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 PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Frankie Emerson vs. Melody Lennox

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Frankie Emerson vs. Melody Lennox   Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:34 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is July 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

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Melody Lennox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Frankie Emerson vs. Melody Lennox   Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:02 am

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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: #Kindness   Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:46 pm

Scene 1- The Face of Kindness

:::== The scene is dark. There's noise going on in the background; footsteps, light chatter and laughter, wheels rolling on filthy tile floors. Then the sound of beeping and sliding; a store door opening. The scene fades in on a shot of a well dressed Brandon Harris stepping through the entrance and reading the sign on the inner vestibule door "Welcome to Mardens: Surplus and Salvage". Brandon stares at the sign for a moment and sighs before entering cautiously. He peers around at the horde of sketchy folks that walk through the store, picking up poorly crafted 75% of rugs and acting like they just found a $100 bill on the ground. Brandon continues through the "store", trying to avoid the shoppers and employees alike, all looking like they just stepped out of a Steven King novel. Finally Brandon finds what he's looking for, as he spots Frankie Emerson down looking in an isle. He quickly makes his way to Frankie, looking rather unpleased. Frankie turn and smirks like a moron. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: There you are Brando! Isn't this place great?

Brandon Harris: It most certainly is not great! I'm pretty sure literally everyone in this store aside from us is homeless.

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Don't be judgmental Brando, I'm sure they live in a trashy trailerpark.

Brandon Harris: I don't care where they live, why the hell are we here? I'm getting kinda tired of meeting you in the most random places TRYING to do my job and get an interview, and 80% of the time you don't even let me conduct one! You're too busy wrapped up in your own little world, in whatever the hell it is you're doing that day!

... Frankie?!

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Huhyeahwhat? Sorry I wasn't listening. Look at this shirt! It's a cat coming out of the water near a boat and it says "Claws" at the top of it.


Get it? Claws... cuz cats have claws... but it's in the scene and the font of Jaws... the movie.

Brandon Harris: .......................................................................................... I'm leaving.

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: No come back! Even if it is quality over quantity there's no way this will match up yet!

Brandon Harris: ... What?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Sweet... the shirt's only $4.

Brandon Harris: Probably because of that stain on the shoulder... and why does it look sticky?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: ... FOUR... DOLLARS.

:::== He tosses the shirt into the top part of the cart, over a few things. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: But anyways, the reason we're here! You see, a nasty rumor has been spreading lately that I'm a mean person, and well I just can't let that go around Brando. I'm the nicest man in the world... and all of my fans can't go around thinking that I'm a rude individual. I've been called heartless Brandon and that's unacceptable. I'm not just "The Face" of wrestling. I'm "The Face" of love, "The Face" of benevolence... frankly Brandon I'm "The Face"... of kindness. Yeah that's it! *mumbling* "The Face" of kindness... that's going to be the title of this scene...

Brandon Harris: What was that?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Nothin'! Anyways I digress. I'm here today as a sign of good faith. You see it's a well known fact by now that The Flaming Fairy, The Grappling Gaylord, Mr. Chaz Holigay himself has decided being gay isn't cool anymore. I personally think it's a publicity stunt cuz lets face it, if ya like wiener than you like wiener, no ifs ands or buts. But alas, Chaz has come out as "bi-sexual" and is now dating the... now dating the... *mumbles again* come on Frankie you can do it... the lovely... Melody Lennox.

:::== Frankie makes a puking noise, and takes a deep breath. Brandon just rolls his eyes. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: So, why are we here? Because I've decided to buy this mismatched mess of a couple some gifts to help get their relationship off on the right foot.

Brandon Harris: I'd like to say that's nice of you... but I have a feeling it's not.

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: What do you mean?! Look at this cool stuff I've gotten. Here, let me show.

:::== Frankie holds up his newest clothing piece, grabbing out what looks to be a massive clump of hair. Brandon looks at it rather perplexed. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Oh, this one I'm on the fence with. It's a fake beard! I figured if Melody wore this it'd make Chaz feel a little more comfortable... but from the looks of a recent picture of her she's already working on her own.

:::== Brandon sighs and Frankie snickers as he tosses the mangled heap of hair, grabbing the next item out. Brandon is even more confused this time. :::==

Brandon Harris: Oh is the next thing in the paper bag?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Nah I just saw this up front and grabbed it for good ol' Chaz. I figure if he really IS bi, he doesn't wanna have to look at that man-face while he's going to town if he's in the mood for a girl that day. So he can just toss this over her and get goin'!

Brandon Harris: You're a horrible person.

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: I'm just trying to help them out! And speaking of which I found something for Melody too... where is it...

:::== Frankie paws through the cart, looking for something. Brandon peers into the cart. :::==

Brandon Harris: What's that pony in the cart?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Huh? Oh you mean nightmare moon... I mean this hunk of crap? I accidentally picked it up...

:::== Frankie slowly picks up the plush pony and sets it on the shelf next to him, Brandon judging him all the while. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Here it is!

:::== He hands a can to Brandon who studies it for a moment, reading it aloud. :::==

Brandon Harris: Chub Chug... a naturally enhanced drink to help remove flab and unwanted fat. Brownie flavored. ... That's real nice Frankie.

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Isn't it? All that Chub-a-saurous Rex posts on twitter is pictures of cookies and cakes and brownies, so I figured she could chug this down and actually LOSE some weight instead of trying to get the role of Honey Boo Boo's mother.

:::== A large woman enters the isle, and her eyes widen. She begins speaking through her one tooth. :::==

Woman: Honey Boo Boo?! I love that show! Hee hee... Did you see that one episode... hee hee... where Honey Boo Boo she farted ya know!?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh that was great... HEY LOOK! Someone dropped their foodstamp book over there!

Women: WHAT?! Outta my way!

:::== The woman waddles off and Frankie stares in horror. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: I think it's time to cash out.

Brandon Harris: I'm right there with you.

:::== The two begin to walk off, but Frankie stops. He grabs the Nightmare Moon plushy and stuffs it quickly under the shirt in his cart without Brandon noticing. They get to the check out, where a nice looking woman is actually running the check out. She scans everything and they do the transaction. Frankie shakes his head looking in her direction. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Wow, such a gorgeous person shouldn't be caught dead in this dump.

Cashier: Awe thanks! I'm just working here until I can pay my way through college to get a better jo-

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Huh? Oh not you. I was looking at myself in the mirror behind you. Enjoy your dead end job troll face.

:::== The cashier... and Brandon Harris look horrified as Frankie walks out. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Come on Brandon! I have to go cut a promo on how nice I am!

:::== Brandon looks at the girl mouthing "I'm sorry about him", receiving a specific finger for his trouble. They exit. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: I'm going to be starting my own YouTube Channel Brando! That way all of my serious business promos can be posted on there for all my trillions of fans to see and cheer me on in the comment sections! And I need you to be there to run the camera.

Brandon Harris: *Sigh* Can't anyone else do it?

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: NO! And stop whining, you can just send your employers the video so it'll look like you're actually doing your job for once. Now come on, we have a lot of set up to do!

:::== Brandon shakes his head, sadly following Frankie to set up for this inevitable train wreck of a YouTube station. :::==


Scene 2- The Face of YouTube MeTube

:::== The scene reopens with a shot of Frankie "The Face" Emerson standing in a nice suit in front of an American flag back drop. He smiles and waves at the camera. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Hey there folks! Welcome to my new YouTube show known as... drum roll... MeTube! This is a show all about me, Frankie Emerson. Here I'll post cute little vlogs, updates and what not. But tonight for my first episode I'm going to be addressing something very important, and that's my match coming up in PWP with Melody Lennox. Now you see Melody went out of her way and asked for this match because her new main squeeze thinks that I've been targeting her or something. Let me start with this, it's not my fault that I was raised as an honest man, and if I see something that someone's doing wrong it's my civic duty to point it out! If I'm a doctor and I see another doctor doing something stupid that's going to harm the patient, it's my  job to point that out so he can rectify his mistake. So when I saw Melody's stupid fat face, it was my JOB to point it out so that hopefully she could fix it. See? I'm a nice guy!

But I digress, she decided to go cry to Josh Duncan and get a match with the PWP's biggest name, myself. Look, I've beaten so many women here in PWP that they've started booking me as Chris Brown, so one more doesn't really bother me. Especially considering it's at the BIGGEST PWP show in history, PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time. Speaking of first times, this is probably the first time Chaz is seeing me and not wanting my butt. Ya know, cuz he's bi now so maybe he's into women today?

:::== You can hear Brandon's voice in the background mumble "That's nowt how being bi works...". Frankie glares and there's a not-so-well timed cut. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: So yeah, like I was saying I'm going to be facing Melody one on one in the ring and it seems like I've gotten her kind of fired up. That's good because when it comes to wrestling, I Frankie Emerson NEVER take the easy way out.

:::== Brandon stifles a chuckle, and Frankie glares again. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: I'm glad that I've lit a fire under the rotund rear-end of Melody, because I'm not just looking to win this match. I'm looking to prove a point. Over the past few months ever since PWSi closed down, I've been making and accepting open challenges, and nobody can deny that more often than not I've been successful. I'm one of the only men in PWP with an impressive winning record and I'm not going to let Melody ruin that. And I mean lets be honest... do you REALLY THINK a girl like MELODY can defeat a stud like me?! I don't think--

:::== Suddenly we hear "I'm the Man" by Aloe Black. Frankie takes his phone out of his pocket and stares at the camera. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Wow sorry... this is so embarrassing but I need to take this.

Hello? Yeah this is Frankie. OH HEY! How's it been? Yeah? Yeah I'm actually cutting a promo on her right now. Yeah sure I'll tell her. Sure. No problem. Thanks I'll talk to you later. Bye.

:::== He hangs up and looks dead into the camera. :::==

Frankie "The Face" Emerson: Hey Melody, that was reality calling and wanted me to tell you that you have NO CHANCE of beating me at PWP 10. Sorry toots, but Frankie is on his way to the top of the world and I'm not going to let a Shar Pei-faced loser like you get in my way. Good luck Melody, I'll see you at PWP 10.

:::== The Star Spangled Banner plays as we slowly fade to black. :::==
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Frankie Emerson vs. Melody Lennox   

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PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Frankie Emerson vs. Melody Lennox
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