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 Teagan Cavenagh

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Teagan Cavenagh
Teagan Cavenagh

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Name: Teagan Cavenagh

Height: 5' 8'

Weight: 125 lbs

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Alignment: Tweener (leaning more towards face)

Pic Base: Hannah Beth

Entrance Theme: 'Violet Skies' by In This Moment

Entrance Description: 'Violet Skies' by In This Moment hits and the first few opening lines echo throughout the arena as the purple and blue lights focus on the stage. Teagan Cavenagh appears on stage, leaning forward and blowing a kiss to the fans before she stands up and lifts a hand up, waving. She proceeds to making her way down the ramp, hitting her hands with those of the fans in the front row before reaching the ring. She sits on the ring apron and swings her legs up onto the apron as well. She rolls underneath the bottom rope and springs to her feet. She centers herself in the ring, blowing a kiss to the fans again as the music fades out.

Gimmick Description: Happy-go-lucky, fairly naive 'rookie'. She always tries to see the positive in situations but is not particularly confident in herself and can be quite unsure of what she's doing but is a determined fighter.

Signature Move(s):
• Spinning facebuster
• Cartwheel Corkscrew Moonsault

Finishing Move(s):
• Showdown - Jujigatame
• Violet Skies - Tiger Driver '98

Bio/Brief History: Teagan Cavenagh worked in her home country of Australia for several years on the indy circuit but signed a contract with American company Universal Wrestling Federation in June 2013. She worked in an administrative role for several months but has recently returned to the ring.

Accomplishments (Optional):
• Former UWF Overload! General Manager
• Former UWF Adrenaline Color Commentator
• Former UWF Adrenaline Co-General Manager
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Teagan Cavenagh
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