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 Darin Zion

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Personal Info:(Out of Character)

Age: 25
Location: Wichita, KS
Facebook: lysaughtd
Twitter: N/A Twitter's gay
Any form of Messenger:(AIM, Yahoo, etc.)

Character Information: (In Character)

***Wrestler Name: Darin Zion
***Wrestler Age: 30
***Height: 6' 0"
***Weight: 222 Pounds
***Alignment: (Face/Heel/Tweener): FACE
***Pic Base: (Who are you using for your wrestler's look? Wrestler, Celebrity, Custom, etc.): Cody Rhodes

***Wrestler's Entrance: (How your wrestler comes to the ring.)

[Explosions around the screen happen and blue and silver lights start to hit around the arena as "Cold" by Crossfade starts at the chorus line. The crowd erupts and Darin Zion immediately rush out from behind the curtain. He immediately throws both his hands out with the love symbol and starts slapping hands with the crowd. The crowd immediately starts singing Darin Zion's theme song as he walks out from the curtain.]

"Looking back at me I see
That I never really got it right
I never stopped to think of you
I'm always wrapped up in
Things I cannot win
You are the antidote that gets me by
Something strong
Like a drug that gets me high"

[Darin immediately stops at the entrance ramp, jumps down and kneels before giving the sign of the cross. He immediately leaps up to more pyro and he starts running into the ring. He rushes over to the ring ropes and climbs the second rope and extends his hands out, jumps on the ring ropes and sticks his tongue out. He smiles as he awaits for his opponent.]

***Wrestler's Theme Music: (what music does your wrestler come out to?): "Human" by Manafest

Style: Lucha/Grappler/Submission/MMA



Physical Attacks
--Upper Cut
--Round House Kick
--Reverse Round House Kick
--Hook Kick
--Butterfly Kick
--Back Kick
--Reverse Shining Wizard
--Standing Shooting Star Press
--Missle Dropkick
--Moonsault Kick to Back of the head
--Flying Crossbody
--Corkscrew Clothesline
--Running Elbox Smash
--Witch Kick

Submission Attacks
--Cobra Clutch
--Sleeper Hold
--Fujiwara armbar
--Double Leg Boston Crab
--Dragon Sleeper
--Mexican Surfboard
--Horse Collar
--Inverted Cloverleaf
--Burning Wings

Front Grapples (including Irish Whips)
--Belly to Belly Suplex
--T-Bone Suplex
--Snap DDT
--Belly To Back Suplex
--Scoop Slam
--Flying Death Head Scissors
--Death Valley Driver
--Wings of an Angel
--The AmityVille Horror
--Flying Death Head Scissors
--Inverted Go To Sleep
--Double Knee Gutbuster
--Double Knee Backbuster (Inverted of the top move)
--Perfect Plex
--Three Amigos
--Triple Belly to Belly Suplexes
--Snapmare Driver

Back Grapples
--German Suplex
--Atomic Drop
--Sleeper Drop
--Full Nelson Facedrop
--Tiger Suplex
--Dragon Suplex
--Series of German Suplexes
--Scoop Lift Reverse DDT
--Zig Zag

Irish Whips
--Spinning Wheel Kick
--Running Drop Kick
--Running STO
--Requiem in C Flat (old Valencio Move)
--The Alarm Clock
--Reverse Hurricanarana

Rope Attacks/Flying Moves
--Springboard Elbow
--Springboard Dropkick
--Shooting Star Press to the Outside
--Asai Moonsault to Outside
--Corkscrew Moonsault
--Standing Shooting Star Press
--Damage Reflex
--Avalanche Yoshi Tonic

Top Rope Attacks
--Corkscrew Splash
--Elbow Drop

Funny Moves
--The Gerenade

Finisher: (name and description)
--Delusions of Grandeur: Lightning Spiral
--The Rapture Leg Drop—> Top Rope Leg-Drop to back of the head
--The End of Days - Kimara Lock

Signature: (name and description)
--The Epic Slap ---> Pimp Slap across the face

Physical Description: Black smooth hair, short, muscular, slim, moves fast, blue eyes, wears a mask most of his entrances, wears usually black and silver tights with silver slash marks on them and Zion on the back of them. Muscular arms, etc.

History: Zion started out in PWX as a religious man, trying to preach religion onto wrestling; however, he had an enlightenment and become very out spoken against religion. He found out he truly loves wrestling over it. Zion is a rich man who inherited his riches from his late grandfather. During his first stint in PWX, he became the center of much controversy. This would gain him both the Evo-X Pride Title, and later, the Global Hybrid Championship. Zion had much success, even though he had become a huge jackass towards most of the locker room. His attitude would lead him later to be fired by PEP as he helped pull a screw job on Zion with his long time nemesis, Matthew Murphy.

However, this would lead to Zion dawning a mask and becoming Muerte Dios, or God of Death. He used this name as a way to spite PEP and try to insult him. Zion would go on to be undefeated on his return as Muerte Dios and end up winning the Next Generation Title. He unveiled himself at PWX Vendetta and currently has changed his ways. He no longer acts like an asshole, but still has his tendencies to gloat about his successful endeavors. However, he more than makes up for that by showing his newly discovered abilities which he learned in Chikara Pro Wrestling.

When Zion returned to PWX in the later part of 2007, he was working part-time within the movie industry. He worked with his image consultant Jarome Owens in order to create a better image for himself. However, Zion’s heart left the pro wrestling business after PEP tried to get him fired and he main-evented PWX’s Civil War Pay-Per-View.

Zion returned to his roots back in 2008 when he began a stable within the ranks of PWX called the Covenant. He had joined forces with Schmied, Titan, and another man. They were feared through PWX completely. However, once again, PWX closed down and Zion’s passion for the business slowly faded for wrestling. Zion completely faded into obscurity and no one had heard from it all. People speculated he died due to his strange vanishing acted.

As 2009 ended, PWX reopened its doors; Zion decided to return; only to conceal his identity as the masked superhero of PWX; Valencio. He had a few good matches and beat PWX Champion Ness before losing his mask to Brian Hollywood. However, Zion did not like being unmasked at the End Game. Zion continued to wear a mask with entrances as something continued to haunt him from his past. Time will only tell what is hidden within Zion’s past upon his return; but he will continue to be dominant amongst PWX’s ranks.

When 2010 came ringing in, Darin Zion grabbed up the 2009 Breakout Star of the Year for PWX by defeating Tyler Graves for the coveted award. Zion then defeated and maintained his undefeated streak in Ambulence Matches by defeating Brian Hollywood's mentee Jay Price, who has since not been seen n PWX. Darin Zion attempted to to go after the Legends Cup, but failed because of Jay Price and Brian Hollywood interference, which warrented the match between Price and Zion. At the end of the night, Darin Zion interefered in the main event of New Horizons in order to "in still the honor code." Will Darin Zion be able to continue his conquest of keeping PWX's honor code?

Darin was able to uphold the honor code after he feuded with Hollywood for control of PWX in 2010. With control re-established under the rule of JPO, Darin silently exited PWX after battling a tough uphill battle in the Civil War match in 2010. When Darin exited, he entered a small, mom and pop federation called WPC and had some success there. However, Darin wanted to get out of the small pond and immediately finish his career in PWX. How will Zion go out?

Darin Zion returned to PWX and ended up winning the Grand Slam status being the only wrestler to do so. Darin Zion then turned on Brian Hollywood and ended up gaining control of PWX, only to reveal he and Brian ended up controlling PWX as a part of the Establishment. Darin Zion went on to become a two time PWX Champion and PWX Hybrid Champion a fourth time before getting taken out by Schmied. What's in store for Darin Zion now that retirement starts knocking on his door?
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Darin Zion
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