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 Zayn Williamson

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Name: Zayn Williamson

Height: 6ft

Weight: 200lbs

Hometown: Kilkenny, Ireland

Alignment: Babyface

Pic Base: Sami Zayn

Entrance Theme: "Remedy" by Seether

Entrance Description: Inside the Gymnasium the fans in attendance are on the edge of their seats. Just waiting for the next bit of action to take place. "Remedy" by Seether could suddenly be heard instantly captivating the audience's attention. Their eyes turned in the direction of the black curtain where the multi-colored lights were going off. Seconds later a familiar face in Zayn Williamson came bursting out onto the stage and right away got a reaction from the fans. A positive one to say the least. The entire gym seemed to be cheering him on. Zayn stood there for a moment or two soaking it all in.

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen. Making his way to the ring at this time. Hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland and weighing in at two hundred pounds. He is "The Kilkenny Kid" Zayn Williamson!

Of course with the announcement from the ring announcer there was a loud pop coming from the crowd. By this time Zayn had began to make his way to the ring. Slapping hands with a few fans right there at ringside as he did so. Turning his attention to the ring, Zayn leaped up on the apron and then pulled himself up on the apron the rest of the way till he was in a standing position. Looking over his shoulder at the crowd with a smile. Zayn then used the ropes to launch himself into the ring with a forward flip. The moment he landed on his feet he charged across the ring and leaped onto the second rope tossing his hands out at his side in a taunting motion for the crowd to get more cheers. After a couple of seconds he got down and made his way to a corner. His music started to die down with Zayn standing there waiting for the next course of action.

Gimmick Description: Zayn doesn't have much of a gimmick. He's just a fun loving babyface that loves pro wrestling. It's all he ever wanted out of life so he's excited to be living the dream.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Combination between Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan, & CM Punk

Signature Move(s):
- "Irish Pride" [Yakuza Kick]
- "This Is InZayn" [Corkscrew Moonsault]
- "Round' The World & Back" [Giant Swing]

Finishing Move(s):
- "InZayn" [Canadian Destroyer]
- "Believe In Zayn" [Blue Thunder Bomb]

Bio/Brief History:

Our little Zayn here was born on December 17th 1988 in a little place called Kilkenny, Ireland. Ever since he could walk and talk, Zayn informed anyone that would listen he was going to one day become a professional wrestler. His parents and other family members supported the young child's dream. Because no one ever tells their child they can't do something but as Zayn got older. His dream didn't change. His outlook never changed and he was more determined than ever. Only problem was Zayn was always a bit of a puny kid. He got picked on a lot as a child. He got called names. Beat up by bullies. Your average stuff that kids like him would go through when they aren't the biggest and when they are different from everyone else all because they like something the majority of people don't like.

At the very young age of 18. Zayn made a decision to go to America and attempt to achieve his dream. His parents tried to discourage him but to no avail. His mind was made up and off to America he had gone. Somehow someway he was able to find himself in New York City when he first got to America. His objective was find the best wrestling establishment or school that he could find. Eventually stumbling across a place called "NYC Knox Wrestling." Now with Zayn being clueless to a lot of things and eager to become a wrestler. The shifty and shady promoter/trainer of the establishment took the little bit of money that Zayn had with no intentions of ever actually using him. Until he saw what Zayn could do the moment he got in the ring. Having no experience at all. Between the ropes he looked like a natural. Doing all sorts of flips, tossing himself to the mat, and so forth.

Enough to impress the owner and decided to give him a fair chance. Sadly for Zayn it was in his first actual wrestling match that he suffered a brutal injury. That injury being a broken tibia in three different parts. An injury that would cost Zayn a solid year and a half. By the time he was actually ready to return to the ring again. He was just at the age of 20. However with his injury NYC Knox Wrestling decided not to give him another chance for the sake of him being a "liability" as they had kindly tried to put it. He was back to looking for somewhere else to take his talents. Somewhere else to learn the craft of wrestling. Leading to him finding himself in Chicago, Illinois - a stomping ground for a lot of wrestling promotions. It wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. For an entire year Zayn worked at a pizza place to save the money to find a school or to find a wrestling company that would take someone with little experience.

Thankfully after saving up enough money he was able to enroll himself in a place called the "Untouchable Academy of Wrestling." A school that was ran by a famous wrestling family that had been all over the world and had a great amount of success. On day one Zayn fell in love with everything about the place. He loved his trainers, loved the other students that he was enrolled with, loved learning different styles, and loved getting a chance to do what he loved best. After all the hard work, passion, and dedication. After three long years Zayn was able to graduate and be recognized as an official pro wrestler. Leaving him to explore the world of wrestling.

Accomplishments (Optional): N/A
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Zayn Williamson
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