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 Spencer Vain

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Spencer Vain

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PostSubject: Spencer Vain   Spencer Vain EmptyMon May 12, 2014 1:27 am

Name: Spencer Vain

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 268lbs

Hometown: Houston, TX

Alignment: So Very Heel

Pic Base: Crimson

Entrance Theme: "Undaunted" by Adrenaline Mob

Entrance Description (Optional. Only if you have anything specific you want for your entrance. Otherwise, entrances will be done generically):

Gimmick Description: Brash outspoken second generation wrestler who's coming off a year in prison after a promising start to his career.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Combo of Daniel Bryan and Sean O'Haire  

Signature Move(s):

1. Spinning Heel Kick

2. Head Kick

3. Dropkick

4. Axe Kick

5. Knees from Clinch

6. Mounted Elbows

7. Achilles Lock

8. Kimura

9. Gogoplata

10. Snap Suplex

11. Float Over DDT

12. Spinebuster

13. Rebound Death Valley Driver

14. Bridging Tiger Suplex

15. Springboard Shoulderblock

Finishing Move(s):

1. The Vainquisher (A Jacknife Powerbomb, was his father's finishing move but unlike his father Spencer is not 7' tall and 300lbs so the Vainquisher can only be performed on opponents under 275lbs.)

2. Lonestar Lullaby (Standing Guillotine Choke, when performed on shorter opponents he'll actually lift them off the ground.)

Bio/Brief History:

Spencer is the son of the legendary "Big Nasty" Johnny Vain. He played football for the University of Texas, and at one point was signed to the Houston Texans practice squad in hopes of landing a spot on the team but was plagued by minor injuries and run ins with the law that cause the team to cut him. Now he's following in his fathers footsteps, and his trainer was none other than Johnny's former Methods of Destruction tag team partner, Jake Keeton.

Just as Spencer was ready to make his debut he turned on Jake, almost ending his legendary career with a kneebar. Vain then went on to become PWX World Tag Team Champion in his first professional match but just once month into his career he was sent to prison for a yet to be revealed crime and served a year exactly.

Now he's back, and that's really bad for EVERYONE.  

Accomplishments (Optional):

1x PWX World Tag Team Champion (w/ Victor Jace)
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Spencer Vain
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