shakes his head before grabbing his blond fraternal twin and slowly getting him up both feet. He nails him in the gut three straight times, the third one being the most vicious one of them all, before irish whipping him into a corner again. Zack hits the corner, but he doesn’t bounce off of it, so Blake rushes in and leaps up, looking to connect with a big body splash so as to weaken his brother up...only for Zack to move out of the way! Blake hits the corner hard and slowly stumbles back while Zack runs towards the ropes in front of him and bounces off of them. Blake slightly turns towards Zack’s direction as he finds himself near the center of the ring, and that’s enough for Zack who comes charging in hooking his brother’s head. He spins his brother while keeping his head hooked in before planting his own self onto the mat, ass first, causing Blake’s jaw to meet the shoulder and knock him out with a spinning sitout shoulder jawbreaker! The audience gives off a cheering reaction at the performance of the move as Zack goes for the cover, hooking the outside leg, and looking for the first fall of the match!)

Roy Hardy: Tilt-A-Whirl connects! Not many people have ever kicked out of this!

Jesse Watson: And it looks like Blake Jones won’t here!




Blake Jones: 0
Zack Jones: 1

(Zack rolls off of his brother, mouthing the words “finally”, while his brother rolls away from him as the ref checks on them both.)

Roy Hardy: That’s it! Zack picks up the first win and has placed himself in the driver’s seat of this matchup.

Jesse Watson: Definitely a good thing to have, Roy. Because now, he’s only one win away from taking that belt from his brother.

(Zack and Blake slowly get to their feet before the belt allows them to start the match back up for the second fall. Zack and Blake lock up before Zack gets his brother into a headlock. Blake drives his elbow into Zack’s rib cage a few times before shoving him off, leading to a standoff between the two young men. Zack goes for a clothesline, but Blake ducks it. The blond Jones brother turns around and is almost met with a kick to the face, a roundhouse kick to be exact, but ducks it, forcing his brother to turn his back on him. This gives Zack the opportunity to nail a high knee that rocks Blake in the back of the head and sends him stumbling towards the corner. Blake stops himself before he hits the corner, but when he turns around he is met with an enziguiri, the kick nailing his skull so hard that he falls through the ropes and out of the ring.)

Roy Hardy: What an enziguiri!

Jesse Watson: Knocked Blake’s ass right out of the ring.

(Zack quickly exits the ring and grabs Blake before rolling him back into the ring. Zack hops onto the apron and looks out at the audience before quickly heading off to a corner. Climbing the turnbuckles, Zack gets to the top turnbuckle and awaits for his brother to get to his feet and turn to that corner before leaping off, extending out his body for a crossbody...only to be caught with a dropkick to the midsection from Blake, sending him reeling backwards! Zack lies on the ground, clutching at his stomach and rolling around in pain while Blake slowly gets to his feet. After Zack gets on all fours, Blake charges forward and punts him in the skull, laying him out before going for the cover, hooking both of his brother’s legs!)

Roy Hardy: What a punt to the skull after that dropkick to an airborne Zack Jones!

Jesse Watson: And now, Blake’s looking to pull off the tying pinfall here!




(Zack just manages to get his shoulder up before the ref’s hand can slap the mat for a three count and Blake lets out an annoyed grunt. He slowly gets to his feet and begins to stomp away at his brother before getting him up to both feet. Blake then proceeds to irish whip Zack towards the nearest ropes, which he bounces off of. When Zack begins making his run back, Blake goes for a spinning heel kick, only for Zack to dodge it and roll up Blake from behind!)

Roy Hardy: Roll up! Roll up by Zack Jones!




Jesse Watson: Oh, another close one there by Zack Jones!

(Blake and Zack both get to their feet at the same time, but Blake quickly catches him with a boot to the gut before taking a few steps to the right of his brother. Blake then charges forward and goes for a Fame Asser, but Zack dodges it at the last second! Blake turns around and Zack goes for a rare superkick, only for Blake to catch it and spin him around before catching him in the gut with a kick! Blake then grabs Zack’s head and slams it onto the mat with a DDT! Blake quickly gets to his feet and charges towards the nearest ropes, leaping onto the middle rope before attempting a backflip and landing right onto his brother with a lionsault! Blake goes for the cover, looking to tie this match up!)

Roy Hardy: Lionsault by Blake! Could he tie it up here?!




Jesse Watson: Damn, another close one right there!

(Blake quickly gets to his feet and hurries over towards the corner, huffing and puffing as the minutes in the match begin ticking away. He exits out onto the apron before slowly climbing onto the top turnbuckle, only for Zack to come rushing in out of nowhere and hits a hurricarana on his brother right off of the top turnbuckle, sending him crashing onto the mat! Zack quickly gets to his feet, motioning for his brother to get up so that he can hit the same move he hit before to get the first pinfall. Blake slowly gets to all fours before crawling over to the opposite corner. He slowly uses the turnbuckles to help himself up to both feet before turning around and leaning up against the corner, breathing heavily. Zack charges forward and goes for a corner splash of his own, but his brother dodges it, forcing the blond man out of Philadelphia to hit the top turnbuckle hard before stumbling backwards. Blake takes this opportunity, even though he’s exhausted himself, to run towards the ropes and leap on the middle one before turning his body 180, raising up his knees while grabbing his brother’s neck. Blake then proceeds to drive Zack onto his knees, connecting with a springboard codebreaker before he goes for the cover, looking to tie it up!)

Roy Hardy: Jones Equation connects! That’s gotta be it!




Blake Jones: 1
Zack Jones: 1

Jesse Watson: And Blake ties it right up!

(Blake quickly goes for another cover, looking to end it with another pinfall, but the ref begins yelling at Blake and telling him that both men have to be up for the match to start. Blake sighs as he gets up to both feet then walks over to his corner while the ref checks on Zack. Once the blond haired Jones brother gets up to both feet and gives the ref a thumbs up, the match continues on and Blake quickly charges forward...only for Zack to catch him with a yakuza kick that kicks Blake’s face in and lays him right on out! The audience lets out a huge pop as Zack crawls over to his brother, who has managed to roll slightly away almost back to his corner, and hooks both of his legs for the cover!)

Roy Hardy: Oh my god! Yakuza kick out of nowhere! Blake Jones may be out cold!

Jesse Watson: That was one hard as fuck kick!




Roy Hardy: Blake kicks out! Blake kicks out!

Jesse Watson: It’s almost unbelievable! Wow!

(Zack grabs Blake and slowly drags him to the nearest corner and gives him a few stomps before turning to face the corner. Zack lets out a deep breath before placing his hands on either side of the turnbuckle on the ropes before pulling himself up and splits his legs before they hit the ropes. Bouncing off of those ropes, Zack does a backflip before attempting a corkscrew and landing right on Blake! The audience applauds the split legged corkscrew moonsault and cheers as Zack, wide eyed and almost stunned that the move connected, turns over his now in pain brother before hooking both of his legs! The ref slides down onto the mat and the audience joins in on the pinfall attempt!)

Roy Hardy: Miracle connects! This could be it!




Randall Jobbs: The winner of this match, at the 28:45 mark of the match...and YOUR NEW PWP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ZAAAAAAACK JONESSSSS!

(Zack rolls off of Blake and slowly raises his arms high up in the air. After being able to get to his knees, the ref walks over with the PWP Heavyweight championship and waits for Zack to get to his feet before handing it over to him. Zack raises the title high up in the air, smiling as the audience cheers him on.)

Roy Hardy: What a win by Zack Jones!

Jesse Watson: But you gotta think that this loss is going to be a tough one to swallow for Blake Jones.

(Once Blake gets to his feet, Zack stops in his tracks and stops celebrating...but Blake walks up to him and shakes his hand before pulling him in for a hug. The show ends with Blake raising Zack’s high up in the air, both men seemingly having a cheerful mood after the match between them.)
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PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time
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