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Tiberius Idris_elba_stringe_1426940c

Name: Tiberius

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 260 lbs

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alignment: Unknown

Pic Base: Idris Elba

Entrance Theme:

Entrance Description: Writer's discretion

Gimmick Description: Tiberius is ruthless, quick to anger and willing to disregard ethics in pursuit of profit. Born in the slums of Philadelphia, he somehow managed to build a small business empire in his hometown, demonstrating both entrepreneurship and the art of diplomacy. His latest venture is professional wrestling; signing a short-term contract with PWP after extensive training in the Deep South. Fans should expect an explosive, smashmouth brawler, although behind the curtain, Tiberius is the ultimate politician.

Real Wrestlers Your Character Wrestles Like: Cesaro, Finlay, Samoa Joe

Signature Moves:
- Brainbuster
- European uppercut
- Exploder suplex
- Lariat
- Rear naked choke
- Samoan drop
- Spinning spinebuster

Finishing Move:
- The Peacemaker (Yakuza kick)
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