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 Robb Hardy Bio

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Robb Hardy

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Name: Robb Hardy

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 235 lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Alignment: Heel

Pic Base: Shane Helms

Entrance Theme: "Alive and Kicking" By Nonpoint

Entrance Description: The lights darken, and all of a sudden an green pyro shoots out, and green laser lights are being shining everywhere. "Alive and Kicking" By Nonpoint then hits and out walks Robb Hardy. The majority of the fans begin to boo while parts of the crowd cheers Robb on. Robb then walks down the rampway and then slides into the ring. Robb then climbs up top the turnbuckle, and crosses his arms. Robb then jumps down and backs into a corner and leans against it, waiting for the match to begin.

Gimmick Description (Doesn't need to be long. Just something so I have an idea what your character is):

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: RVD, Matt Hardy, Jericho

1.Lion Tamer
2. 450 Splash
3. Snap Suplex
4. Multiple Suplex
5.German Suplex
6. Multiple German Suplex
7. Spinning Wheel Kick
8. Rolling Thunder
9. Crescent Kick
10. Sit-Down Jaw Breaker
11. sleeper hold
12. Monkey Flip (To a standing or cornered opponent)
13. Shooting Star Press while standing on the ground
14. Backhand Spring Elbow (Opponent leaning back on turnbuckle)
15. Hurricanranna
16. Tornado DDT
17. Sharpshooter

Signature Move(s):
1. Jaded (Superkick)
2. Hardy Drop (Inverted DDT)

Finishing Move(s):

1. LA Splash (Frog Splash)
2. Pump the Breaks (STO Backbreaker followed by a Faceplant)

Bio/Brief History: Robb grew up in Los Angeles California, taking care of his two brothers Will Hardy and Nick Hardy while their mother was away at work during the day. Growing up in the lower class areas of Los Angeles, Robb had to be very protective of Nick and Will and he had to get them out of truble on many occasions. While growing up, Robb had the dream to become a wrestler and he started off his career in 2001 in UWA. In UWA, Robb won the Galaxy and Television Champions once on separate occasions. Near the end of Robb's stay, a man named Wes Michaels challenged Robb in a Hell In A Cell match with both men putting their careers on the line. Wes Michaels ended up defeating Robb Hardy, ending his run as a superstar and beginning his first and only attempt at being a manager. UWA eventually closed and Robb joined EPW on October 13th, 2002. Robb wasn't welcomed in the beginning because he was young and cocky. By November, people started to warm up the Robb and he became well liked by the roster and fans a-like. Robb, who was married to Cassandra, came home to find out that Cassandra had been murdered. Later on Robb found out it was Red Wolf, and Robb got his revenge by beating Red Wolf. In mid December of 2002. Eventually Robb found out that Cassandra was forced to fake her own death because of her father's work in the CIA and that is how Red Wolf got away with it, because it was a government cover up. Later on during Robb's tenure in EPW, h won the American Title from Drummond Base, and then beat his enemy and ex-best friend who trained him, JJ Jarone, at EPW's December PPV called X-Mas in a buried alive match. Later on, JJ Jarone and Robb reconciled their differences and they both joined up with the Darkriders, a group that already possessed Dan Cichon, Lexy, and Dwight Maverick. JJ Jarone soon retired and handed his tag title to Robb Hardy. Robb Hardy then lost his American Title, to his friend Dwight Maverick. A week later, Robb won the High-Velocity Championship. Robb held the Tag Team titles with Lexy for two months before losing them to Sypon and Drummond Base. Robb then went on to lose his High-Velocity Championship to Smooth Criminal and it was considered a huge upset. Robb then earned a world championship shot at the PPV Insurance. The Main event was Robb Hardy Vs. JJ Jarone for the EPW World Championship and Robb ended up coming out on top, marking his first reign as the World Champion.. Eventually EPW would close and Robb would try his hand out in CHZ, NGW, HCW and RXW where he eventually became a two time Cruiserweight champion. Robb achieved most of his success in EPW but he also had a great deal of success in XWF when he arrived there in 2003. Robb became Tag Champion two times, one of those reigns with his long time friend TJ Codair. Robb also won the XXX Championship in XWF which was their version of the hardcore championship. Eventually Robb and XWF management did not see eye to eye so he then headed back over to CHZ for two months, winning all of his matches which included a victory over another long time friend, THG. After a two month absence in the XWF, Robb made his return and in his first match back he beat Dante Locks for the Genesis Championship in a Russian Chain match. Robb then squared off against TJ Codair in a fans bring the weapons match. Robb was then pitted against five other opponents in a Game-Time elimination match and he came out the victor. XWF eventually closed and had a going away show where Robb retained the Genesis Championship and was its last ever champion. Robb also met Jade, the sister of Chris Night, in XWF and they eloped after dating for several years. Robb then had a few more stints in the CHZ, even teaming with Chris Night at one point. When Inferno Wrestling opened, Robb decided to try his hand as the head referee of the company while Jade and Chris Night became wrestlers there. A man named Skylar Riggs had a match with Jade in August of 2013 and he tore her apart, busting her open and breaking her jaw. This caused Robb to challenge Riggs to a match himself. Robb put up a valiant effort but sadly, fell to the same fate that Jade fell too. Jade ended up having a case of stockholme syndrome and she ran to be with Skylar Riggs, betraying both Robb and Chris is the process and Skylar injured Chris Night as well. Chris and Robb ended up getting into a heated argument over all of this in front of Robb's house, causing the police to be called on them. A week later, Robb checked himself into a mental facility because of this downward spiral. Chris ended up defeating Skylar Riggs, causing him to disappear from Inferno and seperate himself from Jade as well. Jade also disappeared up until she came to see Robb at the mental facility he was staying at. Jade told Robb to stay away from Chris and that she loved him before signing his release papers and leaving him alone again. Robb tried to stay away from his brother-in-law Chris and Chris' fiancee Kelly Fury for some time but he couldn't resist and had to go see them. Robb has been trying to cope with the whole situation and now figures the best way to deal with all of this is to get back in the squared circle and do what he does best... Wrestle. Robb has already competed in PWX in an over the top battle royal that had over ten people in it and Robb was one of the final 3 participants left. Now he wants to try his hand in a match in PWP.


EPW Heavyweight Champion
EPW American Champion
EPW High-Velocity Champion
EPW Tag Team Champion (2) 1 w/TJ Codair, 1 w/Lexy
EPW Hall of Fame
XWF Genesis Champion
XWF XXX Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion (2) 1 w/TJ Codair, 1 w/Slash
XWF Hall of Fame
UwA Galaxy Champion (2)
UwA Television Champion
RXW Cruiserweight Cahmpion (2)
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Robb Hardy Bio
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