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Despicable Mel
Despicable Mel

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Melissa Pbucket
::::::::::CHARACTER INFORMATION::::::::::
REAL NAME: Melissa Stephanie Black
RING NAME: Melissa
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5ft 4
WEIGHT: 115lbs
BORN IN: Seattle, Washington
RESIDES: The Tour Bus
ALIGNMENT: Fun Time Tweener
MARITAL STATUS: In an open relationship with Teagan Cavenagh
CHARACTER BASE: Kaitlyn (Brunette)
ENTRANCE THEME: “Break Away” by CFO$
ENTRANCE ACTIONS: Sixteen men and women dressed up as all kinds of different television characters come out from the back stage area as “Break Away” by CFO$ hits the speakers. Mel’s Mascots are dressed in all kinds of different outfits from Darth Vader, to Spongebob, to the Ninja Turtles. The costumed mascots all start to dance down the aisle as “Break Away” continues to play, with the crowd singing and dancing along. The mascots break off, eight to the lift, eight to the right and stand in a line down opposite sides of the ramp leaving a gap down the middle. As the crowd continue to sing and dance in their seats Melissa appears from the backstage area, dancing and singing along too. Melissa dances down the ramp in the gap left by the mascots, as she gets ahead of the sixteen mascots Melissa throws up rock hands and in unison the sixteen mascots form a line behind her. Melissa leads the way as her mascots do a conga like dance towards the ring, as they get there Melissa hops up on to the apron as the mascots line up around the ring. The mascot directly behind Mel pulls her down off the apron, Mel crosses her arms as the mascots surfboard down the line to the next side of the ring to which the final mascot pushes Melissa back up so she’s standing on the apron. Melissa runs to the left and jumps over the top rope, landing on the second turnbuckle, she throws her rock hands up once more before jumping down

::::::::::FINISHING MOVES::::::::::
Melissattack [Cross Rhodes]
Mellock [Yes Lock]

::::::::::SIGNATURE MOVES::::::::::
Super Kick

::::::::::10 ADDITIONAL MOVES::::::::::
01. Hurricanrana
02. Spear
03. Swinging Neck Breaker
04. Bitch Slap
05. Back Breaker
06. Cross Body
07. Snap Suplex
08. Frog Splash
09. Moonsault
10. Figure Four Leg Lock

UWF One To Watch In 2014 Award
UWF Overload Champion (x2)
2014 UWF Queen Of The Universe

::::::::::MATCH HISTORY::::::::::
Coming Soon!

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