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 PWP 9: Cloud Nine

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 9: Cloud Nine   Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:36 am

(“It’s On Again” by Alicia Keys & Kendrick Lamar plays throughout the arena, as the camera pans the audience, showing the raucous crowd in Atlanta, Georgia.)

Roy Hardy: Hello ladies and gentlemen! And thank you for joining us for PWP 9: Cloud Nine! As always, I’m your host for the evening, Roy Hardy, along side my partner, Jesse Watson! And Jesse.. Tonight, we’ve got a great show on tap.

Jesse Watson: As with a lot of PWP shows, we have some returning faces and we have some debuts. We have a tie breaker match, we have a grudge match and we have a title match. This is going to be awesome.

Roy Hardy: It sure will be. The matches that Jesse was alluding to were Jordan Caliband and Savannah, who both have a win each over each other in matches and this will be a tie breaker between the two. The grudge match is between Chaz Holiday and Frankie Emerson, who have had a lot of bad blood stemming from some interactions on Twitter between Frankie and Chaz, as well as Chaz’s girlfriend. And then the big PWP Heavyweight Title match between Blake Jones, Adam Stryker and the new PWP Heavyweight Champion, making her first title defense since defeating James Shark for it back on PWP 8, last month, Sister Liliana. But before we get into the action tonight, we’re gonna take a quick break for some advertisements but when we come back, we’re going to have the returning Skullbreaker taking on a young man making his PWP debut, Zayn Williamson!

Knoxville Wrestling Institute -

Skullbreaker vs. Zayn Williamson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(Slow Catacombs by Jim Johnston & Dale Oliver plays over the arena as Christopher Darko and Skullbreaker makes a slow descent down to the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: From Parts Unknown, weighing in at 323 pounds… Skullbreaker!

(Before actually getting into the ring, the ring ropes catch on fire while Skullbreaker just looks at the fire as a friend before walking through the flames to get into the ring where he raises his arms causing pyro to explode from the turnbuckles while at the same time putting out the flames engulfing the ring ropes while Christopher Darko waits in his client's corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(Inside the arena, the fans in attendance are on the edge of their seats. Just waiting for the next bit of action to take place. "Remedy" by Seether could suddenly be heard instantly captivating the audience's attention. Their eyes turned in the direction of the black curtain where the multi-colored lights were going off. Seconds later a familiar face in Zayn Williamson came bursting out onto the stage and right away got a reaction from the fans. A positive one to say the least. The entire gym seemed to be cheering him on. Zayn stood there for a moment or two soaking it all in.)

Randall Jobbs: Making his way to the ring at this time. Hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland and weighing in at two hundred pounds… Representing the KWI… He is "The Kilkenny Kid" Zayn Williamson!

(Of course with the announcement from the ring announcer there was a loud pop coming from the crowd. By this time Zayn had began to make his way to the ring. Slapping hands with a few fans right there at ringside as he did so. Turning his attention to the ring, Zayn leaped up on the apron and then pulled himself up on the apron the rest of the way till he was in a standing position. Looking over his shoulder at the crowd with a smile. Zayn then used the ropes to launch himself into the ring with a forward flip. The moment he landed on his feet he charged across the ring and leaped onto the second rope tossing his hands out at his side in a taunting motion for the crowd to get more cheers. After a couple of seconds he got down and made his way to a corner. His music started to die down with Zayn standing there waiting for the next course of action.)

Roy Hardy: I’ve heard a lot of hype about this Zayn Williamson kid, so I’m looking forward to this one!

Jesse Watson: Hype doesn’t always deliver though. And he has a biiiig obstacle in front of him.

(As soon as the bell rings, Zayn comes in at Skullbreaker but Skullbreaker catches him with a hard uppercut to the jaw. He grabs Zayn and then throws him through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring, following right behind him.)

Roy Hardy: It’s not taking long for things to get hectic here tonight, I see.

Jesse Watson: Not at all. And I love it!

(As soon as Zayn is to his feet, Skullbreaker hits him with another hard right hand that sends him staggering into the guard rail. Skullbreaker lifts Zayn up and then drops him, chest-first, across the steel railing.)

Roy Hardy: That’s a good way to get some cracked ribs real quick.

Jesse Watson: I’ve missed seeing this Skullbreaker, guy. It’s good having him back. I love the chaos he brings when he’s a round.

Roy Hardy: He’s a monster, for sure.

(Skullbreaker grabs him and rolls him into the ring but re-positions him so that his upper body is hanging out over the ring apron. Skullbreaker takes a few steps back and then charges in, landing a hard kick to the side of Zayn’s head. Skullbreaker gets back into the ring and gets Zayn up, taking him to the corner and driving his face into the top turnbuckle. He hits him with a hard chop to the chest before pulling him out of the corner and taking him to the mat with a snapmere. Skullbreaker hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, he lands a hard kick to the face. He goes for a pin attempt…)


Roy Hardy: Skullbreaker has been nothing short of ruthless, here in the early going.

Jesse Watson: No kidding. He’s not giving this Zayn Williamson kid a chance to get into it. And that’s exactly what he needs to do.

Roy Hardy: I’ve heard some good things about Zayn. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in him. But he’s gotta get himself back into this match.

(Skullbreaker gets Zayn to his feet and sends him into the turnbuckles. He charges in, landing a corner clothesline. Zayn staggers out of the corner and Skullbreaker lifts him up and then drives him into the mat with a sidewalk slam. He then hooks a leg…)


Roy Hardy: A second near fall by Skullbreaker.

Jesse Watson: He’s doing a great job of keeping Zayn from gaining any momentum, so far.

(As Skullbreaker begins to get Zayn back to his feet, Zayn shoves him away. Skullbreaker comes back at him but Zayn levels him with a roundhouse kick, that sends the bigger man stumbling back. Zayn traps Skullbreaker into the corner and starts to level him with rapid kicks to the midsection and forearm shots to the mouth. He then hit’s a quick spin back kick to the stomach, sending Skullbreaker down to a seated position in the corner. Zayn backs up to the center of the ring, before charging in and landing a low dropkick to the chest.)

Roy Hardy: Zayn Williamson is on a roll now!

Jesse Watson: But for how long? Skullbreaker has a huge size advantage. I don’t know if he can keep the big man off his feet long enough.

Roy Hardy: That’s what we’re going to find out.

(Zayn pulls him out of the corner and goes for a pin..)


(Zayn begins to bring Skullbreaker to his feet but he then grabs Zayn around the throat.)

Roy Hardy: Skullbreaker looking for a choke slam here, it could be it…

Jesse Watson: If he was smart, he would have kept Skullbreaker on the ground…

(Before he can get Zayn up though, Zayn fires back with some hard kicks to the legs of Skullbreaker. He finally gets Skullbreaker to break the grip he has on his throat and as he does, he hit’s the ropes. Zayn comes off of the ropes but Skullbreaker catches him with a spinning side slam. Skullbreaker hooks the leg for a pin.)


Roy Hardy: And just like that, it seems Zayn has had whatever wind he gain, knocked right out of his sails.

Jesse Watson: This Skullbreaker is such a physical dude. Zayn’s problem is he’s not staying on him like he should. And Skullbreaker is making him pay for it.

(Skullbreaker gets up and then starts to climb to the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: What the hell is he doing?!

Jesse Watson: I don’t know but I don’t see this ending well for someone, here…

(Before he can do anything though, Zayn is back to his feet and he lands a hard punch to the gut, knocking Skullbreaker down into a seated position on the top rope. Zayn climbs up and lands several hard elbow strikes to the mouth. Zayn tries for a superplex but Skullbreaker blocks it. He lands several hard shots to the stomach of Zayn, before landing a head butt that sends him flying backwards off of the ropes. Skullbreaker waits for Zayn to retain his footing and as he does, Skullbreaker flies off the top, going for an ax handle smash but Zayn catches him with a kick to the stomach. Zayn then hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, catches Skullbreaker with Busaiku knee kick.)

Roy Hardy: Great counter by Zayn Williamson!

Jesse Watson: Question is, can he continue to capitalize? Thus far he hasn’t been able to. Skullbreaker keeps cutting him off.

(As Skullbreaker gets back to his feet, Zayn charges in and hits him with the “Irish Pride.” He goes for a pin..)

Kickout at 2 ½!

Roy Hardy: The yakuza kick wasn’t enough!

Jesse Watson: Gonna take more to keep this monster down!

(Zayn starts to bring Skullbreaker to his feet and he drills Zayn with a hard thrust, catching him in the throat and sending Zayn staggering backwards. Skullbreaker comes charging in for a spear but Zayn is able to move out of the way and Skullbreaker goes through the turnbuckles and drives his shoulder into the ring post. As he staggers out of the corner, Zayn hits him again with “Irish Pride.” He then climbs up to the top rope and leaps off, connecting with “This Is InZayn.” He hooks the leg.)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 11:09 mark in the match… Zayn Williamson!!

Roy Hardy: Zayn Williamson picks up a huge victory here tonight!

Jesse Watson: I can’t believe it. Skullbreaker looked great, all through this match but in the end… I don’t know what happened!

Roy Hardy: Zayn came through in the clutch, that’s what happened.

Jesse Watson: Well…. I think he just got lucky.

Roy Hardy: Luck has nothing to do with it. Skullbreaker did look really good here tonight. But Zayn Williamson was able to seal the deal when it mattered the most. A successful PWP debut for the young Zayn Williamson!

Virtual Wrestling -

Darin Zion vs. T.J. Codair

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing the first competitor, weighing in at 245 pounds…TJ Codair!

(The pre chorus for Dread and The Fugitive Mind kicks on the loudspeakers as TJ Codair steps out from the back and walks down the entrance ramp, the fans are chanting Codair's name, as he makes it down to ringside.

"What if I do get caught? What if there is no judgment?"

Codair gets in the ring.

"If Im right I loose nothing, if youre right I loose it all."

Codair walks over to the turnbuckles.

"I ought to get caught because Im doing something wicked"

Codair climbs the second turnbuckle and looks out to the fans.

"Im guilty haunted by my fear and the only consequences are dread and the fugitive mind."

The music stops as Codair drops off the second turnbuckle and gets ready for the match to begin.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent, weighing in at 222 pounds…Darin Zion!

(Explosions around the screen happen and blue and silver lights start to hit around the arena as "Cold" by Crossfade starts at the chorus line. The crowd erupts and Darin Zion immediately rush out from behind the curtain. He immediately throws both his hands out with the love symbol and starts slapping hands with the crowd. The crowd immediately starts singing Darin Zion's theme song as he walks out from the curtain.)

"Looking back at me I see
That I never really got it right
I never stopped to think of you
I'm always wrapped up in
Things I cannot win
You are the antidote that gets me by
Something strong
Like a drug that gets me high"

(Darin immediately stops at the entrance ramp, jumps down and kneels before giving the sign of the cross. He immediately leaps up to more pyro and he starts running into the ring. He rushes over to the ring ropes and climbs the second rope and extends his hands out, jumps on the ring ropes and sticks his tongue out. He smiles as he awaits for his opponent. The ref calls for the bell.

(The two walk to the center of the ring and a stare-down ensues.)

Roy Hardy: This going to be a huge match up. Codair asked Mr. Duncan personally for this match.

Jesse Watson: You can cut the tension in here with a knife; it’s going to be an awesome match to say the least.

(Zion makes the first move. Zion fires up and blasts Codair with a stiff chop. The shock of the chop stunned Codair a bit; he takes a couple of steps back. After composing himself, Codair fires back with chop of his own. Zion takes the chop and nails Codair with another stiff shot of his own. Codiar grasps his chest in pain. He recovers and hits Zion with a European uppercut. Zion takes a step back before hitting an overhand chop; the blow also stunned Codair. Before Codiar could respond, Zion quickly spins and blasts him with a back-fist. Codair’s knees buckle and he drops to the mat. Zion quickly hooks the leg and goes for the cover)



(Codair kicks out. Zion quickly get to his feet and brings Codair with him. Zion yokes Codair up and drops him back down to the mat with a thunderous snap suplex. Zion kips up to his feet, turns, and nails a standing shooting star press. He goes for the cover.)



Roy Hardy: Zion has looked very strong so far.

Jesse Watson: Indeed he has; Codair may have bitten off more than he can crew. Let’s see if he can recover.

(Codair lifts his shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin. Zion begins to lift Codair off the mat. As he is being picked up, Codair nails Zion with a couple of punches to the gut. Codair then fires back with a series of forearms. Feeling fired up, Codair hits the ropes; he rebounds and catches Zion with a dropkick. The dropkick lands squarely on Zion’s chest; he rolls to the outside to catch his breath. Seeing a golden opportunity, Codair hits the ropes. Codair rebounds and looks to drive through the middle rope, but Zion jumps up and hits him with a stiff roundhouse kick to the head; the impacts causes Codair to fall through the ropes and topple to the outside.)

Roy Hardy: What a kick by Zion!

Jesse Watson: Codair may be dead after that one!

(Zoin kicks Codair in the gut before climbing up the ring apron. Codair slowly gets to his feet; as he does, Zion springs off the middle rope with an Asai moonsault. Wasting little time, Zion picks him up and rolls him into the ring. He goes for the cover.)




(At the last moment, Codair was able to get his foot on the ropes. Zion gets to his feet and begins to stomp on Codair.)

Roy Hardy: I think Zion is beginning to get frustrated.

Jesse Watson: Zion needs to keep his composure. This match isn’t over yet; we’ve seen Codair reverse is fortunate many times here in PWP.

(He then pulls Codair closer to the middle of the ring. He heads to the corner and climbs to the top. He stalls of the top rope a bit, trying to get his balance.)

Roy Hardy: That top rope is looking shaky!

Jesse Watson: Zion better be careful.

(Zion comes off the top with a corkscrew splash, but at the last moment Codair is able to roll out of the way. Zion immediately grabs his back. Slowly, Codair gets to his feet; he grabs Zion and lifts him up. Zion is hoisted onto Codair’s shoulder. Codair stalls a bit before dropping him down to the mat with a Samoan drop. He goes for the cover. )



Zion is able to get his shoulder up. Codair, slams his fists on the mat.

Roy Hardy: Like you said Jesse, Codair was able to reverse his fortune. But now he is getting upset and losing his cool.

Jesse Watson: Codair has gotten beat up pretty mad in this match; naturally he’d be a little frustrated. But, he looks like he is still in control.

(He picks Zion. Codair puts him into a bear-hug; he then runs and drives Zion’s back into the turnbuckles. Codairs slaps him hard in the face. He then runs to the opposite corners and hops of the middle turnbuckles. He uses his momentum to charge in and clobber Zion with a double-knee strike to the chest. Zion begins to fall, but Codair brings him back to his feet. Codair hooks him and tosses him with a T-bone suplex; Zion hits hard and rolls onto his back. Codair jumps up and hits him with a double stomp to the back. He then rolls him over and goes for the cover.)




(Zion kicks out. Codair quickly picks Zion up and lifts him up for a brainbuster; Zion fights it off and slips behind him. Zion drops Codair to the mat with a German suplex; he maintains his hold and rolls through. Zoin then drops him back down to the mat with a release Dragon suplex. Zion foregoes the cover.)

Roy Hardy: Zion doesn’t go for the pin; he must have something big in store!

(He lifts Codair up and hits him with double-knee gutbuster; Codair gets back to his feet and wobbles a bit. Zion then hits snap DDT. Zion maintains his grip and rolls through, which places him in the center of the ring. He then yokes Codair and drives his head to the mat with the Lightning Spiral. He hooks the leg)




Randall Jobbs: And your winner by pinfall, at the 9:14 minute-mark…Darin Zion!

Roy Hardy: Codair fought hard, but he came up short in this match.

Jesse Watson: Zion looked very impressive in this match; I’m sure management will be looking at him more closely from now on.

Roy Hardy: He was quite good. Knowing Josh Duncan like I do, anytime that Zion wants to come back, he’ll have him.

Jesse Watson: Duncan may look like a goof but he knows talent when he sees it. For the most part.

Roy Hardy: Hey, that ‘goof’ signs your paycheck. I’d watch your mouth.

Jesse Watson: Oh he loves me.

Roy Hardy: Right. Well, regardless of that, a very good match between these two and a good win for Darin Zion.

Narrator: The cold streets of Philly offer no refuge for the helpless. The Darwinian theory of survivalism can be seen in the slums of this city, on every corner in every desolate neighborhood.

Take a walk through the ghetto… well… you better drive – just in case. The streets have been taken by hoodlums and hookers, while the good citizens of Philadelphia have been forced into the suburbs.

But somehow, Tiberius emerged from this festering cesspool unscathed; somehow, he made it, without the NBA, without BET, without over-sized clothing and ostentatious jewelry.

Tiberius: Uh… check the watch, son.

Narrator: Anyway, the point is… despite the odds against him, and the clichéd avenues of success for his people, this man paved his own way, building a business empire in the same city of sin wherein he suffered… but now his attention has been turned to the Professional Wrestling Project.

He never cared for the customs of our culture, never deterred by societal pressure. The boys in the hood couldn’t hold him back, no matter how much they tried. He was destined for more.

The world of wrestling is a harsh environment; comprised of sociopaths and narcissists, characterized by sadism and belligerence. There is no place for the weak – it’s kill or be killed.

But Tiberius can navigate the socio-political mine field of the hood… PWP should be a walk in the park…


Tiberius: Not bad.

Narrator: Well, I wanted to really capture the mood of Philadelphia, you know?

Tiberius: Right.

Narrator: Now I know narrators are considered old-fashioned, but you have this fascinating story of rags to riches, and that simply HAS to be told with lurid detail. Sure, plenty of narrators can set the scene nicely, but for something like this, you need drama. I’m your man.

Tiberius: Heh… I’ll be in touch.

World Xtreme Wrestling -

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

Posts : 239
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 9: Cloud Nine   Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:43 am

Chaz Holiday vs. Frankie Emerson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

("Whatta Man" by Salt N Peppa hits, and the fans begin to boo instantaneously. Frankie bursts through the entrance curtain, pointing at himself, soaking in the "love of his fans.”)

Randall Jobbs: Weighing in at 215 pounds… Frankie, Emerson!

(e stops and high fives anyone who will give him the time of day as he walks down to the ring, usually singing his own song obnoxiously loud. When he gets down the ramp, he swings to the side right as the song screams out "WHATTA MAN WHATTA MAN WHATTA MIGHTY GOOD MAN". All the fans boo and try to push Frankie away from the barricade as he yells out "THAT'S ME... A MIGHTY GOOD MAN... THEY LOVE ME!". He rolls into the ring, and hops around a little waiting for his match.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina begins to play and Chaz Holiday emerges from behind the black curtains. He stops at the top of the entrance, smiling and looking around at the crowd.)

Randall Jobbs: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 221 pounds… Representing FGA… Chaz Holiday!

(As he makes his way to the ring, he high fives fans along the way. As he gets to the ring, he jumps up on the apron and steps between the ropes, getting into the ring.)

Roy Hardy: I’ve been waiting for this one. It’s time for Frankie to get a little lesson on humility.

Jesse Watson: What do you mean!? Frankie is nothing short of a humanitarian.

Roy Hardy: Right. And I’m going to be on the next cover of Muscle & Fitness. Frankie, unnecessarily bullied Chaz’s girlfriend, Melody Lennox, on Twitter. And I, for one, hope Chaz makes him eat those words.

(The bell rings and the two of them lock up. Chaz quickly goes behind Frankie, grabbing him in a waist lock. Frankie is quick to slip out of his grasps though, rolling behind Chaz and grabbing him in a waist lock of his own. Chaz grabs one of Frankie’s arms and takes him to the mat with a judo toss. He then holds him there in an arm bar.)

Roy Hardy: Both men are taking it pretty slow in the early going, trying to get a good feel for each other.

Jesse Watson: I’m sure Chaz is trying to get a good feel, alright.

Roy Hardy: …Really? Gonna start with those kinds of jokes already? He has a girlfriend, you know.

Jesse Watson: That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to cop a feel of Frankie. I’ve heard the straightest of men have tried doing that.

Roy Hardy: …Right. Just gonna get back to the action now…

(Frankie starts to fight back to his feet but Chaz keeps a tight hold on that arm. Frankie lands a quick punch to the midsection though, getting Chaz to break his hold on the arm. Frankie hits him with another right hand that sends Chaz staggering into the corner. Frankie comes in at him but Chaz lands a quick kick to the midsection, fighting Frankie off. Chaz grabs Frankie and spins him so that Frankie is now in the corner. Chaz hits him with a couple of knife edge chops before sending Frankie into the opposite corner. Frankie bounces out of the corner and Chaz catches him with a running clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Chaz has done a great job of staying on Frankie and making sure he doesn’t get any offense going.

Jesse Watson: Frankie’s got this. I got no doubt.

(As Chaz is starting to get Frankie to his feet, Frankie lunges forward, driving his shoulder into the midsection. Frankie then shoves Chaz down onto the 2nd rope and starts to push down on his head, choking him against the rope.)

Roy Hardy: Well, you can see Frankie going right to the desperation moves.

Jesse Watson: What do you mean, desperation? This is smart. If he can’t breathe, he can’t wrestle!

(Once the ref gets to four, Frankie pulls Chaz away from the ropes and takes him down to the mat with a snapmere. Frankie hit’s the ropes and lands a low dropkick to the back of Chaz’s head. Frankie goes for a pin.)


Roy Hardy: It seems like Frankie has created the opening that he needed to get back into this.

Jesse Watson: I knew he would. Frankie is too good.

Roy Hardy: He is a very talented competitor. But his mouth always gets him in trouble. And I can’t stand that or some of his in-ring antics either.

Jesse Watson: Whether you like it or not, it gets the job done. As seen, here.

(Frankie grabs Chaz in a side headlock, trying to keep him grounded and wear him down. Chaz, however, starts to fight back to his feet, landing several elbow shots to the midsection of Frankie. Chaz grabs Frankie and attempts to send him into the ropes but instead of hitting them, Frankie slides under the bottom rope and to the outside. He points at his head, smiling, saying how smart his is. As he turns around, he’s met by Chaz’s feet as Chaz drills him with a baseball slide.)

Roy Hardy: Apparently he wasn’t as smart as he thought! He just ate Chaz’s feet, big time, from that baseball slide!

Jesse Watson: Cheap shot! What a cheap shot!

Roy Hardy: Oh stop making excuses for your boy!

(Chaz rolls Frankie into the ring first before climbing up onto the ring apron. As Chaz begins to get into the ring, Frankie gets up and blasts him in the mouth with a hard kick. Frankie pulls Chaz into the ring, the rest of the way, and then plants him with a swinging neck breaker. He then goes for the pin.)


(Frankie quickly pops up and lands an elbow drop into the chest of Chaz. He goes for another quick cover.)


Roy Hardy: Frankie trying his best to put Chaz away.

Jesse Watson: He’ll do it eventually. You watch.

Roy Hardy: Why do you underestimate Chaz, so much?

Jesse Watson: I’m not underestimating him. Frankie’s just better.

Roy Hardy: Well, we’ll see about that.

(As Frankie starts to get Chaz up, Chaz grabs him and connects with a jawbreaker. Chaz then grabs Frankie and sends him into the corner. Chaz charges in but Frankie gets an elbow up, catching Chaz in the mouth with it. Frankie grabs Chaz by the head and climbs up to the second rope. He looks to go for a tornado DDT but Chaz slides out of his grip and nails Frankie with a hard forearm that sends Frankie tumbling from the top rope and to the outside of the floor.)

Roy Hardy: Frankie Emerson took a hard spill to the floor!

Jesse Watson: I hope he’s not hurt! Go check on him, Hardy.

Roy Hardy: I have a job to do here. Why don’t you go check on him? He’s your boy.

Jesse Watson: I would but someone needs to make sure the commentary is good.

(Chaz goes to the outside of the ring and begins to get Frankie up but Frankie grabs a hold of Chaz’s tights and then sends him flying into the guard rail, shoulder first. Frankie then, quickly, grabs him and sends him flying into the ring steps, also shoulder first. He then rolls into the ring, catching his breath, as the ref starts to count Chaz out.)

Roy Hardy: Chaz may have a separated shoulder here!

Jesse Watson: Very possible! He hit that guard rail and ring steps, hard! Great thinking by Frankie.

(The ref gets to a 9 count before Chaz is able to get to his feet and roll back into the ring. As soon as he does, Frankie is quickly on him, landing some hard stomps, trying to wear him down. He gets Chaz up and sends him into the corner. Frankie charges in, going for a body splash but Chaz moves out of the way and Frankie crashes into the turnbuckles.)

Roy Hardy: Frankie catching nothing but turnbuckles with that attempt!

(Frankie recovers though and runs at Chaz but Chaz catches him and plants him into the ring with a flapjack. Frankie gets back to his feet and Chaz runs at him. Frankie swings but Chaz ducks under his arm and hit’s the ropes. As Frankie turns around, Chaz hits him with a flying forearm. Frankie pops back up and Chaz catches him with a clothesline. Frankie gets up once more and this time, Chaz catches him with a sitout side slam.)

Roy Hardy: Chaz is on fire now!

Jesse Watson: I wish you meant that literally.

Roy Hardy: You’re just mad because your boy is losing right now.

Jesse Watson: Shut up! He’s not losing. It’s just momentary. Don’t you worry.

Roy Hardy: Oh believe me. I won’t.

(Chaz climbs to the top rope and as Frankie gets back to his feet, Chaz leaps off with a moonsault, landing on Frankie. Chaz hooks the leg for a pin…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Emerson kicks out just in time!

Jesse Watson: Thank God!

Roy Hardy: Why are you sweating so much, over there? Getting worried?

Jesse Watson: What? No! It’s just hot in this building…

Roy Hardy: Uh huh…

(Chaz gets Frankie to his feet and as he does, Frankie drills him with a knee to the midsection. Frankie then swings at Chaz but Chaz grabs him and plants him with an inverted DDT. Chaz goes for another pin.)


Jesse Watson: Yes! Another kick out by Frankie!

Roy Hardy: Chaz is really pulling out everything to put Frankie away.

(Chaz pulls Frankie to his feet and Frankie quickly fights him off, landing a hard right hand shot to the mouth. Chaz comes back with his own but Frankie ducks the punch and connects with the “Back To Back.” Frankie goes for the pin…)

No!! Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Frankie Emerson almost picked up the victory there! Chaz was able to get his shoulder up just in time!

Jesse Watson: Can we take a timeout and let the referee look at an instant replay? I think that was a three!

Roy Hardy: This isn’t the NFL! No instant replays! And it wasn’t a three!

(Both men fight up to their feet and Chaz swings at Frankie but once again, Frankie is able to avoid it. This time he grabs Chaz in a sleeper hold.)

Roy Hardy: Sleeper hold! Frankie’s got a sleeper hold locked in!

Jesse Watson: Yes, this is brilliant! Make him go to sleep, Frankie!

(Just when it looks like Chaz is about to pass out, he slips out of Frankie’s grips, lands a kick to the stomach and then connects with “The Party Starter.” Chaz hooks the leg for a pin…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 15:36 mark of the match, Chaz Holiday!!

Jesse Watson: What the hell just happened?!?

Roy Hardy: It looked like Chaz was about to pass out from that sleeper hold but at the last second, he got out of Frankie’s grasps and connected with “The Party Starter” out of nowhere!

Jesse Watson: I can’t believe this!

Roy Hardy: Maybe next time Frankie will keep his mouth shut and not make fun of Chaz’s girlfriend like an obnoxious school yard bully.

Insurgency Wrestling Federation -

innovative independent Wrestling -

Jordan Caliband vs. Savannah

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for once fall! Introducing first…

(“Sticks and Stones” starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunter out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up screaming INCOMING!!!!!!)

Randall Jobbs: From Coleraine, Northern Ireland…weighing in at 175 pounds…Jordan Caliban!

(He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with the girl playing with his hair on the apron.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses plays, as Savannah emerges from behind the curtain.)

Randall Jobbs: From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 165 pounds… Savannah!

(She high fives some fans on her way down to the ring before getting in.)

Roy Hardy:

(As the bell rings, Savannah wastes no time and drills Caliband with a forearm shot. He returns the favor, hitting one of his own. Savannah comes back with another forearm shot and Caliban hits right back with another. Savannah then delivers a kick to the stomach. She hits him with another stiff forearm before grabbing him and sending him into the ropes. She swings at him but Caliban ducks under her arm. As he comes off the ropes again, Savannah turns around and Caliban catches her with a cross body.)

Roy Hardy: Caliband using his high octane style offense to his advantage here in the early going!

(Caliban hooks the leg for a count…)


(Both of them get to their feet and Savannah is quick to strike first, hitting Caliban with a knee to the midsection. Savannah then grabs him and plants him with a snap suplex. Caliban sits up, grabbing his lower back and Savannah drives her knee into it, wrenching back on his head with a chin lock. Caliban fights back to his feet, sliding out of her grasps and lands a kick to the stomach.  Caliban hit’s the ropes but as he comes off of them, Savannah connects with a clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Caliban was looking to get some momentum back but Savannah was quick to cut him off.

Jesse Watson: She’s extremely focused and determined tonight. This is more than a match to these two. This is about bragging rights. They’ve both got one over on each other. This is the tie breaker.

Roy Hardy: That’s how this match all came about. Savannah took to Twitter, wanting a tie breaker. Caliband agreed and Josh Duncan made it happen!

(Savannah gets Caliban up and pushes him into the corner. Savannah hits him with some hard forearm shots to the chest, before following it up with a couple kicks to the midsection. She backs up, charges in and then rams her shoulder into the midsection of Caliban, driving the wind out of him. She drives her shoulder into his stomach a few more times before pulling him out of the corner and taking him down with a snapemere. Savannah hit’s the ropes and then nails Caliban with a low clothesline. Savannah goes for the pin..)


Roy Hardy: Savannah is really putting something extra behind her offense today.

Jesse Watson: I’m loving what I’m seeing out of her tonight!

(Savannah starts getting Caliban back to his feet, landing several hard clubbing blows to his back as she does. She sends him off into the ropes and swings at him as he comes off of them but he ducks under her arm. As she turns around, Caliban jumps up and hit’s a springboard back elbow to the mouth.)

Roy Hardy: Caliban’s looking to get back into this!

(As Savannah gets back up, Caliban charges and hits her with a clothesline. She pops back up and he hits her with another one. He hit’s the ropes and as Savannah is getting back to her feet, he leaps up and connects with a hurricanrana.)

Jesse Watson: Where is this burst of energy coming from!?

Roy Hardy: A few moments ago, it seemed like Savannah was in full control. But just like that, the tables have turned.

(Caliban backs up and when Savannah gets up and Caliban runs at her but she gets a boot up into the midsection, stopping him. She lifts him up and power bombs him into the corner. As Caliban crashes into the turnbuckles, he crumbles to the mat.)

Roy Hardy: Nice buckle bomb by Savannah!

Jesse Watson: Yeah, Savannah planted him HARD with that.

(Savannah drags Caliban up to his feet and sends him into the opposite corner. She charges in, looking to drive her shoulder into his midsection again but Caliban brings his knees up and she goes face first into them. She staggers back, holding her head and as she turns around, Caliband leaps off going for a missile dropkick but she moves out of the way. She climbs to the second rope in a different corner and once Caliband is back to his feet, she leaps off and connects with “The Pounce.” She hooks the leg.)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall, at the 7:10 mark, Savannah!

Roy Hardy: Jordan Caliband was looking to capitalize with that missile dropkick but unfortunately for him, Savannah had it scouted.

Jesse Watson: Savannah, right from the opening bell, I could tell was going to be bringing her A-Game. And I wasn’t wrong.

Roy Hardy: Nope, she was quite impressive here tonight, that is for sure. Can’t knock Caliband though. He showed a lot of heart, as always.

Jesse Watson: Heart only gets you so far, though. You gotta be able to seal the deal and tonight, Savannah was the one that was able to do that.

Frontier Grappling Arts -

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 9: Cloud Nine   Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:47 am

(We cut to a shot of Roxie McCright who is standing by with PWP owner, Josh Duncan.)

Roxie McCright: As you can see, I’m here with Mr. Duncan, the founder and owner of the PWP. And I know you told me earlier that you wanted to take some time to talk about PWP 10.

Josh Duncan: That is correct. You see, last month, I announced that PWP 10 will be comprised completely of first time ever matches. Now, we’re not talking about just the first time here in PWP. We’re talking the first time ANYWHERE. So, appropriately enough, I’ve dubbed the tagline of PWP 10 - “Nothing Like The First Time.”

Roxie McCright: Have you decided where the location of this event is going to take place?

Josh Duncan: Yes I have. We are anticipating a large crowd because this is going to be the PWP’s biggest show to date. And that is why PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time, will be held… At the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas!

Roxie McCright: Wow, easily the biggest venue that the PWP has held a show in, to date! So I assume, you’ve got some big matches lined up?

Josh Duncan: Oh Roxie, let me tell you… We’ve got some HUGE matches along with some of the top name competitors in all of the sport.

Roxie McCright: Can you give us a little sneak peek into some of the matches? Or at least some of the competitors?

Josh Duncan: You know… I’ve debated on doing that. But in the end… I think I’m just going to let it be a surprise to everyone.  Trust me… It’ll be worth the wait.

Roxie McCright: I know I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store for the show. You heard it from the boss himself, everyone! PWP 10 is going to be a big one!

Main Event
PWP Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match

Blake Jones vs. Adam Stryker vs. Sister Liliana (c)

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… And it is a Triple Threat Match for the PWP Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, one of the challengers…

("Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight blares throughout the arena and through the curtains steps out Blake Jones, a smile on his face. He is wearing his regular wrestling trunks and a black jacket as he stands atop the ramp, pointing at a few fans who are hoisting up signs in support of the superstar out of Philly before making his way down the ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 188 pounds… Blake Jones!

(Blake slaps hands with the fans on the first row before jumping on the ring apron. With one jump, he gets over the top rope and lands safely on his feet before making a move towards a nearby corner and climbing to the middle turnbuckle. Jones looks out at the audience and shoots at fans of his, winking as he does so. Blake removes his jacket and tosses it to a nearby ring crew member before backflipping off of the corner and landing right on his feet. Blake yells out "Tonight is the night" before heading off to the corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent, also one of the challengers…

(“Overload” by Black Label Society begins to play and Adam Stryker emerges through the curtains.)

Randall Jobbs: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 220 pounds… Representing 2CW… Adam Stryker!

(Stryker gets into the ring and takes an opposite corner of Blake, both men keeping their eyes on each other.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponent…

(A pipe organ begins to play and Bach's "Toccata & Fugue in D minor” starts to play. Throughout the arena the lights go dark, minus a spotlight at the top of the ramp. Father Jones is out first, wearing black dress pants and aback turtle neck, with an oversized black hat and oversized sunglasses as well. Wearing all black, with a veil covering her face, the former Liliana and Sweet Potato makes her way slowly out from the back.)

Randall Jobbs: From Bayonne, New Jersey, weighing in at 122 pounds… She is representing Inferno Wrestling and she is the reigning PWP Heavyweight Champion… Sister Liliana!

(Father Jones stands by her and claps proudly before the two of them head to the ring. Sister Liliana never takes her gaze off of the ring but Father Jones walks all around her talking her up, clapping, and pointing to the ring. She slowly climbs up the stairs and steps carefully into the ring. Once in the ring, she throws the veil off and shows an all black mask that covers her entire head, including having her hair covered up.)

Roy Hardy: Folks, get ready because this match is going to be very interesting. You’ve got Sister Liliana, who we’re pretty familiar with. Adam Stryker, who is making his second appearance here in the PWP. And Blake Jones who is making his first. There’s a lot of unknowns and that always makes for a fun match!

(As soon as the bell rings, Blake and Adam go right after Sister Liliana, laying in several kicks and punches. Liliana tries to fight them off with elbows and forearms of her own but the two men are quick to overpower her.)

Roy Hardy: I gotta admit, I’m a little surprised here. This strategy took me off guard. But it’s smart.

Jesse Watson: In matches like this, it’s easier when there’s less people to worry about. Sister Liliana is the top dog in the PWP, at this moment. It is certainly smart.

(Stryker grabs Liliana and takes her to the mat with a snapmere. He then delivers a hard kick to the spine of the champion. Blake looks at Stryker and then quickly lands a hard kick of his own, to the back of Liliana. Stryker sits Liliana up and delivers a hard chop to the back, that echoes throughout the arena. Blake steps forward and does the same, trying to do it even harder.)

Roy Hardy: It looks like Blake Jones and Adam Stryker are having a little competition with each other. Almost an “anything you can do, I can do better” sort of deal.

Jesse Watson: And this does not bode well for the champion, if this keeps up.

(Stryker gets Liliana up and hits her with a forearm shot to the mouth. Blake then hits one of his own on her and the two go back and forth, planting Liliana with forearms, shot for shot. Finally after this happens several times, Stryker delivers a hard discus forearm shot that sends Liliana down to the mat. Blake then rushes over and quickly grabs Stryker with an inside craddle pin…)


Roy Hardy: Blake Jones almost just stole the win right there! Adam Stryker wasn’t anticipating that at all, I don’t think.

Jesse Watson: I’d love to see Sister Liliana walk out with that title. But I’ll be damned if that wasn’t a good attempt by Blake Jones.

Roy Hardy: It definitely was. I knew the alliance wouldn’t last very long.

(They both rush to their feet and this time Adam Stryker grabs Blake Jones and rolls him up with a school boy…)


(Before Blake can get back to his feet, after the kickout, Stryker grabs him into a modified arm bar.)

Roy Hardy: Great job by Adam Stryker to slow the pace of the match down, locking in that submission hold on Blake Jones.

Jesse Watson: Adam Stryker, I don’t know if you can call him an underdog but I will in this case since it’s only his 2nd appearance here in the PWP, is my underdog pick to win this match. Like I said, I’m going with Sister Liliana but Stryker is so good. He’s my next pick.

Roy Hardy: All three of these competitors are so good. I can’t even begin to make a pick.

(He has it locked in really well until Sister Liliana gets back into the match and delivers a hard kick to the back of the head of Stryker. She gives him a few kicks before grabbing Blake and sending him into the ropes. As he comes off of them, Liliana catches him with a standing dropkick.)

Roy Hardy: Sister Liliana looking to get back into this thing, now.

Jesse Watson: It’s going to be hard to keep her out of it. She defeated a man that some considered unbeatable, in James Shark.

Roy Hardy: It’s certainly going to be a tough task to knock the champion off.

(Sister Liliana turns around and just as she does, she’s met by Adam Stryker who delivers a hard running knee strike to the mouth, that sends Liliana flying out of the ring. He then turns his attention to Blake, who he shoves into the corner and delivers several hard forearm shots to the mouth. Blake comes stumbling out of the corner and as he does, Stryker hit’s the ropes but Liliana reaches up and pulls the legs out from under Stryker, sending him face-first down on the mat. Liliana gets up onto the ring apron and Blake comes running at her but she lunges her upper body through the ropes, driving her shoulder into Blake’s midsection. She sprinboards into the ring, catching Blake with a diving forearm. She gets Stryker up, pushing him into the corner and drilling him with several hard shots before turning her attention back to Blake. She grabs Blake and runs, springboards off of chest of Stryker and plans Blake into the mat with a tornado bulldog. She hooks the leg for a pin.)


Roy Hardy: Some innovative offense there by Sister Liliana.

Jesse Watson: Yeah and I love it. Sister Liliana always comes with an exciting array of offensive maneuvers.

Roy Hardy: That she does. This match is going to be very interesting. All three have different styles. Liliana is a high flyer who always goes full steam ahead, keeping the pace quick, as we all know. Stryker more of a ground and pound, technical and no pun intended, striking offense. And Blake Jones brings a little bit of everything. He’s very well rounded.

(Sister Liliana gets to her feet and as she does, Stryker comes in, landing a hard kick to the stomach that sends her staggering back into the corner. He then lays into her with some hard chops to the chest and forearms to the mouth, rotating the strikes. Stryker then grabs Blake and pulls him to his feet. Taking him to the opposite corner, he sends Blake in at Liliana with an Irish whip but Liliana moves out of the way in time.)

Roy Hardy: Nice job by Sister Liliana to avoid getting sandwiched, there.

Jesse Watson: I wouldn’t mind sandwiching-

Roy Hardy: I’m going to stop you there. Not for your sake, because Sister Liliana WOULD kill you if you finished that sentence. But for the sake of sparing the people’s ears, of you saying garbage like that.

Jesse Watson: It’s not garbage! It’s me expressing my-


Jesse Watson: How rude.

(Liliana charges in and lands a quick kick to the midsection of Stryker. She follows it up with some forearms before grabbing him and attempting to send him into the corner, where Blake is but Stryker reverses it and she goes crashing into him. Stryker charges in but Liliana gets her foot up into the mouth of Stryker, sending him staggering backwards. Liliana then grabs Blake by the head and looks to plant him with a bulldog but Blake shoves her off into the waiting Stryker who catches her, lifting her up and bringing her down with a back breaker.)

Roy Hardy: This action has been fast paced and hasn’t slowed down a bit since the beginning! Every time one person looks to get the advantage, the momentum swings in another direction.

Jesse Watson: That’s why these multiperson matches are so tough. Unless you completely take one man out, it’s never going to be just one on one.

(Blake Jones hit’s the ropes and as Adam Stryker turns around to face him, Blake leaps up and catches Stryker with a hurricanrana. As Stryker sits up, Blake catches him with some hard kicks to the chest. He then backs Stryker up into the corner, hitting him with some right hands. He turns around, seeing Liliana using the opposite corner to get to her feet and as she does, Blake runs and catches her with a body splash. Blake turns around and then charges at Stryker, who is still in the corner but Adam steps out of the corner, catches Blake and drives him into the turnbuckles with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.)

Roy Hardy: What a counter by Adam Stryker!

Jesse Watson: I love it! That’s why he’s my second pick to win this thing.

Roy Hardy: He’s not looking like a bad pick, right now. Then again, none of these competitors are a bad pick. Even though this is Blake’s first appearance in the PWP, he is still an accomplished competitor else where and he has to be taken just as seriously as the other two.

Jesse Watson: All three competitors are well accomplished, really. But Sister Liliana, as I stated, is the current best in the PWP. She has the gold to prove it. She did something that many others couldn’t, when placed with the task of knocking off James Shark.

Roy Hardy: You’re right. She did just that. She’s earned the right to be considered the favorite of this match and I can’t blame you for picking her to be the winner.

(Blake is in a sitting position in the corner and Stryker hit’s the ropes but as he does, Liliana comes charging in, hitting him with a dropkick and sending him flying over the top rope and to the floor outside. She waits for him to get to his feet and as she does, she runs and hits him with a suicide dive.)

Roy Hardy: Sister Liliana taking to the air!

Jesse Watson: There’s that high flying offense we talked about earlier!

(Liliana wastes little time, getting Stryker back up and hitting him with some forearm shots. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Blake Jones comes flying through the ropes, taking both Stryker and Liliana out with “Jones, Jones and Away.”)

Roy Hardy: And now Blake Jones with his own suicide dive, taking both of them out!

Jesse Watson: This is getting nuts!

(Blake grabs Stryker and rolls him into the ring. He slides in right behind him and hooks the leg for a cover…)


(Blake gets Stryker up and backs him up against the ropes. He attempts to send him into the ropes but Stryker grabs the top rope, stopping him from doing so. Stryker shoves Blake away and Stryker runs at him but Blake leap frogs him. Stryker goes running into the ropes and as he comes off of them, Blake catches him with a dropkick. Blake then runs and springboards off of the ropes, connecting with a lionsault. He hooks the leg…)

NO! Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: We almost just had a new champion!

Jesse Watson: This is where Sister Liliana is at the disadvantage. She could lose that title without even being part of the decision.

Roy Hardy: That’s always the risk that you run in matches like this. The champion really is at a disadvantage, in some aspects, in these types of matches.

(Blake gets Stryker up, pushing him into the corner. He hits him with some hard chops to the chest, before Liliana comes back into the ring, runs and hits Blake with a high knee to the back. She then grabs him and sends him into the opposite corner. She grabs Stryker and attempts to send him into the corner that Blake is now in but Stryker reverses it. Instead of crashing into Blake, Lilana leaps up and brings Blake over with a monkey flip. As Blake flies up, he catches Stryker who has come out of the corner, with a dropkick.)

Roy Hardy: What great body control by Blake Jones!

Jesse Watson: I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that before!

(Blake staggers back to his feet and Liliana runs up from behind him and grabs him with a backslide pin…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Liliana almost caught Blake off guard and stole the win right there!

(Liliana staggers over to the ropes and Blake charges in at her but she ducks, back dropping Blake over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor. Liliana looks over her shoulder and sees Stryker getting back to his feet. She springboards off of the ropes and as she does, Stryker grabs her with “Free Bearhugs!”)

Jesse Watson: Bearhug! Adam Stryker has that bear hug locked on tight!

Roy Hardy: That is a strong individual too! Sister Liliana is struggling not to tap out!

(Liliana looks like she’s coming close to tapping out, when out of nowhere, Blake Jones comes flying off of the top rope, hitting Liliana in the back with a missile dropkick, knocking both her and Adam Stryker over.)

Roy Hardy: Blake Jones with a key missile dropkick, breaking that submission hold up!

(Blake crawls over and pins Stryker…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

(Blake then looks back at Sister Liliana and makes the pin…)


(Blake starts to get Sister Liliana up but Liliana grabs him by the waist line of his trunks and pulls him back, sending him flying between the ropes and to the outside of the ring. She turns around and Stryker swings at her but she ducks it, drills him in the gut with a spinning back kick and then drives him into the mat with a STO. Liliana then calls for “Organ Music” but as she gets to the top rope, Blake slides in and lands a clubbing shot to the back, bringing Liliana down to a seated position on the top rope. Blake then pulls her backwards so she’s hanging upside down in a tree of woe position.)

Roy Hardy: Sister Liliana is in a bad predicament here.

Jesse Watson: She sure is. This is just about the last position you want to be in, right now.

(Blake lands several hard kicks to the chest of Liliana and when he turns around, Stryker grabs him and hits him with the “Definition of Mayhem.” Stryker then runs and connects with a hard knee strike to the midsection of Liliana, who was still caught up in that tree of woe position. He turns around, getting Blake up to his feet and sending him into the ropes. As Blake comes off the ropes, he leaps up, looking for a hurricanrana but instead Stryker catches him and brings him down a vicious power bomb, folding him up with it and making a pin attempt…)

NO!!! KICKOUT AT 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Adam Stryker was literally less than an inch of way from becoming the new PWP Heavyweight Champion!

Jesse Watson: This is amazing! We are witnessing one of the best matches in PWP history, in my opinion!

Roy Hardy: I’m right with you on that one, this is phenomenal!

(Stryker gets up and Sister Liliana comes crawling back towards him. He gets her up, landing some hard knee strikes as he does. He goes for one more but Liliana catches the leg and drives her elbow into it, blocking the attempt. She grabs him and then runs, springboards out of the corner and hit’s the “Falling Star.” She goes for the pin…)

NO! Kickout at 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: Sister Liliana hit Adam Stryker with that “Sliced Bread #2” but it wasn’t enough to put him away!

Jesse Watson: I thought it was over but not yet!

(Sister Liliana gets up and Blake Jones comes at her but she hits him with a kick to the stomach and tries to vertical suplex him over the top rope but he lands on the ring apron. Liliana turns around and goes for a right hand but Blake blocks it and hits her with one of his own, staggering her backwards. Blake then springboards into the ring and hits Liliana with the “Jones Equation.” Blake goes for the pin…)


(NO! The pin is broken up by Adam Stryker, with a stomp to the back of Blake’s head, just before the referee hit’s the mat for the third time!)

Roy Hardy: So close! Blake Jones was so close!

Jesse Watson: Adam Stryker saved this match JUST in time! Because I have no doubt, if he didn’t, that was it!

Roy Hardy: It sure looked like!

(Stryker get Blake up and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside. Adam then quickly goes for his own pin attempt on Sister Liliana…)

No! Kickout at 2 ½!!

Jesse Watson: Adam Stryker, smartly, tried to pick up the scraps that Blake Jones left behind but there was just enough time for Sister Liliana to gain enough bearings to kick out in time!

(Stryker gets Liliana up to her feet, lifts her up and sets her in a seated position on the top rope. Before he can do anything though, Liliana reaches forward and rakes the eyes. Liliana gets up to her feet, when Blake gets back into the ring and quickly climbs up to the top rope with her. Blake looks for a superplex but Liliana blocks it. He tries again but she blocks it once more. Adam Stryker comes up from behind Blake, putting his head between his legs so that he’s placed against his shoulders and he falls back, sending all three competitors crashing to the mat.)

Roy Hardy: Adam Stryker planted Blake Jones into the mat with an electric chair drop off of the second rope, while simultaneously Blake Jones had a hold of Sister Liliana and driving her into the mat with the superplex!

Jesse Watson: I can’t say it enough! This match is absolutely incredible! I’m winded just watching it!

Roy Hardy: That’s a good point to bring up. These competitors have to be going on fumes by now. They have taken so much out of each other.

(Stryker and Blake are the two that are up to their feet first. The begin to exchange punches, going shot for shot, until Blake throws a punch but Stryker ducks under it and then plants him into the mat with a bridging German suplex….)


(Liliana dives and breaks the count up at 2 ½.)

Roy Hardy: Sister Liliana just saved herself from losing the title! Somehow, she dug deep down to get the strength to get to her feet and stop the count.

Jesse Watson: This is why she is the champion. She needed to pull out that something extra and she did.

(Liliana pulls Stryker over to the corner, grabbing him by the head. She then jumps up onto the second rope and leaps off, driving Stryker’s head into the mat with a tornado DDT. She tries to go for the pin but Stryker rolls out of the ring before she can.)

Roy Hardy: I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not but Stryker may have just saved himself from getting pinned.

(Liliana gets to her feet and as she turns around, she is hit by Blake with the “Jones Equation” for the second time in the match. He hooks the leg…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match via pinfall at the 31:38 mark and NEW PWP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…. BLAKE JONES!!!!!


Jesse Watson: I can’t believe this! Blake Jones in his first PWP match has become the new PWP Heavyweight Champion!

Roy Hardy: Excuse my language ladies and gentlemen but this is huge! Blake Jones, out of nowhere, hit Sister Liliana with that springboard double knee face breaker and got the victory!

Jesse Watson: I gotta admit, I didn’t see it coming! I said who my pick was at the beginning. I honestly did not think that Blake Jones would be able to pull it off.

Roy Hardy: I never counted him out for one second but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still in shock, mostly because this was Sister Liliana’s first title defense. Man, what a win, what a match!

Jesse Watson: I said it earlier in the match and I’ll say it again… We just witnessed one of the best matches in PWP history!

Roy Hardy: We sure did. It was one of the most physical, action packed matches I’ve ever witnessed in my life! But that’s all the time we have tonight folks. Tune in to PWP 10: Nothing Like The First Time, because it’s going to be such a great show. It’s going to be full of first time matches that you have never seen ANYWHERE before! No matches have been announced but as Mr. Duncan alluded to earlier, we will see several of the best wrestlers in the entire world on this show and it’s going to be one you CAN’T miss! So for my partner, Jesse Watson and everyone here at PWP… We thank you for joining us tonight! Have a great evening and we’ll see you again in July!

(Blake Jones is celebrating in the ring, on his knees, clutching the PWP Heavyweight title to his chest. He kisses it and raises it in the air and the crowd is going wild, as the feed fades out.)
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PWP 9: Cloud Nine
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