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 James Shark Radio Interview Highlights

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: James Shark Radio Interview Highlights   Mon May 05, 2014 9:30 pm

Reigning PWP World Champion, James Shark appeared on Power 105.1 Radio this morning to discuss a number of topics including his decision to be exclusive to the PWP, his winning streak, his thoughts on Darren Maddox and more! Unfortunately the Champion left the set early after questions about his baby mother and ex-fiancee were pushed to him.

Highlights of the interview below:

Reaction to Darren Maddox Interview on PWP 7:
"When I first saw it I thought he was fucking around. When I realized he was serious I knew I gave him one too many punches to the head."

"This penis kisser just needs to move the fuck on already and rack up the most wins he can get against guys that don't matter, because a third match with me will only give him a third loss to me. There ain't no excuses for losing two times to a person and he just needs to sit down, get a hold of himself, take a couple of deep breathes, hold his horses and take a look at where I'm at... and where he's at. He just needs to accept the fact that I'm better than him and stop being such a whiny little bitch. This guy screams my name out more than females these days and it's hella annoying."

On Who He Wants Next:
"Anyone. I don't care yo. You don't see anybody calling me out but a sore loser that lost to me twice. My last match against Zack Lifer was made because he called me out and was bitter about my win against him in a PDW Tag Match, now look what happened when we went one on one."

"I think these days motherfuckers aren't about taking risks and the best don't want to fight the best. It got to the point where I stopped calling out people myself, nobody wants to step up, that's why nowadays it's whoever signs the contract. Whoever Joshua Duncz puts in front of me is going to lose, but I'll fight anybody. As a matter of fact I had to tell Duncan's ass to stop calling me after my 2nd PWP appearance. He used to call me about who he had lined up for me, I just told him to cut that out. He can get anybody he wants, from any company. It could be another EXODUS fucker, it could be someone that was in PDW, someone from IWF, FGA, SCW, man, I just don't care, champion, legend, rising star, prospect... they can have whatever label, me myself? I don't need a label, the name James Shark alone speaks volumes."

On Possible Shark vs Taylor 5 Match:
"That idea been getting thrown out there for a while now, if it happens it happens. Cody is family, but we ain't gonna shy away from each other, avoid each other, or duck and dodge this match. We killers, competitors, warriors. If the match present itself then I can still look at him as family, but instead of looking at him as a brother, I got to make him look like my sister. I gotta go in there and treat him like a bitch, make him my bitch and show no respect. He gots to treat me the exact same if he wants to win."

"I don't know if this shit will ever happen. The money has to be at an all time high. One thing I do know is that if it happens, there won't be no draw, excuses or unfinished business. A fifth would be the final and it'd end with me victorious."

On Speculation of him and Brooklyn Carter in a relationship:

"Aight so for the billionth time... me and Brooklyn aren't together again. We just friends and nothing more. That's the mother of my niglets and there's a lot of deep history between the two of us, it's only normal for me to be seen with her or for the two of us to be flirtatious towards each other. Yall motherfuckers really gotta stop trying so hard to see something that just isn't there."

"Yea we hooked up recently but ask your sister who was the last man that fucked her and when she says my name, the fuck are you going to say then? Me and Brooke just having fun right now bruh. These questions need to kindly fuck off."

After several more questions about Brooklyn Carter, James Shark cut the interview short and went off the air before cussing out each and everyone of the radio hosts.

Source: MediaTakeOut.Com
MediaTakeOut wrote:
James Shark isn't dodging any potential opponents but he's certainly dodging these questions about Brooklyn. What's wrong Champ???
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James Shark Radio Interview Highlights
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