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 PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Dynamite & Marcus Cage

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Dynamite & Marcus Cage   Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:32 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is July 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

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PostSubject: Chaos: Broken Friendship    Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:46 am

OOC: I tried signing up for the other boards, it don't let me.. This promo isn't my best, it was last min.. Not sure if Amp will show, I will.. good luck guys..

.:: Chaos: Broken Friendship ::.

The scenes open up in Miami, Florida. As the camera shows the water out in the ocean.. There is hundreds of people from woman to men, children to animals of all kind. The camera turns and faces Jay Wilson as he is seen wearing all white with his feet up on another chair as he gets ready to produce another promo. This time, he is at his wonderful New and paid for Beachfront Condo located on Miami Beach.

Jay Wilson: Professional Wrestling Project has a show coming up.. "Nothing Like The First Time." Two weeks prior, I was ready for a fight. I was ready to team with my best friend in this business to take down anyone who wanted to step up and fight. But, it two weeks. Everything changed. When I was approached to come to PWP, I was representing a promotion out of Atlantic City, NJ.

Jay Wilson: This promotion is one of the best. When I was active, I watched top notched shows get produced week in and week out. My best friend in the business.. he formed an elite stable. Together, we're ruthless, we're aggressive.. and we're damn straight brutal. But, all that changed. We walked into a iPPV and I became a target. An five on five match turned into a brutal beating by five of the best Boardwalk has to offer.

Jay Wilson: Shortly after the show, I decided to call it quits and retire. I can't take much of a beating like this anymore. But PWP, will get to see me one final time.

PWP, they don't know the history of the team known as Amp and Jay Wilson.. I won't go into details, but I will say this. If Amp and myself.. If we get on the right track, no one will beat us. Not even two men known as Dynamite & Marcus Cage.

Jay Wilson: Dynamite & Marcus Cage,  PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time.. I am walking in.. I am unsure if my partner will be there or not. I have a lot to prove. I have a lot to gain. Winning this match for our team. It will show everyone who had doubt, I have what it takes. I have the talent that everyone says I don't. For seven long months in Boardwalk Wrestling, I was told I won't be anything. I won't be the man I claim to be. I am some loser, lucky enough to make it on the roster of Boardwalk Wrestling.

Well, I am here to say it right here and right now. I have what it takes, I am Jay Wilson.. I am Systematically The Best Damn Wrestler. Nothing else matters. Not my broken friendships, not my history, When it comes to winning. I show up. I produce. I take whatever is needed to gain that victory. I don't mind going to new heights. I want to make sure, I will be known. I will be remembered. Not as a bitch or some loser who can't win a damn match. But a man who goes out and puts up a fight. A man who puts on a show. A man everyone will respect.

Jay Wilson: Teaming with "The Legend" Himself, it's an honor. This is something we've had experience with before in previous promotions.. But it won't be the same this time here in PWP. Amp. He will go out and showboat. He will go out and try to one up me. He will show me, he is the boss. But Amp, I have a lot to show also. I might not have a full tank of gas, but I will still go the distance. These two men, they have no history with us. They have no chance. We need to put the differences we have to the side. We need to seek and destroy these two idiots who think they matter.

Jay look's at his clock. Today, Amp was supposed to meet Jay and go over some details and prepare for this special night. But since the falling out, since the betrayal.. Jay is alone.. His girlfriend, no where to be seen.. Just like the past, Jay Wilson will go alone, he will fight.. until he can't fight anymore..

Jay Wilson: Dynamite, I sit here and ponder the ideas I have for you. What I need to do to make sure I get over. I am considering ideas out of the box. Maybe, bring a new style. Everyone knows me to be ruthless, everyone knows me by the heart and passion I have. But, I dunno if that is there anymore. For two weeks, I have been broken. I have been hurt, I have been defeated. So ask yourself, what do I have to lose? What do I have to gain? You have a partner who has your back. You have a man who will be there. I don't know where AMP stands, right now. I have my doubts.. But one thing that never changes.. My passion for this sport. I have so much passion, my hate for AMP will have to be placed aside.

I announced my retirement from Pro Wrestling. I don't want to fight anymore. It's not because, of age.. not because of my past history with Boardwalk Wrestling. It's because, I have motivation. I don't have 'It' anymore. But, I will gather everything I do have left and again.. Show up and fight.

Jay Wilson: Dynamite, do you have what it takes? Do you have the motivation to appear in the ring and take on a man with nothing to lose? Dynamite, one thing about me.. I never give up unless I am forced too. It took the entire Boardwalk Wrestling Personal to make me quit, it took most of the roster to get me out of the groove. All those people, it barely worked. So, one man.. One little man.. Ask yourself, what can you do about it? Yeah, Nothing. I don't care what championships, what matches, what promotion you come from. I will tell you. It don't matter. If you bring that bullshit, I will promise you, I will break your arm, maybe your leg.. And if I don't like what you have to say, Maybe your jaw. All depends .. on my mood that night.

Jay takes another sip of his Orange Juice and Vodka. The sun begins to slowly fall behind the mountains as the skies begin to change.. It's beautiful.. something.. I will enjoy til the day I die....

Jay Wilson: Marcus Cage. When I hear this name. I have to laugh. I know so many men who represent that name.. Some, of the best. But, I highly doubt you measure up to those people. Amp, He will tell you. Boardwalk has two men, two future legends of Pro Wrestling. Marcus, you won't be nothing more but a punk.

Marcus, living in my new beachfront.. It's the best thing that happen to me in a long time. I came down here with Lilly, my girlfriend and... found this nice place. It was supposed to be a hangout, a party place. A place to be relaxing at. Now, it's my home. I thought I would be happy here, happier than usual, but you know.. I don't feel the way I expected? Nothing, I don’t feel anything, like something is missing. I know what it is, people, they’re isn't anyone around me to to celebrate my retirement nor my new adventure.. It's not the same..

Jay Wilson: Marcus, being here.. missing everything I pushed away, it made me better, stronger and wiser as a man. As a Pro Wrestler, it made me dangerous.. Dangerous is something.. you will never want to see. Hate me or not.. Amp will tell you, I am the most dangerous man when I am put in the corner. This corner is "Not Knowing" what will happen in a few days when we step in the ring. Am I a "Lone Wolf" Or Am I lucky to have the best tag team partner anyone can ask for..

Jay Wilson: I know you have questions, I don't have answers.. Everyone.. From Social Media, to fans here in Miami.. They all want to know.. Stop, asking me those stupid fucking questions, trying to smooth things over between me and my former friends, it won’t work, what is done is done. Trying to get in my business, That’s not how the world works; Even if it did work like that...I just can’t. Too much has happened these past few weeks, too many people have screwed me over in and out of the ring and I just don’t have any hope left for a better outcome for my fate. But, I still have PASSION.

The sun is finally down.. the skies turned into darkness. Everyone who was out in the sun, having a good time has gone home. But, the night for Jay Wilson, isn't close to an end.....

Jay Wilson: In closing.. Including my Tag Team Partner, if he shows.. and these two unknown men I could careless about.. One thing about me, Jay Wilson.. I guess I have to prove something to ya'll. Ask around, ask anyone you want.. I’m a very petty son of a bitch when it comes to proving people wrong. I don't hold back. If I have something to say, I say it. I will make sure my voice is heard.. I hate doubt, Everyone doubts me, my abilities.. I know I’m good, I know I’m the best and goddamn if Boardwalk would open their fucking eyes they would have seen that a long time ago. But no, they didn't. I was forced out. I left... I will be here for PWP 10: Chaos will take place.. My path to destruction, it's just the beginning.. Broken Friendship or not.. Jay Wilson will walk out the winner, one way or the other.. I am the best and I will prove it..

AMP, I am the bigger man. I am the best man. I am Jay Wilson, Show up.. Thank you.. If not.. Fuck you.. and I hope.. one day we meet on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.. I will break your neck.. just like your hopes in dreams in Boardwalk Wrestling..

Jay gets up and cuts the recording.....

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Dynamite & Marcus Cage   Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:45 pm

OOC this is a joint rp

SCENE ONE - The Ghost Hunt

(The scene fades up in the dark of night, looks to be about 10PM at least. It is outside of an old, abandoned building... the stuff of nightmares and stories no doubt! In front of hte building stood Dynamite and Marcus Cage. Marcus had a video camera in his hands, and a backpack with other items in it on his back. Dynamite had a digital camera in his hands. He had a look of concern on his face.)

]Dynamite: Are you... sure about this?

]Marcus Cage: Of course I am! Have I ever steered you wrong... ya know what... don't answer that.

]Dynamite: I just don't have a good feeling about this.

]Marcus Cage: Why?

]Dynamite: I just... don't.

(Marcus grinned as something came to mind)

]Marcus Cage: You're afraid of ghosts!

]Dynamite: I'm not afraid of ghosts. I just prefer to be able to SEE something if it's gonna hit me.

]Marcus Cage: Oh juice up and shush. We're doing this thing.

]Dynamite: I just don't see what this has to do with our PWP match?

]Marcus Cage: It's doesn't, really! I just want to see you get the piss scared out of you. I'ts gonna get us ready for the unkown variable. The stuff that we can't prepare for.

]Dynamite: You just pulled that out of your ass... didn't you?

]Marcus Cage: Don't be gross, dude. Why you so worried about things coming out of my ass. You should be worried about what is going to be GOING up your ass.

]Dynamite: Ummmm...

]Marcus Cage: You're gonna be overjuiced one day, get mad, hulk smash, and kill some one. It's inevitable. Then you're gonna go to jail and be some one's bitch.

]Dynamite: You are really stretching, aren't you.

]Marcus Cage: Just shut up and let's go catch a ghost.

(Dynamite shrugged as the two walked into the building. They walked through the halls slowly. It was dark and at times it was hard to see the two of them.)

]Dynamite: We should leave.

]Marcus Cage: Stop being a bitch.

(They walked into an empty room. They stood in the middle. Marcus took out a mini recorder and turned it on.)

]Marcus Cage: Ok lets do a little EVP session. You go sit over there, and i'll sit over here. Keep taking pictures and I'll run the video camera. We're gonna catch something, I just know it!

(Dynamite did as instructed and Marcus put the recorder down in the middle of the room.)

]Marcus Cage: If there is anyone here with us, my name is Marcus and this is my partner, Dynamite.

]Dynamite: Tag team partner. Not "partner" partner.

]Marcus Cage: Don't be gay, dude. Anyways. We aren't here to hurt you. We want to communicate with you. There's a recorder in the middle of the room if you want to say anything. We're going to ask you some questions.

(A small scraping sound was heard, and Dynamite jumped a few feet.)

]Dynamite: WHAT WAS THAT???

]Marcus Cage: Chill... I moved my foot and it moved a rock. Is there anyone here with us? If there is some one with us, please make a noise or move an object to let us know you're here. If you want, you can smack Dynamite for being a little bitch.

]Dynamite: DUDE!

]Marcus Cage: Fine, he's being a bitch so don't smack him hard.

]Dynamite: I still don't see why we are sitting here trying to catch something that probably doesn't even exist... when we should be in the gym working out for our match.

]Marcus Cage: You are always focused on working out, and going to the gym. We'll be fine. I've been actively wrestling the last few months. YOU on the other hand... are looking a little chunky, my friend.

]Dynamite: AM NOT!

]Marcus Cage: Stop yelling! You'll scare away the ghost!

(Dynamite grumbled a little bit, out of frustration. He wanted to be preparing for this match, but Marcus was being his typical self.)

]Dynamite: Do we even know anything about these two? We could be using this time to get to know our opponents. Look up some of their work.

]Marcus Cage: Well we know that Jay is retiring. Dunno what that has to do with anything. But I digress. This is not the time and place, dude.

]Dynamite: And why not? I mean didn't Jay say something about his tag team partner is one of the men who turned on him?

]Marcus Cage: I think so. Half of what he said went in one ear and out the other, honestly.

]Dynamite: That's gotta be rough. Some one you think is your best friend... your brother... just turns his back on you and runs you out of a company? Do you know what I would do if you did that to me?

]Marcus Cage: Hulk smash?

]Dynamite: Exactly. I'd kick your ass.

]Marcus Cage: You'd have to catch me first, Mr I'm-too-juiced-up-to-run-fast.

]Dynamite: You're not seeing the point here. Jay is in a very, VERY, delicate state of mind. He's giving up the business he loves...

]Marcus Cage: Like a pussy...

]Dynamite: ... Because some one betrayed him. And having to deal with that betrayal, and being alone. Things like that can really mess up a guy in the head.

]Marcus Cage: He was already messed up to team up with a guy named after a gross, failed Mt Dew product.

(Before Dynamite could say anything else, they heard something in the hallway. Marcus jumps to his feet excited and grabs the recorder from the middle of the room. He rushes into the hallway to try and find what the noise was. Dynamite follows.)

]Marcus Cage: DUDE!

]Dynamite: What was it?

]Marcus Cage: I don't know! It sounded like a big thud. This is so exciting!

]Dynamite: Yeah... exciting...

]Marcus Cage: You are being a real downer. Look, I know you'd rather be at the gym, and we still have plenty of time for doing that later. Right now... I'm gonna catch this fucker!

(Marcus starts pointing the camera down the hallway while Dynamite leaned against a wall. Suddenly, Dynamite heard a sound by his head. This freaked him out and he began to run as fast as he could down the hall and out of the building screaming "FUCK THIS SHIT" over and over again. Marcus stood there, doubled over in laughter.)

]Marcus Cage: Well... maybe he CAN catch me.

(The scene faded with a close up of Marcus laughing.)


(The scene fades up this time in the Buffalo, NY backyard of Dynamite. He was running the grill, cooking up some burgers and hot dogs. In the yard, Marcus was playing catch with Dynamite's 6 year old son, Jayne. Dynamite's fiance, Lola Heart, brings out a plate full of fruits and sets them down on a picnic table.)

]Lola Heart: Are you boys thirsty?

]Jayne: Yes, mommy. Can I have a Sunny D?

]Lola Heart: Sure, sweety. Do you two want anything?

]Marcus Cage: Mommy, can I have a Mt Dew?

(Lola shook her head a little with a chuckle.)

]Lola Heart: Sure, Marcus.

]Dynamite: I'll just take a bottle of water.

]Marcus Cage: That's so lame.

]Dynamite: Shut up, or you get a burnt hot dog.

]Marcus Cage: And if you're not careful... we are ALL going to have burnt hot dogs!

(Dynamite turned around quickly, to see the hot dogs were starting to burn. He quickly flipped them over)

]Dynamite: DAMNIT!

(Lola went in and came back out with their drinks.)

]Lola Heart: So when is this big match you two have?

]Dynamite: July 29th in Texas.

]Lola Heart: Oh that sounds fun.

]Jayne: Can I come too, daddy and uncle marcus???

(Dynamite and Jayne both looked at Lola, who didn't look very happy with being asked.)

]Marcus Cage: PLEEEEEEEEEEASE... how can you say NO to THIS face???

(He picked up Jayne and held him at eye level with Lola. Jayne then, as if on cue, put on the cutest pouty face. Marcus then pops his head off to the side making a matching pouty face.)


(Lola sighed.)

]Lola Heart: Oh I guess.


]Lola Heart: So, tell me a little bit more about these two guys you two are supposed to face.

]Dynamite: Well, we don't know much. Their names are Jay Wilson and Amp.

]Lola Heart: Amp?

]Marcus Cage: Yes, like that sucky energy drink.

]Dynamite: We do know that they are, or should I say were, best friends. And then Amp turned his back on Jay.

]Lola Heart: Why?

]Marcus Cage: Don't know. He kind of bounced around in his promo.

]Dynamite: Yeah, in one breath he talks about Amp being the best partner. In another breath he talks about how he doesn't even know if he's going to show up, and he also mentioned that Amp seemed to be one of the guys who turned on him to the point he is going to leave the business.

]Marcus Cage: I know, we get it. You got butt hurt by someone you trusted. In a business where jealousy always exists and friends become enemies, and enemies become allies... you got betrayed and want to leave the world of wrestling. Funny how that works.

]Dynamite: He seems to be confused on the way this sport works. I remember when YOU were flipping out on your friends, and allying yourself with Center Stage. You turned on your friends, and I had to beat some sense into you, to bring you back.

]Marcus Cage: I try to forget about that part of my career.

]Dynamite: The point is, YOU didn't quit. YOU didn't walk away from it all. Neither did the people you turned on. It took you a while, but you made ammends for all the wrongs you did. Jay... I don't know if he is able to handle the pressure. He may be a big shot within his small circle of friends... or ex friends as it seems, but when the going got tough, he retired.

]Marcus Cage: And what about all that talk about being dangerous. If I had a nickle for everytime I heard generic Joe Shmoe talk about being dangerous and how badass they are when they are backed into a corner... I would have a large sock full of nickels to beat him with.

]Dynamite: I'd pay to see that. But hte point that is trying to be made here is that no matter what... we never quit.

]Marcus Cage: Well you took some time off, ya know, baby momma drama.

(Lola glared over at Marcus for a second and he just grinned.)

]Dynamite: And that no matter what Jay and Amp bring our way, we will be able to win. We will take anything they throw our way, and toss it back ten fold. It's just what we do. You gotta figure either Jay is going in alone, or there is going to be a hell of alot of tension on the other side of the ring to us.

]Marcus Cage: So either way you look at it, we are at an advantage. If Amp shows us, there's no way possible that they will work together as a team. Where as you and I, well we are about as in sync as they come. As far as tag teams go, you don't get any better than SHOCK AND AWE!

]Dynamite: And that is the truth!

]Marcus Cage: Um... dude... did you ever take the food off the grill?

]Dynamite: SHIT!

(They all turn towards the grill, to see that all the hot dogs and burgers are burnt black and crispy.)

]Marcus Cage: Looks like we are ordering PIZZA!

]Jayne: YAY PIZZA!!!

(The scene faded out)
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Dynamite & Marcus Cage   

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PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time - Amp & Jay Wilson vs. Dynamite & Marcus Cage
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