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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: My Vision   My Vision EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 1:12 pm

The E-Fedding world can be pretty petty sometimes. People trying to "politic" to get a better position within the fed. Fed owners trying to steal people away from other feds. Over inflated egos. Fed Heads playing favorites for themselves and their friends. It can be pretty stressful. Trust me, I know.

Hey there. Most of you know me. For those that don't, my name is Josh. For those that don't really know much about me, I've been in E-Fedding since late 2007 and have roughly 5+ years of experience of running E-Feds. I started off running a short-lived fed called FOW, before I took over the helm for a place called PWS (my first fed I joined) and after it branched out, PWSR. Many things lead to me being burnt out on running the place, so I closed the PWSR back in mid-2013. And upon doing so, it gave me the opportunity to try this vision that I had for a fed that I've wanted to try and run but never had the time to do so. That's where The Pro Wrestling Project comes into play.

I want this to be a place completely free of stress, drama and all that stuff that normally comes with most E-Feds. And I wanted a place that I could create where everyone is treated equal. I wanted to create a place where people could get exposed to other feds and vice versa. I wanted to make a place where you have the chance to RP against people that you normally never would. Basically, I want to create a true indy feeling fed, where from month to month, you never really know what you're going to get because there's going to be so many different unique competitors and matches from various E-Feds from all over.

How am I going to accomplish that you ask? Well, I've implemented several rules and guidelines. First thing is establishing affiliates. What I did was reach out to several friends from E-Feds that I had kept in touch with over the years to see if they wanted to get involved in this idea I had. And what's in it for them, to allow me to promote this thing on their sites, is that in return, I will promote and allow them to promote their fed on here, so to help get them more exposure and expose their fed to people who may not otherwise wouldn't know it exists. The only thing that E-Feds that want to be affiliated with the PWP have to do is in some way, shape or form, have the PWP advertised as an affiliate and they will be listed as an affiliate here and will be promoted. The fed head doesn't have to compete or anything like that. Even if none of their handlers sign up here, I will still promote them as an affiliate.

Now, what exactly is the rest of my plan to help make this place different? What do I have in store to hopefully have this come to fruition like I want and carry out the vision that I have? Here's how:

- For beginners, much like your typical indy fed in real life, there is only one show a month. People will have about a week and a half to two weeks to RP for their matches because I don't want to take the focus away from their main fed(s) that they are in. That will leave me with about a week and a half to two weeks to write the show (I will be writing it by myself, as one of the biggest stress factors for me in my previous fed was having to rely on others to help.) And there will be a 1 RP max per match, so as to ensure that you don't have to worry about someone blasting you with multiple ones, while you only have time for 1 because of your primary fed(s) and life.

- It's going to be more wrestling/action driven, as opposed to storylines/angles. There will be little to no storylines, with the emphasis on great wrestling action. Your typical indy fed leaves the focus on great match ups and presenting encounters that people are excited to see. They don't worry about the extra stuff, like a WWE or TNA. There may be small rivalries and storylines here and there. That is all up to the handlers. If they want to create a feud/storyline to play out in PWP, that is fine. As long as it's realistic, they have full control on what they do to build/play out that feud. But it is up to them to set it up and play it out. I can help out if asked but it is the responsibility of those that want to do it. That also means there is no requirement for anyone to have to write extra RPs for character/storyline development and nobody will have to write segments for the shows, unless like I stated, you want to for storyline/feud purposes.

- Other than show(s) that you've signed up for, you have no obligation to continue with the PWP. So if you sign up to compete on a show and you decide you don't want to do it, you never have to again. You don't even have to tell me that you don't want to wrestle again. You can just sail off into the sunset without a word or warning because other than the shows that you sign up for (there will be a monthly sign up sheet) you have ZERO obligation to the PWP. If you want to be booked on a PWP show, all you have to do is either let me know in some way or sign up in the sign up sheet on the forums.

- Each handler can only run ONE character per show. BUT you do NOT have to use that character each month. Say that you use Character A for one show and you want to compete on the next show but don't want to use that character. You can use Character B if you'd like. You can use a different character every time that you compete, if that's what you want to do. And the reason that you can do that is because of going back to the "little to no storylines" thing. Since there's no real storylines, you won't have to worry about interrupting anything if you don't want to compete or if you want to compete with a different character. You do not need to make different accounts for all the different characters you run, either. You can use the account that you signed up with. Or you can make separate ones. It's all up to you. The only type of obligation that you will have to the PWP, as a roleplayer, is for the show that you sign up to compete on. And that's it. Also, there will be no taken picbases. With so many different handlers/characters being in the equation, I don't want it to be a problem. If someone uses a picbase that someone else uses, then so be it. There will also be no official roster for the PWP since everyone is on a month to month basis. There will be a spot where there are bios posted for everyone but no official roster.

- There will only be one title. And that will be the PWP Heavyweight Title. Just know that the only way that you will be eligible to compete for the title is if you use a character that you wouldn't mind having compete each month, since generally, unless of unavoidable reasons, the champion will defend each month. There MIGHT be a Tag Team Title and/or Womens Heavyweight Title introduced sometime in the future but that all depends if there are any/enough interest in those.

- If you want to request a specific match you can! As long as the person(s) involved are down for it, I will make any and all matches that you wish to happen, happen, to the best of my ability.

If anyone out there reading this, has any friends that run an E-Fed or any fed heads have any affiliates, feel free to spread the word of this place. The more people involved, the better. Just have the owner of the fed(s) that are interested get in touch with me. That's how I'm hoping to make this thing bigger, is by word of mouth. Thanks for reading and checking us out!
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My Vision
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