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 Aiden Gage

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PostSubject: Aiden Gage   Aiden Gage EmptySat May 31, 2014 10:31 pm

Aiden Gage 4126824328_6cb9537d4b

Name: Aiden Gage
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180
Hometown: Oakland, California
Nickname: "The Concept"
Orientation: Heel

Wrestles Like: Jimmy Jacobs & Seth Rollins

- Face Buster

- "Attempted Suicide" (Shooting Star Leg Drop)

Character Bio: Aiden always wanted to be a wrestler, as wrestling was his only escape as a child from his troubled childhood. When he turned 18, he started training and graduated a year later as the best in his class. Aiden is a troubled young man who has seen a decent amount of success in the one company he competed for, the PWSi.

Theme Song: "Been To Hell" by Hollywood Undead

Entrance Description: The lights go out in the arena as "Been To Hell" by Hollywood Undead starts playing over the speakers. Aiden makes his way to the ring, looking around at the surroundings, showing no emotion, on his way there. He slides into the ring and then crawls over to the nearest corner and sits there and waits for his opponent.

Pic Base: Jimmy Jacobs
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Aiden Gage
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