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 PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh   Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:33 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is July 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

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Despicable Mel
Despicable Mel

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh   Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:36 pm

It was November 6th of the year two thousand thirteen when the young twin of the Black family known as Melissa made her in ring debut. She was a newbie, a rookie to the business as well as naïve. She was on a team with her then friend and a man known as Dorn, they defeated three icons by the names of “Pretty” Ricky Stanton, Andy Titsuhiro and Melissa’s occasional play thing Vicky Stone

Oh how times change.

Back then Melissa was the evil one, used and manipulated by the GM-Pire and their cronies but now? Now she was in a war against the personification of evil, a team of ex-asylum inmates who actually called themselves The Asylum. Ten out of ten for originality. It had been a tough war, Melissa had lost her Overload! Championship during the rivalry not once but twice. She was also betrayed by that little baby bitch Micah who had clearly been even more corrupted by his mommy than once thought.

It had been a rough few months battling freaks, monsters and weirdoes so Melissa was relieved to venture away from the Universal Wrestling Federation for the first time in her career to join the Professional Wrestling Project. Melissa and Teagan had both scouted numerous companies away from the UWF but none appealed to them quite like PWP, it was laid back, relaxed and free of stress

Just what they both needed after all the recent goings on with The Asylum

Their debut match would be at PWP 10: Nothing Like A First time but instead of teaming up as Teagan Melissa Inc, T.M.I., they would be going one on one with each other for the first time ever, something that the girls were very much looking forward to. Melissa was also personally looking forward to her first ever PWP interview which was to be conducted by PWP’s very own backstage interviewer Roxie McCright.

This interview would not be taking place backstage though, no, it would be taking place inside the mobile home of Melissa, namely her FAB Party Bus. Melissa had invited her new colleague to conduct the interview on the bus, which was unusually quiet and empty but still had plenty of booze on board. Roxie stepped on to the bus, not quite knowing what to make of it all

[MEL] Welcome to my humble abode Miss McCright! Come on in and take a seat!

Roxie McCright had no intentions of making this a sit down interview but it seemed that her interviewee Melissa had different plans. Roxie wasn’t gonna argue, she took a seat on the rather comfy couch as Melissa poured herself and Roxie a drink. The newest PWP star then took a seat opposite Roxie.

[ROXIE] First of all Melissa I’d like to welcome you to the Professional Wrestling Project, we are very happy to have you here

[MEL] I’m very happy to be here, feels great to wonder away from home once in a while

[ROXIE] Of course by home you mean the Universal Wrestling Federation, the Professional Wrestling Project’s latest affiliate. What was it that made you decide to venture away from the UWF in the first place?

[MEL] Well Roxie, life in the UWF is pretty hectic right now for me. I got eight, count ‘em eight freaks after me and that’s just at the moment. That group seem to get bigger and bigger by the week and not a single one of them like me, so yeah, I got a cast of eight freaks after me, Teagan and my family… I needed a break from all of that, I needed to be away from those Asylum monsters. Sure, they’re very involved in my life, they seem to follow me where ever I go in the UWF but this isn’t the UWF Roxie this is PWP and I’m free from the stresses and annoyances of the UWF, in fact, I think I’ll drink to that!

Melissa picked up her glass and held it in the air, Roxie getting caught up in the moment does the same and clanks her glass with Mel’s before taking a drink and putting the glass back down on the table in front of them

[ROXIE] Well in your PWP debut you go head to head for the first time ever with your best friend and tag team partner…

[MEL] And girlfriend

[ROXIE] And girlfriend Teagan…

[MEL] Princess Teagan!

[ROXIE] Sorry, Princess Teagan Cavenagh. Now as we said and as with the shows theme this is the first time that you two will have ever faced off in a singles match or any other match for that matter. Why is it that you both requested to face each other in your PWP debuts rather than team up as T.M.I.?

This was a question that Melissa had been asked a lot ever since the PWP match was announced. She sat back on the sofa, putting her hands behind her head as she shot a smile at Roxie

[MEL] Simples my interviewer friend. Just lately Teagan and I have been on fire, stealing every show that we have been on in UWF and that is in matches that we’re not in together. If we’re in the same match, facing each other, then there’s no telling what we can do. This isn’t some big rivalry match, I’m not gonna be upset and rant on twitter if she beats me, she’s not gonna piss and moan on twitter if I beat her. This is what it is, two best friends, girlfriends and tag team partners going out there with the purpose of stealing the show and having a good time

[ROXIE] So there won’t be any heated competition from either of you?

[MEL] Now I didn’t say that, Teagan is the veteran of the team. She’s only been pinned twice and even in one of those matches she won as it was an elimination match. She’s the veteran of the group and because of that people see her as the leader of the team, so I have something to prove with a win over her. Plus her name is first in our team but that’s only because we wanted our initials to spell out T.M.I. but then you can flip it the other way around, Teagan may be the veteran but from an accomplishment side of things I’m ahead of her. I’m a two time UWF Overload! Champion, may not have the belt now but still, I was the first person to win that thing twice. I’m also the two thousand and fourteen Queen of the Universe, that’s a title I get to keep until next year. Teagan? She’s the career killer and she got to be in Money in the Bank Ladder Match but she hasn’t got an accolade aside from end of year awards so in that sense she’s gonna be wanting to beat me to prove she can take out another former Champion…

Melissa looked like she was going to say more but stopped as she noticed a message on her phone. It was a tweet she’d been tagged in by the UWF General Manager Eddie Kassidy, she read the tweet and smiled wider than anyone had ever seen her smiled before

[ROXIE] What?

[MEL] That was a tweet from the UWF General Manager. It appears myself and Miss Teagan Cavenagh have a shot at the UWF Tag Team titles next week little Roxie, you know what that means?!

[ROXIE] What does that mean Melissa?

[MEL] That means that by the time PWP 10, Nothing Like A First time comes around myself and my PWP opponent will be the reigning UWF Tag Team Champions so not only will it be the first ever time that myself and Teagan have faced each other in a match, we’ll also be UWF Tag Team Champions while doing so

[ROXIE] So you’re confident that the two of you can defeat the reigning UWF Tag Team Champions then?

Melissa leaned forward still with a smile on her face, picking up her glass and taking another drink. She knew after this interview was over there would be a lot more drinking to be done, right now she was just getting started. It would soon be time to celebrate

She reached out and put a hand on Roxie’s shoulder

[MEL] Ah my dear Roxie, I’m more than confident. See, we’re facing the two Asylum members that we want the most. Liz Bathory, who has been a thorn in my side for months, she’s the one that took my belt not once but twice not to mention the reason Teagan got kidnapped… although she paid for that with multiple chair shots. I’d like nothing more than to take Liz’s other belt from her, yeah, okay, she beat me twice, took my Overload! title twice but I’ve also beaten her, three times actually so I’m going for four right here while Teagan is just looking for some payback

[ROXIE] Who is the other person in the match? What about them?

Melissa leaned back, her eye twitched a little bit. It was clearly a sour subject still but it was one that she didn’t have an actual problem addressing

[MEL] That, my dear Roxie, would be that silent little baby backstabbing little bitch Micah. The little monster of the Asylum that’s being used and abused by Liz Bathory and he doesn’t even realise it. He doesn’t see her for what she truly is, I tried to help him, I tried to save him from that bunch of freaks but he spat in my face, literally Roxie. He sprayed me with some black mist or green mist or something, cost me the damn title… all I tried to do was help him Rox and he turned his back on me but he’ll pay for it when T.M.I. take their tag team titles. That’s the thing though Roxie Poxie, this is what I’ve had to deal with in UWF, for almost a year I tried to make a name for myself and when I finally do I get six, seven, eight freaks targeting me. I needed a break, I needed to get away, and I needed the Pro Wrestling Project.

[ROXIE] So you joined PWP just to get away from it all?

[MEL] Not at all, for months I’ve been wanting to branch out but I went down with an injury that kept me out of action for a while. Even while I was out though I had contact with Josh, out of all the companies that showed interest in T.M.I. it was Josh and PWP that appealed the most, it was something different, something exciting. PWP itself is still young, next month’s show is the year anniversary. I want to be apart of PWP’s rise, I may have missed nine shows but I wanna be around for the next nine, the next ninety, the next nine thousand. I’m not gonna be one of those people that turns up for one show, has a match and then leaves. I’m not gonna be one of those people that’s here until they lose a match then quit, hell, if I was this could very well be my one and only show. No, I’m here to stay, I wanna be a major player in PWP alongside my best friend, tag team partner and girlfriend Teagan Cavenagh. This debut match, I didn’t want something easy, I didn’t want a title match, I didn’t want to be handed anything on a plate. I wanted a challenge mixed with some fun, that has Teagan’s name written all over it.

[ROXIE] It’s clear that the both of you want the same thing and feel the same way about this match against each other, it is simply a friendly rivalry match. You both have something to prove but neither of you will hold it against the other one for winning. That is established but what about beyond this match? You say you’re here to stay so what are your plans following this match with your bestie?

[MEL] To pester and pester and pester Josh until he creates some PWP Tag Team Championship belts!

Both Roxie and Melissa shared a laugh, Roxie took it as a joke but even she knew that Melissa was not joking. Both lovely girls took another drink before Melissa continued on

[MEL] But seriously, I’d love it if PWP got some Tag Team title belts. We’re besties, we’re a couple but even though we do have a Tag Team title shot in UWF next week we both end up in singles action a lot. Even though PWP doesn’t have Tag Team titles, at least right now, one of the other reasons we both joined was because Josh promised us more tag team action. Don’t get me wrong though Roxie, we’re not all about Championships, if we were then PWP wouldn’t have been a choice but we’re both still young, we have a long way to go in this business, we have a lot to prove. People see those big leather straps with gold glued on to them as proof that a person or persons have “made it” so where we’re not all about titles having them would show the world that T.M.I. mean business. So we’ll probably both pester Josh until he either breaks down and has to be committed or until he creates PWP Tag Team titles and when he does create Tag Team titles because I’m pretty sure he will just to avoid being committed you can guarantee that me and Teagan will be the first entry in to the tournament or whatever they hold to decide the first Champions. If and when this all happens you can bet your life that you’ll never, ever see Teagan and me with more fire in our eyes, more drive. We’d absolutely love to be a companies first ever Tag Team Champions, that’s an accolade nobody can ever match because there can be only one first Roxie

[ROXIE] Well thank you for your time Melissa, any last words for your girlfriend before we sign off?

[MEL] Yeah! Teags, don’t go easy on me and I promise you I won’t go easy on you either. We go out there as besties, girlfriends and partners, we come out as besties, girlfriends and partners. It doesn’t matter who wins, it doesn’t matter who loses, let’s just go out there and do what we do best and that is steal the show. Make the best girlfriend win

Roxie finished her drink before standing up and shaking Melissa’s hand. Melissa then stood up herself before leading Roxie over to the door of the party bus. As Roxie left though she was passed on the steps by someone who she was pretty sure was quicker than Barry Allen himself, a beautiful blonde who entered the bus and headed straight for the bathroom

As Roxie left the area Melissa closed the door of the party bus before moving over to the bathroom door and waiting outside of it, tapping her foot. After a few moments the door of the bathroom opened and out stepped Melissa’s good friend Vicky Stone, Melissa, once she was sure Stone had washed her hands, gave Vicky a hug before releasing her

[VICKY] Damn Mel I thought you were never gonna open that door, I’ve needed to pee for like an hour!

[MEL] Vicky? What are you doing here? Not that you being here is a bad thing I’m just surprised. I wasn’t expecting you to be out and about so soon after what went down. I’m glad to see you though

[VICKY] Yeah I figured I shouldn’t be a recluse forever right? I remember you telling me to check out PWP before everything hit the fan so I figured I’d come down and do just that. I mean, you’re facing Teagan right? What better time to check the place out, you two will totally kill it out there

Melissa smiled at her friend who’d had a bad month. She reached over to the bar and grabbed a bottle of JD before handing it to Vicky. Vicky wasted no time in taking a drink

[MEL] Thanks babe. Maybe it’ll be good for you, maybe it’ll spark you and motivate you again. I guess you can’t really be around UWF much right now, if you feel it maybe you can sign up to PWP? It’s like, one show a month, the majority of the roster seems pretty cool people and you could wrestle with me and Teagan… Hey! You can help us pester the owner Josh to create some Tag Titles we can win!

[VICKY] Yeah maybe, I dunno. I still need some time ya know? But I wanna scout it just in case I do decide to wrestle again. I was gonna go straight to the show tomorrow but I don’t know anyone but you two so I’d be like, all alone and stuff…

[MEL] Tomorrow? Vicky, I’m just here filming an interview and promo work right now, the actual show isn’t until July twenty ninth …

Vicky suddenly went all shocked face to Melissa, she thought the show was tomorrow night. Stone facepalmed herself

[VICKY] Oh man you’re joking right?

[MEL] No, it’s on the twenty ninth, you’re in the right place though. It’s here in San Antonio but not for another two weeks…

[VICKY] Oh damn, that’s even after Deadly Game right? Man I saw you were here in Texas on twitter, I figured for some reason that the show was tomorrow. Man, I guess all this stuff with Chris lately got my mind all messed up… doesn’t matter though, I’ll be back on the twenty ninth for the show though, I really wanna watch you guys wrestle and check out PWP properly

[MEL] Why don’t you travel down with me and Teags?

[VICKY] I don’t wanna be a bother Mel

[MEL] You won’t be at all, we’ll hit the road in the party bus and have a girl’s road trip. See all of Texas and then head down to the Alamodome together, you can sit in our locker room and watch me and Teags kill it in the ring on our big HDTV backstage. Might be a lot of travelling before hand since Deadly Game is like, a few days before but it’ll be fun. We can have a girl’s week out!

[VICKY] Yeah, sounds good actually. Maybe after the whole thing with Chris and you guys and The Asylum we all need it.

[MEL] You’re not kidding… anyway sit down, we can have a mini road trip right now. I’ll get the driver to drive us to the airport

Vicky nodded and sat down, still clutching the bottle of JD in her hands. Mel sat down opposite Vicky as Vicky opened up the bottle. Suddenly a light bulb or something like that popped up inside Vicky’s head, she looked at Melissa confused

[VICKY] Wait, you have a driver? Since when?!

[MEL] There’s always been one, I just don’t always use them. Maybe I should let them out to play once in a while. Anyway, kick back and relax, have a few drinks… we’re going on a road trip!

Melissa gave her anonymous driver the instructions as the two kicked back and relaxed. PWP was gonna be a new experience but it was gonna be a good one. Just who was the better member of T.M.I.? Tune in to Nothing Like A First time to find out!
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Teagan Cavenagh
Teagan Cavenagh

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh   Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:33 am

Teagan Cavenagh never considered her career to be anything spectacular. Sure, she believed in herself and everybody was aware of just how much it meant to her. But it was thus far not the most impressive or successful. Overall, her career had thus far been relatively short compared to most but she still liked to believe that she was living out her dreams. She put in enough hard work and effort on a weekly basis to at the very least be considered to be a star.

In mid-2013, the Australian signed her first official contract with a wrestling company; one in America known as the UWF. She was starting a new chapter in her life and thus, felt the pressure constantly barreling down on her. However, she fought her way through that and ended up being dubbed the 'Career Killer' upon defeating and injuring those she battled in her first several matches. She had found herself overcome with a strong level of ebullience upon realizing that this was it... everything she had worked towards was now being realized.

She was always one for believing strongly in following your dreams. However, she had felt first-hand about the emotions that come with those dreams starting to go downhill... quickly...

For several months, Teagan was a dominant force within the company and felt as though nothing could stop her... until it did. Almost everything started to go wrong for her and she couldn't quite gain a grasp on it. Teagan's career had then ground to somewhat of a halt for a significant period of time. Her quiescent time away was nothing more than a chance for her to be forgotten... as if she needed that. She was craving her chance to step back into the ring and wished it would hurry up and occur at last... though her eventual return to the ring was less than stellar as she suffered her first defeat within her career; thus sparking a downward spiral for the young woman. From here, she continued to feel the negative effects of starting to feel like a failure... as if she no longer had control of her career. She appeared to have somewhat of a tenuous grasp on her job but she was not wanting to let go of what she did have left of it.

Thankfully, her best friend Melissa Black was there to save her from that.


Teagan Cavenagh was feeling at her absolute best. No... she would not be able to fall back into her negative, potentially depressing ways. Teagan was back on track and she was showing no signs of slowing down. Here she was now in the PWP... about to show the rest of the world what she could do.

It was perhaps a wild dream... after all, Teagan had considered just how large the wrestling community was. There were hundreds... or even thousands... or pro-wrestlers in the world as well as amateurs who were working their way up to the big leagues. In the grand scheme of things, she was nothing more than one insignificant woman in a large industry dominated by bigger names. But this was perhaps a platform to her name out there so more could say that they saw Teagan Cavenagh as a star.

Perhaps this was also just an unachievable dream?

It was Melissa's idea for the two to perform on this historic show and naturally, Teagan was in immediate agreement. After all, there was a lot to look forward to. Nothing Like The First Time certainly held many promises and Teagan was hoping she would live up to expectations...

Of course, Nothing Like The First Time was some time away but Teagan found herself visiting the arena in which it would be broadcast, in advance. She often enjoyed doing this as it provided her with plenty of time to get a feel for the place in which she would soon be performing. Honestly, it just made her feel somewhat more comfortable. Whilst she was here, she opted to record a small promo, one where she could just rather casually discuss the match itself and let Melissa know that she meant business; although she was sure that she was already aware of this. The UWF stars had just finished a successful Adrenaline show in Texas, so it seemed right to take the time to look around in the nearby area. At this point, the arena was practically empty at present since there was nothing set to take place for a while. Teagan felt so small in the large arena all by herself but by the time Nothing Like The First Time rolled around, this arena would be filled with thousands of enthusiastic fans just waiting to see these stars in action.

A light smile rested on the lips of Teagan Cavenagh as the camera began to record; the red light flickering on to inform her of this. Her lips curled into more of a convincing smile as she tilted her head lightly to one side.

Teagan: Hmmm... I can't help but think I should be having fun right now... I don't want to be too serious now, do I?

Her smile now grew much wider as it seemed she was now genuinely happy and thrilled about being here. She shrugged her shoulders lightly and began to skip circles around the camera; it desperately attempting to catch up with her. She finally stopped rather abruptly, almost causing the camera to smack straight into her.

Teagan: This week... this week is a huge opportunity for me. It's a chance to do something different. I mean... it's great to mix things up and well, I don't honestly do that enough. These days, I kinda take life a little too seriously but this week it's about both business and fun, right? I mean, if you want to look at it from that perspective. I used to be one to do that... I used to be the happy-go-lucky chick who never let anything bother her; the woman who always so the silver lining in any situation... but I can admit that I appear to have taken more of a despondent approach to life as of late... and its imperative that I change that again. I need to do a total 180 to get back to where I used to be! I hate being so disheartened when all appears to be going wrong. I mean, what the hell happened to me?! I need to step my game up and resort back to being the goddamn ray of sunshine I used to be!

Time can change us all... it just seems as though I fell victim to change on a rather more several level.

I've always found it strange... the manner in which a person can change so rapidly within a short space of time. Perhaps my stance on this was due to the fact that facing it was something that had alluded me... I never saw this for myself until recently. Melissa is a prime example of somebody who has change dramatically and for the best but myself? I have changed efficaciously as well but this is perhaps not quite a good thing... I've become the kind of person I used to hate... somebody who viewed the world with such a negative stance... and that's what needs to change. It's been so incongruous for me to start behaving this way... and I don't like it!

Booooo to negativity!

It's easier said than done but with the support I've gained from the amazing friends I have around here, I know that it's certainly possible. Melissa will no doubt be the key person who will drag me back up to that level of positivity and eagerness I once held... so it's going to be tough to say anything against her! But that's what this show is about... doing something new. And therefore, none of this is anything personal. It's just a bit of friendly competition and there's nothing wrong with that, right?

She tilted her head to the other side once again, twisting a part of her black hair around her index finger.

Teagan: But I'll be honest here... I am taking this match seriously... I'll be honest with that. But to me? Well, it is fun as well because I'm facing my best friend on this earth. Myself and Melissa have a lot of history together and I owe a lot to her. I was unknown in this business for as long as I can remember... I managed to do something things for myself to kick things off. I managed to gain somewhat of a positive reputation. But I always struggled to be relevant and get my voice heard. Melissa managed to save me from being forgotten and hey, I probably wouldn't still be in this business if it wasn't for her. I remember several months ago, at the start of the year... I traveled back home to Brisbane, since my career just wasn't working out. It was supposed to just be a vacation but I reached the point where I didn't want to return back here to the States... I just wanted to stay home and quit my job and I was sooooo close to doing that but d'ya know who stopped me and changed my mind? Melissa. And I have to thank her so much for that because I couldn't imagine life being any different... I mean, not being here, not working for a great company and not wrestling for amazing fans? I can't possibly envision life without it!

And while I do owe her a lot... let's be honest. I am still my own person, of course. I'm not just some sidekick that most have believed that I've become over the past few months. No... I've never held any titles... no... I've never been considered a threat... no... I have no outstanding achievements in the business. But I know that I can return to the state of doing things for myself again... after all, it's been a while since I have. And heck, it's been just as long since I could even comprehend doing something like that. But for a woman with little to no confidence in herself, you have to deal with it... but hey, what a story this would be, huh? The woman who most consider to just be second best to Melissa actually does the seemingly impossible and defeats her in singles action! I never even fathomed that could happen but its hit me... it could actually happen! It's a possibility and hey, who doesn't love a good underdog story, right?

Again, Teagan lightly shrugged her shoulders.

Teagan: After all, I know that on the card won't have even heard of me in the past. But I'm not threatened or intimidated by any of these so-called 'bigger names'. I'm focused on this match and excited for it. I'm actually going to be watching the entire show very closely because I'm interested to see what others can do. I hope they'll pay attention to myself versus Melissa as well so they can see what the two of us are capable of! I can't wait for those who are not a part of the UWF to finally take note and see why we believe we are two of the greatest stars out there right now... okay, that is perhaps a bit of a contradictory statement to the one in which I made previously in that I am not much within this industry. Well, let me justify that. I have not achieved a great deal. Most will hear the name 'Teagan Cavenagh' and immediately question what it is I have done. However, most believe in that and yet don't take a moment to consider the talent that one actually possesses in the ring. I'm fast; I can outrun almost anybody. I'm a high-flyer, I'm a daredevil and I'm a woman who refuses to quit. I have some great qualities and some that most don't hold themselves. I know that I'm more than capable, I've just been questioning why on earth I've not been given the opportunities that I deserve and that is why I've been adopting a more dejected approach as of late. But positivity is the name of the game this week, I can assure you of that.

And for those who do know me and my career... they're all thinking that Mel will win. I mean, what have I done to challenge her or make others think otherwise? Absolutely nothing. I do have an incredible in-ring record, however. 1 loss to 9 victories. At least that is one thing I hold over Melissa. I have at least got a more respectable record... at least I can say something positive about myself in those respects. I can gain another impressive victory... I know it! I want to be able to stand here and state that I can do this... that I have a legitimate chance of defeating Melissa and actually succeeding. I'm so desperate to actually become a somebody and I hope that this will be some sort of platform towards that... after all, I'm never really given a chance to prove a point and maybe I can now... in fact... no... I'll be more confident here. I can do this. Melissa is confident in herself and I can certainly see why. She has all the tools to get the job done and she's the one that most know and respect.

And on the subject... of course I respect Melissa! Why wouldn't I? She's an amazing chick and an amazing wrestler. There's nothing bad that can be said against the woman. I do respect every single opponent I've had in that ring but none more so than my opponent here...

Most know me as the high-flyer... the woman who has talent in terms of speed and agility. Those are what I bring to matches and on top of that, I refuse to be taken out without a fight. I'm a very determination, passionate and tenacious woman... that's why I do hold as many victories as I do! I've managed to maintain one hell of a record and nobody can take that away from me. 1 loss in the space of 1 year? Come on... that's a pretty big deal.

Mel, on the other hand? Well, she's amazing in the ring in terms of using her strength and determination to score the wins. She's on a champions level. Me? I'm forever the challenger... if that. Melissa is constantly good at what she does... she never gives up, no matter how rough things get and that's just one of the reasons I admire her.

Am I the favorite in this? Is Mel? Who knows? It's all one hell of a mystery because let's be honest, I'm just basing everythin' off of assumptions here. I do genuinely believe that since Melissa is a more 'well-known' name in the biz, she'll have the most support in this but that's not to say I can't sneak in and make that impact I've always dreamed of. This job is my raison d'etre and I cannot imagine life without it... this may just be my favorite match to date and hey, let's just add it to the list of things I have to thank Melissa for.

But I just know that no matter what, the victor in this match will go ahead and shake the hand of the other and ultimately, we'll both hold one another's hands up in victory as we both stand tall following one hell of a battle. The winner, however, will be as exultant as ever before... they'll feel on top of the entire damn world. But when all is said and done, I can't help but believe that myself and Melissa will both be winners in this one!

Teagan's voice trailed into silence as she released a sigh, though smiled throughout.

Teagan: I'm not scared, though. I mean, I've got a lot going for me, right? Surely enough to get me through this... I can't imagine for one moment that this is going to be easy, particularly considering that Melissa is somebody you don't want to mess with... she has everything going for her and she's as determined as I've ever seen her! But she has to take into consideration that I'm finally starting to become hungry for more. I don't want to keep getting walked over or overlooked. Now is the time for Teagan Cavenagh to shine and become a name that people are going to remember.

Again, silence consumed the scene but Teagan remained in good spirits.

Teagan: So... good luck, Mel. I'm not saying you're going to need it but hey, friends wish friends luck, right? Obviously none of this match is based on anything personal... it's just time for business and fun! Mel, I am looking forward to this so much and I know for a fact that we'll put on one hell of a match! Let's get this show on the road! I honestly cannot wait for this... in fact, that's an understatement! I really can't wait to step into the ring with my best friend and future Tag Team Champion partner!

Teagan clasped her hands together in front of her and continued to beam a wide smile that returned to her lips. She lifted a hand and waved the camera away from her as she turned quickly and skipped away.

Teagan proceeded to leave that particular area of the arena in order to head back to her locker room, opting to now take a break and perhaps some times to relax. However, that seemed not to be possible as she pushed open the door, only to be greeted by a familiar face. Teagan Cavenagh had left her native Australia and with that, left behind all members of her family. For just over one whole year now, she had therefore not spent much time with the likes of her younger sister and yet here she was. The expression of shock was evident on the face of Teagan Cavenagh as she was uncertain of what to think. This was a woman who had rarely supported Teagan and was, let's say, the more spoiled and shallow of the siblings. The two didn't have a particularly bad relationship but a strained one nonetheless as the duo appeared to be polar opposites.

Teagan: What in the hell are you doing here?!

Talia: That is no way to greet your lil' sister, Teags!

Teagan: I uh... I don't think there's any other way to greet you at this point. Talia, we haven't spoken in months... this isn't even where I usually work so how in the hell did you know I was here and more importantly, how did you even get backstage?! Is there no goddamn security at this place?!

Teagan inhaled a deep breath as he sister lightly shrugged and rolled her eyes.

Talia: Pfft, chillax, Teags. You should know me well enough to know that nobody can resist my charms and well, I'm got a nice rack... it helps. Unfortunately, that's not somethin' you know too well.

She looked her sister up and down as Teagan still looked at her in absolute shock.

Teagan: You still failed to neglect to answer some of my questions... why are you here and how did you know I was here?

Talia: Wellll... uh... I happen to read your Twitter, Teags. Social media will tell anyone this information. And why am I here? Uh... why not? It's been too long since I got to hang out with my sister... so why not now?

Teagan: I guess I can't argue with that logic... I just... wasn't expecting this though. I mean, Talia, this is pretty much one of the biggest weeks of my career and I can't say I really required any further distractions...

Talia: I won't be a distraction!

She perked up, pursing her glossy lips together as she tilted her head to one side.

Talia: I'm just here for support, Teags. You and I haven't always been BFFs but please, I'm still your sister so of course I can just come here and finally just watch you in action.

Teagan didn't seen so sure, narrowing her eyes a fraction towards her sister.

Teagan: ... and use me for what? Travel?

Talia: Posh 5-star hotels and money as well...

She was quick to shake her head.

Talia: Oh... did I say that all out loud? Hmm... well, sure... I want all those things and more but I'm not using you! You're my big sis and we'll be hanging out... it'll be fun!

Teagan: Define the word 'fun'...

Teagan muttered quietly, prompting her sister to question that.

Talia: Huh?

Teagan: Nothing! I'm just... not sure this is the time in my life for this to be happening. I don't need a burden right now.

Talia screwed up her face, seemingly a little offended by that, prompting Teagan to release a sigh, brushing her hair back with a hand.

Teagan: Okay... that was a little harsh but come on, Talia... you really thought this was a good idea right now?

Talia: Jeez, why not? No need to be so hostile towards me. I get that it's soooo damn 'huge' for you, this week but believe it or not, I am being genuine here, Teags. I want to support you and start to actually gain some level of understanding of what you actually do and the life you live. I have no ill intentions!

Teagan: You sure?

Talia: Yeah, totally!

Teagan: Okay... well if you say so. This week is slightly less important in some ways, since there's not a great deal on the line but it means a lot to me. I kinda feel as though I have to win, Talia... this is my first time wrestling for another company in the States so I can't really let myself fall...

Talia: Aren't you uh... facing that woman you're sleeping with?

Teagan raised an eyebrow.

Teagan: I can't deny that but its certainly nothin' I want my sister to know... point is, yeah, myself and Melissa are close. It's going to be tough to have to go out there and try and cause her pain but I'm going to have to.

Talia: I wouldn't have a problem with that...

Teagan: ... that's perhaps why you've never managed to maintain friends...

Talia lightly shrugged her shoulders.

Talia: Perhaps. Doesn't matter to me though and hey, back on topic, I know you can do it, Teags. I may not have always shown it but I sure as hell believe in you and know you can do it.

Teagan: Thanks... I uh... I'm actually kinda suprised about the support but I appreciate it... uh... but do you actually know who Melissa is?

Talia: Sure...

She ran a hand through her hair and pouted out her lips again.

Talia: ... she's that chick who uh... has a twin... they're both pretty muscular... eh... that's gotta be tough to fight, right? A massively strong chick?

Teagan: I've faced people double her size, Talia... trust me, that's not going to be an issue. Though sure, Melissa is quite intimidating since she's achieved so much more than me...

Talia: But hey! That doesn't mean anything, right? I'm just kinda catching up to this whole wrestling thing but surely since she's achieved more than you... that doesn't necessarily make her better than you, right? I mean... she's probably just been given more chances. That isn't necessarily a way to judge actual talent and skill, right?

Teagan raised an eyebrow inquisitively, slowly nodding her head.

Teagan: That is... probably the smartest thing you've ever said. And certainly the smartest thing you've said today because... you're actually right with that... and that was strangely enlightening...

Talia pressed her lips together and allowed for her lips to curl into a smile as she shrugged her shoulders and giggled lightly.

Talia: I can bring positivity to conversations... even to ones that aren't about me!

Teagan lightly rolled her eyes but managed to maintain a smile.

Teagan: But hey, at least I'm going to have plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks. An Overload! title shot... a UWF Tag Team title shot... and a chance to wrestle in PWP... this... this is everything that I've been working towards. It's finally here! These next few weeks are so important to me.

Her voice faded into silence as she finally opted to take a seat.

Teagan: And uh... that's why I don't need the distractions right now. So look Talia, I was just going to relax and try to focus a bit ahead of this soooo...

Talia: ... soooo what?

Teagan: ... nothing.

With a somewhat defeated roll of her eyes, Teagan released a heavy sigh.

Teagan: I guess this is just what I have to look forward to now...

Talia: Hey, quit complaining... you'll looooove hanging out with me!

Teagan released another relatively heavy sigh, as she nodded her head in agreement just simply as a way to shut her sister up. She did love her, of course, but this was going to be a headache. As if she needed this to happen this week... of all weeks. There was so much going on in her life right now... several title shots and her match against Melissa in a few weeks time. The pressure continued to barrel down on Teagan as the time was ticking by but she wouldn't allow it to get to her. Far too often in the past, she had fallen victim to pressure but at Nothing Like The First Time? Well, only time would tell...
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PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Melissa vs. Teagan Cavenagh
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