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 PWP 9: Cloud Nine - Darin Zion vs. TJ Codair

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 9: Cloud Nine - Darin Zion vs. TJ Codair   Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:52 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is June 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 9: Cloud Nine - Darin Zion vs. TJ Codair   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:21 pm

Quote :

Ricky: Darin's at the top!! That CRETIN Timothy Hunt is staggering around at the bottom, desperately trying to muster up enough energy to do something, anything, but he's too late!! Darin has his hand on the belt... but so does Prince!! They're fighting eachother to pull down the title...

Chris: They've both unhooked the championship?! They're BOTH holding the gold!! Down below, Timothy Hunt has collapsed from the pain racking his body. He did his DAMNDEST to get back into this war, but his body's given out on him...


Ricky: OH MY GOD!!.....YESSSSS!!!

Chris: Oh my...

[Darin Zion cracks Prince in the SKULL with the title belt, sending the monster of a man toppling from the ladder, in a scene reminiscent of King Kong crumblng from the Empire State Building. Prince collides with the canvas, the sound echoing throughout the arena... Darin Zion himself is shocked. But after realizing what's happened, he holds the title belt aloft to the absolute disgust of everyone in the building. Well... ALMOST everyone...]



Honestly the last few months, I'll admit it straight out; I felt invincible, untouchable, and completely in control of my life for the first time in my life. I'd had everything in my hands I'd ever dreamed of having. I held PWX in my very hands and I'd planned on molding it into the very thing I wanted it to be. I wanted the company to be about competition, I dreamt of no favoritism, just pure wrestling. And I completely lost control at that moment. I'd accomplished everything in my career I'd ever set out to do and finally climb the ladder to win my fourth Hybrid Championship. I didn't care who I buried and I honestly didn't care who got hurt backstage when I did it; but I'd finally sacrificed the last of my morals to climb the ladder to success. I hurt my good friends TJ Codair, John Ojeda, and buried anyone's careers who'd ever told me I'd never reach that pinnacle ever. I literally floated on cloud nine just wanted to get ahead of everyone. And then it happened:

I'd become the very thing I'd desired never to become. I became the monster.

You know my story over the past years. I'd gotten tortured, my bags shat in, turned into the whipping boy all because I stood up for my friends in the backstage locker room. I got buried, brutalized, and held back. I fought to overcome those odds, but over the last 10 years, I corrupted myself and became invincible. I started believing people owed me respect. I believed they owed me the entire world wrapped in a hand basket. I felt like everyone should give me the damned respected I'd deserved. After all, I'd finally accomplished making my brother's dream come true. I'd climbed the mountain, held multiple titles and became the most successful wrestler in an organization. But I honestly lost respect for myself and fell deeper into my hatred for losing Clara, my brother, and just felt jaded by the crowd and my locker room because they couldn't see my vision. I let pride get in the way and I started bragging and making myself look like an ignorant retarded bastard and I opened my mouth. And my downward spiral came fast.

I lost the girl, I lost my title, I lost my fans and then...

Quote :

[Immediately the lights flicker some more and we start to see Schmied who's carrying Darin Zion's lifeless body from last week up the titantron which stands 35 feet above the arena floor. Morgana immediately rushes out as Schmied climbs the ladder. The competitors in the ring immediately stand completely still and the crowd immediately stands almost ready to celebrate. Tears start to run down Morgana's face as the camera pans to Zion's cold, lifeless body. You see more bruises and cuts on him from the beatings he's sustained at the hands of Schmied after passing out last week.]

Ricky: SCHMIED'S GONE ROGUE! After his first loss, he's completely and utterly snapped!

Chris: And much to the delight of the crowd. They're wanting to see Zion's career end. But it's a little confusing for sure. But they don't care! Zion's tortured them, teased them, treated them like shit, and balked. He chased his own friends away the last week and Schmied had the final straw with Zion's attitude. He's doing something about it.

Ricky: But you cannot leave Morgana a widow!

Chris: They aren't even married!

Ricky: Well then free her up again, I want a piece of her ass!

[Schmied lifts Zion up and the officials and Morgana immediately motion towards Schmied to put Zion down. Schmied's smile grows ever so more sinisterly across his face. His eyes light up and he looks up towards the sky murmuring "Praise my master! Praise him! SACRIFICE TO HIM, ALL POWERFUL!" Morgana pushes the officials out of the way and looks at Schmied for a moment, she again motions to stop, but Schmied does not listen.]


Ricky: Washington DC is a bunch of savages right now! How DARE they want to see Darin Zion get chucked off the screen. Fucking bunch of liberal bastards!

Chris: Oh shut up, almost 5 years ago, you'd have chanted the same thing and wished to see Darin Zion get thrown off the titantron. You'd love Schmied.

Ricky: No I wouldn't have...fuck you Chris! Just seriously! Darin Zion's a saint! He's our savior! In fact, he's such a savior the match in the ring has stopped because of his presence...even unconscious.

Chris: Oh stop fooling yourself, the Pariah said of things is stopping to watch Zion's imminent death coming and The Establishment wrestlers are waiting to sue. Simple enough as that.

[Schmied moves a bit and the officials move towards Schmied. He's got Zion hoisted up in the Razor's Edge position. Morgana once again motions towards Schmied for a moment. The crowd immediately starts tearing into her and starts calling her a bitch. She continues to motion for a moment before finally Schmied makes another adjustment and suddenly her expressions change.]



[Schmied immediately smiles and lifts Zion up towards the sky and he looks at him for a moment and says "Thank master." Schmied immediately tosses Zion straight down and the officials immediately move out of the way to give Zion some protection. Darin Zion immediately starts to fall down from the titantron, head first thanks to Schmied. Darin Zion's body rushes down as everyone and their mother's immediately gasp. The crowd immediately roars as Darin Zion's neck immediately collides stiffly with the steel of the stage down below.]



[Suddenly the pyro cannon underneath the stage immediately goes off in the area in a blaze of glory and Schmied and Morgana immediately laugh sadistically at Darin ZIon as the damage is done and Zion's body is pretty much left in the crater in the stage. Immediately the officials motion for medical staff and medics start rushing underneath the stage. The crowd claps unkindly towards Zion. The camera focuses on Schmied for a moment and you can immediately the crowd starting to bow at him.]


My own damn brother who hid under a fucking mask this entire time came out and tossed me off the titantron and tried to end my career. He hid under a mask, and literally pulled me off life support...or so the story told. But honestly, I escaped PWX again to find that heart that got me into the professional wrestling business in the first place. I'd for so long let my heart become darkened and distraught that I'd forgotten what ended up getting me interested in the wrestling business in the first place: the fans and the passion. I'd grown up watching wrestling on television, trying to become professional wrestling stars, and I ended up training in the battle arena under Bryan Willett and rediscovered my childhood friend Brian Hollywood. We formed a tag team and literally wrestled for gyms filled with almost 100 people and fell in love with it. And what makes me so mad about this entire situation: I lost that passion. I wanted more, I wanted fame, glory, and immortality. And that's where TJ Codair comes into to play right now.

You see TJ Codair was the one man I felt like I literally buried for no apparent reason when I let the devil control my soul. TJ busted his ass completely in our locker room making the Hybrid Championship look important, and when I saw that glory, I immediately wanted to rehash my glory days holding the PWX Hybrid Championship. I'd enjoyed defending my title, I'd enjoyed losing it on the first defense: it truly was my baby and I honestly felt I made the title look the most important than anyone else on the roster. So I challenged TJ Codair, I kicked his ass, but in turn, I didn't care what happened next: he held my baby and I got possessive. And you all know the story: Codair and I fought on Twitter since that time. Honestly, Codair wants to kick my ass, and I deserve those comments, but honestly, I'm going to open up a bit and try not to get personal with this.

Codair, I've never had anything handed to me. I always had to scratch my way to the top of the ladder to get anything in PWX (minus the last few months) and honestly, when you and your associates at Battleground Wrestling told it to my face I'd never earned anything: I've never wanted more than anything to kick someone's ass in my entire life. I didn't care if you've been a veteran of this sport and felt righted to say it. It fucking hurt to have someone tell me I'd been handed everything in my entire career because they've never understood me. You never saw people shitting in my bag. You never saw me get tortured and turned into the jobber of the stars. In fact, you never knew my struggles. You'd just assumed, and I don't blame you, if someone acted like a self entitled owner, I did the same thing when I climbed the PWX ladder. I once faced situations in your shoes with me. I became my own monster. But Codair, you never make the mistake that I've never earned anything in my entire career. Let alone you don't underestimate my skills. I'll surprise you every time Codair. Any time someone's come out swinging for the gates and promising I'm not worthy, I've beaten them time and time again.

And I don't underestimate you. You'll kick my ass and bring you best game too. I expect you to bring out the best of me again. And rather I win or lose to you Codair, I'm glad we get to settle this in a one on one contest. You're someone just as passionate about wrestling as I've been and I want to tear down the roof here at PWP. I want to give these fans the biggest classic in the history of professional wrestling, and I want to be that Zion of old. I don't want to hide behind masks and lackeys. I want to push my ass to the brink and make people BELIEVE in wrestling again. That's what everyone craves. They buy the tickets to see us put our bodies on the line night in and night out. They come here to see us tear each other apart: and that's exactly the Darin Zion I promise to give you. I'm dead to PWX now because before I have to go tear apart my own family: I need to find my heart again. And I have this strange feeling while you hate me TJ Codair, you'll do just that. Like I said regardless if I win or lose, it's straight up (like it always has been). You'll bash my face in, knock a few teeth in, I'll try to break your neck; and we'll do it for these people in the crowd. This isn't for a vendetta any more TJ; I've changed. I've learned forgiveness and now you'll get to see the Darin Zion these fans used to rave about. I don't know if I still got it, but I'll make damn sure to come at you even if I'm injured to the brink of destruction. I may have just gotten out of the hospital, but make no mistake about this TJ Codair: I'm still 100% in my heart again.

Wrestling's my first love: it always has been and always will be. I love it more than my friends, my family, and even life itself. I'll put my body on the line just for the thrill of the rush. Not many wrestlers do that anymore and that's where I feel I'm unique. I'll stay until the last fan leaves, and I'll sign autographs and create memories for everyone. I want to give people that life I never had. My fans are my family and even though I can act like an asshat; I'll fight for them until the very end. So TJ Codair; I want you to hate me, I want you to bring your best. That's the kind of match I want for my first match outside of PWX in a long time. I want something these fans to write on Facebook telling their stories. And to me it's not about winning or losing this time: I'm going to find my smile again. Rather I get the win or the loss, I've got more important things to worry about in life. Don't worry, I'm bring you my angry side because once my brother turned on me: I'm more pissed than ever. But TJ; this time for me: it's about wrestling. And I look forward to wrestling you and giving you my all. I'll see you at PWP 9.
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PWP 9: Cloud Nine - Darin Zion vs. TJ Codair
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