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 Melody Lennox

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Melody Lennox

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Name: Melody Lennox

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 100lbs.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Alignment: about as face as it gets

Pic Base: Alexa Bliss

Entrance Theme: "Glitter in the Sky" - Charlie

Entrance Description: "Glitter in the Sky" began to play over the PA system while the big screen began to roll a video package of a happy, bouncy blonde. As minimal pyrotechnics go off, a spray of glitter cannons go off from the bottom of the stage, silver sparkles flying before the tutu-doning Melody Lennox appeared from behind the curtain. Her eyes are wide, taking in the crowd, taking a deep breath because she was compelled to run to the back. Swallowing hard, she pushes on with a forced confident smile, heading to the side of the stage. Blowing a kiss to the crowd, a flurry of sparkles came from the kiss, before she skipped towards the ramp, holding out a shaking glitter-covered palm to collect high fives from the fans.

Approaching the ring, from Huntington Beach, California; weighing in at one hundred pounds... Melody LENNOX!

Delaying her time to the ring with a lot of hesitation, she glanced at the rope for a few long moments before pulling her short body up to the apron. Giving her long, blonde and blue hair a little toss behind her shoulder, she pulled herself to her feet and slung her body through the ropes. Undoing the pullapart snap of the tutu, she gave her dual-colored hair a little fling before she cautiously handed the tutu to the announcer. Shuffling to her corner, she bit her lower lip hard and glanced at the other side of the ring with doe eyes as "Glitter in the Sky" began to come to an end.

Gimmick Description: Extremely timid and shy, Melody is exactly the opposite of what would make someone an effective trashtalker. In fact, when people insult her, she'll typically shirk away and hide. Not one to settle disputes verbally thanks to sheer inability, what she lacks in bravery, she makes up for in utter joyfulness, trusting - after a few brief exchanges, and a unique charisma that will make people want to get behind her. Armed with an impressive and almost accidental moveset and a pocket full of glitter, she will look to bounce her way into your heart.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Alexa Bliss - high flying offense but not really utilized unless it's necessary

Signature Move(s):
1. Evasive 450: This move is done as someone places Melody on the top rope in an attempt to finish her off. She will find her barings and go into "fight or flight" mode and take flight. This 450 lands Melody OVER the opponent and onto her feet - she'll then do a somersalt to find her baring and rebound off of the ropes to take someone down with a running attack from the top rope.
2. Somersault Roll: As the name states, this move is used to avoid an attack - more often than not a clothesline or any running move like a big boot. Utilizing her small size and speed, Melody can tuck and roll across the ring and rise to her feet on the other side. She'll build up a rare moment of confidence and sometimes follow up with a curtsie.

Finishing Move(s):
1. Off-Key Symphony: this is a tilt-a-whirl inside cradle that is typically done as a form of a reversal to a bigger opponent, the surprising pinfall typically catching a very quick pinfall from stunned and sometimes dizzy opponents.
2. Final Serenade: a standing moonsault double knee drop sees a downed opponent finding their ribs full of knees. melody will do a moonsault and draw her knees in, making sure that they land across the opponent's ribs, winding them before going for a pinfall

Bio/Brief History: Born and raised to a music teacher mother and a preacher father, Melody Lennox had always been taught that modesty was a virtue. Quick to keep quiet and shy away from any and all confrontation or undesirable actions, there's an almost accidental charm to the "Shy Skydancer." Not at all built like a wrestler - small and meek - she has all of the tools it takes to FAIL but all of the determination not to.

Accomplishments (Optional): Um... she's cute? Does that count?
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Melody Lennox
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